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Freedom & Rainbows on THE VOICE Season 11 Top 11 Perform

Posted on November 21 2016 by Editor

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Freedom & Rainbows on THE VOICE Season 11 Top 11 Perform

“Unstoppable heights” and “no limits” – Alicia Keys


The Voice 11 Top 11, Ali Caldwell

Miley gave Ali her Godmother Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” song. Ali was looking forward to doing this upbeat song. Miley said it’s good for the viewers to see Ali’s energy and wanted to see Ali “go into that Country lane.”

Adam reacted that he told Miley that “Ali has to do a Country song” after he saw her perform last week. Blake said he was impressed and “that was so much fun.” He also liked the “Tina Turner outfit” she was wearing. Miley predicted that Ali will have opening and closing shows….”some people are just born to be on the stage.” Miley called Ali a star from the beginning.


The Voice 11 Top 11,  Sundance Head

Sundance’s Dad stooped-by during his rehearsal. His dad sang a famous song called “Treat Her Right”. Sundance said he grew up idolizing Alicia Keys. So, he chose one of her songs – “No One”. Blake said Sundance will have to blow Alicia away. Sundance said it’s the most challenging song he’s done on the show and maybe in his life.

Alicia reacted that she’s never heard anyone do “No One” like that. She said she wishes Sundance was on her team and he’s inspiring. “You made me listen to my song in a whole new way, in a way I need right now.” Blake told Sundance should feel really proud of himself. He also said the pressure just added another energy to his performance and called it “a break-out moment” for Sundance.


The Voice 11, Top 11, Aaron Gibson

Aaron was saved last week in America’s Instant Save vote. Miley said she wants to NEVER have him in the bottom two again. Miley called the song she chose for him a “home run”. The song was Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”. Miley said he’s grown a lot since the Blinds, and wants to showcase his low notes with this song without having him yell.

Adam said he loves the song and awesome that it’s on the show. “Your voice is crazy..and the perfect song to do” said Adam. He loved that Aaron represented that all feelings are valid and real. Miley responded that she actually does listen to Adam and what he said last week is he wants to see Aaron care more. Miley called it the best performance of the night.


The Voice 11, Top 11, Courtney Harrell

Courtney chose a personal song – “What I Did For Love” from A Chorus Line. She hadn’t sang it since high school twenty years ago. Blake said he has “no doubt that Courtney’s going to pull this off.”

Alicia called Courtney “such a pure soul” and takes people to places in themselves. “It’s a specific song and you took it to a place so personal,” said Alicia. Blake said it’s the happiness he’s seen Courtney. “For her to give that kind of performance” Blake said which was the best she’s given, its good to see at this stage in the game.


The Voice 11, Top 11, Josh Gallagher

Josh said being on “The Voice”, it’s the stuff he’s dreamed of. He said the song “Drunk on Your Love” by Brett Eldredge, is a song that represents his marriage and his wife requests him to play the song at all his shows. Adam told Josh to “embrace” his inner Garth (Brooks).

Miley said Josh is the only one in there more drunk than Blake! She said it’s great to see how he interacts with the audience and that happens more so in Country music. Miley also added that his performance it felt like a concert Adam called Josh “refreshing” because he has fun and no one connects better with the audience than Josh in the competition. Adam called it “the secret” to Josh’s success.


The Voice 11, Top 11, Billy Gilman

Billy sang “With All I Ask” by Adele. Adam said “there’s a vulnerability to the lyrics and told Billy “it’s time to show another shade to what you do.” Adam also said he’s really excited for Billy to show a straight forward emotional vocal. He advised Billy to really take his time with the settle nuisances in the beginning of the song and to stay emotionally invested. Billy said he really is emotionally attached to that song because he first sang the song when he first tried-out for “The Voice”. Adam predicted that what will grab people is Billy playing the piano during the performance.

Blake said is it possible for Billy to ever hit a bad note He called it “unbelievable” and it’s what you’d get from days of doing a song to make a recording. Adam said Billy could sing all the perfect notes, but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t feel it. “It felt so pure and honest” that’s so important, said Adam. He said Billy just connected so triumphantly and is everything that “The Voice” stands for.


Christian announced to Alicia that he proposed marriage to his girlfriend after his performance last week. Christian picked “Rosanna” song because he wanted to show the audience that he can have fun. Alicia called Christian a “classic singer” like Luther Vandross or The Carpenters.

Miley called Christian one of her biggest competition. She said she was really into his performance. Alicia said there’s no denying that Christian’s voice is this BIG while spreading her arms. She said he sings with pure tone and was really singing the song to his fiance.


Austin sang “On the Road” song. He said going out on the road when he was 17 18 years old with his dad is where he got the “itch” to perform. Blake called it Austin’s wheelhouse and could tell it was a song that meant something to him. Blake said Austin is “an Avenger” with his voice.

Carson Daly called him “awesome Allsup!” Adam stated that it was “by far THE BEST performance” Austin has ever had on the show. He said it’s about who’s the most willing to put it out there and complimented that it was a great arrangement of the song. Blake said the way he ended the song, “America, you HAVE to vote for him”. Blake called Austin a “bad-ass.”


The Voice 11, Top 11, Darby Walker

Darby said she was so grateful for being voted through by America last week Miley picked the song that “You Don’t Own Me,” and said it “couldn’t be more perfect” for her. Miley said she’s going to help Darby have that big moment that she wants and help her stay real. Darby dedicated the song to her sister Cassidy.

Alicia said Darby goes into her falsettos so quickly and it’s one of her favorite songs ever. She also said “us girls” need to remind themselves that no one owns them and said Darby “owned IT”. Alicia called Darby an amazing artist. Miley said Darby represents freedom. Miley told Darby that performance with rainbows (where Miley lives by the way) shows people not to be serious all the time and loves Darby singing about freedom.


Brendan is getting used to signing autographs. Brendan was also over the moon about The Allman Brothers Tweeting him last week after his performance of one of their songs. His song this week is Bruce Springsteen’s “The River.” Adam warned it’s the ultimate balladry.

Blake was impressed by Brendan, telling him, “you have a great story telling voice” and said he wished Brendan was singing Country music. Blake said he’s jealous and it’s “bull crap” that Brendan is on Adam’s team. Adam said Brendan did that so “beautifully” and he’s so proud. Adam said “The Voice” means so many things and Brendan’s is a forgotten voice. He told viewers to vote for Brendan because “he’s got it!”

WE’ MCDONALD (Team Alicia)

The Voice 11, Top 11, We' McDonald

We’ is 17-years-old. Alicia announced to We’ that she has the top charting song from last week. We’ chose to sing “Love on the Brian” by Rihanna. Alicia told We’ she wants her to put a spin on the song like not done before.

We’ got and astounding amount of applause from the audience after her stellar performance. Alicia told her, “you always come with IT!” She said it blows her mind every time because it seems We’ has a thousand years of experience. Alicia told her “unstoppable heights” and “there’s no limits” for her.


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