George Floyd Tribute on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 4

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August 26, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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George Floyd Tribute on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 4

Howie said he's so proud that he pushed the Golden Buzzer for him and Brandon won the whole night. Brandon said to others...MORE

It’s the last Quarter Finals show on “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) before the acts go into the next round of the Semi Finals. Eleven acts performed on Tuesday’s show with five more acts headed to the Semi Finals.  Included in Tuesday’s Live Show were acts performing from Romania, and Germany.  The last act of the night was a powerful performance from poet Brandon Leake with a tribute to his mom with an emotional Black Lives Matter message.

The regular judges – Howie Mandal, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara,  went into another week without a guest judge as Simon Cowell continued to recover.  The “America’s Got Talent” finale will air in three weeks.

C.A. WILDCATS (Cheer Group)

Act performing from their hometown of Plato, Texas, cheer leading act CA Wildcats.  They said they’ve heard all the cheer leading stereotypes and they’re working to break those stereotypes.  They don’t want to be “the warm-up” but the main act.29 members ages 13 to 30.  Winning AGT they said would validate them as athletes.  Heidi called it an amazing job they did to start the show.  They’re like a soda that you shake and it explodes.  Howie thought it was exciting and his favorite act was V. Unbeatable and this is like the American version of that.  He wasn’t sure if it was better than the last time. Heidi argued that it was.  Sofia said the energy that they bring to the stage is unbelievable and what they do is like athletes. She thought it was better than the last time.  


Heidi thought she was great and that she did a fantastic job.   She thinks the music world will fall for Kenadi.  Howie reacted that she loves her and her bond with her family and sister.  Howie said the song didn’t do it for him.  Heidi interjected that Howie never likes original songs.  Howie told the audience “enough” when they started to boo him.  Sofia commented that Howie’s just being negative.  “I think it was beautiful.”  Howie asked Sofia about Kenadi’s performance and Sofia said that she did think that her first one was better.  


They are from Romania, and performed from there.  They had a hard time trying to prepare for their AGT Live performance due to their lock-down there during the Covid pandemic.   Lightwave had only two weeks to prepare.  With only minutes before their performance, Lightwave said they realized that they didn’t have enough space for it.   Their performance included two female and two dog marionettes similar to their first performance.  The story was about neighbors in quarantine.  

Howie wasn’t thrilled with the performance because “it was kind of the same dog and same performance” as before.  The audience booed Howie again.  Heidi said “I know that is sad but this is the reality.”  She was sympathetic to the people that are alone during quarantine like the story in the performance.  Sofia said she agrees with Heidi and understands the challenges, but she thought “it was better the first time.”   Lightweave, who were being streamed from Romania, said they were thrilled to be there even though they are still far apart.  

RESOUND (Singers)

The three singers that makeup “Resound” said they went full time with music and quit their jobs before auditioning for AGT.  Then, Corona hit right after and they were left with no gigs to perform.  All the positive responses that they received from AGT viewers motivated them to keep going with their music.  Howie reacted that “it was so beautiful” and going into the competition, they did set the bar and it’s still set.  He said he thought more than ever, acts need to go one step harder.  Howie said for upcoming acts, they need to include in their performances something that will make viewers at home say “you gotta come see this.”    Sofia thought it was “fantastic” and their voices are amazing.  She loved it.  Heidi loved it too.  She said it was “absolutely amazing” and they sing about life and they have this light around them.   Host Terry Crews asked about people who need to be lifted up.  They responded that if you are in darkness and can not find the light, “be the light.”  


Divas leader gave the group a pep talk stating that opportunities like this don’t just happen, they are earned and they earned a place on AGT.  She urged them to show the youth in Urban cities that hard work pays off.  Each one of them is the light that is needed right now.  She said they are going to give audiences hope that whatever they are going through, they can rise above it. 

Heidi thought they were incredible.  She loved Kelly’s speech in the beginning and called it inspiring.  Howie said it was his favorite act of the night so far  – “I loved the whole production and the reproduction” (referring to Kelly’s baby bump).   Sofia said her speech was better than the performance.  She wished them all the luck in the world.  


Celina said she used to spend hours and hours singing in the mirror. “I didn’t think that I would be accepted because of the way that I dress.”  She said it shut her confidence down.  But, on AGT, the audience was cheering for her and who she is.  It gave her hope.  It validated for her that she didn’t need to change and gave her the confidence to be herself.   She said she’s going to give it her all during her live performance.  Celina  sang on the Universal back lot dressed in a suit.  

Sofia reacted that she was the highlight of the night and “flawless.” She said if there was a Golden  Buzzer, she’d give it to her.  Heidi said it feels like Celina has prepared her entire lifetime for this performance and she nailed it.  Howie agreed and as a singer on this show, they have to up their anty and Celina did that.  He brought up what Simon would say.  Would America remember her?  Howie thought so.  Celina said she challenged herself to sing a song she had never known before and she practiced and practiced.  

NOAH EPPS (Dancer)

Noah is 12-years-old from Ashburn, Virginia.  When he dances he likes doing it with a character because it makes performing so much more fun”  His AGT audition went viral and he feels like a famous person.  Noah tries to come up with new characters to perform, some which are inspired from costumes.  It allows him to express himself in a way he wouldn’t be able to do in real life.  Noah said it makes him feel like a superhero.  In Tuesday’s live performance, Noah said the characters were inspired from the arcade and from scary movies.  The latter half of his routine was reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

The judges gave him a standing ovation.  Heidi reacted that he is so good, “a top notch” performer.  She compared him to Maddie Ziegler.  Sofia said she loved the most about him is that he has a strong sense of what he wants to do and where he wants to go.  It’s amazing that he has his own vision.  Noah said he got his inspiration for this performance from a movie that he watched. 

Something for AGT viewers to look forward to, Terry Crews announced that on Wednesday’s Results Show, new judge an actress Sofia Vergara will show off her ventriloquist skills.

ALEX HOOPER (Comedian)

It was the second time for Alex being on AGT.  He said this season, the judges celebrated him.  Alex’s act is roasting people, and he roasted the judges.  He said he hasn’t performed on a stage in five months.  Alex said he practiced on the inanimate objects inside of his house.  In his act, instead of roasting, Alex said he thought he’d read a bedtime story “As the World BURNS!”  It was a story about stay at home orders.  The story included the judges and host in the story where he took jabs at them.  He called Howie a turtle that’s been burned alive.  He told Sofia Vegara that her makeup looks like it was done by a drunk drag queen and when the AGT gig doesn’t work out, she’ll always have work as a rodeo clown.   Alex told Simon (who’s recovering at home) that he had no business on that electric scooter.  

Howie said he loved the pain and the hurt.  “I love this kind of comedy” and called him the new Don Rickles.  Sofia didn’t understand why Howie loved Alex who dug into him.  Sofia buzzed him with an “X.”   Heidi reacted “roses are red violets are blue. Some people are funny, but not you.”  


“Broken Roots” singing duo were called back to replace singer Thomas Day.  The duo said they played the same venue for 15 years and their paths never crossed.  They both lost their mothers to cancer.  They were devastated after not going through to the AGT live round.   As fate would have it, they got a call from AGT producers that they were in fact going to the Live Shows.   They got a second opportunity to come back and be in the live shows.  “Now that we’re here, we’re swinging for the fences.”  They sang “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2.

Sofia was excited that they were back and said they were meant to be there.  Howie reacted that it’s great that they had the opportunity and rose to the occasion but doesn’t know if it’s “big stage AGT” or a coffee house type of performance.  Heidi said they used their second chance well.  They got the call one night and had to be there the next day and on his birthday.  


Their mom performed on a high wire and on stilts.  Her dad fell from a very, high high wire and their mom chose to stop.   She inspired them to perform as well.   During their rehearsal, one of them fell and hurt her knee which jeopardized their live performance.  But, they trained through it.  
Heidi called them “stunning” and loved watching it.  Sofia said it seems their dream would come true of performing in Vegas.  Howie said to see three women as strong and agile as they are, “you don’t see it” and they deserve to have a career out of it,   Crews asked about taking their act to a whole new level for the next round.  They said they have so much more to show and new moves that they have never performed.  


Howie said now words seem to move people more than music, etc.  Brandon spoke of his AGT audition that a diamond in the rough got the chance to shine on the AGT stage.  He’s from Stockton, Ca.  Brandon said he’s still a son, a father, and a husband. He writes poetry frequently.  Although they aren’t with him physically, his family is still with him internally and he will pour everything into the AGT stage so that his dream can be actualized.  In Tuesday’s live performance, Brandon paid tribute to Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake, plus countless others.   His poetry described “his mother’s greatest fear is that her son not return home alive.” 

The judges gave him a standing ovation. Heidi reacted “that was very, very powerful.”  She was happy to use the platform to talk about what he did.  Brandon was Heidi’s favorite act of the night.  Sofia said what a great way to end the night.  “I want to keep hearing you, and what you can bring next.”  Howie said it was about and beyond anything he’s seen.  Howie said Brandon took an older white guy (himself) and put him in the body of a black mother.  Howie said he’s so proud that he pushed the Golden Buzzer for him and Brandon won the whole night.  Brandon said to others, “you are called to go chase your dream.” 


The AGT Semi Finals begin next week.  During the Results show, three acts went straight through, and two acts were at the mercy of America’s Votes via Dunkin’ Save, and the judges’ votes.  The three acts revealed to be in the latter circumstances were: Bello Sisters, Celina, and Resound.

During a montage of the acts describing a photo that depicted a moment in their lives that pushed them to go further in their creative careers, young singer Kenadi revealed that she once opened or “The Voice” Swan Brothers,  She said after meeting one of them by their tour bus while taking a photo, she was invited to sing with them and the whole band later that evening.  

Kenadi Dodds, and Noah Epps were called to step forward.  Only one of them would get a spot in the Semi-Finals.  It was singer Kenadi Dodds.  She was emotional and thanked everyone.  Heidi said she knew America would see the sparkle in her.  She told her to “always stick to your guns and go for it,” referring to Kenadi singing an original song on Tuesday’s show.  

Alex Hooper, Lightwave Theater Company, Broken Roots were the next three acts to return to the stage.  Host Terry Crews revealed that out of those three acts, Broken Roots would be moving on to the Semi-Finals.   The act was previously eliminated.  Sofia said she is excited and they deserve to be there and look at them now, they are going to the finals!   She said, “never give up!”

The next acts returning to the AGT stage to hear their fates were – C.A. Wildcats, Brandon Leake,  Divas & Drummers of Compton.  Spoken word and poet act Brandon Leake was the act going through to the Semi-Finals.  He thanked America, “I promise you this, what I got next will be far better.”  Howie said he’s never been more moved in his life from any other act.   Howie told Leake, “we need you in this show, and we need you in this world. ” He finished by telling Leake, “you matter.”  

Aerialists couple Duo Transcend from AGT season 13 and season 2 of AGT: The Champions performed with Country artist Cam. 

When ventriloquist Darci Lynne appeared on AGT a couple of weeks ago, judge Sopia Vergara showed-off her own ventriloquist skills with her puppet “Mr. Grumpy.”  It was a comedy sketch that also involved Howie Mandel joining them with a Simon Cowell puppet.  

Only two spots left in the Semi-Finals that would be the outcome of the Dunkin’ Save Vote and the Judges’ Votes.  The act that America voted through the Dunkin’ Save vote was for singer Celina Graves!  Celina reacted “I love you guys and I can’t wait to perform for you again,”  Heidi said she loves Celina and she’s absolutely incredible. 

The last two acts left were acrobatic act the Bello Sisters and singing trio Resound.   It was down to the judges to decide.  Sofia said it’s her least favorite part of her job.  She voted for the Bello Sisters.  Heidi said to Resound “we have so many singers.”  Then, she voted for Resound.  It was up to Howie’s deciding vote.  He told the Bello Sisters that they are truly amazing, especially doing that performance on Tuesday with an injured leg.  He told Resound that they sound beautiful and the acts are apples and oranges.  He voted for the Bello Sisters.  

NEXT WEEK: These acts will perform – Shaquria McGrath, Malik Dope, Archie Willilams, Alan Silva, Broken Roots, Spyro Bros ,Double Dragon, Roberta Battagla, Brandon Leake.  There will also be a Wild Card act added.



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