Game Changer! THE VOICE Playoffs Night Two Recap

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April 9, 2014
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Game Changer! THE VOICE Playoffs Night Two Recap


Break-Out Moment!
Kristen Merlin

Kristen Merlin

Adam was super impressed by Kristen, stating, “there are people that either have it or they don’t – where they break through. I can detect so much of Shakira’s coaching. You are at the top of your game right now.”

Blake said it was his favorite performance of hers so far. “That’s as flawless of a performance as anyone can do.” Blake said, and that the audience has worse rhythm than he does.

Usher said, “My hat is off to you because you are one of the strongest voices in the competition.”

Coach Shakira reacted positively, “You have made me so happy. Your voice is different. The way you worked the stage. You were dead-on. Shakira said “Kristen just killed it up there.” Blake said if Shakira keeps Kristen, then that will be intimidating to him.


Re-Inventing Deja Hall
Deja Hall

Deja Hall

Deja is 16 years old from Texas. During her audition, three coaches turned their chairs for her. Usher believes she can “become a super-star over night.”

Deja chose to sing “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks. Says she picked it because it shows the aggressive part of her voice. Shakira pointed out that Deja wasn’t singing with the beat, and falling “out of the pocket.”

Blake reacted to Deja’s performance with, “She went to adorable teenager to young woman. It’s time that you approach a song like this with some attitude.”

Usher said, ” you have constantly grown here. At times, you almost over-sang the track.” Usher said she will “continue to thrive and learn.”

Adam was also impressed, “Just based on the progress we’ve seen now, the place that you are in now is wonderful and the sky is the limit.”

Coach Shakira told Deja, “You’ve grown so much and I’m lucky to be the one coaching you. You are blooming. You are not just that sweet angelic voice. You’ve embraced all those challenges. You finally believe in yourself and you’re confident. I want to commend you on this amazing per you gave us tonight.”
Shakira said Deja tackled all 100 things she gave her.


Tess Boyer

Tess Boyer

At home, Tess was juggling pageants, dancing and going to school. Tess chose to sing “Human’ by Christina Perri.

Adam said, “that was one of the best performances you’ve done so far. If you win, I’m going to look like a ding dong for being the only coach not to coach you.”
Adam then told the two coaches that let Tess get away – Blake and Usher and called them idiots because they gave Tess up.

Usher said, “you won me over the moment you got Human. You are super-human to be able to sing notes like that.”

Blake said, “the thing I admire about you whatever the challenge is set before you, you step up to it. To sing the song the way you did with the piano is so hard and you made it look easy.”

Coach Shakira said, “when we thought we had you all figured out, you threw that amazing big note out there and showed us all what you are made of. You have an amazing gift.”


Timeless Voice
Patrick Thomson

Patrick Thomson

Shakira stole him from Adam during the first round of battles. He grew up around music since his parents were into music. Shakira said she stole him because “he has one of those timeless voices.”

Singing “Trouble”. “Patrick needs to convince us that he means everything he’s singing,” said Shakira. Patrick said he was saved by her when Shakira asked him if he’s ever been saved by a woman.

Adam was envious of Patrick’s voice, “I can’t tell you that I’ve dreamed of being able to sing high notes that sound like that. This is one of your finest moments.”

Usher finally saw Patrick, “I didn’t really understand who you are til now. you took ownership of the room. It’s great to see someone stolen and that they had the time to workout kinks.”

“Thank you for not picking me as a coach because it makes me look so good and makes Adam look so bad.” He said because Adam let Patrick go. That gargling in your voice with broken glass, it makes you sound so good.”

“Every artist that comes through this show has a moment where the coaches sees what you are capable of. Your voice was right on the moment. You killed it.”
Adam said Patrick did a great job. The question is, is he done here or does he have more room to grow?”


Dani Moz

Dani Moz

She’s a PR rep, but says she’d like to do music full time. Blake said Dani needs to work on standing-out.

“Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. Shakira said Dani is on the edge of something big.

Adam “you started crying and the song wasn’t even finished yet. You were super-nervous in the beginning, then you put it away.”
Blake said, “What I saw was just emotion. You were completely connected with the song and with your instrument. When I saw her come out, I thought I know what it was about…but then, game changer!”

Usher also got emotional, “It was not a flawless performance. There were moments that were rough. It was the overwhelming emotion you put into it almost brought me to tears.”

Coach Shakira said, “I saw a true artist. I never thought that this song was that emotional. But you made me connect with the song. You were the perfect vehicle and said if Gaga saw Dani’s performance, she’d approve.


Team Shakira

NEW TEAM SHAKIRA – Tess Boyer, Kristen Merlin, Dani Moz

Shakira said she can do much more with  Tess Boyer which is why she kept her.  She also chose to keep Kristen Merlin because she has grown so much and “what this artist did tonight was so remarkable.”    Dani Moz said she will continue to move-on and let her “soul be seen.”    In making her final and third choice, Shakira said, “This person stricks me as the woman of today,”  It was Dani Moz.   Shakira said, she has “three amazing strong women who are determined to win.”



Delicious Performance:
Delvin Choice

Delvin Choice

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Greene
Perfect example of the type of artist that I want to be. Adam said Delvin had a pitch problem. Delvin was worried, “If I end up not being chosen, I literally have to start from the ground up.”

Blake said, “You’ve come leaps and bounds. I don’t know if it’s because you ditched the lobster, or egg roll! Now that the locks are flowing, he’s a different singer, Adam said it was Delvin’s coach.

Usher reacted, “you really are a threat because you can go anywhere in terms of genre and skill.” Shakira said, “It was delicious. You took us on a ride from the moment you started your performance. We were in the back seat enjoying how amazing your voice it.”

Adan said, “no one turned around for you. I can’t believe that didn’t happen. You are one of the ones with the most chair turners who has actually gotten better at the end.”


Zero To Sixty:
Jake Barker

Jake Barker

He works in a bar, and the thought of singing on stage terrified him. Usher said he’s got a voice that reminds him of Justin Timberlake. Jake chose “She Will be Loved” by Maroon 5. Adam said it’s “crazy” how good Jake is for someone show sings as a pass-time. Adam said they are cut from the same cloth as far as what they are both capable of doing.

Blake stated, “What a strong falsetto you have. Very powerful . I can see his (Justin Timberlake) influence.

Usher said, “To see him continue to grow, it’s impressive. Artists who choose to sing in their falsetto. Finding your voice is more difficult than anything.”

Shakira was stuck on Adam Levine, “I never thought I’d like this song in someone else’s voice. You took an R&B approach.”

Coach Adam gave his opinion on his protege singing his song, “this guy really just started singing in pubic. You rarely see anyone go from 0 to 60 like that. You have to be the most improved of anyone I’ve ever seen. It’s really an astonishing accomplishment. Singing my song- you pruned it a little bit. More laid back and put your spin on it. Staying true to what you want to do is important. Bravo, and you are a talented guy.”


Unleash The Beast!
Kat Perkins

Kat Perkins

She was a nanny for five children before she auditioned for “The Voice”. Her dad played records for her all the time when she was little. She chose to sing “Open Arms” by Journey.

Adam said about Kat’s song choice “It doesn’t get much tougher than Journey. Those are some big shoes to fill.” He told her to have “less dynamic” in her singing. Adam told Kat during rehearsal, “every note has to be as powerful as the other. Once the beast is unleashed with Steve Perry, there is no dynamic. He didn’t feel the need for settlety.”

Usher said, “you should be very proud of yourself. You have a for sure thing. Your performance was flawless!”
Shakira said, “very emotional. Wow, you are very devoted. You made it seem so effortless. You were very in the moment and made me be in the moment too.

Blake didn’t believe in open arms, “Open arms my ass, open lungs! Kat, it sounded like your song. We are suppose to be critical, and I can’t.”

Coach Adam said, “We are already approaching the end. The way I feel about you, this is the beginning. Steve Perry does not screw around. There’s nothing to criticize. There has not been a better performance than this one so far!”


Unpolished Diamond:
Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen

He was working as a landscaper before he went on “The Voice”. Adam stole Moran from Usher during the battle rounds. Singing “Stay” by Sweet Georgia Brown”
Adam said Morgan has a incredible cool voice. I’ve rarely heard anyone who is that naturally talented. He’s an unpolished diamond and girls love him.”

Usher said, “It was a perfect match for you and Adam. Some of the choices I made was not to your benefit,” and said “it’s good Adam picked Country.”

Blake reacted, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea for every coach to start with Country. There’s so much of Eddie Vedder in your voice. It’s cool that you’re able to blend. It works and I wish I had picked up on it before”

Shakira said, “you have improved substantially. You have made great changes. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard you today.”

Coach Adam also observed Morgan’s great improvement, “You did this yourself. I do have to thank Usher to this. He woke me up to what you did. You have that thing that people are either born with or not born with. You were born with it.”

Blake backed Morgan, “This guy brings to country what Travis Tritt brought Country. But it’s from a different angel. It’s the real deal.”

Morgan said choosing a country song was a great move and was surprised that Moran chose a country song.
Blake bragged “I was on the cover of ‘Us Weekly’!”


Little Person, Big Voice:
Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie

Christina got all four chairs to turn. She was making YouTube videos before going onto “The Voice”. Blake said she is like a stick of dynamite, but needs to woe
“I Won’t Give Up” By Jason Mraz’s. I want her to have a set idea of what she’s going to do. Make a plan and stick to it. Said “we haven’t seen her best yet, but I think we will.”

Blake said “How does such a big voice come out of such a little person. What’s cool is it can be as soft and tender as you want it to be or it can be as powerful and pointed as you want it to be.”

Usher said, “You are a ball of fire”, and said there was no flaw. “You are like baby Celine Dion” he finished which made her very happy.

Adam Levine little

Adam said he has never had any complaints when Blake said parts of Adam are little.

Shakira was in awe – “I didn’t know you could do those falsettos and do them so well. It was delightful. It was great.”

Coach Adam reacted, “This song was an excellent choice. I would have never thought of that (song). Here we are seeing the person we’ve been waiting to see.” He said she is “getting the mastery” of what she does under control.


Team Adam

NEW TEAM ADAM – Kat Perkins, Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie

You all did so well. Its’ not easy. I feel let-down by no one. He said his decision is based on who’s furthest along right now. First person is Christina Grimmie. Delvin Choice is the second person Adam chose for the live shows. Adam said he has to make the best decision for “the team”. His last pick was Kat Perkins.   Adam said about his final team, “I have three of the best singers in the competition. Three of the best and they’re all on my team!.”

Team Blake, Shakira, Adam



Watch THE VOICE season 6 episode 18 “The Playoffs, Part 2” first aired by NBC on Monday, April 14, 2014. This full episode is now available at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET until 06/19/14 courtesy of NBC. ENJOY!








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