Greg’s Dramatic Exit on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Hometowns Recap

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July 26, 2021
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Greg’s Dramatic Exit on THE BACHELORETTE Season 17 Hometowns Recap

Pictured: GREG, KATIE THURSTON. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Last week on “The Bachelorette,” Katie Thurston’s world was shaken when Michael Allio chose to self eliminate in order to go home to his young son who was missing him immensely.  This week brought another tough ending for Katie’s relationship with Greg Grippo when he had enough after a revelation during his hometown date with Katie.


The two men remaining are Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes.  Blake had a really good hometown visit with his family.   Justin’s, not so much, who was left out to dry by his parents when they refused to support his possible engagement to Katie.



Blake said it will be very telling for him to see if he’ falling in love when bringing that family dynamic in.

He told Katie that in Canada, he used to bartend. And, they use maple syrup for everything.  He said he even keeps it on his nightstand.  Katie said she’d go anywhere for love and would consider moving to Canada.  Next they rode and got kicked off of an eclectic Moose.  Blake said Katie is everything he’s ever wanted.

Pictured: BLAKE MOYNES, KATIE THURSTON. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Back at the house:  Greg was sulking and not liking what he saw with Katie and Blake having fun and kissing on their date.  Greg said “I’m sick to my stomach.  I understand that she has feelings for other guys.” He said seeing her having fun with Blake scared him.
Katie was nervous going into the night portion, meeting Blake’s family because Blake is not yet in love with her.  Katie met Blake’s mom, brother and sister.  When Blake’s mom asked about how Katie knew she was into Blake.  Katie answered the second she met Blake, their chemistry was very instant and decided to bring him on right away.  Blake confirmed with Mom that the connection is not just physical and that they think alike.

Blake’s mom sat-down with Katie.  She told Katie that she can see that Blake “is smitten” and when he loves, “he loves hard.”  She asked Katie where she’s at.  Katie told mom the truth that neither one of them have said that they love each other, but knows they can get there.  Katie said it doesn’t feel right to tell anyone that she loves them while dating multiple men.

Blake’s sister, Taylor, asked Blake “this is the one now?”  She questioned Blake about how he can fall for Clare, then Tayshia, and now Katie.  “What has to change to know it’s love now?” she asked Blake.  Blake said he was waiting to see how Katie is with his family.  Taylor said she was worried about Blake if Katie ends up not picking him because he’s “going to be so blind-sided.”

Mom asked Blake if he can see Katie as his wife?  He answered 100%.  She told him that if he feels it, then he needs to man-up and tell her that he loves her.  “You deserve love.”  She told him that she’s proud of him and the journey he’s on,  that he even has the guts to do this.  After that, Blake said he felt that his eyes were open.  “Love comes with time” and he feels that it’s coming for him and Katie.   Blake said “love” is the one word he takes very seriously.   He said the word “love” is a scary word to use and if things keep going how they are, he sees himself engaged to Katie.


Back at the house:  Justin was sad that his parents weren’t coming to meet Katie.  She said they find it difficult to want to propose to someone in that small amount of time.  His dad finished the call by stating that they support his judgement.  Justin said it’s disappointing that he wasn’t able to make that happen.  Instead, Justin had his two best friends come out to meet. her.


Pictured: JUSTIN, KATIE THURSTON. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Justin was going to show Katie his hometown of Baltimore..  Katie said her connection with Justin started early and has grown every week.  He first took her to a horse and carriage.  They did a brief photo shoot in front of a mock “welcome to Baltimore sign.”  They went sight-seeing via the horse carriage.

Later in the date, Justin told Katie that he found out that he parents couldn’t make it.  He explained that his best friends would be there instead.  Katie was bummed that she wasn’t going to meet his family.  She said she was surprised.  “With Justin’s family not here, is Justin ready for marriage…a proposal.”  Katie was worried about it.

Justin’s best friends arrived.  Katie told them how Justin was the first guy to kiss her on the show.  She said their relationship grows stronger and stronger.  His friend, Herb,  said he’s never seen Justin so affectionate,  showing PDA with a girl.  He said Katie might be the one.  Herb sat down with Katie and talked in private.  He asked what made Justin stand-out.  She said the chemistry, and he’s a great kisser.  Herb told Katie that Justin doesn’t allow a lot of people in.  He’s closed-off.  Herb asked if Justin has told her that he loves her yet.  She answered “no.”  Herb said he fears that if her other relationships are stronger and they said they love her, then Justin is “behind the ball.”

Justin’s other friend told Katie that Justin is “so himself” around her and he hasn’t seen that before.  He asked if Katie could picture herself saying “yes” to a proposal to Justin.  She said she thinks she “can get there.”  Then Justin and Herb chatted.  Justin talked about how fast the process has been.  Herb said Justin’s biggest roadblocks in the past have been vulnerability.

Justin told Katie that no matter how much he’s trying to fight it, he knows that he’s falling in love with her.  Katie gave him a kiss and told him that she’s proud of him,  “I know you’ve been fighting with that.”



Greg was next.  He said he’s in a tough spot because he saw Katie on her date with Blake.   Greg took Katie out on a tandem bike ride to show her his hometown of Jersey, a beach town.  They first went to get some pork rolls, followed by Italian ice.  Then Katie got to ride a mechanical surfboard.  Greg told Katie that he wanted to show her something that he used to do with his dad which was throwing basketball hoops.

Pictured: GREG, KATIE THURSTON. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Greg told Katie that his mom, brother Joe and best friend will be the people she’s meeting.  Greg said every time he’s with Katie, he feels “so damn good,” and can’t wait for them to see it.    As they sat outside on a bench, Greg announced that sometimes it also rains in Jersey.  Then the fake rain started!  It was similar to when during their last date, Katie showed him that it rains often in Seattle and fake rain poured down.   Katie stated in her confessional video that Greg is someone she knows she’s falling in love with.   Greg said he’s falling for her also in her confessional video.

Greg said he’s family hasn’t seen him truly happy since his dad passed and Katie meeting them is the most important day in his life.

His mom, Sandy, said she has a lot of questions.  She started with the limo drive up.  Greg said he was so scared.  He said “we had an immediate spark from that moment.”  Greg’s sisters made him video messages that his mom played for him and Katie.  Greg cried as he watched their videos.  Greg’s brother Joe said Greg hasn’t been that happy for a long time and a lot of it has to do with their dad.

Joe said It’s hard for them to imagine it from their side – how quickly it happened, and a number of guys.  Joe told Katie that she might have been the first person that he’s talked to about losing his dad.  Joe asked her if she could see herself marrying him.  Katie answered “yes.”  Joe said seeing Greg happy is a “nice change.”

Greg told his friend that he told Katie that he’s falling in love with her on the last date.  He asked “what does it for him?”  Greg responded, “all of the above,” and he can see why it didn’t work out with other girls.  Then, Sandy and Katie talked.  Katie said  she likes that Greg was so honest right away.  ‘”He has this confidence about him.  But, he’s humble.”  Katie said she has a strong connection with him and “Greg will be here next week.”

Katie said her and Greg have a strong connection and it grows every time.  Sandy asked Katie if she’s in love with Greg?  Katie told her that because she’s in multiple relationships, she’s not saying that until the end.  Katie told mom that Greg “is here to stay.”  Mom told Katie that Greg is “equally fortunate and lucky.”  Sandy said she likes that Katie is sincere, kind and humble.  Her greatest fear is Greg getting crushed and hurt.

During Sandy and Greg’s chat, Greg told her that he’s in love with Katie.  He said every time he’s with her, he feels light and Katie “fills him up.”  He told his mom that he does see himself getting engaged to Katie.  But, he needs her to be “fully vulnerable” with him and tell him how she’s feeling.

Greg and Katie had a talk.  Katie said the most emotional was when his mom said she hasn’t seen Greg that happy in a long time.  Greg was upset and said his dad had so much life to him, then he was gone.  He hasn’t been that happy since, and told Katie that he is in love with her.  “You make me the happiest I’ve ever been…this is real to me.” Greg added that he hasn’t been this vulnerable with anyone in his life.  “I’m not getting down on one knee twice…it’s  a one time deal for me,” he told Katie.

She asked Greg, “you know how I feel about you?”  Katie told Greg “we’re almost there…just hang in there.”  Greg’s demeanor changed quickly to him being visibly upset.  Katie suggested they go outside where they talked some more, then she said goodnight to Greg.
After Katie left, Greg said he’s really confused.  “I don’t get it.”  Greg didn’t understand why Katie left after seeing that he wanted her to stay.



Back at the house:  Blake and Greg chatted.  Greg told him “this whole thing is tearing me apart.” Blake responded that he “tries to blank it out.”  Greg was upset that he poured his heart out to her, and got no response.  Greg said he wanted to find out what went wrong at that moment.  “I’m in love with this girl. But, something’s not right.’  He said it’s clear that she doesn’t feel the same for him.  Greg asked himself, how does he think this is going to be his wife and she hasn’t told him she loves him.  Greg went to Katie’s room to talk.

Greg told her that when he told her that he loves her, it felt like he was telling a stranger because she didn’t respond and dismissed it.  Greg told her that he didn’t even acknowledge it.  At that moment, he said she’s still giving him a surface level response.

When she told Greg that he’s giving up on them, it hurt him so much, he told her.  Greg said he’ reached his breaking point.  “I’ve given you everything.  I hope you find somebody.”  Katie asked him if he’s not staying.  Greg answered “that’s exactly what I’m saying.”  Greg told Katie that she filled a hole in his heart, and she didn’t even acknowledge it.

Greg broke-down because he really saw Katie as the one, and told his family that he was going to marry her.  Then, Katie started crying.  She had no idea what to do.  “I feel so helpless.”

Katie told Greg that she was confused how that one night could change everything.  Greg told her, it wasn’t her.  “Everything shifted.”  Greg said he doesn’t care about the rose, or “number one,” or “number two.”  He said he wanted something real.  Katie wasn’t getting it and Greg was disappointed.  He said “it makes me sick.”  He told her that he gave her “everything” and showed her what they can be.  He walked out the door.

Katie went after Greg and told him that if he left, she was done.  However, she still didn’t get why Greg was upset and what she missed that night of the hometown date.  He told her that he deserves more than what he’s been given on her side.  “I’m not happy here anymore…I’m done here.”


Katie was closed off in her room crying.  Kaitlyn went to talk to Katie through the door.  Kaitlyn asked Katie if there’s a way she can get him back?  Katie said “there’s no way I can get him back,” then opened the door to let Kaitlyn in.  She told her she feels defeated.

NEXT WEEK:  Katie goes home crying to mom.  The narration states, “she’s left broken-hearted and in tears.  Her worst fears realized.” Mom said we don’t put ourselves in a position where we rely on a man.”



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