H1N1: VIRUS X – Vaccine For Horror Cult Stars!

Posted on October 17 2010 by Editor

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Opens Winter 2010
By: Alisha Rayne

Ryan Stevens Harris directorial debut H1N1: VIRUS X is sure to cause symptoms of claustrophobia, panic, and paranoia. Be sure to get the flu shot before coming to see this movie.

In a secret lab, a group of scientists create a vicious strain of the H1N1 virus. The lab is run by Dr. Gravaman played by Joe Zaso ( She Wolf Rising, Demon Resurrection), whose every move is controlled by the mysterious Sanita Herring, portrayed by cult royalty and B-movie queen, Sybil Danning (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Grindhouse Trailer Werewolf Women of the SS). Dr. Malcolm Burr (Jai Day) joins the team mistakenly thinking he is searching for a cure. He begins to suspect that Dr. Gravaman has malicious plans for his research. When Burr starts asking questions, a human test subject escapes and infects all of the lab’s employees. Following orders, Dr. Gravaman locks all of the employees in the lab for quarantine.

Video interview of Domiziano Archangeli below:

Dr. Malcolm Burr and the rest of the employees have only three days to escape the lab and find a cure before their own virus kills them. As they try to escape, they are pursued by Dannita’s android henchman, Jerrron played by Domiziano Archangeli from Brides of Sodom, and Finale (watch his video interview here). As the lab employees drop one by one and the desperation mounts, Malcom finds out that the plans for his research are more horrifying than he would have ever imagined.

With its claustrophobic set, and fast-pace, H1N1:VIRUS X will keep viewers on the edge of their seats and gives for a satisfying twist ending. This film is the Official Selection of Shriekfest 2010. Also, officially selected at Erie Horror Fest in Erie, PA and Shocker Fest in Modesto, Ca.


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