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GSN’s MINUTE TO WIN IT Boot Camp with Apolo Ohno and Wizards!

Posted on June 24 2013 by Editor

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GSN’s MINUTE TO WIN IT Boot Camp with Apolo Ohno and Wizards!

The “game wizards” will re-introduce some one-time challenges!

GSN will re-introduce game show television viewers to the “60-Minute Circle” when the network will premiere it’s version of “Minute to Win It” on Tuesday, June 25. We talked to the host Apolo Anton Ohno about hosting the strategic physically challenging game show, along with the game creators during a mock boot camp set-up at the network’s offices in Santa Monica.

Once a contestant is selected to play on the “Minute to Win It” game show, they must first endure a strenuous boot camp where they practice all of the different level games that are part of the game show’s challenges all involving household items. Producers and creators of these challenges, Rich Brown and Will Robertson who were often referred as the “game wizards” by former host Guy Fieri, stated that the contestants do not know at what level they will be playing which game, but are tested most often at the highest level for each game. The levels of the games determine how much money it is worth if successfully completed.

Some of the sample games that were set-up to play included some familiar games from the show’s original run on NBC hosted by Food Network’s personality and celebrity chef Guy Fieri. They were: Face the Cookie; Paper Dragon; Chop Stack; Suck it Up; Spoon Frog; Stack Attack. The game creators did say that “Super Coin” is still the highest level game (level ten) being played for the grand prize of $250,000 ($1 million was the grand sum that could be won on the original version), and that they do have many other Level Ten games, however, they could not tell us because that were not at liberty to reveal what those highest level games are.

Brown and Robertson also stated that viewers who watched the Guy Fieri version of the show will see a few unfamiliar games thrown into the mix. They said that these games are not new, but were played on the NBC show only once and have been brought back into this re-boot. One such game they said is “Tuna Roll” which requires a contestant to roll a can of tuna in a circular obstacle on the stage.

Our EXCLUSIVE set report here:

The host of GSN’s “Minute to Win It” Apolo Anton Ohno who is a former “Dancing With the Stars” season 4 winner, stated that if given the choice between being challenged to the games of this show or challenged in dancing, that he would pick the dancing. He stated that the contestants do practice the games in boot camp “like crazy”, but it doesn’t guarantee that they will be successful once on the stage in front of the camera, lights, and audience. Ohno said many times they get nervous and are distracted by their surroundings once on the set and may or may not do as well as they did in boot camp or backstage.

The “Minute to Win It” contestants compete to win games in pairs. That means viewers will see siblings, friends, and co-workers. Ohno said that he had one pair of sibling contestants play this season that rekindled their relationship in order to compete on the show, and that they were bickering the whole time. It looks like no strangers which was tried-out in the beginnings in the prior version of the show were put through the “60-Second Circle”.


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