Heather’s Bridal Gown Entrance on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 6 Recap

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February 1, 2021
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Heather’s Bridal Gown Entrance on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 6 Recap

Heather pulled up at the front gate. She explained that Hannah told her that Matt is "the perfect match" for her. She said...MORE

Last week’s episode of “The Bachelor” season 25, left-off where Matt requested a two-on-one mini date with MJ and Jessenia.  This was so that Matt could figure out which girl he wanted to keep among the ongoing drama and who was participating in causing that drama.

The two-on-one with MJ, Jessenia and Matt is where the episode picked-up.  The two women were arguing before Matt arrived.  Once he joined them, he thanked them for coming, and told them he’s there to find a wife and there’s some tension between them that they need to get to the bottom of.  He asked to talk to Jessenia first.  She told Matt that MJ lied to his face when she told him she didn’t know anything about toxicity in the household when she was actually part of all of it.

MJ told Matt that her “heart is so big.”  She said she was mentally and emotionally exhausted and to have her character to be put into question was the worst.  She told Matt that her biggest fear is losing him as she cried.  Matt didn’t doubt MJ and basically bought into what she was telling him.  

MJ said she’s going to “keep being a bad bitch” in her confessional video.  Matt took some time by himself to decide which one he’d be saying goodbye to.  He was conflicted.  Matt then told MJ that their connection was “undeniable” and really enjoyed all their moments together.  He told Jessina that from night one she said she wanted someone to be her rock, and he feels that.  Matt told MJ that he couldn’t give her the rose, then offered to walk her out.

Jessenia said she was glad that Matt made the right choice and it feels good to be validated.  She said it felt amazing to know that Matt trusts her.  As MJ rode away, she claimed that Jessenia sabotaged her. 

The rest of the women arrived into the room where the two-on-one was.  They were puzzled as to why there was no rose, and no one in the room.  Then Jessenia walked-in with the rose.  About less than half of women in the room expressed any happiness to see her. 

Then in walked host Chris Harrison  He told them “tonight has been exhausting.”  Thus, there would be no Cocktail Party that night and they’d go straight into the Rose Ceremony.   Serena C. targeted Katie as being the one who brings drama.  


Jessenia, Abigail, Kit, and Rachel already had roses.  Three women would be eliminated at this Rose Ceremony.

Roses were given to:  Serena P., Michelle, Pieper, Bri, Chelsea, Katie, Serena C. Women who went home: Ryan, Magi, Brittany, 

Magi left stating that her person is definitely out there and she can’t wait to meet him.  Ryan was a mess while non-stop crying.  

There were eleven girls left.  Harrison visited the women to tell them that Matt is sure that his wife is among the women in that room.He also told them that in a couple of weeks, they’ll have hometowns and overnights.  With that, he left the first date card.  The card read: “Pieper, tonight will be worth the wait.”

Serena C. grabbed Katie to tell her that she doesn’t think she’s there for Matt.  Katie told Serena that the fact that she’s attacking her is “pathetic.”  She told her not to speak on Matt’s behalf.   Serena accused Katie of being the arsonist to all the little fires happening in the household.  


Heather pulled up at the front gate.  She explained that Hannah told her that Matt is “the perfect match” for her.  She said she couldn’t let him get engaged without meeting him.  Harrison said they’re pretty far into the show, and in Quarantine.  He told her that he’ll need to talk to a lot of people and they’ll be “in touch.”  Harrison reacted that it was “bizarre.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all.”


Pieper called it a pivotal moment in their relationship and hopes to make a food impression on Matt.  Their date started at night.  They got out of their car and walked a bit in the woods.  With literally a flip of a switch, a carnival lit-up.  They had it all to themselves.  Pieper called it worth it, after going on group date after group date.

Pictured: PIEPER, MATT JAMES. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Back at the house:  The next date card arrived with the names:  Bri, Kit, Rachel, Michelle, Jessenia, Abigail, Serena P, Chelsea, Serena C.; “This lane leads to love. – Matt.”

That meant that Katie got the one-on-one date.  
In the meantime, the show producers sent Heather to quarantine in a hotel room and get Covid tested.

Back to Pieper and Matt:  In her confessional video,, Pieper said opening-up is very foreign to her.  She told Matt at dinner that she’s not used to reflecting on her feelings so much.   Matt asked Pieper how her family expresses emotion.  She said they don’t say “love,” and it’s not how they operate as a family. “I need the words sometimes”  she said she wished that they would call her sometimes and tell her that they’re proud of her.  “That’s why it’s hard to let people in.” 

Matt said they can work on that together because it’s something that he struggles with. He said when they leave “The Bachelor”, he wants her to know who he is. Matt also told Pieper that he wants to be there for her.  Pieper said she knows actions, but wants to do more of the “saying part of love.”   She told Matt that she doesn’t want to be afraid of expressing feelings anymore and doesn’t want to bring that into their relationship  Then told him that she is falling in love with Matt.  Pieper said it’s scary because she’s losing part of herself.  Matt said he will continue to be open with his feelings as well, then gave her the date rose.  

Matt and Pieper stepped outside to hear “Temecula Road” band playing for them.   The two slow-danced and kissed.

The group date was at a bowling alley.  They were all having fun hanging out and bowling.  Then, Chris Harrison walked-in to announce that it was turning into a competition.  The group of nine women was divided into two teams –  Blue Bombshells vs Pink Petals.  The Blue Team started in the hole, then swiftly made a comeback.  But, not quickly enough because the Pink Team ultimately won the match, and more time with Matt at the After Party while the Blue team had to walk home.  

Pictured: CHELSEA, SERENA P., MATT JAMES, JESSENIA. Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jessenia, Michelle, Chelsea, Serena P. got the time with Matt at the After Party.  They were happy that with only four of them, that meant more opportunity to have more time with Matt.  Chris Harrison delivered a date card.  

Back at the House:  The women who were part of the Blue Team were on the couch venting about how upset they were at how things went that night.  The date card read that Matt “needed more time” with the Blue Team and invited them to join him at the After Party.  They were extremely excited.   

Back to the After Party: Michelle said when she’s with Matt, it feels like she’s with the right person.  Then, in walked the other five women and the other girls were not happy to see them.  Matt said “this process is too important to not get time with everyone.”  Matt called to talk to Jessenia next.   Matt talked to Serena P., and Chelsea next.  Serena P. told him that she’s falling for him.  Matt told Chelsea that if she’s there that means that he could see something with them.  

Matt gave Michelle the group date rose.  He told her that he loves how she makes him feel at ease.  


Pictured: TYLER CAMERON, MATT JAMES. / Photo by: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt told him he’s about to go onto the one-on-one date with Katie who arrived with a vibrator in hand on night one.She unapologetically herself and that’s what he likes about her.  Tyler advised that some relationships start slow, like his did. He told Matt to stay open and really enjoy the conversations with the women.  He asked if he sees himself getting down on one knee at the end?  Matt answered “yes.”  

Matt and Katie went to a spa.  Matt said he thought it appropriate that they spend the day there.  He told Katie that Tyler C. is there too and they were going to be talking to his masseuse through an earpiece.  The whole room was filled with cameras.  He said “today Katie is in charge” and they’re going to play a practical joke on Tyler.  

Katie called her date with Matt the “best date” that she could ask for.  Katie said her last relationship was long and thought he was the one.  She said she wants someone who is ready and knows who they are.  “whatever happens at the end of this, I’m here for you through it all.”  She said she hopes that her love story is his love story and “I’m here til the end if you want me to be.”  

Back at the house:  Bri and Michelle chatted about how they weren’t sure if Katie is a match for Matt.

Back to Matt and Katie:  Matt said he thinks it’s hard for them all who are living together through the process.  Matt picked-up the rose and said he thinks back to the first night that they met and loves how she sets the tone for the women at the house. He expressed how much she’s meant to him throughout the whole process.  He told her she’s been honest with him and feels he needs to be honest with her.  His relationships with other women in the household have progressed further than theirs have.  So, he didn’t give her the rose to Katie and walked her out. 

Matt said it’s never been a question for him if Katie’s a wonderful woman, but he doesn’t have that connection that he’s looking for in a wife.  
During her ride home, Katie talked about how she started painting her future with Matt, “only for it to be erased.”  Katie said she knows she deserves a man who wants what she has to offer. 

As Heather got ready to meet Matt, she was sure that Matt is her guy.  The most interesting thing was that Heather was wearing what looked like a beaded bridal gown. 


Only ten women were left.  Matt stated that it was a pivotal week for his relationship with all of them.  He asked to speak to Abigail first.  Matt told Abigail that he enjoys spending time with her.   It was during his one-on-one time with Pieper where Heather Martin made her grand entrance!
The women who saw her waltz by them were livid.   When Heather interrupted his time with Pieper, Matt was laughing and knew who she was. 

NEXT WEEK:  Heather is seen crying and talking about how mean the other women are being to her.  There’s more drama that goes down and Matt has tough decisions to make with the hometowns quickly coming-up.  Singer Aloe Blacc is also seen singing where we can only guess must be on a one-on-one date.  



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