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Gifts From God – SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION New York Recap

Posted on June 19 2016 by Editor

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Gifts From God – SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION New York Recap

Week three of FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions took judges Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe, Jason Derulo, and host Cat Deeley to New York to check-out the prodigy talent there. It’s their last audition city and they were super impressed to find exceptional young dancers, leaving Paula saying a few times that some dancers were “a gift from God.”

Newest judge Maddie Ziegler won’t be joining forces until next week during the Dance Academy which is where the dancers who receive golden tickets from their auditions will go. If they make it to that round, they’ll have to re-audition, this time, in front of ten All-Stars where each All-Star will choose one dancer each to mentor and dance with for the rest of the season.

R.J. (age 11) & JAKE (age 12)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, RJ, Jake

The first New York dancer out of the gate were hip-hop dancers R.J.and Jake. They told host Cat Deelely that the theme of their routine was “Magic Mike” – of course minus the strip tease! They said the only article of clothing coming off would be their jackets.

Jason responded to their audition with “New York is starting off with a bang!” He also added “honestly, that was an absolute show from start to finish. Superb, superb!” Paula stated, “I can’t believe how much attitude and character you have. You worked it out up there. We had so much fun watching you.” Nigel stated that one of them had “good stank face” while the other one had good rhythm. Both R.J. and Jake got tickets to the Dance Academy.

RUBY CASTRO (age 12)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, Ruby Castro

Ruby dances with her dad who is also her coach and dance teache. She told the judges that she is the current United States Jr. Champion in Latin Ballroom. She planned to audition solo. But, when Nigel saw her dad dancing with her off-camera, he insisted he join his daughter on-stage. They did a tremendous job together. After she was done, Nigel said “I’ve got nothing to say” as he flashed a golden ticket for her.

TATE (age 12)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, Tate

Tate traveled from Canada to audition for SYTYCD. Her mom is her dance teacher. Tate displayed her exceptional contemporary dance skills in her auditions. Paula responded to her performance with “I wish there was a word that described how much you touched me. Perfect, seamless.” Paula called her “a gift from God.” Jason said Tate did some things that he had never seen before. “It was incredible.” Nigel told Tate that the next round will be judged by the All-Stars, and “they’re going to be fighting over you.” Tate got her golden ticket. Paula turned to Nigel and said Tate was the most exceptional out of ALL she’s seen.

VALERIYA (age 10) & ALEX (age 11)

Valeriya and Alex are ballroom dance partners. During their audition, they both held their own very well. Paula said “the two of you are magnificent. You’re both wonderful together and as individuals.” Jason said if his vision were blurred, he’d swear they were grown-ups because of how they moved. He said they had “such a maturity” about them. Nigel told them it was a good performance and good technique. “I think you’re both exceptional,” Nigel said. Then all three judges stood up with their golden tickets for them.

LUCAS (age 13)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, Lucas

Tap dancer Lucas performed his tap audition routine to James Brown song “I Feel Good”. Paula called him “fantastic”. She told him “you have incredible presence, personality and incredible feet. You’re taps are clean, clean.” Jason said he didn’t think his performance was on point because Lucas’ face was doing the same thing. Nigel agreed with Jason about Lucas’ face, but said he was one of the best tap dancers they’ve had on SYTYCD. He gave him a ticket.

LIZA (age 9) & JOSHUA (age 12)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, Liza, Joshua

Nigel told them they had a lot of fun and a lot of energy. However, he told Liza that “today the hurdle was too high. I’m going to pass today.” Then he put Joshua through to the Academy with a ticket.

KAI (age 12)

Kai is an old-soul who break dances with all grown-ups. He is from New Jersey and dances with The Dynamic Rockers dance crew. Jason told Kai “you definitely can rock with the best of them”, and added that he was “on point.”
Paula stated that she enjoyed watching him. Nigel asked for a performance from Kai with his two crew members who were looking-on from the sidelines. After their performance, Nigel stated to Kia “you’ve got good teachers and good people that inspire you. I have to say yes to you.” Kia got a ticket.

SYTYCD season 13 New York, get ugly

Pictured (top) “Get Ugly” singer (bottom) dancer

One young dancer got lucky because the Jason Derulo track she danced to – “Get Ugly” the singer who sang the “get ugly” lyric in the song was in the audience. He got on the stage to show how “ugly” he could get by showing off his dance moves.

DOUGIE (age 11)

Dougie wore a Michael Jackson inspired costume. Dougie told the judges he danced in the Motown Tour, then danced jazz for his audition. Paula told him he is quite the performer, and that he’s “born to do this.” Nigel said “you’re a ball of energy up there. There was a lot of club dancing,” and he would have like to have seen it be more professional. Jason said it seemed “a little amateurish.” Nigel and Paula decided to put Dougie through to the Academy anyway.

OLIVIA (age 12)

SYTYCD season 13 New York, Olivia

Olivia is from Rochester, New York. She told Cat Deeley that in her audition, she is going to be a snake. Nigel called her an incredible dancer, and said “you’re control is remarkable.” He also said he thinks he will inspire the choreographers on the show. Paula called Olivia a gift and said she is an example of someone who is hyper-flexible. Jason said her dance seemed limitless. “Like a painting. A beauty to watch. Bravo to you!” he told her. She got a golden ticket.

Next week episode will be the first week of the Dance Academy.


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