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Fly and Dope on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Live Shows Week 1

Posted on July 19 2015 by Editor

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Fly and Dope on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Live Shows Week 1

To introduce the new Street vs. Stage to “So You Think You Can Dance” format on FOX, the show’s live show, Christopher Scott and Jessica Lee Keller choreographed the opening Street vs. Stage number.

Then, host Cat Deeley came out and pointed-out that they also have a new stage. Then, after the new stage, something else was different. It was that street dancer Asaf had replaced Hurikane who had to step out of the competition due to a knee injury.

Nigel reacted to the opening number stating that Chris Scott had one of the best opening routines in SYTYCD history. After each routine of the night, the team captains, Twitch (Team Street), and Travis Wall (Team Stage) interviewed their dancers to get their reactions and advised them some more.

This is the only night where the dancers will be dancing in their own street and stage styles. Next week, SYTYCD tradition will continue where the dancers will be put into random groups pulled from a hat.

JJ, NEPTUNE, MEGZ (Team Street)

The fist dance number of the night was danced by Team Street’s Jessica (JJ) Eddie (Neptune) and Megan (Megz) and was choreographed by Dave Scott. Scott said, “these three kids have such big personal and big talent, I wanted to do something to highlight each talent.” So, their routine is about superheros saving the streets.

Judges Comments: Nigel asked about Jessica and Neptune’s name changes. Neptune responded ” I bring the love, when I battle somebody.” Nigel told him to bring some personality along with that love. Paula said she loved the super-hero feel. They have to commit to the superhero characterization all the way through. She said that they are “powerful dancers.” She told them to keep bringing it. Jason was honest and said “I thought it was good” but “a little let down by the performance” and that they are “way past good” and “lacked breath” in some places. He said too many of the movement bled into the next movement.

Watch Megz, Neptune, JJ Interview HERE!

SYTYCD Season 12, Megz, Neptune, JJ


The next routine was by Team Street’s Moises, Gaby and Derek choreographed by Stacey Tookey who said the piece is “about finding your inner light and stepping into that light.”

Judges Comments: Paula told Tookey that it was beautiful and she is beautiful. “Everything flowed so beautiful and was ethereal”. She told Gaby that if she continues dancing that way she will become “indispensable”. Jason called it an “unreal performance” and something that he’d pay to go see. Nigel pointed-out that Gaby is a tap dancer and was amazing in that routine.

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SYTYCD season 12, Derek, Gaby, Moises


Christopher Scott choreographed the dance with four street dancers. He said “It’s going to be simple about you guys and what you do. He said he wanted to “find the moments.” Twitch said it is challenging for Scott because he’s got different styles with each dancer. Their routine got a standing ovation from the judges.

Judges Comments: Derulo called it “beastie”, and “doing choreography as one. I’m impressed.” Nigel said he thought that Team Stage would steal the night, but Team Street just came through with this dance number. Paula said she was nervous because no two B Boys are the same, and said that Scott is a genius. She called it “awesome, strong and powerful.” Asaf thanked the judges for staying awake and working.

Watch JaJa, Lily, Burim, Asaf Interview HERE!

SYTYCD Season 12, Burim, JaJa, Lily, Asaf


Choreographed by Brian Friedman, he had the girls do a routine based on the film noir era. He wanted to show that women can be strong, dominant and sensual. He said he didn’t hold back at all when he was choreographing, and then added stilettos to th the routine which he himself taught them in.

Judges Comments: Nigel said Hailee looks like a young Madonna “Vogue, Vogue!” But told them to be careful because when a routine is as sexual as this one, internalize it instead of having it “just in your face.” Paula agreed with Nigel – it’s the settleties , the winks in the eyes,” and said that makes it more interesting to watch. She said she was really proud of all of them. Jason said it was difficult because there wasn’t a lot of steps, but it’s hard to have just a couple of steps “because you have to sell it.”

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SYTYCD season 12, Alexia, Marissa, Hailee

DARION, JIM (Team Stage)

Team Captain, Travis Wall said they have the hardest routine that he’s ever seen on the show.” Themy had to dance a ballet routine Choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer.

Judges Comments: Paula said it takes so much training to do what they did, and it’s a first for two ballet boys on the show. She called it “dead-on, precise and masterful.” She commented that hopefully the costumes will get better for them! Jason was “floored” and be “one of the performances to remember.” Nigel said it reminded him of “seeing really two strong dancers dance together.” He called them fantastic, but asked for a little more light in Darion’s eyes, but said it was a “privilege” to have them on the show.

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SYTYCD Season 12, Jim, Darion


The three street dancers worked with Pharside and Pheonix who taught them a hip-hop number where Virgil is at the gate of heaven and faced with an angel (Ariana) and the devil (Yorelis). Pharside said for Yorelis
to pull this off she needed to be a cross between Nigel & Paula!

Judges Comments: Jason compliment Ariana on holding her own and called it a “dope performance” ans said it was “real fly.” Nigel commented that he also didn’t have to tell Ariana to “lift it up” beacause she came through as they all did, but would like to push them harder. Paula said they all have superhero qualities. But, told them that they have to take those moments when walking sexy and own those moments because that’s what will set them apart.

Watch Ariana, Virgil, Yorelis Interview HERE!

SYTYCD season 12, Virgil, Yorelis, Ariana

EDSON & KATE (Team Stage)

Team Captain Travis Wall choreographed Edson and Kate in a routine about love that hurts people. It’s about a relationship that has gotten to a destructive place. Travis said this piece deals with a lot of mature emotions so it’s good that the two older dancers of the Top 20 are doing this routine. “It’s good that they have more life experience”, said Travis.

Judges Comments: Beautiful dancing, beautiful choreographed but I didn’t understand what it was about. He said he didn’t understand what the emotions was about because they were smiling, then not smiling. “As dancers you are both beautiful and you deserve more from your performance than what you are thinking of your performance.” Paula said she was trying to feel what there wasn’t this chemistry but they were “technically sound” and something that was holding them back from giving vulnerability. Jason agreed with Paula and Nigel. he added “that when you push Edson, actually push him, live it!”

Watch Edson & Kate Interview HERE!

SYTYCD season 12, Edson, Kate

Travis said the judges were wrong.

Host Cat Deeley visited Michelle Obama to interview her. Michelle said SYTYCD is her favorite show and her favorite routine was Gravity. Last season she liked Usher’s “Good Kisser”.

Jason Derulo performed and showed everyone that he knows how to move!

The show wrapped-up with two special performances by all the members of Team Stage, and all of the members of Team Street.


They did a piece choreographed by Warren Carlyle who described it, “I didn’t want to make a Broadway number for Grandma” he said.


They’re a squad of soldiers and they have to battle it out. They aren’t individuals anymore, they’re a team said Tabitha. Twitch called it a perfect representation of Team Street.

Nappytabs predicted that Team Street would “blow up the stage” and in fact, they did! They got a roaring applause from the audience and judge Nigel yelling “Team Street!!!”


“So You Think You Can Dance” is celebrating ten years of great choreography and dancers on FOX by airing a special anniversary episode on Tuesday, July 21 from 8-9 pm ET/PT on FOX. This episode will feature performances by some of the series’ favorite dancers & choreographers along with this seasons’ stage and street routines and musical productions from the last ten years.

Watch Allison Holker’s Interview below about her performance on the SYTYCD anniversary show!


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