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GONG SHOW LIVE: Halloween Show in New York

Posted on October 28 2010 by Editor

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A special Halloween GONG SHOW LIVE will take place this Sunday, October 31st at BB King’s in Times Square in New York City at 8 pm.

GONG SHOW LIVE stage presentation in NYC.

The show is live and is honorary of the original GONG SHOW produced by Chuck Barris. Leslie Gold who is a New York City radio and TV talk show host was awarded the rights to the GONG SHOW and now owns it through her corporation, The Radiochick. The GONG SHOW LIVE website states that it is not an amateur contest, but rather a “theatrical stage presentation”.

Fans of “America’s Got Talent” will be happy to know that some of the acts that did not make it to the AGT finals will appear on the special Halloween GONG SHOW LIVE presentation Sunday night.

Hosted by NYC comedian Ray Ellin. Judges are NYC comedians/TV & radio personalities Dan Naturman, Chuck Nice and Leslie Gold

The18 acts to perform include: Cultured Kramden, Chipps Cooney, Raymond the Amish Comic, Carol “The Pigeon” Scabelli, Wonderboy the Interpretive Dancing Robot, Single Mommas, Wild Cherryz Burlesque Troupe, performance artist Jessica Delfino, Jason “Mallet Man” Taylor, JoJo Bananas, Mr. Vegas, The Amazing Amy, and a real nut from Las Vegas: Heidi the Yodeling Goat Boy.

Oct. 31 Halloween Gong Show Live will also include Halloween-themed acts, costume parade and prizes

Tickets are available at BB King’s box office or online at:


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