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Front Runner Status – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 2

Posted on August 07 2014 by Editor

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Front Runner Status – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarterfinals Week 2

“America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night’s episode was jokingly called “Talentnado” a pun on “Sharknado”. But their version of it, means there’s more talent than you can shake a stick at! An abundance of even more talented acts will be performing live on the Radio City Music Hall stage this season. Howie Mandel said about the show, “It’s going to be exciting, energetic and I want to see a million new followers for me at Howie Mandel” on Twitter.

The first act of the night, Hart Dance Team” was pushed through to the live shows without having to go through “Judgement Week”. Some of the judges were a bit disappointed by their live performance.

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 9 Quarterfinals Week 2 Semifinalists acts: Aerial Animation, Jaycob Curlee, Mara Justine, Andrey Moraru and Mat Franco



Broken Mirrors Inspired!

There are twenty-six people on their dance team who “sleep, eat dance.” They were pushed straight through to the live shows when Mel B went to visit them in their home town. Their performance was them digusing themselves in a shiny, silver huge box on stage with costumes to match. They said the act was inspired by broken mirrors. Mel B told them “That was just stunning to watch…everything was absolutely on point.” Howie said “dancing is dancing. What makes this special are the props” He said now people at home know what to do with foil and pipes. Howard said “this time you came out and kind of did the exact same thing. You stepped-up the level of dance but repeated the same concept.” Heidi said she agreed with Howard, “One aerial act was not enough” and said they should do “more of that.”


A Lot Of Fun With Whips, Ropes & Fire!

He calls himself a “Wild West showman” He specializes in gun spinning and lasso tricks. He said he’s going to put everything that he has into tonight’s AGT performance. Howie reacted “I think you delivered,” Howie said because it was bigger and better. He joked, “whips, rope and fire some people call that a dream date. I call that A lot of fun!” Howard said “you’re an athlete in your prime, and some people don’t see that. My biggest fear is how you keep this interesting to America” He said he loved it. Heidi, “I think it was fabulous and I want to see more. Mel B said “can it be for a whole entire show. How much of this twiltlling” she said can she watch before she gets bored. Loop Rawlins said he also includes audience interaction in his shows.


Mel B Is Totally Wrong!

John said he used to dance with Andrew’s mom when Andrew was little. One day, Andrew asked to dance with him. After their live performance, Howard said it was interesting a man dancing with a man – “it’s about that. It’s a novelty act. The fact that you two are such spectacular dancers and we take that out of the novelty act and you are great dancers.” Heidi – “technically and visually you are so fast and so good.” Mel B didn’t like it as much and said they lost her a little bit and it was a bit repetitive. She didn’t think they were as good as their last performance. Howie said he thought Mel B was “totally wrong” and that they did step-it up. He said “America is about freedom and equality,” and that’s what their act is about.



Their first performance for all three of them was at the AGT audition when Howie Mandel called them a “bright shining star.” They sang “Fat Bottomed Girls”. Mel B reacted to their performance, “Livy as a singer, you are a solid singer. Pitch perfect,” she called it “safe” and it didn’t grab her attention like last time. Heidi said it was a “lack-luster” performance and didn’t feel the energy and called them “mellow”. Howard said they felt like an opening act and not like a head-lining act. “I do want to hear the range of your voice.” Howie thought maybe Livy was nervous, but feels like Livy is a super-star. “You deserve to get voted through,” said Howie.


Entertaining, Spot-On!

Andrey’s act is hand-balancing. He came to America ten years ago. He said he knew he’d have a new life, and not in poverty like his home country of the Ukraine. His life changed when he visited the Circus and saw people doing that he did not know was possible. The judges stood-up for him. Mel B was finally happy with the first act of the night “it was seamless…very entertaining. Spot-on!” Howie said it was the best act so far. “I’ve never seen a hand-balancer with the grace you have. You are amazing!” Howard said “some guys play golf. Some guys paint…what you are up on that stage is like a John Singer Sargent, picture coming to life. Out of all the acts, if you do not go through,then the show is a shame.” Heidi said he was captivating and she couldn’t keep her eyes off him.


Join The Spice Girls!

Juan labels himself as “the greatest roller-blader dancer in the world”. He said he loves to make people all the time. He’s been a hairstyles for forty years, but he’s always wanted to perform and be famous. He danced and roller skated to Madonna’s iconic “Vogue” song as he switched and spun around on stage. Howard buzzed him right away. Howie said “Juan you show-up and everybody smiles” Howard said not him. Howie asked if he gained some weight to create a bigger look for a bigger stage. Howard said the laughter coming out of Heidi and Mel B was fake laughter. He resented that other talent got turned-down for Juan Pablo .He said it was not funny and it was bad, and that he was bored. Howie faught that “everyone will remember him”. Howard told Howie that he is ruining the show. Heidi said are you as big as your back-up dancers, I don’t know, are Mel B said she was genuinely laughing and smiling. Howard reacted, “I’m in the Bazzarro world then.” Mel B said “you are just an entertaining and I love to be entertained.” Howard told her to have Juan join the Spice Girls.


Not Getting Crushed!

Mara’s mom is a cocktail waitress and is trying to support five kids. Luckily, Mara has a heavy, hard-hitting voice, like a mini-diva! “What’s amazing is that you are only 12,” said Howard. He told Mara “I would love to hear you sing more settling and you don’t always have to show-off your voice and belt it out.” Heidi said “this is not the perfect song. You need to sing Aguilera or Adele.” Mel B told Mara, “you opened up your confidence. If you do get though be careful of the song choices.” Howie said it’s huge pressure, it’s live There are people getting crushed under this pressure. Some people rise to the occasion. You rose to the occasion!”


Something New & Incredible!

Abigail said she liked cartoons and comics, and always wanted to be in them. The judges stoop-up at the end of her act. Heidi said her favorite part was her concept, and “you stepped-it up even more because this time was better than last time. Incredible now.” Howie said “did this story pick-up to where you left off at?” from her first audition, She said it did. Howie continued “I am seeing things that are phenomenal.” Howard said “the first time I saw you, you were incredible.” He said she came up with something that was new and incredible.


Every Day Gets Better!

Jaycob is a singer and guitarist from a small town. He was first put into foster care at the age of five with his sister. Him and his sister were both adopted by loving parents. Heidi said she felt like she was in the valley most of the time, and wanted him to peak. Howard said he was kind of “controlled” I wish you let all that anger and passion to come through. Howard said passion is what’s going to win AGT. Mel B said he is likeable. I know you have a lot to give, and you’re not giving it tonight for some reason. Howie told Jaycob that his performances on AGT are a lot like his life, “your life started off rough. Every day it gets better. Every performance gets better and better. You know what I found out tonight – you are beautiful,” referring to the song Jaycob sang “Beneath Your Beautiful.”


Making Magic Really Hot!

Mat is a modern day magician. He said he’s been doing magic before he could read. He said his number one fan is his Grandmother and he dedicated his Radio City live performance to her. Mat performed a card trick that showed a huge painting of a card picked by Heidi after blow-torching it, then another card in Howie’s back pocket! Mel B said he blew her mind and “you do make magic really hot.” Howie said he wants to know how the second card appeared. Howard said “it’s time America we really let a magician get to the top five.” Mat told Nick he can’t explain the trick and was really surprised that he pulled it off.


Can The Real Darik Santos Please Stand-Up?

Darik said he’s been trying to be a comedian for three years. He’s a security guard of a parking lot. He said a good day on his job is when nothing happens. Darik lives at his girlfriend’s dad’s house. Her dad said he wants Darik to win AGT so Darik can move out. Mel B said she really likes him, but didn’t laugh once. Heidi said he has an Emo Philips quality, but Darik wasn’t that funny even though she thinks he’s cute and adorable. Howard said Darik is an “interesting guy. We aren’t seeing the real Darik come through. We are seeing Emo Philips.” Howie said he really didn’t like the judge panel right now because, the difference between a comedian and a comic – a comic says funny things. A comedian is funny. He said Darik is a comedian he wants to see on TV.


Filling-Up The Room!

They are Opera singer friends since college. They sang an Opera version of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Heidi stood up for them. She said she hopes America votes for them. Mel B said they surprised her yet again. “you filled-up this entire room with your voices. You had everyone on the edge of your seats.” Howie said their voices were so strong and could sense Mel B come out of her bad mood. Howard said “this was all a bit strange tonight. I thought it was off and not dynamic. I did not think this was your best and don’t think you’ll go through.”  



Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon showed-up wearing the same suits. Howie couldn’t believe the coincidence so he went off to change. Nick brought-up the reaming-out that he gave to Juan Carlos. Howard said he didn’t have a problem with Juan Carlos, but with the judges. He said “it was nonsense and a lot of forced laughter.” Howard accused the judges of not doing their jobs. Nick showed a photo of Howard as “Fartman” next to a photo of Juan Carlos, calling them twins!

First Act
Hart Dance Team, Darik Santo, and Andrey Moraru were lined-up to learn their fate if they’d be heading off to the Semi-Finals. The act with the most votes was Andrey Moraru. Andrey’s reaction was that his mind is blank, and said he’s glad to get another chance to perform. Heidi was happy NOT to be “heart-broken” and predicted that he’d go far in the competition.

Second Act
The next two acts brought to the stage was Juan Carlos vs. Jaycob Curlee. This was a no-brainier, unless neither went act was going to go through . Of course, it was Jaycob Curlee named as going through to the Semi-Finals. Jaycob said he feels “Speechless. Three of the judges didn’t think it was good enough. But, America is amazing. So , from here on out, I’ll be singing to them.” Howie said with Juan Carlos, you either love him, or you don’t. But, with Jaycob “everyone loves him”.

Third Act
Aerial Animation, Loop Rawlins were up to see which one would get sent through to the next round. Nick announced that it would be Aerial Animation that would be going to the Semi-Finals. Abagail of “Aerial Animation” said “This piece comes form my heart, and I never felt as vulnerable as I did last night.” Howard said that she definitely now has “front-runner status”. He suggested that she continue to be creative, saying, “let everything come out of you. Let it rip.”

Fourth Act
The next two acts that were pit against each other for the fourth spot to go to the Semi-Finals was Mat Franco, and Livy, Matt & Samy. America voted for magician Mat Franco to continue. The girl fans scream for him. Mat said “I can’t believe that I’m here, and I can’t wait to do some more!” Mel B said she speaks on behalf of the ladies because “he’s cute”, and talented of course!

Fifth Act
Act II, Mara Justine, John & Andrew were the next three acts to learn their fates. The act that was voted off was John & Andrew. They said they had “so much fun”, and they thanked their family for their support. The last two – Act II and Mara Justine for the judges vote. Act II said it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or where you come from “you can do anything you want to do” outside of the box she said in tears. Mara said she was grateful and blessed to be there and the experience that AGT has given her.

Judges Votes: Heidi voted for Mara Justine, Mel B said Act II was pitch perfect, but she went with Mara, Howard said he loves Act II, but “everything went wrong” with them last night. Howard also voted for Mara. It was three for three. Howie’s vote didn’t count. It was by popular judges’ vote that Mara Justine would go to the Semi-Finals!

The acts that will be performing next week live at Radio City Music Hall for their shot to make it into the Semi-Finals are: Adrian Romoff, Blue Journey, Mike Super, Sons of Serendip, AcroArmy, Paul Ieti, Wendy Liebman, Kieran & Finian Makepeace, Dragon House “The Agents”, Christian Stoinev , Cornell Bhangra, Anna Clendening.






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    What Mr. Mandell said is: “…the difference between a comedian and a comic is… a comedian says funny things, and a comic says thing funny….he’s a funny guy..” – implying that DARIK SANTOS is a *Comic*, meaning that Darik’s delivery and the way he does things on stage is funny, regardless of his material.

    See this link for his *actual* quote:

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