God Sent a Sign on THE VOICE Season 21 Blinds – Teams Are Full!

September 30, 2021
Emotions Run High on THE VOICE Season 21 Battles Week 1 Recap
October 12, 2021
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God Sent a Sign on THE VOICE Season 21 Blinds – Teams Are Full!

Pictured: Libianca -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

It’s the final week of “The Voice” season 21 Blind Auditions with new coach Ariana Grande who a lot of the artists have lost their minds over!  Going into the second night, Tuesday’s episode has coaches Kelly Clarkson and Ariana with one spot left on their Teams.
Monday’s episode had a few interesting surprises such as artists making opposing choices for Team picks than what viewers thought that would make.   Nothing compared to the biggest surprise of all when one artist said she got a sign from God that Team Blake was the team for her!

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The coaches, without their Blocks,  continued with their ruthless antics to try to intimidate and debunk each other in their quests to win over talented artists.  This included stealing each others’ pandering gimmicks.  Ariana and Kelly found themselves singing John Legend’s beloved welcoming jingle from last season.  Ariana joked that one of the main reasons she did “The Voice” was to hear John Legend’s jingle from last season!  John stole the idea of Blake’s “Win Cam.”



Ryleigh is 20-years-old from Fort Myers, Florida.  When she was little she would emulate Ariana.  Ryleigh has been a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson since she was six.  She said what’s really cool about the song she chose for her Blind Audition, “Anyone” by Demi Lovato, is that when she was 12, she started struggling with her mental health and Demi was sharing.  She said she really wanted to do that.  “And here I am.”

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Ariana

Ryleigh told them how they got her to where she is by singing their songs growing up.  She didn’t want to go to college, be in debt.  So, Ryleigh started chasing her dream by writing music.  She said it helped pull her out of the trenches.  When she was nine, her parents got a divorce  She encountered bullying and struggled with depression.  Ryleigh said she hid it really well. She had depression and anxiety.  “It becomes hard to believe in yourself.”

Ariana said she could tell Ryleigh was singing from a “real place…it was really moving.  I could tell it came from somewhere.”  John said she had a few execution issues.  “But that’s what coaching is for.”  Blake asked Ryleigh if Kelly has a chance?  She answered yes, always!  He said these are the two coaches that need to be with this artist. “So, I stayed out of it..”  Kelly complimented Ryleigh’s look, and thinks her voice is incredible.  Ariana tempted Ryleigh with the treats in her lunch box and said “I really think you can win this thing.”

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  I love Ryleigh so much.  I’m obsessed with her voice.  She almost brought me to tears with her performance.”  Kelly said Ryleigh sounded incredible.



Jershika is 24-years-old currently residing in Kileen, Texas.  She is from Shreveport, Louisiana.  When sh’e not singing she works as a security guard at a tech company.  Singing is her passion.  She saw Rose Short on season 18, and went to a couple of her concerts and she reached out to her.  Jershika ended up singing backup on her tour.  Rose encouraged Jershika to audition for “The Voice.”    She sang “Can You Stand the Rain” for her Blind Audition.  John and Kelly turned towards the end of her audition.

Chair Turns:  John, Kelly

Ariana loved her low tones in the beginning, and said she loves every part of her voice.  She told them that this is what she’s dreamed about since she was a little kid.  John told her she delivered a powerful and electric performance.  Kelly told her that she loves her spirit, “it’s so great.”  Kelly said it’s more about picking songs and getting to the Finale.  Kelly told her she would look good in turquoise (her Team jacket).  John started singing his “welcome to Team Legend” song, then Kelly started singing it.

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  John said Kelly stole his song.  Kelly said she knows Jershika’s spirit and vibe so well, “that’s me,” and said she’s going to be good for her.  Jershika said Kelly is from Texas, so she already knows her lingo. She wanted to go to aTeam where she feels at home.


MANNY KIETH (Team Blake)

Pictured: Manny Keith — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Manny is 31 years old from Miami Florida. He’s such a big Ariana Grande fan that when he found out she’s on the show, he almost cried.  Manny’s dad is a musician and his Mom is a dancer and sang in the Choir.  He didn’t sing until he was 13 years old.  He was very shy.  In middle school, he joined a dance team.  His mom encouraged him and that’s when he started singing.  “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her.”  In 2017, she passed away from cancer.

He said it took a while for him to talk about it because it was tragic.   He’s grateful to share his story.   “But people may not know what hope looks like on the other end of it.”  He said it’s bittersweet that she’s not physically there with him on “The Voice,” but he can feel her with him.  “This moment is for her.”

Chair Turn:  Blake

John said he has a lovely voice and is so excited that he’s on “The Voice.”  Manny told Ariana that he’s the biggest Ariana fan.  “I’m just honored to be here with all of you.”  She told him that there were moments in his tone that reminded her of JC Chasez from Nsync and said he sounded amazing.  She said hopefully she’ll have the opportunity to Steal him.  Blake told Manny that Ariana said to him “he’s really good.”  He thought she was going to turn, so he turned to challenge her.

Blake said Manny is a great performer and loves his voice.  Blake has only two spots left.  He said the more styles he has on his Team, the more he grows also.
Ariana said she’d love to Steal Manny later.  Manny was super excited that the first person he got to hug after Covid was Ariana.

Blake said he has the right Country artist on his Team.  Carson Daly asked if Blake and Ariana have a rivalry?  She said sometimes it’s a friendship, sometimes it’s a feud.



He’s 25-years-old and lives in Los Angeles.  Austin was in a boy band and signed to a label.  He was a kid.  But, nothing happened.  Austin sang “This Town” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

Ariana said she could hear a tiny bit of nerves, a tiny bit of distressed and wished he had sang a different song.  John said he should have raised his key to another level. When he’s in his lower part, they could hear his voice shaking.  He said making a couple of different choices could get him to the point of having a chair turn.  Kelly said she really loved his voice and compared it to a soundtrack to a TV show or movie.
John said he likes Austin’s tone, but he didn’t execute it that way he needed to today.


KJ JENNINGS (Team Legend)

KJ is 21-years-old from Austin, Texas.  She just moved to L.A.  She loves to wind surf with her family.  She said she was six years old watching her mom perform in “Guys and Dolls.” The minute she came out on the stage, that was it.  She studied Jazz performance.  The song she sang for her Blind Audition was “Put Your Records On,” by Corrine Bailey Rae.  KJ said this could change her life and her family’s life as well.   “I wouldn’t be who I am without them.”

Chair Turns:  John, Blake

Blake said Austin happens to be his favorite city in Texas.  He said there’s a run he did where they were like “wow.”  He said she looks like a star and “this was meant to be.  Pick me!”   Ariana said she loved her choices, and could tell she was nervous.  John called her charming, and inviting.  He added that she’s an inventive singer.  She’s bringing Jazz to Pop music, and he loves playing Jazz.  His records are a nod to all his biggest Jazz influences.  John finished with, “you look like you love what you’re doing.  We’re happy you’re here and I would love to be your coach.”

Coach: John Legend.  John said she’s so cool, so much energy and so much fun to watch.  He labeled his phone camera “John’s Win Cam.  They took a selfie together.

Blake said John isn’t a funny guy.  But, what he did with making his phone a “Win Cam” was funny.

John said he’s looking for artists who have a point of view, with a great tone who execute their songs really well.



Team Legend : Sabrina Diaz.  He said he was in a good mood as soon as the music started.  Her family is from Brazil.

Team Kelly: Xavier Cornell is 17 from Los Angeles.  John was intrigued by his performance.  Ariana thought it was a beautiful take on that song and sounded like the song from “Titanic.”  Kelly said he’s going to be a dark horse in this competition.  “it’s meant to be.”  Arians said she’s inspired by his creativity.

With two spots left, Ariana is being “very picky.”


LIBIANCA (Team Blake)

Pictured: Libianca — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Libianca is 20-years old from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She lived most of her life in Cameroon, West Africa starting when she was four-years-old.  Libianca said she got nervous when she found out that Ariana Grande was going to be one of the coaches.  Her parents moved to Cameroon, West Africa so their kids could see what life is like in Africa.  She got accustomed to the lifestyle really quick.  At age 13, she moved to America.  The way people communicate in America is not how they communicate in Cameroon.  After that, she started singing.  Her music made her popular.  People were drawn to her.  Her dad said when they heard her sing, they gave everything to her for her career.  He told her on that stage, she’ll be carrying the light of Africa from her home.  Libianca sang “Good Days,” by SZA for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Ariana, Blake

Kelly said she didn’t know the song and the melody of it and it kept her from turning.  John said that song didn’t give them a chance to hear every aspect of her voice.  Ariana, who knew the song, said she did such a beautiful job of making that song her own.  She said she sat in her low range for the majority of the performance and saved her high range for the end.  “I’m freaking out.  I hope you pick me.”  She added, “you sound divine, you look amazing.”

Blake said “I’m obviously the coach for you.” She asked “why?”  The other coaches started laughing.  Blake said the artists are capable of so much.  Like Ariana, there’s nothing she can’t sing and she picks her moments.  That’s what was impressive about Libianca’s performance and she has so much control and volume.   Blake said he has won with every type of artist, and will help her to be the best at whatever she wants to be.  “That’s my job and I would be honored to be your coach.”

Libianca said she asked God to give her a sign and someone said something that gave her that sign.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Kelly was shocked! “NO one saw that coming!”  Ariana said she didn’t understand and she can’t talk about it right now.

When Carson Daly asked her what was it that Blake said?  She said when he said, his job as a coach is to help her to be the best she can be.



Jared is 26-years-old from Huntsville, Alabama.  He always dreamed of playing in the baseball league.  In 2019, he was released from the Majors.  He always sang the entire time he was playing baseball.  It was a passion that he never thought of as being a career.  His wife said most people don’t get the chance to chase one dream, and Jared is pursuing his second dream.  Jared is there to prove to himself and everyone else that he can be a Country musician.  “The Voice” Blind Audition was his first gig.  He sang the Country song “Drunk on Your Love.”

Chair Turns:  None

Blake told him that the whole performance never felt like he got comfortable.  He thought Jared had a great Country voice but if he’s not able to control it, it doesn’t matter.  But, Blake could hear his nerves.  Kelly was shocked when he told them that it was his first gig.  She said that’s amazing.  Ariana said there was a bit of control that he was missing, but with time and experience that will come.  John said it feels like it’s a little rough around the edges.  If he committed so much time to his sports, that’s what he has to do here with singing.



Sophia is 16 years old. She grew up in the Bay area and from a really musical family.  Her Dad is into Hip Hop and R&B.  Her mom introduced her to classical music.  Sophia said she struggled a lot with believing in herself, and channeled it into anorexia and bulimia.  Her parents didn’t realize it until she was 12 years old.  Sophia said music helped her during her recovery.   Sophia sang “Heather” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, John, Ariana

Ariana said “so beautiful, so interesting.” Said she has an identifiable and unique voice.   All so beautiful and well-controlled..well oiled.”  She would like to help her find her own sound.  John called it “a riveting performance.” John asked what kind of music she likes to listen to?   Sophia answered Pop and R&B.   John told her that you can hear all that in her voice, and “the Ariana of it all!”  He was referring to when Sophia hit a high note, in typical Ariana Grande fashion.  Ariana was glad that Kelly compared her voice to paint.  Because she told her Team that they are painting a canvas.  Blake said he didn’t hit his button to protect somebody on his Team.

Coach:  Ariana Grande.  Ariana said Sophia is so cool and you can tell that she’s learned her technique by studying other Pop, Soul, R&B singers and has learned how to make it her own.   Her Team is a “gorgeous concoction of sound….I’m so thrilled.”



Pictured: Wyatt Michael — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Wyatt started playing guitar at age 12.  He’s from Fredericksburg, Virgina.  He and his brother started a rock band.  He knew that he wanted a career in music, but at the time didn’t know that it wasn’t rock.   The genre that he chose, he said , makes it harder for him to find gigs.  His audition played from the coaches’ perspective.  Wyatt is 24 from Virginia.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Ariana

When they asked him about his musical experience, Wyatt said he played lead guitar in a rock band for 5-7 years.  He said the venues they’d play weren’t his scene.  His mom got him into big band and jazz music and that’s when he realized it was the genre for him.  His groupies are women over 65.  Wyatt’s goal is to bring back the sound from the original holder of the title “the voice” who was Frank Sinatra.

Blake said there was a personality that he was looking for in the performance that he didn’t hear.  But, one of these ladies will bring it out.  John said it was a bit too “spoken sounding ” and he couldn’t tell what his singing voice would sound like based on that performance.  Ariana said she felt like she was transported to a different time.  A perfect balance of paying homage to that era and also making it his own.  His tone was more, and “I know that you are capable of making it so much more.”  She wants to help execute his vision for this and go all the way.

Kelly said especially because of the sound he’s doing, strategically speaking, no one else will fill this lane.  She said “congratulations for making this show more interesting.”  He said his girlfriend is a huge fan of Ariana. “But, I have to go with my gut.  I pick Kelly.”

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly said she’s so excited about working with big band music.  “The other coaches need to be worried about my Team because we’re coming in hot” and so many genres on her Team.



Alexandra is 20-years-old from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her mom said when she was a child she lived to sing and dance.  When she was in “Hairspray” in high school, she was experiencing headaches and had a lot of pain.  After getting it checked-out, the doctor told her she had a condition where her brain was too big for her skull.  Alexandra couldn’t participate in her dancing and singing.  She eventually had to have a six hour brain surgery.   She started song-writing and experiencing Pop music.  She sang “The Way I Am” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

John recognized that she’s from his hometown of Ohio.  Kelly said she felt that her performance got pitchy.  It was nerves, Alexandra said.  Ariana said her yodeling was technically impressive.  She said the nerves got the best of her, and hopes she can come back some day.  John said she’s so young and can definitely come back.


Pictured: Brittanybree — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Brittany from Louisiana, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She started singing in the church at age five.  She said everything was about church when she was growing-up.  Brittany has been a praise and worship leader since age 16.  She got her start on big stages in church at an early age in front of about 600 congregation members.  Having to provide for 2 children and herself hits hard.   Brittany works on an assembly line and an adjuster  She’s still dedicated no matter what she’s doing to chase her dream. She’s never done any other genre of music outside of gospel.  Brittany is challenging herself to do different types of genres, to be an artist.  She wants to inspire her kids.  “If mommy did it, I can do it too.”  Ariana and John turned at the same time.  Followed by Kelly, then Blake.

Chair Turns:  Ariana, John, Kelly, Blake

Ariana enjoyed her runs, the texture and said every decision she made, made emotional value and hoped that Britney picks her.  John said the energy exploded from the stage.  He asked if she sang in church.  Britney answered “yes,” and this is the first time singing outside the church.  He told her that he thinks she can go far.   Kelly told her she’s a great story-teller.  On the chorus, she said “oh my gosh!”  Kelly said if her voice isn’t in the finale, something’s wrong.”

Blake told Brittany that he’s worried about her because she could “really screw up.”  And she “needs something really stable.”  Blake made the following points about the other coaches:  Kelly grew up in Texas, and she abandoned her state of Texas.  John grew up singing in the church, and hasn’t sung in the church for 30 years.  Walked away from it.  Ariana could be the greatest coach.  BUT, she could be the worst coach we’ve ever seen.  “I, on the other hand, have been here FOREVER… I would be honored to be your coach.”

Coach:  John Legend.  John said he feels like he’s on a hot streak and feels good.

Final auditions on Tuesday’s show. Ariana and the rest of the coaches still had one spot each left.


The coaches prepared to fill their Teams at the beginning of the final night of the Blind Auditions.

AARON HINES (Team Kelly)

Aaron is from San Antonio, Texas.  He was blown away by the musicians at church.  He said John Legend has been instrumental to his singing development.

He sang a John Legend song at his talent show.  One of the songs he sings at weddings is Legend’s “All of Me.”  He found out his mom had breast cancer  So, he left what he was doing in music to go home and help his mom.  He said his mom has been the hope of humanity and she’s the “why.”  His mom survived cancer and has been cancer-free since last October.    He called it a full circle moment being able to audition in front of John Legend.  Aaron sang “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

Chair Turns: John, Kelly, Ariana, Blake

Aaron sang some of “All of Me” for John. Then John joined in.  John said he’ll let the other coaches let him know what they have to offer.  Kelly said he did a good job at being sincere.  Ariana said his tone stopped her dead in her tracks.  Blake said why would Aaron pick the Country guy?   If he saw season 20, he wasn’t the obvious choice for Cam either and he saw how that worked out!  Blake said John has a connection with Aaron because he “talks so damn loud.”  John said it’s because Blake doesn’t hear well, like his 80 year old father in law.

Coach: Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly likes Aaron’s voice so much, “it’s really intimate.”   He said he felt like she got him artistically…and then there’s Texas.

KCK3 (Team Ariana)

Pictured: KCK3 — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

They are a trio of sisters who sang “No Tears Left to Cry” by coach,  Ariana Grande.

Chair Turns:  Ariana.

Kelly said there’s an obvious reason why no other coaches turned.  They’re from Mississippi. They’re sisters.  Their ages are 19, 26, and 17.  They named themselves after the first letter of each of their names.  They are the third generation of singers.  KCK3 is also the first sister trio on “The Voice.”

KCK3 filled the last spot on Ariana’s Team.  Blake said he has a trio ans that’s why he didn’t turn.  Kelly has a duo.

Ariana said her Team is an “interesting Team sonically and they all have unique voices.”  Ariana slowly and calmly sang “my Team is full.”


The rest of the coaches had one spot left each.


Tommy is 27-years-old from Bigfort, Montana.  He’s a fly fisherman.  He sings with his father and how he learned to sing.  He sang “Drops of Jupiter” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Blake, John

Kelly said she was waiting to hear “just a little bit more range.”  Blake said what he heard was the “Black Crows.”  He liked that Tommy is a Rock guy and he needs to be on the right team, Team Blake.”  Ariana loved his performance.  John said Tommy has a strong stage presence with power, range, and that electricity that you need.   Blake said he has a cool voice with 90s sound.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said “I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Team that I have more confidence in.”


SHADALE (Team Legend)

Shadale is from Douglasville, Florida.  She sings in church and has been in musical theater.  She traveled with a gospel group all over the world.  She said in the middle of it, she got pregnant and is now a single mom.  Shadale’s skill set was limited because all she had done was music.  She does delivery servicing during the week and sings on the weekends.  Shadale sang “That’s What I Want” by Bruno Mars for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, John

Blake reacted that “sadly my Team is full and I can’t get this button to work.”  He said Ariana also wanted to turn but her Team is also full.  Blake told her that she has the equivalent of a four-chair-turn.  Ariana said Shadale’s bravado was some of her favorite parts.  John said she sang her butt off and she put on a show.  “I want you on Team Legend,” and “I see you being able to make it to the finale.”  Kelly said she was losing her mind screaming, and “Jesus told me.”  She added that Shadale’s performance was a mix of Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

Coach:  John Legend.  John said Shadale has range and the ability to be flexible and do all kinds of runs.



Tim is 43 and does stop-motion.  He plays a lot of instruments.  Anything that is horns, or that is strings, Tim says he plays.  Ironically, except for the windpipes, he’s Scottish.  His dad played guitar.  Tim left school in 11th grade and hit the road.  Tim said his wife has supported him since day one.  He wants his kids to see that you can be successful doing what you love, he said, “especially at my age”

Chair Turns:  None

John said if they don’t hear the finer points, they’re not sure he can do all the things that are needed to advance in the competition.  Kelly said her Team is the most diverse.  She has Pop, Country, R&B, songwriters…etc.   She’s reserving her last sop for someone she feels is really passionate.


Parker is 29 years old and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  She said her and her mom were super close.  She moved to Nashville at age 23.  “I learned so much in Country music song-writing and was able to parlay that into Pop song writing.  Suddenly her mom started acting drastically different.  She said her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia.  It was no longer possible to have a conversation with her mom except when she sang to her.  Her mom passed the day before her birthday, before Parker left for her ‘Voice Blind Audition.  Parker sang, “Slow Hands” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turn:  Kelly

Parker was emotional after her audition.  John told her their Teams are full and that Kelly was the only option.  John also said her low and high notes “were really compelling.”  Kelly said “welcome to the obvious Team for you.”  After hugging her new Team member and Parker telling her about her mom passing, Kelly said in the Blinds, we don’t get the whole story.  But, sometimes. you need a break.  She’s very excited that Parker was the last one to fill up her Team.




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