Going to Live Shows, THE VOICE Season 13 Playoffs Recap

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November 6, 2017
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Going to Live Shows, THE VOICE Season 13 Playoffs Recap

Season 13 of NBC’s “The Voice” is well on it’s way to the much anticipated Live Shows which start next week. But, first artists had to survive the Playoff Rounds. After one more rehearsal session with their coaches, artists got another chance to perform on “The Voice” stage.

After their Team’s performances The coaches made thier final selects by choosing only three artists each to take with them to the Live Shows.

Monday night’s episosde showcased Team Blake and Team J Hud’s six artists each who all had one last chance to prove to their coaches that they should go to the Live Shows. After each selection, three artists from each team moved-on and three artists from each team went home.

Some of the results were surprising, even to the coaches themselves who seemed to base particular choices on emotion and which artists perceived to want it more.



Davon chose to sing “I Am Changing” song from Dream Girls, symbolic of his time there on “The Voice”. Jennifer Hudson said her experience on “American Idol” changed her life, and now it’s Devon’s time for the same on “The Voice”. Hudson called Devon a “power house” singer.

Adam said he’d run away in fear if someone told him he’d have to sing that song.
It’s really “beyond a challenge,” Adam said. Miley told Davon she’s sure he’s “going to the Lives”. Blake told Devon he should go get into his limo right now. Coach Jennifer said he “out-did himself”. Adam called Devon an “angel” and is jealous of his voice.


Jennifer stole Hannah from Adam during the Knockouts. Hannah sang “Learn To Let Go” song. Jennifer said the song is about letting go. What Hannah needs to do. She told Hannah that she’s experienced a similar loss, and “loss is loss”.
Adam told her that he’s sorry to let her go. But, she is doing an amazing job with Jennifer. Blake said he was “mesmerized” with her performance. Coach Jennifer told her that when she tells her story, it’s powerful and “a star was born tonight”. Jennifer called Hannah “the dark horse” on her team.

LUCAS HOLLIDAY (Comeback Artist!)

The Voice 13 Playoffs Lucas Holliday

Pictured: Lucas Holliday — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Jennifer chose Lucas as her “come back artist”. Lucas originally lost his Knockout against Shi’Ann Jones. Jennifer said she picked him because of he’s unique the way he looks and speaks. She said he doesn’t know how he has soul, he just has soul. Lucas chose a Prince song “The Beautiful Ones”. Blake said he doesn’t know what happened. But, wants to see it again, and again. Hudson said she knew the song was going to be a challenge, and he delivered that.


The Voice 13 Playoffs ShiAnn Jones

Pictured: ShiAnn Jones — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said although ShiAnn is only 15-years-old, it sounds like she’s been doing it for years. Jennifer chose Ariana Grande song “Tatooed Heart”. ShiAnn, who’s never dated, based the feelings of the song off of the relationship between her mom and dad. Jennifer said she loves ShiAnn’s potential and she’s willing to learn. She said Shi’Ann reminds her of power houses like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and herself.

Miley liked her rifts the most. Blake called her his favorite artist on anyone’s team. Jennifer said ShiAnn has a natural talent that is undeniable and she’s a star. Jennifer said ShiAnn knows she has talent. But, doesn’t know the power that she beholds.


Chris Weaver is one of the best singers in the competiton. Jennifer gave Chris a song that was reminsichent of the song he did in the Blinds. The song was “California Soul”. Chris said the song is about “living in the groove of life”. Jennifer advised Chris to “swing in the verses”. Jennifer called Chris a head-on collision of a freight train, and can deliver the song.

Miley told him “A Plus” and he gave them “stank face” – which Adam agreed and that’s good! He said Chris should never be let go of. Coach Jennifer said Chris took them from point A to point Z and he hasn’t tapped into everything yet. Adam called Chris “electric”.


The Voice 13 Playoffs Noah Mac

Pictured: Noah Mac — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said the fact that Noah has such a deep voice at 17 is unbelieveable. Blake let Noah go and now he’s a threat. Jennifer gave Noah the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight”. A song that his mom introduced to him Jennifer said Noah came in with an arrangement for the band at the rehearsal… “who does that?” she said impressed. Noah is missing his Senior year in high school to be on “The Voice” and is aiming to be part of the Top 12.

Miley said Team J Hud has herself a finalist in Noah. Adam said Noah has the only one true “break-out” and is the front-runner now. Blake said “I’m the guy who had Noah on my team and let him go”. The audience booed. Blake yelled “stop judging me”. Jennifer said Noah has mad talent and moved the room!

Shes’ so proud and told them all that it doesn’t end here. They will continue to go on. She said the artist that represents every bit of the show is Devon. Then for her second choice, Jennifer said she’s looking for that star power and be able to play both sides. Entertain and make people want to go to their concerts – that was Noah. The last artist to move-on was (Jennifer announced while crying). She based on who showed their heart the most – ShiAnn. That meant, Hannah, Lucas, and Chris Weaver went home.

The Voice 13 Playoffs Team J Hud

Pictured: (l-r) ShiAnn Jones, Jennifer Hudson, Noah Mac, Davon Fleming — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)



Jennifer said Red has such a stong presence. We can’t help that Red is there, she said when he walks into a room. She wants to go to his concert one day. Miley agreed and said she wished he was on her team because he has a chance of winning. Adam said he believes Red when he sings. That’s something that’s missing right now. Blake said the fact that Red wants to represent that era, it’s great and heard Red with rifts and runs. Blake called it “the country runs”. Miley said Country is looking for another Blake Shelton.


The Voice 13 Playoffs Chloe Kohanski

Pictured: Chloe Kohanski — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake stole Chloe from Team Miley during week one of the Knockouts. Blake said there’s something “magnatic” about Chloe’s voice. The song she sang was Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. Chloe said the song allows her to display her story-telling talent with her voice. She also called it a tribute to Cyndi Lauper and other strong women.

Jennifer said Chloe is “her own thing”. Miley said she neded a moment to stand on her own and loved it. Miley called her a rock queen. Blake said they kept them on the edge of their seats and Chloe gave them that big moment at the end. Jennifer called Chloe the real deal.

NATALIE STOVALL (Comeback Artist!)

The Voice 13 Playoffs Natalie Stovall

Pictured: Natalie Stovall — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Natalie is Blake’s “comeback artist’. During her interview, he surprised her. He said “she hasn’t had a choce to showcase what she can potentially do with a performance”. Blake picked a song that showcases her vocals – “Callin’ Baton Rouge”. The song is about being on the road for music. She said she can relate beause she’s been on the road for 200 days a year. Blake said when you hear Natalie sing, she’s Country.

Jennifer was impressed with her fiddle playing. Miley said Natalie is such a fun performer to watch. Adam said it was “the Blakiest” performance.” Coach Blake said Natalie reassured him that she was the perfect comeback artist.


Blake said every time Esera sings, he sees improvement. Blake said the message of Esera coming out as homosexual is one many people can relate to. Blake chose the song, “How Do I Live”, because he said the song pushes him to the limit and is a great song to show Esera’s range.

Jennifer reacted to Esera’s performance, stating – “when you gripped it, you gripped it, so I can’t be mad.” Adam could hear some nervousness in Esera’s voice. Coach Blake said what’s remarkable is Esera’s range and noted how impressive that is because Esera was a football player! What worried Blake the most was that Esera hasn’t mastered techniuqe yet and has a lot of soul searching to do in moving forward with him.


Mitchell sang “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. Mitchell said the lyrics hit him pretty deep, “I thought I’d be married, and have kids by now.” He said he doesn’t because he’s been chasing his dream. Mitchell said he feels that the song is showcasing a new side of him. Blake said the song shows “the roundness” of Mitchell’s voice and called him “the full package” – a great performer and a great singer.

Jennifer told Mitchell it will be tough for him. But, it wasn’t her favorite performance of his. Miley said she really liked the performance and he did a great job. Coach Blake said the song was “up there” and called it a solid performance. He said Mitchell is valuable for the Lives because he knows how to work the stage.


The Voice 13 Playoffs Keisha Renee

Pictured: Keisha Renee — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said he wants to give Keisha a chance to be a Country artist. He told Keisha during rehearsal what’s important is “not too much icing on the cake” because she was missing the message of the song “Love Can Build a Bridge”. Keisha was a background singer for eight years, and now she gets to be in the forefront.

Jennifer complimented Keisha by telling her “you’re the bridge between Gospel and Country,” and wants her to stay so she can keep watching her. Adam said he’s never heard anything like that and doesn’t think Blake is dumb enough to let her go. Blake said he envisioned her bringing moments like that to the show. She sang an iconic country song and made it her own.

BLAKE’S Picks:
Blake said they should all be proud of making it to the halfway point in the show.
The first artist, he said is undeniable – Keisha. For the second artist going to the Live Playoffs, Blake said working with this person musically makes sense – Red Marlow.

Before the third artist was announced, all of the remaining artists on Team Blake spoke a few possible last words before possibly leaving the show. Natalie said she’d work her tail off for him. Mitchell said it’s the coolest thing he’s ever done Esera said he’s humbled by the experience and his dream is not dead. Chole said she came on the show to see if it’s what she’s supposed to do and have someone who believes in her.

Blake said it’s the toughest situation he’s ever been in. That is having to make the choice for the last singer. He said he’s choice is actually a surprise to him and he never saw it coming. His last choice was Chole. Mitchell, Esera, and Natalie went home.

The Voice 13 Playoffs Team Blake

Pictured: (l-r) Keisha Renee, Blake Shelton, Chloe Kohanski, Red Marlow — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)



The Voice 13 Playoffs, Adam Cunningham

Pictured: Adam Cunningham — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Adam said he loved the message of the song he chose “Have a Little Faith in Me” and his wife inspires him to sing. Coach Adam said his range is crazy and called him dynamic, Country and “a man’s man”. Adam Levine is glad that Blake Shelton let Adam go.

The coaches gave Adam a standing ovation. Blake spoke first, “he had the faith, he had the holy ghost up there” and Blake felt stupid for giving Adam up off his team. Jennifer said she felt the energy and his spirit. Miley said from the reaction of the coaches and the audience he’s becoming a fan favorite very quickly. Adam said there’s no quicker way to his heart than making Blake feel stupid. He called Adam an amazing singer and an incredible guy. Blake said it’s a tough pill to swallow that Adam Levine may win with a Country artist.

WHITNEY FENIMORE (Comeback Artist!)

The Voice 13 Playoffs Whitney Fenimore

Pictured: Whitney Fenimore — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Whitney sang “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow. Adam said Sheryl has a coolness that Whitney also possesses. Whitney said she likes that Sheryl Crow changed the song from Country to rock and feels that’s her style as well. Adam said he loves that Whitney is no B.S.

Blake said he feels that it would be cool to have a “rocker chick on the show. But, she struggled with the begining. Miley said some words were over-pronounced. Adam was impressed with the note she hit and adores her as a human being. He commented that the second of the song was great.


Emily sang an Adele cover of a classic song called “Lovesong”. She said she wanted it to be like a James Bond song. Adam said she needs to show everyone that side of her and thinks she can deliver this “big song” well. Adam said Emily is focused with a focused voice and the sky’s the limit for her.

Blake said Emily is so professional and poised There’s nobody else doing that – the jazzy thing. Jennifer felt more of a connection with her personalityand said “job well done.” Adam said makes people understand more of the human side, amazing talent. Adam said she’s a great singer, poised and ready to go.


Adam said Anthony needs to feel more confident because he’s “so talented.” Adam chose “Perfect” song, which he said is an idyllic song. It’s something that Anthony’s never done before Anthony said he’s single and if he goes home, he’ll be going back to high school and giging. Adam advised Anthony to “get that pocket right’ and said he has the tools to become a successful Pop singer.

Blake said he still detects a lot of nerves and it’s probably the fact that Anthony is 18-years-old. Jennifer said she was happy and dreamed that he was singing to her. Miley said he nailed it. Coach Adam commented, “you have a tremendous voice with tremendous potential. He said he has a lot of growth. Adam said he has an “undeniable voice.”


Jennifer Hudson said Jon is the full package. He can really sing and dance. “Jon can do it all and is not lackinging in any area” she said. Jon picked “When We Were Young” by Adele because it’s about really being in the moment. He said it’s how his time is on “The Voice” and wants people to share it with him. Adam said Jon brings-in everyone in the room.

Jon got a standing ovation from the coaches. Blake said Jon’s voice is like a laser that cuts through. “You’re more than ready for this,” said Blake. Jennifer told Jon “the moment you just had is the moment that everyone should have on stage. You truly lived in your moment.” Coach Adam said “excellent,” and added that he’s so “multi-talented. You didn’t dance today, and just sang from your heart. Incredible job.” Blake called Jon singing an Adele song “a tall task” and he “slayed it.”


Addison was previoulsy on Miey’s team. Addison sang “Angel From Montgomery”. Adam said it’s a great song for her in this moment. Addison connects to the song because the first line is “I’m an old woman.” She said she is familiar with old music because her dad owns a record shop that she works at. Adam said people have compared Addison to Adele, and said it’s a presence. Addison is very young and doesn’t even have her driver’s license yet.

The coaches gave Emily a standing ovation. Blake complimented Addison by telling her she has “so much character in your voice” that you’d normally get from someone who’s been singing for years and smoking and drinking. Blake finished with “If you don’t move forward, I’m going to have someone cut Adam’s brakes.” Miley said she’s always on Addison’s team. Adam told Addison that “we feel good when we listen to you. So many tings that you do that are so settle. This girl is so special in a very profound way. You are truly a frekin’ Unicorn.” Blake said Addison is definitely a threat to his team and talent to convey a lyric is incredible.

ADAM’S Picks:
Adam said they all impressed him. The first artist that he selected he said because to let go of would be a disservice to Planet Earth. That was Addison. The next artist he chose because he can’t pull away from this person and feels compelled to bring along was Jon Mero. Before Adam announced his last choice, the remaining artists got some possible parting words.

Whitney thanked Adam for bringing her back. Emily feels blessed for coming back to the music industry. Anthony said he sees Adam as a big brother to him. Adam said he digs Adam and hopes to work more with him.

Adam’s last pick was Adam Cunningham. Emily, Whitney and Anthony went home. Adam called his team dynamic and strong.

The Voice 13 Playoffs Team Adam

Pictured: (l-r) Adam Cunningham, Addison Agen, Adam Levine, Jon Mero — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)



The Voice 13 Playoffs, Brooke Simpson, NBC

Pictured: Brooke Simpson — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Brooke sang “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” song . Brooke said growing up, she had her mom who’s a strong, powerful woman along with looking-up to strong female artists (including Miley). Miley advised Brooke to show her personality. Brooke commented that Miley challenges her to sing in ways that she hadn’t thought of about the song.

Adam said Brooke could be like four singers – Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera included. Noting that not many people can be that fierce. He called it an “expert execution” of that song. Blake agreed and said her performance was “flawless”. Jennifer said Brooke let everyone know that she’s a woman. Miley said the lyrics fueled her power and Brooke didn’t do too much or too little. She called it a perfect performance.

KARLI WEBSTER (Comeback Artists!)

The Voice 13 Playoffs, Karli Webster, NBC

Pictured: Karli Webster — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Miley said Karli is the artist that she can relate to the most. Karil chose “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton. The song is about Dolly’s life when she was younger. Dolly’s family didn’t have much. But, her parents did everything to make her feel special. Miley said it’s the perfect song for Karli and that Dolly will be proud when she sees Karli sing the song.

Adam siad if it was his descion, he’d have to keep Karli based on that performance. Blake said there’s only one person that thinks like Miley “thank God”. Miley stated that Karli occupies that vintage sound and couuldn’t have asked anyone to do that song better than Karli.

Miley stole Adam from Team Adam. Miley pickee “Love Hurts” song for Adam to sing. She said Adam get a little be more vunerability in his voice with the song. Adam said even though he hasn’t been on her team long, he feels like Miley really knows him.

Adam complimented Adam’s high sound by stating, “that’s high even for me”, and would like to hear him do an Aerosmith song. Adam thought it was incredibe for an impossible song to sing. Jennifer said it was the perfect song for his voice and he knew that . Miley said there was a nice line between getting to hear the lyrics and performing. Adam Pearce said he thinks it all worked out well for him.


The Voice 13 Playoffs Ashland Craft, NBC

Pictured: Ashland Craft — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said Ashland was the one that got away from him during the Blind Auditions, and thinks she could be in the finale. The song she got was “When I Think About Cheatin'”, and the highest note in the song is at the top of her range, said Ashland. Miley said she can’t believe that Ashland has any doubt. Singer Gretchen Wilson is who she compared Ashland to.

Adam said it was a beautiful, indcredible, unique, amazing performance and called it “world class”. Blake said “since Gretchen we haven’t heard that sound in Country songs”. Miley said it was the perfert song for Ashland and she knocked them out.


Moriah is a 16-year-old rocker with a big voice. Blake said he wishes she was on his team. She sang “World Without You” by Beth Hart. Miley is excited that Moriah is singing a Beth Hart song because she has a similar grawly sound, except with more range. Moriah said Miley has pushed her out of her comfort zone and thought of her mom while singing the song.

Adam told her he loves her and wants to be her best friend. Jennifer said the hook got out of control. But, Moriah is a star with presence. Blake said there’s not a lot of Rock, big voice females and feels she should go to the Live Shows. Miley said she wanted to see what she did with somehting more modern rock and thinks they should stick with that route.


The Voice 13 Playoffs Janice Freeman, NBC

Pictured: Janice Freeman — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Janice chose “Fall For You” song. Miley said there’s so much of Janice’s freedom and story in her voice. Janice said this song will allow her to show the softer side of her. Janice said she’s faced so many battles including cancer and lupus.

Adam said he heard an “actual air shift”. He compared it to swithching gears in a car and called it a magic trick. Jennifer said she’s feeling everything that she’s feeling. Miley said Janice’s voice is a reflection of who she is, and wants Janice to have more fans at home becasue she wants more girls to be like her. Blake commented that Miley’s team is intimidating.

MILEY’S Picks:

The Voice 13 Playoffs, Team Miley picks

Pictured: (l-r) Adam Pearce, Ashland Craft, Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman, Karli Webster, Moriah Formica — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Miley said she’s torn over who to keep and went off of what she feels inside. Miley’s first artist pick was Brooke Simpson. The next artist Miley chose to take to the Live Shows was Janice.

Before Miley announced her final artist to move on, Karli thanked Miley for giving her a second chance. Ashland said her confidence has grown to new heights after working with Miley. Adam thanked Miley for showing him what he didn’t know.

Miley picked for her last artist who was Ashand Craft. Moriah, Karli and Adam went home.

The Voice 13 Playoffs, Team Miley Live Shows, NBC

Pictured: (l-r) Brooke Simpson, Janice Freeman, Miley Cyrus, Ashland Craft — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Miley noted that she picked Brooke because she has endless potential with good instincts. Janice is a fan favorite. And, with Ashland, she wants to share the crown with her and prove she’s a Country Queen.



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