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Final Knockouts Recap on THE VOICE Season 8 Episodes 12 & 13

Posted on April 03 2015 by Editor

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Final Knockouts Recap on THE VOICE Season 8 Episodes 12 & 13

Anything Could Happen

“The Voice” Final Knockouts round has the remaining contestants selecting songs and going up against their chosen competitors by their coaches from their teams. By the end of this round, each coach will walk away with their five strongest artists taking them into the Live Playoffs round. There is only one steal left belonging to Christina.

Nate Ruess continues his key adviser duties in helping the coaches and their artists with the Knockout Round performances.



Barry Minniefield vs. Tonya Boyd-Cannon

Barry vs. Tonya Knockout

Adam placed them together because “they both have powerful voices” with “the power to sing over you.” Adam wants to see who will out-do whom! Tonya chose “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder. Adam wanted “more church” from Tonya during her rehearsals. At 53 years old, Barry is the oldest in the competition. He chose “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Cladwell. Barry felt that Nate and Adam were bringing out an artist in him that he never knew.

Coaches Comments: Blake reacted by saying he’d quit right now if he was Adam. Christina called the two “crazy talented.” Pharrell said America needs to see a 53 year old man giving it the soul like he did. Coach Adam said their best assets is their comfort level. Adam chose Tonya as the winner.

Knockout Winner: Tonya Boyd-Cannon



Brooke Adee vs. Kelsie May

Brooke vs. Kelsie Knockouts

“I’m looking at Country” Kelsie had to compete with Brooke. Blake wanted to see which one of the two girls could handle the pressure. Kelsie chose “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift. Brooke chose upbeat song “Electric Feel” by MGMT. During her rehearsals, Blake told Brooke she has more potential than he even realized before.

Coaches Comments: Christina heard that they have strength in different areas, and didn’t pick a winner to Blake’s annoyance. Pharrell thought that Brooke is a catch, and told Blake he should chose based on “who can go on the journey with you.” Adam told Blake he should pick the winner based not on genre, but on strength – hinting his vote towards Indy artist Brooke. Blake was really stumped on deciding on a winner and wished that they weren’t both 16 years old because he felt worse letting one of them go. He ultimately chose Brooke.

Knockout Winner: Brooke Adee



India Carney vs. Joe Tolo

India vs. Joe Knockouts

Christina parired the two because of their great vocal control. “Big White Room” by Jessie J. is the song India chose. Christina advised India to be “open and honest” with her singing. Joe chose “One of Us” by Joan Osbourne. He made the song his own, and Christina was impressed.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell said they both had “break-through moments”. Adam called India a “beast” and credited Joe for keeping-up with her. Blake described Joe’s voice as filling-up a room, but India has that and more. Coach Christina was impressed by Joe’s notes, and told India that she really engaged her audience. She chose India as the winner.

Knockout Winner: India Carney



Jacob Rummell vs. Lowell Oakley

Jacob vs. Lowell Knockouts

Lowell described his artistry as “soul, jazzy crooner”. He picked “My Girl” by The Temptations. Lowell’s voice cracked during rehearsal, and Pharrell told him to “shake it off.” Pharrell stole Jacob from Team Blake. “Life of the Party” by Shawn Mendes is the song Jacob chose.

Coaches Comments: Adam said Jacob has vocal skills that he hasn’t seen yet. Blake told Jacob that he has great vocals. Christina was “down with ” Jacob’s party, but was “caught off-guard” by Lowell’s odd laugh at the beginning of his performance. Pharrell is still waiting to see if Jacob will go to a lower octave, and thought that Lowell stumbled on stage. Pharrell chose Lowell as the winner.

Knockout Winner: Lowell Oakley



Rob Taylor vs. Treeva Gibson

Rob vs. Treeva Knockouts

Rob chose “Love and Happiness” by Al Green which seemed to be the perfect song for his voice. Christina requested him to take his voice a little higher during rehearsal and wanted him to “put his own flavor” on the song. Treeva, who suffers a bit of hearing loss, chose “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. Christina was glad that Treeva used more of her chest voice, but she and Nate didn’t want her to hold back and wanted more movement on stage from her.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell said Rob harnessed the song very well and chose him. Adam said Rob’s falsetto matches the power of his voice, and Treeva did a good job with the Adele song. Blake was impressed by Treeva’s range. Coach Christina said the biggest challenge was to bring Treeva out of her shell visually. She liked how Rob made the song his own, and named him the winner.

Knockout Winner: Rob Taylor
Adam’s prank on Blake of the week was taking Blake’s chair cushion to pillage it.

Adam Levine making off with Blake's chair cushion.

Adam Levine making off with Blake’s chair cushion.


Joshua Davis vs. Lexi Davila

Joshua vs. Lexi Knockouts

Adam stole Joshua from Blake. Joshua chose “Arms of a Woman” by Amos Lee. Adam loved the song for Joshua and advised him to give a big explosion at the end. Lexi chose “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding to show off her higher register. She blew Nate away by having a better voice than he realized. Adam was also “astonished” by her.

Blake Shelton spooning

Coaches Comments: Blake said half way through Lexi’s performance, it changed and she did a killer run. He wanted to spoon with Joshua and it was the best that Blake heard him. Christina said this was the Knockout that shocked her the most. She commended Adam for coaching Lexi so well. Pharrell called Joshua’s performance “masterful” and Lexi’s as “with accuracy”. Coach Adam had a hard time choosing and told Lexi she conquered her nerves. But, he chose Joshua.

Knockout Winner: Joshua Davis
Steal: Lexi got stolen by Christina



Team Christina – The Powerhouses

Christina is happy to say that her team has all powerhouses on it.

Team Christina The Voice season 8

Pictured (l-r): Rob Taylor, Lexi Davila, Christina Aguilera, India Carney, Sonic, Kimberly Nichole.


Team Adam – The Underdogs

Adam called season 8 HIS season, and that his team has “the underdogs” on it.

Team Adam, The Voice Season 8

Pictured (l-r): Natahan Hermida, Deanna Johnson, Brian Johnson, Adam Levine, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Joshua Davis.


Team Blake – Packed with Talent

Blake, as always, is really confident about his team and said it’s “packed with talent.”

Team Blake The Voice season 8

Pictured (l-r): Brooke Adee, Sarah Potenza, Meghan Lindsay, Blake Shelton, Hannah Kirby, Corey Kent White.


Team Pharrell – Furious Five & “Other”

Pharrell calls his team the “furious five” and “other”.

Team Pharrell The Voice season 8

Pictured (l-r): Lowell Oakley, Caitlin Caporale, Koryn Hawthorne, Pharrell Williams, Mia Z., Sawyer Fredricks.

THE VOICE season 8 Top 20!

The Voice season 8 Top 20


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