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GSN Looks Deep Into The MIND OF A MAN – Dating Game Show Preview!

Posted on November 24 2013 by Editor

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GSN Looks Deep Into The MIND OF A MAN – Dating Game Show Preview!

There’s a new dating game show coming to television and it’s being brought to viewers by GSN. The network’s ever so popular past dating game show “Baggage” hosted by Jerry Springer last aired almost exactly two years ago (December 2011). GSN is now attempting another dating game show called “Mind of a Man” that can easily be described as a combination of “Let’s Ask America” and “Pyramid”. We’ll explain why.

Hollywood Junket got the details on “Mind of a Man”, hosted by DeRay Davis (21 Jump Street, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) via our game show reporter who attended a recent taping of the show. The gist of the show is that two female contestants play against each other to answer polled questions on the actions and thinking of every day men. They are helped along by a panel of celebrity “experts”.

The panel of celebrities act as guys for the women to answer correctly what men think about on all sorts of topics. There are three rounds before the last round which is the final round.

The show is like “Let’s Ask America” in that the show relies on polling a pool of men on different topics and uses these answers to create “correct” answers which are really most popular answers. The contestants receive the answers in a multiple choice format in which they must weed-out the correct one – much in the same way as how “Let’s Ask America” is played. The two female contestants who vary in age range and demographics must state what they think is the correct answer after receiving the opinions from the celebrity panel who also vote on which answer they think is correct.

This type of game play with the celebrity guests is very similar to “Pyramid”. The celebrities help the contestants which choosing an answer and which ever celebrity is the one to score the most correct answers is the celebrity that is chosen to help the winning contestant in the final round.

GSN Mind of a Man, Tony Rock

Pictured: Tony Rock was on MIND OF A MAN celebrity panel.

The celebrity guests on the panel during the show in which our reporter attended were Tony Rock (Think Like a Man, Single Ladies), comedian Gary Owen (Think Like a Man), Nicole Byer (Girl Code). They all pull-up a question and the contestants have to guess which one is correct. The show heavily focuses on the celebrities and their reactions to the questions. ‘Mind of a Man’ showcases which celebrity is right!

GSN Mind of A Man, Gary Owen

Pictured: Gary Owen was on MIND OF A MAN celebrity panel.

The two female contestants who are all single and of different ages, play from one side of the stage, the panel in on the other side. The contestants have iPads that they use to lock-in their answers. After locking-in their answers, they then turn the iPads at the same time to reveal their answer choice. One example of a surveyed questions is: Which job do guys consider the sexiest for their woman? – Stripper, Nurse, Movie Star. Another example of a question is: “What is the percentage of guys that would want a threesome with their wives and another woman?” The multiple-choice answers were: thirty percent; sixty percent; or ninety percent. The actual correct answer was shocking to our reporter!

GSN Mind of a Man, Nicole Byer

Pictured: Nicole Byer was on MIND OF A MAN celebrity panel.

Another question that was surveyed of men – which by the way, the show never specifies the demographics of the men that were surveyed or the number of men asked, was: “What would be the worst thing that a guy would hate to do with their woman?” Multiple-choice answers: going to mall and carrying her purse; attending one of her book club meetings, or going to couples therapy. The correct answer was not too surprising!

The first two -three rounds contestants can earn $500 per correct answer. In the case of a tie-breaker, they have to answer an additional question. Whomever is the finalist and goes on to the final round, they have to pick which celebrity they want to help them in the final round where the contestant can win a possible $10,000 (the most they can win). In the final round, they have thirty seconds to answer seven questions correct, if they succeed, they could win $10,000. The game seemed fairly easy depending on the questions.

On the third round, a male actor comes out as a different character for each game and verbally asks the question instead of the question being on the teleprompter for the host. During one game, he was dressed as a plumber and he asked the question “What would be the best way to get a discount from your plumber?” The multiple choice answers were: Offer him something to drink; make him lunch; or have sex with him. The girls had to choose whatever answer from what he asked.

During another game, he came out dressed as an Investment Banker. His question was, “If an investment banker had an extra $1000 what would he spend it on? Multiple choice answers: Invest in stock; save it; or blow it at a strip club.

Mind of a Man, Wild 'N Out

Pictured: Tables and set similar to “Wild ‘N Out” (above).

The set is made to look like a night club. As our reporter described it, it’s like Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” show. The first two row have tables with fake drinks. There is a bar level on the side of the stage . There is a two lounge level in the back behind the contestants that makes it look like a bar lounge setting.

At the end of the show there is commentary with the celebrities in a similar style like pro-fighting in that they are asked by a camera crew what they think of the show. The celebrity is asked this while in the audience. They are also asked what they thought of the questions and if they think their opinions counted.

This is a refreshingly different game show that GSN is adding to their line-up. Our reporter stated that it’s more entertaining than “Baggage.” It’s interesting to see how the show thinks women know how men think, and it’s fun to play along. “Mind of a Man” premieres on January 8, 2014 (that’s Elvis Presley’s birthday) on GSN at 8/7pm central.


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