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Glamour Meets Talk! KRIS JENNER SHOW – Review!

Posted on July 17 2013 by Editor

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Glamour Meets Talk! KRIS JENNER SHOW – Review!

Hollywood Junket was able to sit through a taping of the “Kris Jenner Show”. If one does not know who Kris Jenner is by now, they might be living under a rock or maybe in a cave. She is a reality television star and former wife of diseased attorney, Robert Kardashian.

E! reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” produced by “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest became one of the longest running reality television programs in American history. Viewers cannot get enough of their glamorous lifestyle, family feuds, and the products they endorse. The Kardashians have turned themselves into a brand, and Kris Jenner appears to be the brains behind it all!

Pictured: Mario Lopez with Kris Jenner.

The set is immaculate, a recreation of her mansion. The black and white tiles cover the stage. Viewers get a glimpse of the spiral staircase, and paintings covering the wall. Jenner enters the stage looking beautiful; she is smiling, and waving to the audience. She tells the audience they are beautiful, then introduces her co-host for the day. It is Mario Lopez, the heartthrob that went from a child actor in “Saved By The Bell” to hosting “Extra”, and other television programs such as” Americas Best Dance Crew”. Watching Lopez hosting live was a great experience, because he proves he has more to offer than a chiseled physique, and glowing smile. He is quick with a joke, and exudes a likable personality, one that correlated well with Jenner.

Lauren Francis, a love coach came onto the show to explain new ways to “sex up” a relationship. Lopez and Jenner went behind a table to listen about different products, and then “tested” them out. They had a few giggles with body wrap tape, and blind folds. Seeing the products instantly brought the book, Fifty Shades of Grey to mind, because the best seller is what many people seem to be talking about. The book is the sexier version of The Twilight Saga, and incorporated a significant amount of sexual behavior into its plot. The television show, and the book both target the same demographic of women, therefore Lauren Francis was a great guest to accompany the show.

The two hosts also discussed babies, marriage and projected a few older photographs of them. They explained how important photos are because they create life lasting images. Lopez also explained how much he enjoyed working on Broadway, and that is where he met his wife. She sat in the audience with their daughter.

Kris Jenner has a warm likable personality, and definitely has a lot of advice to offer women. She raised six children, is a successful entrepreneur, and experiences daily scrutiny. Women seem to love the leader of the pack, and her show will probably do well. The downside to the show is she has different co-hosts in every episode. Some may believe that keeps the viewers interested, but most successful talk shows that incorporate multiple hosts, have the same ones every episode. “Regis & Kelly” and “The View” are two primary examples of this, people want to see some consistency. That lack of consistency could cause the show to experience poor ratings, but we will not know until it has been on air for a while.

The show is putting the episodes on YouTube, which is an excellent idea, because it allows fans to watch it at their own convenience. It also allows fans to comment, so they know what they like and dislike about the show. Hollywood Junket will keep readers in tune on the latest news in regards to Kris Jenner’s latest business venture. So far, she has excellent ideas discuss topics that her demographic will find intriguing and of course has a very famous name, and face.

Written by Alyssa Davis


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  1. justsayin Says:

    I don’t know if we’re watching the same show here? I thought her show was and is horrible. She needs to seem more authentic when she’s conversing with her co hosts. She seems to cut them off in mid sentence which makes it seem that she’s not listening. She also looks mechanical(constantly staring at the tele prompter). The worst of the show is when she talks about sex and talks inappropriately. I think her show and The Real are trying to be very hip but both miss the mark. The Real is so ghetto.

  2. Happy Days Says:

    I totally agree with Just Sayin’. You may have been watching a completely different show because the show I saw was awful! Why does Kris keep making sexual comments? She needs to stop acting like she is still young and hip. She looks great for her age but looking good does not make a good talk show host. You actually need talent and charisma for that type of career.

  3. Maya Says:

    The kris show is so fake and discussing at time when she makes her sexual comments.
    The least she could do is keep it real and simply, but she has to come out with her personality disorder. I’m not surprised she thinks she is keeping it real, because she and her family are used to living their fake life in order to keep their show and lifestyle going.

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