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Hard Work Gets a Seat! THE X FACTOR USA – Four Chair Challenge Week One

Posted on October 03 2013 by Editor

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Hard Work Gets a Seat! THE X FACTOR USA – Four Chair Challenge Week One

“The X Factor’s” new elimination round was in full force at the start of Wednesday night’s episode. In place of boot camp this year, there are four seats given for each category. Each mentor must chose which singers in their categories get chairs. Those left without a seat get sent home. The four acts sitting in those seats at the end make it to the live shows. Simon reminded the contestants, “You have to do the performance of your life because no one’s safe at the end.”

Kelly Rowland’s category was up first – the “Over 25s”. Her first contestant was Victoria Carriger. There are only ten acts, and four seats per mentor.



Victoria is a single mother of eight kids. She originally auditioned for “The X Factor” in Denver, Colorado. Victoria said her kids have never seen her pursue something and finish it. “I want to finish all the way to the end.”

After her performance Demi commented, “I think your energy was a little low.” Simon was not impressed. “If it was me, considering the other acts tonight, based on that performance, I wouldn’t put you through.” Kelly was supportive of Victoria in reaction to Simon, and said “that is why I have the over 25s category.” Kelly told her that she is ready for this competition. “Take a seat.”

Watch Victoria Carriger sing “Make You Feel My Love” HERE



From the Los Angeles auditions is 27-year-old Kristine Mirelle. She said everyone starts at the bottom and “sometimes you’re at the bottom for a really long time.” She sells chips and salsa at grocery stores. Singing Britney Spears “Oops…I Did It Again” in a very edgy way. Demi reacted, “I love when you walk on stage. I feel like it was very, very pitchy.” Paulina said, “I feel the same way as Demi. I don’t know if you’re ready.” Simon said he disagreed with the girls. “Our jobs is to see potential, work with it and make people like you better.” Kelly told her she’s in her final four.


JEFFERY GUTT – Final Four (Kelly)

Former ‘X Factor contestant, Jeffery is a Dad and said he’s showing his son not to give up on his dreams. Jeffery nailed “Amazing Grace” song and got a standing ovation from the audience. Paulina told him “I feel the power you have is beyond your voice.” Demi saw improvement, “I think you’ve come so far since last season. I think you’re really talented.” Simon said, “If you’ve got it you’ve got it. It doesn’t matter how old you are. This is by far the best performance of the night.”

Kelly said “There’s a seat over there and it does have your name written all over it.”

Watch Jeff Gutt sing “Amazing Grace” HERE


RACHEL POTTER – Final Four (Kelly)

Rachel moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her music passion. She’s currently a 29-year-old bartender. Rachel sang a country version of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”. Everyone noticed some slip-ups and shakiness in Rachel’s performance. Demi asked her how she felt about her performance. Rachel answered “To be honest I’ve been sick all day. I don’t think it was my best.” Demi said told her she can do better than that. Simon said, “It is a difficult decision. Kelly was sure, “This girl has pipes. Serious pipes. Your highs aren’t as clean as they usually are.” But, she gave her a chair anyway.

Watch Rachel Potter sing “Irreplaceable” HERE


LORIE MOORE – Eliminated

Retired football player from Chicago Lorie Moore at 34-years-old has been an MVP and Rookie of the year. She said she’s peaked in football and now “it’s time to become a champion in music” and she’s put all her eggs in one basket – music. She said she’s ready to fight. Lorie sang “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men. Demi said, “I really felt the passion behind that performance. But I don’t know if I’m looking at a super-star. Paulina was harsh when she told Lorie “I don’t know if the music industry will fit you.” Simon disagreed and said, “I don’t think this rule applies anymore. You just make yourself fit. I don’t know if I liked the version of the song. Lorie you can sing.”

Kelly had to make a choice whether or not to keep Lorie. “I don’t know if you’re ready for this industry, for this competition. Lorie fought for a chair and said she’s “no stranger to hard work. Hard work may fall down, but hard work gets up and hard work gets a seat!” Kelly couldn’t resist Lorie’s tenacity and gave Lorie Kristine Mirelle’s seat.

Watch Lorie Moore sing “I’ll Make Love to You” HERE


ALLISON DAVIS – Eliminated

Born and raised in San Fernando, Ca She’s a waitress. Allison says she has to serve celebrities and wants to be like them, living her dream. She got three yeses at her audition. Kelly was the one that she wanted to give her a chance.

Singing “Don’t Stop” by Kesha she got some not so positive reactions from the mentors as well as the audience. Demi told her, “You have the look, but I can’t take it seriously.” Simon said, “the word that comes to mind is wannabe. It was so lazy and predictable.” Kelly protected Allison from further negativity from the mentors. “What I do feel as a performer is we have to know who we are. Kelly told her she wasn’t ready for THE X FACTOR and sent her home.


JEFF BRINKMAN – Eliminated

He’s a dad and has a dog walking business. Jeff wants to be able to put more time into his music. He said The X Factor is his big shot.
Singing “Without You” by David Guetta ft. Usher. Demi said, “I don’t think you chose the right song. I got a little bored. Simon was disappointed, “You went from singing Joe Cocker to that monstrous version of that song was absolutely ridiculous. But I’m torn because you have a great voice.” Kelly said, “Remember the first time we heard him sing and how incredible he was?” Jeff talked his way into getting a seat by saying, “I’ll give you my all. All I’ve got”. Kelly decided to keep Jeff, but that meant giving someone else’s seat to him. The audience had their own opinions and could be seen holding up one and four fingers which stood for Victoria and Rachel seats for them to go home.

Kelly switched Victoria out with Jeff.

Watch Jeff Brinkman Sings “Without You” HERE


DENNY SMITH – Eliminated

He’s the local Santa Clause. Sixty-four years old and wearing all red, people call him “Santa.” From Carson, Ca., Denny has been pursuing music for more than 45 years. Singing “In the Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett. Paulina reacted, “I once again believe in Santa Clause. I love you.” Simon said, “Santa just rocked the house. Kelly has a really difficult decision here.” Is Kelly going to send Santa Clause home?” She sat quietly for a while then announced her decision. Denny said he’d work extra hard to be in the competition. But Kelly decided to send him home. Simon said, “are you crazy?”

The last two left in Kelly’s category “Over 25’s” were Lillie McCloud and James Kenny


JAMES KENNY – Final Four (Kelly)

James is a 36-year-old apartment manager from Portland, Oregon. He started singing and writing songs at age eleven. Singing “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers. Demi was excited, “You killed it!” Paulina said, “that was so solid. Everything. We were into it. I loved it.” Simon was admittedly blown-away. “James I’ve heard this song a million times. I’ve never heard it like that before. You’ve earned my total respect after that. Kelly said, “You took one huge leap of faith and made us believe that you have something really special.” James chimed-in to try and convince Kelly to put him in her top four. “I work 24 hours a day. I’m always on call. I will take that drive and motivation and give it to you here,” said James. Kelly said “Yes” to James.

Kelly sent Jeffery home and gave his seat to James.

Watch James Kenney sing “Lean on Me” HERE


LILLIE MCCLOUD – Final Four (Kelly)

Lillie is a 54-year-olde grandmother who looks a lot younger. She has three children. When she was a little girl she’s always had the dream of being a singer. She said she focused on her family and the years just flew by. “I’m going to chase this dream with everything I have. Today is my day.” Singing “A House is Not a Home” by Luther Vandross. Lillie got a standing ovation and soon Rachel realized it was probably over for her. Demi said, “You look like a super-star!” Paulina said, “Thank you for giving us so much. You left me speechless. You are a Goddess.” Simon said, “I really love you. I think this competition can become really really exciting. This competition needs big voices, and super-stars. You have the x factor.” Kelly almost made a big mistake. “You have to know every single ounce of your being how special you are. Kelly put her in her final four. Kelly went with her gut and sent home Lorie Moore. Lillie McCloud took her place.

Demio Lovato’s category “Girls” was up next. Her ten acts will also be reduced down to just four seats.

Watch Lillie McCloud sing “A House Is Not a Home” HERE


DEMI LOVATO – Girls Category


BREE RANDALL- Eliminated

Bree who auditioned for The X Factor in Denver, Co, is twenty years old. She has been singing and dancing her whole life. She has a dream book that includes fashion and her own brands. For her Four Chair Challenge she sang “I’m Glad You Came”. Kelly said “I felt like between your audition and now there was not growth. I was looking forward to you coming out of your shell a bit more.” Paulina said, “I agree with Kelly. It’s important to define you and be real with yourself.” Demi said “I saw four people over there compete. If you compete against them I don’t think you’d be ready.” Bree said she knows she was literally “born to do this.” Demi said, “You have a lot of work to do with your vocals. I believe I can work with you and your drive just touched me.” Demi gave her a chair.

Watch Bree Randall sing “Glad You Came” HERE


KHAYA COHEN – Final Four (Demi)

Khaya is a student living in New York City. Khaya says she’s really independent from living in N.Y. “I’m a little white girl with a big voice.”
Singing “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Kelly told her, “You have incredible instincts. part of the X Factpr is having incredible instincts.
Simon was plesantly surprised by Khaya, “You got even better. I know a lot of great producers who’d want to work with you now You have massive potential – Simon
Demi – I see you with so much drive and passion being your eyes. I think not only the other girls need to watch out for you. but the entire competition.

Watch Khaya Cohen sing ”Locked Out Of Heaven” HERE


JAMIE PINEDA – Eliminated

From Fall River Mills, Ca She’s from a “big Mexican culture. And always cooking Mexican food.” Been had been singing since she was three.
She sings at retirement homes for a living. This is the biggest chance I’ll ever get. Singing “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt.

Sometimes you look a little uncomfortable on stage. Simon said when you sing in English there’s nothing special about your voice but when you swithced it up , i see potential Demi said “you have the look, you look like star.”

Watch Jamie Pineda sing ”Don’t Speak” HERE



Ashly is 24 years old from Compton, Ca. She wants to make her late mother proud.

Singing “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Kelly said you are so talented. Everything that you’ve overcome as a woman. “You have so much string and power behind your voice.” Paulina said, I’m just speechless. You have so much grit. Music is for you. Sim – I love your fist audition. You have a lot of bravery. But, I didn’t like the song.There were some tuning issues. There are better singers in this competition. I don’t think that was a great performance. Demi took the easy way out and placed Ashly in her final four.

Watch Ashly Williams sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” HERE


SIMONE TORRES – Eliminated

Simone Torres – when she was 9 she started singing with her dad at wedding and restaurants for ten years. She said she was starting to doubt herself. “This competition shows me the I really do have something,” said Simone. Paulina told Simone “I related to you because I started working when I was little. Simon was not happy with the song, “I wish I could have sat down with you a week ago I would have told you not to do that song. The arrangement of that song was so bad. So karaoke.” Demi said “I agree that the song choice was not great. I don’t know if I’m seeing a star.” Demi still gave her a seat which lead to Demi’s first switch of the night. Demi took out Bree Randall and put in Simone Torres.


DANIE GRIMER – Final Four (Demi)

Danie is 15 years old from Northridge, Ca. She’s pretty shy and soft-spoken. She said her Plan B if singing doesn’t work out is to be a Nero-Surgeon. Singing “Georgia On My Mind” by Ray Charles Danie sang her heart-out for a seat on Demi’s team. Kelly said “you just sang your face off. Come on Demi she needs a seat.” Simone told Danie, “You’ve come at a time where you’ve got so many over-confident pop stars.” He said her shyness is a welcome. Demi told her she was absolutely “blown away! I think you’re so talented and so bright. And you’re right when they (classmates) are tripping on you, they’re already tripping on a star.” Demi put her in her Final-Four. That meant another switch. Just as quickly as Demi put Simone Torres in, she took her right out and put Danie in.


RYLIE BROWN – Eliminated

Rylie, a former beauty queen is now fighting for a seat on Demi’s team. “I’m ready to branch out and see the world,” said Rylie. She sang “I’m Loving Angels Instead” country song. Kelly said “I feel like that wasn’t the right song choice. I’m not sure if you’re ready for this.” Simon told her what he really thought, “It feel as if everything you did tonight was chosen by your mother.” Rylie did not score a seat.



She’s from Las Vegas. Her dad is Skip Martin from group “Cool and the Gang” He said when he put her on stage at a young age he knew she was something special. Primrose did an underwhelming version of “No Sunshine”. Kelly reacted to Primrose’s weak performance, “This was completely different from last time.” She cited pitch and tone issues. Paulina said, “You didn’t deliver as well as you did the first time.” Simon was completely honest as he always is, “It was seriously dreadful. It was the longest minute and a half of my life.” Primrose started to sing again, and Simon gave-up. It was time for Demi to decide. “Aside from the performance that wasn’t great. You danced more than you sang. You come off as cocky and it rubs me the wrong me. Primrose begs Demi for a seat and says she wants this as much as she wants air! Demi did not give Primrose a chair, but sent her home instead.

Watch Primrose Martin sing ”Blame It On The Boogie” HERE


RION PAIGE – Final Four (Demi)

Thirteen years old from Jacksonville, FL. Rion says she is more determined to “conquer something” because of her joints. “What you look like doesn’t define who you are. There’s a fire inside of me that you just can’t take away” said Rion. She sang “I Will Stand By You.” Kelly said, “I love how happy and excited you are when you sing,” and said that she loves watching her. Simon told her, “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I really, really like your voice. I think we’re scratching the surface here.” Demi was really taken by Rion and said, “At thirteen, its such a mature voice coming out. When I look at you I don’t see anything different.” Demi put Rion in her Final Four. Another switch was needed, which meant Ashly was sent home.


ELLONA SANTIAGO – Final Four (Demi)

Ellona was the last girl performer of the night. She said her family lived in a garage for six years when they moved from the Philippines until her parents were able to save up enough money. “Being in this competition” she said she’ll be able to pay her parents back and give them the American dream. Kelly reacted, “Little MaMa you are a beast! I mean that in a good way. I don’t think you look like a beast. You sound like a beast. Good luck Demi!” Paulina said “That was amazing!” Simon was super-excited, “Ellona, probably one of the best vocalist we’ve heard in this category. I can not imagine you not being in this competition.” Demi was not as excited about Ellona, saying to her, “I believe you have such an incredible voice. I feel like there’s something missing. I feel like that star quality is not there.” The audience began to “boo” Demi. She continued, “When I look at this panel of four seats, I can’t see myself letting go of any of them.” Demi had a very long and difficult decision. After much deliberation with herself, she put Ellona in her Final Four. The next difficult decision – letting another girl on her team go. Demi sent Jamie home and put Ellona in her seat.

Watch Ellona Santiago sing “Clarity” HERE



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