Heidi’s Not a Tramp!  AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 3

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August 19, 2020
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Heidi’s Not a Tramp!  AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Live Shows Week 3

Howie said "this is really, really tough" and thought he started out fantastic, But, his fellow judges Heidi and Sofia didn't react favorably to the routine by not...MORE

In the third week of Quarter Finals, “America’s Got Talent ” executive producer and judge Simon Cowell is still out with his back injury.  But, the show must go on!  This week the judges panel did not have a fill-in guest judge to take Cowell’s chair.  Instead, the show proceeded with its regular judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Soifa Vergara along with host Terry Crews to hold-down the fort.

Pictured: (l-r) Terry Crews, Usama Siddiquee — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC


Amid Covid-19, the dancers performed from their hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sofia said they did “a great job in that setting” Howie said it has to be tough with the masks and it was like “Covid meets Conga.” Due to lack of audible audience presence, his joke seemed to fall flat.  Heidi called it “on fire” and they “were so beautiful”  When you live for your dreams, nothing can stop you. She added that they are dancing their way closer to Vegas.   After that, Crews had an audience question for the dancers which was how they all practiced during quarantine.  But the audio didn’t pick-up that answer from one of the dancers.


In his AGT audition, Nolan sang an original song.  He said music was something that was easy for him.  “For a moment I knew I’d be alright.”  He said he started drinking like his dad and blew every opportunity he had.  “I want to be happy.  That’s the power of music.”

Heidi reacted that it was a beautiful original song and it tells his story.  “I hear so much emotion.  I hear the sadness and the hope.”  Sofia said she thought it was better than the last time. She described his music as “uplifting” and loved that he came there with an original song.  Howie agreed.  “I think at this time in the world, we’re all struggling” so everyone can relate.   Howie also added, “you give the world hope.”  Howie called it his favorite performance so far of the night.  Crews asked him about giving people advice that are going through tough times.  He said “he kept going…if you can just hold on…the sun will shine.”  He said “I swear it gets better.”


His routine included that he still gets in trouble having that name “Usama” which his friend yelled out in the airport!  The last place where you want people to hear that name.  With that, his jokes seemed a bit outdated.  The most unfortunate part about Usama’s routine was when he made a joke about how creating sick tunes can make anything sound good, such as stating that Heidi Klum is a tramp.   

When his routine was over, the only judge laughing was fellow comedian and judge Howie Mandel.  Howie said “this is really, really tough” and thought he started out fantastic,  But, his fellow judges Heidi and Sofia didn’t react favorably to the routine by not laughing.  Sofia said he has an amazing presence and recommended that he try acting and go for sitcoms because his material was “too risky.”  Heidi reacted that she didn’t like being called a “tramp.  But we’ll see what America decides!”  

W.A.F.F.L.E. CREW (Dance Crew)

The dance crew got the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell at their AGT audition.  The crew lost three good friends after their audition.  Their city, New York City, got the worse of the Covid-19 cases.  “We just felt like death and destruction was all around us.” They said they’re there to make a difference and are going to show what W.A.F.F.L.E is all about.  The crew danced on the sidewalks and steps of the New York Street on the Universal City studio backlot.

Heidi said it felt like an old Hollywood musical only modern.  She loved the tricks they added, “it was really on point” Sofia called it the coolest thing she’s seen in a long time.  Howie said this is why they miss Simon because they ARE Golden Buzzer worthy.  He said they are a shining light especially what they’ve gone through in their city.  The crew thanked Simon and wished him well.  One dancer told Simon to please read the manual before getting on a scooter!


Annie is from Australia.  She started her own show during lock-down called “Annie’s World” in quarantine.  Upon arriving at Universal Studios, Annie got her own private tour of Harry Potter world.  It was a big deal since she’s a huge Harry Potter fan. 

Heidi said probably not an easy song but thinks Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande would be proud.  Sofia said it looks so comfortable for Annie and she loved her outfit.  Howie told Annie that her talk show looks great and he’d love to be on it.  He said he thinks she’s a “super-star.”  He thought her last performance was better, and said with the choreography it didn’t seem like her.  Annie said she knew that she wanted to be on AGT since she first saw the show.  

MALIK DOPE (Drummer)

Malik said his dad is currently suffering complications from a past accident and doesn’t have much time to live.  Malik found that “music has been a life-saver.” He said it’s the thing that brings him to life.  It may be the last time his dad sees him perform.  He wants his dad to see him pursue his dream “super-hard,” said Malik  He performed in front of a monster mural at Universal Studios.

Howie told him “he IS the music” and it was “spectacular”..  Heidi said it was like a music obstacle course and there wasn’t one moment where the judges had a chance to get bored.  Malik said if he wins AGT he’ll make his family and town proud.  “I’ll get to help my family and people that supported me,” Malik stated

MAX MAJOR (Mentalist)

Max said as a bartender,  you’re pretty much invisible,  He observed people a lot during this job.  “It’s all just a matter of perception.”  He turned his skills of reading people into a profession.  He said AGT is the opportunity that’s going to get him there – his own Las Vegas show.  “Tonight is the night I make my dreams come true” stated Max.  

Max tried to read the virtual audience.  He asked them to draw a picture after closing their eyes.  Then, Max attempted to connect with Howie.  Max set his watch to a specific time that only he knew then handed the watch to Howie.   He then asked Howie for a time in his mine.  Howie said 4:00.  That was the same time that Max set on the watch.   Max’s last “mind reading” trick was to have Howie draw an image. Howie revealed a drawing of a sun. Max guessed the image correct. The virtual audience revealed their drawings of suns. Max explained how he sent subliminal messages in his video montage that played before his act, to get the result from everyone.

Howie thought it was “unbelievable.”  He was super impressed and thought Max was worthy of going through  Heidi thought it was really cool and liked that Max told them how the trick was done.   Sofia enjoyed it and called it “fun.”   Crews asked what it’s like to be on the AGT stage in-person since he auditioned online.  Max said he remembers meeting them online, and he’s super excited to be there.  When Heidi asked him why he’s not wearing shoes, Max said, “to be connected.”  

On Wednesday night’s results show, five acts will move on.   Magician Jon Dorenbos who finished the AGT 2016 competition in third place, will return to perform.   

BONE BREAKERS (Contortionist Dance Group)

There’s three contortionists in this dance group “Bone Breakers.”  They grew up 6,865 miles from Hollywood in Africa.  They live in a city with a population of 12 million people.  Most of which they said are hungry.  “To put food on the table is a dream.”  They said being on AGT is “the impossible dream.”  Now their dream has come true. 

Heidi reacted “it was insane” and said she doesn’t think there’s one bone in their bodies/  “It’s all rubber.”  Howie said it was exciting and thrilling, as well as painful to watch.  He called them his favorite act of the night.  Sofia said “it’s kind of exhausting” for her to watch them.  She’s suffering and doesn’t want to see.  But, “it’s fantastic” and loves that they are enjoying it.


Sheldon performed from his home in Sydney, Australia .  He said he went to seventy schools as a kid.  He said he never wanted to be him because he didn’t know who he was.   Shelton decided to hide himself away.  He decided to come out onto AGT because he couldn’t live that life anymore.  It made him realize that there are people out there who don’t care about fitting-in.   I was that ten year old kid who looked at fashion magazines in the dark and wore makeup to cover bruises.   AGT gave him confidence just being himself. “Now’s the time to stop hiding,” said Sheldon.  

Sofia said Shelton’s performance was very emotional.   She liked the magic, the mystery.  The way he hides himself is creative, she stated.  Sofia added that she wants to see where else he takes it in the competition.  Howie agreed with Sofia.  “We are all trying to find a path where we can fit in.   Shelton’s not like anyone else and it gives him power.  “This is any one of us and you are a leader.  you really are,” stated Howie. 

Heidi said she’s happy that Shelton found himself and he’s very mysterious.  She complimented his strong and powerful voice and loved it because he’s really unique.  Shelton said he’s so proud to be on the stage and he thanked Heidi because he used to watch her in fashion videos.  Crews asked what his goal is.  Shelton answered that he lives by Heidi Klum’s motto from her fashion reality show “Project Runway” which is one day you are in and the next day you are out.  Shelton said until his time is up he’s going to live authentically.  

ALAN SILVA (Aerialist)

Aerialist Alan Silva said growing up he never thought he was accepted and was bullied for his appearance.  “When I fly through the air, I have a sense of freedom and feel invincible,” said Silva.  One day during his performance in a final move, he fell and broke his neck.  He was told he’d never perform again.  “It was the worst time in my life.  I lost it all.”  He said it took him one year to recover.  It was hard mentally and physically.  He said “you can hold back or you can conquer your fear.”  So, in Tuesday’s AGT performance he did the move that he broke his neck on to show it can’t stop him.  Alan finished his act by throwing himself over a bed of spikes.

 Pictured: Alan Silva — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Heidi said she had so much fun watching Alan radiate in the air and liked his “death drop.” Sofia called it breath-taking, exciting and was nervous at the end.  She wants to see what’s going to happen with him in the competition.  Howie said for people at home, they didn’t know that Alan almost didn’t do the end move because the pavement was wet and the wind was blowing.  

Before her Golden Buzzer act hit the stage, Heidi responded to Crews question about that day. She said The Golden Buzzer is really for someone that you think is really special, and that’s Cristina Rae.


Cristina is Heidi’s Golden Buzzer.  She said she wants her child to have a home, they’re own home and not a house.  Cristina said before she had her child, she had no one and wanted to give-up at times.  Her some Jeremiah made her want to fight harder to make a better life for them.  She said being on AGT shows that anything is possible.  Cristina sang the “Hallelujah” song.  

Heidi said she sang that song “flawlessly” it was crystal clear and she couldn’t have done a better job.  Sofia said it “was gorgeous” and sounds like she’s already a recording artist.  She made the song hers, and so unique.  Howie said if there’s one word to describe what she did it’s “flawless.”  He said it wasn’t a better way to end a fantastic evening.  


W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, Malik Dope, and Nolan Neal were the first three acts called out to be revealed as the bottom three acts eligible for the Dunkin’ Save vote.   Before the commercial break, the Dunkin’ Save vote revealed Malik Dope with 30% of the votes; and Nolan Neal and W.A.F.F.L.E tied with 35% each of the votes.

The next two acts called forward were Alan Silva, and Dance Town Family who were being streamed from Florida.  Crews revealed that it was Alan Silva that would be moving onto the Semi Finals.  Alan said he was nervous and had “many mixed feelings.”  He was grateful and promised not to let America down. Sofia was so happy for Alan and she told him he deserves this.  “I hope you will enjoy this and never forget” she told him.

Singers Annie Jones, Sheldon Riley (being streamed from Sydney, Australia), and Cristina Rae were the next acts to be called to hear their fates.  Cristina Rae was the name called as the act going to the Semi Finals.  Rae was Heidi’s Golden Buzzer.  Heidi reacted that there was no doubt in her mind that Cristina would move-on because she sang the “Hallelujah” song on Tuesday’s show like no one else has.  

Next, Bone Breakers, Max Major, and Usama Siddiquee were the acts called forward.  The act going to the Semi Finals is mentalist Max Major!  Max thanked everyone.  Sofia reacted that his next routine has to be “very special…bigger.” 

AGT Champions season 1 and Season 11 third place runner-up Jon Dorenbos returned to the AGT stage to perform a card magic trick where he turned pieces of different cards into one whole one.   His new book is called “Life is Magic” and Jon said having a one year old daughter during quarantine he’s been able to spend every day with her. 

A fun trivia game involving new judge Sofia Vergara and the current judges revealed that Sofia named her son after a character in “Scarface” movie, she studied three years in dentistry school, and she used to prank “Modern Family” co-stars by hitting them with her fake baby bump on the show. Also during Wednesday’s show, Sofia’s former co-star Ed O’Neill made a surprise video phone call visit to say hello.

The AGT season 15 winner will be announced in four weeks where they’ll get a headline show at the Luxor, Las Vegas along with a one million dollar prize.

The Dunkin’ Save acts re-emerged onto the AGT stage.  America voted for W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew.   The judges had to vote for the next act moving-on to the Semi Finals.  The two acts that they had to decide between were drummer Malik Dope and singer Nolan Neal.  Heidi said she loves both of them, but felt more strongly about Malik Dope and voted for him.  Sofia said Malik has a lot of talent with the world in front of him.  She gave her vote to Nolan because it might be his last chance.  Howie called Malik amazing, and Nolan has a story and journey that he’s taking us all on and is inspiring.  Howie’s deciding vote was for Malik Dope because of his originality.  

NEXT WEEK: The eleven acts that will compete next week are – Brandon Leake, C.A. Wildcats, Lightweave, Divas & Drummers of Compton , Kenadi Dodds, Kameron Ross, Noah Epps, Bello Sisters, Celina Graves, Resound, Alex Hooper.



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