Full Teams Go Into Battle! THE VOICE Season 15 BATTLES Week 1 Recap

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October 15, 2018
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October 27, 2018
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Full Teams Go Into Battle! THE VOICE Season 15 BATTLES Week 1 Recap

For the first time in “The Voice” U.S. history, the last night of the Bind Auditions were immediately followed by the Battle Round. The show made it seem that the coaches sent their teams off into Battle right after the Blinds. However, we know that is not the case. The artists had the usual amount of time to prepare and be advisore for thier Battle Rounds.

The Advisors this season were: Cee Lo Green (Team Adam), Keith Urban (Blake Shelton), Thomas Rhett (Team Kelly), Halsey (Team Jennifer). The coaches were excited for the last day of the Blinds. Blake joked that he wanted to get a rapper on his Team.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 4, Emily Hough

Pictured: Emily Hough, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Emily is 16-years-old from Petersburg, Illonios. One of her “special skills” is imitating accents. She’s from a very small town and did her first talent show at the county fair where she came in, in third place. Emily explained that her town would be upset if she didn’t pick Blake as a coach. She sang “Big Yellow Taxi.”

Blake said she has a “beautiful angelic voice” He said with his team being “almost full” someone like her would stand-out. When Blake asked her what her influences are Emily answered she likes “the folksey” stuff and the Beatles. Adam told her she has a serious, powerful, soulful voice. He said it’s amazing that The Beatles is one of her favorite bands. Kelly compared her to Linda Ronstadt. Adam and Jennifer also told her that they have just one spot left. Emily was flattered.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake, Jennifer

Coach: Adam



Josh is a personal trainer at the YMCA in Cleveland, Tennessee. He said his love of music came from watching his parents perform. He sang in church when he started-out. Josh joined a Christian boy band called Three For Three. After the band fell apart, Josh decided that he wanted to be more Pop/Soul. Josh sang “Too Good at Goodbyes.”

Chair Turns: Kelly, Jennifer

Kelly told Josh that his runs are “so effortless.” Because Jennifer and Kelly were being too nice to each other while trying to capture Josh on thier teams, Blake and Adam stepped-in to argue their sides. Blake stood-up for Jennifer and pointed-out that she’s an Oscar winner, etc.. while Adam fought for Kelly stating she came from “a show like this.”

Coach: Kelly.



Lisa said she started singing when she was nine and did musical theater. After moving to Manhattah, Lisa became homeless. A band asked her to be their frontwoman. But, Lisa said she still wanted to audition for “The Voice.” Lisa sang “Beautiful Trauma.” Unfortunately, no chairs turned for Lisa. Blake told her that there were a “handful of pitch things.” Kelly told her it wasn’t the best song for the Blinds. Adam said “I’m sure this was amazing to watch,” referring to her showmanship. Jennifer told her to never give-up and it’s “really tight up here.”

Jennifer said she’s being “very picky” and looking for passion.


Katrina said she’s done music her whole life. Her husband is the first person she showed her original music to. Her and her husband have a band called “Tom Kat.” She makes a living singing jingles and Country even though she’s not a Country singer. But, she lives in Denton, Texas. Katrina sang “Rhiannon” song by Fleetwood Mac while playing the keyboard.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Blake

Kelly and Adam also wanted to turn. But, their teams are full. Adam told her “it should have been a four-chair-turn.” He told her she was “so crystal clear.” Blake told her that he’s recorded in Denton, Texas. Jennifer said she lives in Chicago and wants to be her coach. Blake said he only does Country. But, wins “The Voice” with artists from all different genres.

Coach: Blake. Blake said “there’s always a gem towards the end of the Blind Auditions.” Katrina said cancelling her Honeymoon was worth her getting on “The Voice.”



The Voice 15 Blinds week 4, Matt Johnson

Pictured: Matt Johnson, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Matt started doing musical theater at the age of 12. He said he was the only black kid growing-up and gay. He’s currently helping to take care of his mother who has terminal cancer. He’s auditioned for “The Voice” since season one. He sang “Never Too Much.”

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Jennifer appreciated Matt’s song choice by telling him it’s refreshing to hear someone sing a legend like Luther Vandross. After Matt told the coaches about his mom’s illness, Jennifer asked to bring her out. Then, together Jennifer held hands with Matt and his mom she said Team JHud is full!!


Once all the coaches teams were full, this ‘Voice episode went right into the Battle Rounds. This second half of the show went off with a bang with Team Kelly.


TEAM KELLY – (Thomas Rhett)


The Voice 15 Battles week 1, SandyRedd vs Cody Ray Raymond

Pictured: (l-r) Cody Ray Raymond, Sandyredd, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

SandyRedd and Cody Ray Raymond are the two most powerful singers on her team which is why Kelly paired them. Cody said SandyRedd’s voice is a cross between Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. Cody went from living out of his car to being on “The Voice.” SandyRedd said Cody has this “rasp and this funk” and it “won’t be easy” to beat him. Advisor Thomas Rhett said SandyRedd is like Aretha Franklin and Cody is like Chris Stapleton. He said they both have insane ranges. They sang “Don’t You Feel Like Crying.”

Adam said he was glad because he gets to pick one of them up. He said thy’re both masterful singers in completely different ways. Blake said he’d pick SandyRedd. Jennifer called them “beyond amazing.” Kelly called SandyRedd one of the best singers she’s heard in her life.

Battle Winner: CODY. Kelly said she kept Cody because she doesn’t have anyone like him.

STEAL: Adam, Blake, Jennifer all pushed their buttons to steal SandyRedd. Adam told her he pushed first in the Blinds and now for the Steal. He said “the choices that you make…is more than exciting.” Blake said SandyRedd should want a coach that is decisive and he thinks she won that Battle. He suggested some Country influence in her voice. Jennifer called her an outstanding talent and asked her what she needs to go further in the compeition.

Coach: Jennifer

TEAM BLAKE (Keith Urban)


Blake’s advisor Keith Urban was on “The Voice Australia”. Blake’s Battle pairing was Joey Green vs. Michael Lee. Michael Lee said he’s now on the right track after being in a “dark place.” Blake gave them Bonnie Raitt’s “A Think Called Love” because they’re both bluesy and rock. Keith said Joey needs to “step-it up a bit.”

Jennifer told Michael that his voice “fills the room” and Joey has “a lot of range.” But, she sensed more of a presence from Michael where Joey seemed more “laid back.” Kelly said with Joey you can tell he’s been singing for a while. Adam said this Battle allowed Joey to “thrive” and he discovered Joey in this Battle. Blake said intense and being laid-back weren’t things to fix. The fact that they’ve known each other for years made the Battle more exciting. Blake said he went with his gut and chose Michael as the winner.

Battle Winner: Michael. He was concerened about his friend Joey. Blake said he’s “super sad” because no one out-sung the other.

TEAM JHUD (Halsey)


The Voice 15 Battles week 1, Colton vs Patrique

Pictured: (l-r) Colton Smith, Patrique Fortson , Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Twenty-one-year-old Colton Smith was a “nervous wreck” to learn he was Battling 38-year-old Patrique. Patrique had early success as a child singer. He said it’s going to be tough battling Colton who’s a passionate singer. They were thrilled to see their Advisor Halsey who will “squeeze out every ounce of artistry” they they have. The song was a little outside of their element. Halsey said it will force them to use their voice in a way that they’re not used to using it. Jennifer said they both have similar tones and ranges but different specialties. They’re taking the Country nuances off the song and putting some soul into it. Halsey said Colton has a bit more drama to his voice and Patrique is more smooth and sultry. Jennifer said she wants “to feel the spirit” in their Battle.

Kelly stated that they both shined brighter than in the Blinds. She chose Patrique. Adam said it was a “great song choice from a great artist and Blake Shelton.” There were moments of nervousness he sensed from Colton. Blake said it “was such a cool vision for this song” and maybe he shoud have done it that way. Blake told Patrique the way he delivered that vocal there was so much herbs and spices and was “never too much.” Jennifer said they sang their faces off. She called them both “superb vocalists” and they are “mind-blowing amazing”.

Battle Winner: Patrique. Jennifer said Colton was powerful. But, Patrique won her over.
STEAL: Blake. Blake told Colton, “I know what level you took it to which I couldn’t.” Because of that, Blake said it’s about respect.


Former “The Voice” coach Cee Lo Green returned in tonight’s Battles episode as Adam Levine’s advisor. Ceel Lo revealed that Adam proclaimed him as “one of the Greatest Amercian soul singers of all time” upon their first meeting.

Kelly’s advisor Thomas Rhett had the idea for OneUp and Kymberli to go a cappella in the beginning of their Battle.

TEAM KELLY (Thomas Rhett)


The Voice 15 Battles week 1, Kymberli vs Oneup

Pictured: (l-r) Kymberli Joye (Center), OneUp, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kelly called them her greatest Battle and her “most proud moment” in that she can’t believe that they picked her. Kymberli is a church choir gospel singer and a back-up singer. Kelly used her only Block on Kymberli during her Blind Audition. Oneup stated that Kymberli is “a powerhouse that “has it all.” Going onto “The Voice”, Oneup was a new duo. Their first time performing onstage together was their ‘Voice Blind Audition. Their genre is Motown and they want to develop thier sound together by working with Kelly.

Kelly picked a song that’s “pure passion,” which was “Mercy” song by Shawn Mendes. Kymberli said “it feels like church” to her.

They were so good that Jennifer threw a book at them during their Battle performance. Adam said it’s the ultimate compliment to “have something thrown at you. He also stated that they “worked it out.” He said Kymberli stood up to Oneup and “crushed it.” Blake thought Oneup had it in the beginning, then Kymberli “busted in and stood up.” Jennifer recapped a play-by-play of the performance “the whole choir formed.” She stated they could be three instead of “Oneup.” Kelly picked “who surprised her the most based on this performance and the Blinds.”

Battle Winner: Kymberli. Kelly called Kymberli a “powerhouse,” and said she’s been dying to work with someone with Kymberli’s range.

TEAM ADAM (Cee Lo Green)


Everyone was happy to have Cee Lo Green back on “The Voice.” Anthony and Steve were given the song “Amie.” Anthony said he sang the song before in eigth grade. Adam noted that Steve is “much more polished.” But, Anthony has a very different voice. Steve owns and operates a wedding band and really wants to win “The Voice.” Adam advised the pair to “sync-up well.” Cee Lo noted “as Alphas” they have to treat the performance as sharing a bowl of food. Adam said they are so much different and have different things to offer.

Jennifer said Anthony held his own and “has been doing this for a while. “Steve came out the gate for us.” Blake said the song fit Anthony’s wheelhouse and Steve stepped-up to the plate. Blake went with Steve. Adamd noted that the improvement Anthony has shown is huge.

Battle Winner: Steve. Adam picked Steve because “he’s more ready.”

STEAL: Jennifer pushed her button to steal Anthony. She reacted “he’s gonna let HIM go?!!” Jennifer said he’s so seasoned and that’s why she needs him on Team JHud.


Blake said he doesn’t know any human beings that are more different than them and have different approaches to the song. Kelly said Tyke looks like a real-life Tarzan. He has purpose and passion. .. he has a Jane somewhere.

Battle Winner: Tyke. Adam said Tyke could crush it and be a successful singer. Adam said he could win the show.

TEAM BLAKE (Keith Urban)


The Voice 15 Battles week 1, Chris vs Mercedes

Pictured: (l-r) Chris Kroeze, Mercedes Ferreira-Dias, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Chris said he sang a Keith Urban song to the troops. But, he didn’t know the song that they were given for the Battles which was “Back in the High Life Again” by Steve Windwood. Blake picked it because of it’s Pop/bluesy style. Keith noted that Mercedes “was a bit more dramatic” sounding and would have turned his chair pretty quick for her. Keith also noted that their voices go well together. Blake advised Chris to let his “gravel” go out a bit. Blake said it will be a tough decison for him.

Jennifer loved Mercedes’ bravado and liked Chris’ rasp tone. She called them “equally great.” Adam said their “hamonies were amazing.” Blake said Mercedes blew him away. He noted that Chris’ voice is the reason the show exisits because he’s singing like Martina McBride, but looks like Chris Stapleton. Blake based his decision on “a gut feeling.”

Battle Winner: Chris. Blake said Chris “has this range” that he can sing up in the rafters with any female on the show.


Katrina defines her style as Electro Pop, versus Rachel who’s a Yodeler. Blake called them completely different in their own way. “Angel” song by Sarah McLachlan lands somewhere in the middle of who they both are, stated Blake. Keith said Rachel has a vunerablity that intrests him. He compared Katrina’s voice to having a little Nora Jones in there. He advised both of them to have someone in mind while singing the song so it becomes personal. Blake said his decision will be based on “who can make me feel the lyrics of this song.”

Jennifer said it was simply beautiful. “I love when people can interpret and internalize the song, and make it more than just notes.” Kelly said they handled the song graceful in their own way.

Battle Winner: Katrina. Blake said she has the ability to convey the story and draw eveyone in. “You can’t fake that,” said Blake.

TEAM J HUD (Halsey)


Natasia said she gigs every night in Nashville. She’s out to prove to herself that her journey has been worth it. Mike was impressed by Natasia’s “pipes.” Mike’s day job is a construction job. Jennifer turned her chair on Mike’s last note during his Blind Audition. They sang “Gravity” by John Mayer. Jennifer said she gave them that song to “bring the soul out of both of them” and to tap into something that they didn’t know they have. Jennifer said Mike and Natasia bring out each other’s potential. Jennifer’s advisor, Halsey, said Natasia has great potential with a voice that’s capable of so much. She also noted that Mike has great runs, and she pays attention to him even in the background. Jennifer told Mike that he’s not completly owning his instincts. She avised them both not to lose thier solo moments in the song.

Kelly stated that they “sound unbelieveable.” She said Mike is a star and his voice is “insane.” She didn’t know who to pick. “You both brought something so magical to the plate,” said Kelly. Adam noted that Natasia did complimentary “background” things to make the song come more to life than the original. Blake said Mike finally came on the radar. But, Natasia “attacks” a song similar in the way that Kelly does. Jennifer based her decision on each artists’ strategy.

Battle Winner: MIKE. Jennifer said Mike “stepped his game up in a major way.

STEAL: Kelly stole Natasia. Kelly said Natasia’s voice can go angelic or she can belt it out She said it’s everything you want in a singer. The show being called “the Voice” she couldn’t let her go home, stated Kelly.



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