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Historic Blind Audition on THE VOICE Season 16 Premiere Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” reality singing competition show for the pros returned for it’s 16th season Monday night. This time equipped with a member from the prestigious E.G.O.T. club who is John Legend. He has “legend” in his name exclaimed a threatened Adam Levine who’s one of the shows vetern coaches there since day one, along with Country artist Blake Shelton. Pop singer Kelly Clarkson returned to her coach’s chair as well.

As a member of the E.G.O.T club that means John is the proud owner of several Emmys, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards. Legend stated he loves “The Voice” and ” the concept of being able to make someone’s dream come true with the push of a button is a really powerful thing.” Legend would like to add a ‘Voice trophy to his mantle.

“The Voice” did a fun skit with coaches Kelly and Blake who were amazed at how humble Legend is, not mentioning his awards and juxtaposed footage along side of Legend inside a room of trophies and awards that included an empty spot waiting for “The Voice” trophy.

The Voice 16 Blind Auditins week 1, John Legend

Pictured: John Legend / Photo: Trae Patton/NBC


He’s 24-years-old from the small town of Singer, LA and trains race horses. He was raised by a single father. His love for music came from his dad and got him his first show at a biker bar. Though Gyth is mainly Country, he also sings Pop, Rock, Blues Soul music and is excited that John Legend is a coach this season. He sang “Drift Away” for his Blind Audition. Blake pushed his button right away.

Chair turns: Blake, Kelly, John (BLOCKED)

John Legend got Blocked. He was the first person Blocked. Kelly asked if he wants to go Country. Adam said he was “amazing” and “that wasn’t really a country song.” Gyth joked that he hit a high note for Adam. John said Gyth’s voice is powerful and he’ll do well on the show. Kelly got accused of Blocking John, but it was actually Blake that Blocked him.

Gyth said he sings Pop and loves Soul music. Kelly stated, “a fearless singer, that’s the X Factor.” Then she caught herself, and said “Oh, my God!” Adam threw other ones out others’ AGT, The Blacklist. Blake said Gth has that “Star Search” factor about him and that he sang like Garth. He said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Gyth in the finale. Gyth chose Blake.

Coach – Blake. Blake stated thank God John got Blocked because he was able to get Gyth on his team.


Maelyn is 25-years-old from New York, N.Y. and is deaf in one ear. She had ear infections as a kid and just never healed. When Maelyn sings, she called having one ear already plugged like “a super power.” She changed from musical theater to being a solo artist. Maelyn was close to giving-up on music until “The Voice” sparked her interest again. Maelyn was aware that it was John Legend’s first day at “The Voice.” But, getting any chair turn, she said would be amazing.

Chair Turns: Blake, Adam, Kelly, John

John said he and Maelynn are bonding because he’s lived in N.Y. Blake said she has power and precision that cuts through everything and she moved him. Kelly said Maelynn has a God giving gift that connects to people. She made it her own and made if special. She stands out and she called Maelyn “unstoppable.” John said the song showed her skill, mastery of her instrument and it showed that she has magic too. The high note pierced through and the low notes, she was caressing. “We felt the magic tonight,” John added. Adam told her that she has it all. It’s a seasoned voice, but also very vurnerable. He said he and Blake have been able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. John warned her not to pick someone (like Blake or Adam) whose been there so long that they’re jaded. He said sometimes you need a fresh prespective. Maelyn chose John.

Coach: John. John got his first artist It was the first four-chair-turn of the season and he won! Kelly stated that she’s never been more terrified to be on a show with a coach than with him. But, “he’s everyone’s threat” they just don’t know it yet, Kelly stated about Legend. John said the other coaches are “hazing” him. But proud that he won the first four-chair-turn of the season. Maelyn said she chose John because he’s and E.G.O.T. and is so successful. That’s what she wants to do.


Karen, who’s 19 and from Mexico, but now lives in Dallas, Texas said she wants to show America a different side of the Latin community. Her older brother got her into music when he let her sing on his tracks. Currently, he’s in the Marine Corps, and Karen sings in malls and showcases. Her and her brother still work on music by sending songs to each other. She sang Spanish song “Mi Corazoncito” in tribute to her brother who couldn’t be at her Blind Audition.

Chair turns: Kelly, John

Blake said he didn’t hit his button because he didn’t know if what she was saying was inappropriate. John said he loved her from the very beginning and like to take his time. John said for example, he propsed to his wife after five years of dating. He said when he decides, he does it because “you are special” and called her tone “gorgeous.” He said he wasa proficent in Spanish in college, and “It’s time for ‘The Voice’ to have a singer that’s bilingual.” Adam said it’s sad if she doesn’t pick Kelly because all Kelly talks about is having a singer like her. Adam said “you can FEEL the words” even though he can’t understand it. Blake doesn’t understad Spanish said Adam. She chose Kelly because they have the same birthdays.

Coach: Kelly . Kelly said she’s shocked that she beat John and “Karen is one of the people that’s going to go far with me because I adore her.”


Trey is 26 from Hugo, Oklahoma. He said it clicked with him when he saw Blake doing Country who’s also from Oklahoma. But, he’s not a Country artist. Trey is single parent trying to make music work since high school and is having a rough time. He drove seven hours through the night to make his son’s kindergarden graduation. Trey sang “Wake Me Up.” Adam pushed his button right away followed by Blake.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Adam said he’s excited for this “vintage battle” which is him against Blake. Adam said Trey blew him away, but when he turned, he could tell that Trey panicked. He said, “you went from a person that I thought was really good, to a person that I thought can win this thing.” Blake chimed-in that he’s glad to know that Adam thinks they can win it, and “he’s going to be happy for us.” Blake told Trey that “there’s an energy about your performance that’s infectious. Why not bring that Oakie power and show poeple what it’s like when we ban together.” Kelly asked about his style and if he likes Ed Sheeran. Adam said Ed Sheeran is a guy that pays stadiums. He would only compare Trey to Sheeran energetically. Blake said “you are not Ed Sheeran, you are Trey!. Trey said he would pick the first person that turned. That was Adam.

Coach: Adam. Adam called Trey a “badass” with “a ball of energy.” After that, Adam layed on the floor to do yoga. This was Blake’s cue to get on top of Adam to give him a hug and kiss.

Kelly said of “The Voice,” “you just have to hear a voice that moves you.”


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 1, Kim Cherry

Pictured: Kim Cherry — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kim blew everyone away with her singing style of “Scrubs” song then upped the anity by rapping half-way through it.

John reacted to Adam “she’s white” after him and Adam’s chairs turned after she was done. John said “sometimes you turn your chair around and you just don’t know!” Adam thanked Kim for “doing that!” Kelly said when she rapped, she owned it.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

“The fact that you chose that song it shows how fearless you are,” said Blake. He added that “rapping is my thing. You’re rapping is dope!” He said “you are very different. Why not continue on that path,” and freak everybody out. Have people Tweeting about picking Blake. He said people are going to react that they can’t believe that Kim went with Blake! After that, Kim said “I might regret this. But, I pick Blake.”

Coach: Blake

Blake said the fact that she chose him shows she doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks. Blake said there’s never been anybody like her on “The Voice.” Kelly said she can call herself a rapper before she’d call Blake a rapper and recalled in season 15 Blake said he wanted a rapper.


A.J. is from Brooklyn, New York. When he found out that John Legend was going to be on “The Voice” he thought the heaven’s opened up and was there just for him. A.J. said where he’s from most people drop-out of high schoool. But, music kept him focused. He had a music scholarship and was the first in his family to get a Bachelor’s Degree. He said things like being on “the Voice” don’t happen where he’s from. He sang “Love Runs Out” song for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: None. John said the high notes really sold them, but the low notes scared them because he wasn’t really sure of himself. Adam called it “a very tough song” to master in that limited time. Kelly said the range was too big. At John’s request, A.J. sang his song “All of Me” and sounded a lot better. John said he got turned down by every major record label before he got signed.


Rizzi is 29 -years-old with two kids. That makes her also a full-time mom and calls her life “very hectic.” Before she was a mom Rizzi had a publishing deal and wrote many songs from Pop to Christian. A producer wanted to develop her as an aritst and that meant controlling her weight. She said being over-weight made her feel ugly and being a mom, it’s very hard. She didn’t give-up because of her daughter and wanted to show her that they can do it. Rizzi is from Kansas City but lives in Nashville now. She sang “Breathin'” for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake, John (BLOCKED)

John suspected that Kelly Blocked him. He told Rizzi that they could have made beautiul music together. Adam said “John is a threat!” John said “fantastic” and she has a “beautiful powerful” voice. Adam told her to pick Kelly and not Blake. Blake said by her voice, he wouldn’t say Rizzi is Country. He said Kelly proves that you don’t have to be Country from living in Nashville and persuaded Rizzi that this is about her and winning. Kelly said she was nervous, so she blocked John. Kelly looked at John and said she’s “ready for a soulful singer.” Kelly stated that Rizzi left them wanting more and she seems “fun as hell.” Then Rizzi told Kelly that they’ve met before when whe was 17 backstage at one of Kelly’s concerts. She showed Kelly the photo that they took together back then. Kelly freaked-out. Of course, Rizzi picked Kelly after that. They acted like long-lost besties by how well they clicked and squealed in happiness together.

Coach: Kelly. John called Kelly a “formidable opponent.” Kelly said the talent is so versatile and she used her Block on John. John said the coaches are all going to run out of Blocks, then he can clean-up!


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 1, Lisa Ramey

Pictured: Lisa Ramey — Photo by: Tyler Golden/ NBC

Lisa auditioned for season 15, but didn’t get any chair turns. She said you don’t just walk away from something like that without coming back. Last season Kelly told her to sing something slower. So she’s singing “Sex on Fire” this time for her Blind Audition. Lisa was excited that John was on the show and he’s the only coach that hasn’t heard her yet.

Chair Turns: John.

Kelly recongized Lisa. She liked her song choice and said her voice was so powerful and “cut through everything.” John called her hair “so dope.” Kelly said she’s excited for Lisa. John said her voice and look fit perfecty together. Adam was happy for Lisa, telling her “perserverance paid off and you deserve it.”


Jimmy said he’s had 16 years of playing in a band with over a thousand live shows. His dad was a lead singer of a band and put the band first over his family. Jimmy’s dad got him into ’80s hair bands. His dad and mom separated when Jimmy was 11-years-old. After his parents got back together, his mom’s ex shot and killed his father. Jimmy said it gave him “a tough outer shell” and music has been his release. He’s carrying on his father’s legacy. Jimmy said one door is finally unlocked.

Chair Turns: Adam, John

Jimmy is 31-years-old. Kelly said he has a cool style, but it was a pitch thing for her. Adam said he has a “phenomenal voice.” John reacted to Jim’s audition that his tone was dope when he was in that spot! He said he’ll coach him into being the person he can be. Adam gave him a coach lesson on the fly to improve. John told him “you may never want to sing head voice again” and advised him to not bother with it unless essential to the song. Adam said his voice at its best can be the best in the competiton. Blake said he agrees with John in that his chest voice “is dope.” Blake told him to trust John.

Coach: Adam

He chose Adam. Adam said Jimmy started off amazing. But the second he turned for him, he got overwhelmed. Jim said he’s been a huge fan of Adam’s since middle school and his dad is in heaven smiling down.



Lili is 15-years-old from Chino Hills, California and likes to wear colorful bright wigs and clothing. Her fascination with Barbie movies peeked her interest in music. After being bullied in school Lili started wearing wigs. She said by putting on the wig, she’s into her “alter ego.” She describes her sound as alternative, jazzy, poppy sound mixed together. Lili sang “cool” by Gwen Stefani. It got Blake’s attention right away who took notice, then pressed his button first.

Chair Turns: Blake

Blake was so relieved that nobody else turned and especially thanked Adam for not turning. He told Lili that the song got his attention, but he hit his button because he liked her voice. Kelly told her she has the same talent (as Gwen) but in a different way. She wanted to stay out of it because of the Gwen thing. John said he likes her style and likes that she brings her own personality.


They met on online dating. They got married three months later after meeting. They moved in with Chesi’s parents. They’re from Kentucky and want music to be their career. Nathan played the guitar and sang duet with Chesi for their Bind Audition. Blake’s ears perked-up right away from their very folksy backwood’s Country sound.

Chair Turns: None

Blake said it’s always exciting with duo auditions, but for him, the key was too high for them. Kelly liked their sound but wished they picked a different song. John said he was utterly confused because he’s new on the show and didn’t know how the sound went high then low. Finally he then realized it was two people. Adam said they were amazing and wished he pushed his button. He told them to come back.

Nathan and Chesi got invited by ‘Voice fifth coach Bebe Rexha to comeback in the Comeback Stage.


He’s 25-years-old who works in collections in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s possibly the happiest collections agent. His co-workers call him “the light of the room” and “Mr. personality.” He started singig with a youth group at age 15. He said he’s mom helped him to always look at the bright side of things. He sang “I Smile” about having a hard time but it’s still okay to smile. Blake turned right away for Matthew, followed by Adam.

Chair Turns: Blake, Adam, Kelly, John

In honor of former ‘Voice coach Jennifer Hudson, Adam threw his shoe at Matthew. John asked him if that was a gospel song. Matthew answered “yes it is.” John went on to talk about growing-up in the church. He called Matthew’s voice big, powerful and he has range, “your energy just lit up the room.” Adam said he did not grow up in the church but did grow-up on “The Voice.” Adam added that choosing the right song is a specialty of his. Blake said “did you see how fast I hit my button?” He didn’t want to miss a second of Matthew’s performance. Blake stated that his grandfather is not a pastor but spent a lot of time outin the pasture and they talked a lot about God. He said he’d be a great coach for Matthew. Kelly called herself “such a fan” of Matthew’s. He chose John Legend.

Coach: John. John said “Team Legend” is here to win and the other coaches better beware. He said he feels redeemd after all the blockage!



Domenic Haynes is 18-years-old from Tampa, Florida. He, like his mom, competed in track on school. During a match, his hamstring gave out. That’s when he tried and fell in love with music. His favorite is free-styling. He said if a chair turned, it would be validation that he’s going in the right direction. Adam turned his chair right away.

Chair Turns: Adam, John (BLOCKED), Blake

John didn’t know that he got Blocked by Adam until a little later into Domenic’s performance. John said he “hates” Adam, then John told Domenic that his tone is “so interesting” and beautiful and made great choices with how he sang it. Adam said it hurt him to have to Block John. He has the word “legend” in his name. Adam called Domenic the best singer he’s heard in the 16 years on “The Voice.” Blake said he has the ability to separate himself from anyone else on the radio, and on the show. Kelly called Domenic a natural storyteller, and is very cool. Adam pointed-out that it took him only four seconds to turn. Blake said he comes from a place of what can he do to help Domenic. Adam argued that he felt something in his bones when Domenic sang.

Coach: Adam


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 1, Savannah Brister

Pictured: Savannah Brister — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

She’s 17-years-old from Memphis, Tennessee . Savanah has rescue dogs and stays so cheery and upbeat that she tells people if they see her not smiling, then the world is going to end. She sang “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” for her Blind Audition. John turned his chair early, probably in an attempt to prevent another Block. Savanah’s style of singing closely matched John’s.

Chair Turns: John, Kelly

Kelly told the other coaches that it was disrespectful to not turn for her because she was that good. Kelly told her “I’ve been you. Not many people have been her and I love to see you conquer this competition.” Jonn told Savanah that she did NOT let him down and she made a lot of interesting and daring musical choices with the song. He’s also covered that same song. Adam said he thinks she should go with John.

Coach: John. John said being free from the Blockage is great!


The Voice 16 blind auditions week 1, The Bundys

Pictured: The Bundys — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Before coming out on the stage to perform, viewers at home heard someone say it’s the first time in the history of “The Voice” where the coaches will hear something like this. There was no video package of a backstory of this contestant. Then, after the first chair turn, viewers were shown who was on stage. It was three singers- two females, one male, performaning as one were pretty good at it. They’re called “The Bundys.” Blake and Kelly turned right away. Adam and John were left guessing until the end.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly

Adam said welcome first time ever three people on stage. They are siblings. Adam said he’s been doing this his whole life, and was genuinely confused because he wasn’t aware of trios. John was confused because it’s his first time on the show. Kelly said they can take Fleetwood songs, etc.. and do them and do harmonies. Kelly said she could be a “solid coach” for them because she loves hamonies. “You know what makes a great coach. A passionate cocah!” Kelly yelled in her fight to win them over. Blake said when he turned, instantly he tought oh no, this is not what I bargined for. Then that turned into “oh, yes” and beggd to be a part of “this historic journey.” Adam called Blake’s plea “desperate.”

Coach: Kelly.. He said Kelly mentioned one of their favorite artists. IElly said she ‘”super stoked” to explore songs with them.

John still had one Block left


Klea is from Utah. Growing-up she would sing at weddings. She had peolple tell her she needed to be a “boss woman” and got a degree in marketing. She currently sings at ther church and has never had any type of coaching. So, she’s looking forward to possibly being coached by a ‘Voice coach. She sang “No Roots” song for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: None. Unbelieveably, no chair turns. The coachs were close John told her her execution just wasn’t all there. Adam said if she came back, she’d do really well. Kelly advised her to reel it in a bit.

Bebe Rexha is the fifth coach this season selecting artists for the Comeback Stage. Nathan and Chesi vs. Klea are the first artists battling it out in the Comeback Stage.



She’s 18 years old from Magnolia, Texas. Hannah said in 7th grade she was picked-on by the way she looked. Hannah said she had no friends until she met one friend who let her know how special she was. They did music together and had dreams of getting famous together. Her friend died in a car accident. Hannah said she’s doing this for her. She chose to sing “Coal Miner’s
Daughter by Loretta Lynn and wants to re-introduce Country to a new generation. Blake recognized the song with the first note and got excited.

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly

Blake said he’s excited about this Country artist. John said “I agree, that’s Country.” Kelly told Hannah that she loves the “authentic Country” which is missing. Kelly said she’d understand why Hannah would pick Blake. Then Hannah said she’s been singing “Since You’ve Been Gone” in her room. However, she’s had a crush on Blake since she was six. Blake said the truth is, is that style is out there it’s just not being celebrated “I think you’re incredible” and called her “the real deal.” He told her that she could be the artist that brings that style to the radio again.

Coach: Blake

Blake said he’s excited that anyone that young that’s into old style Country is a dream to him. Hannah told Blake that her idol is “The Voice” season four winner Danielle Bradbery.


Voice 16 blind auditions week 1, Julian King

Pictured: Julian King — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Julian is 25-years-old from Phildelphia, Penn. Julian grew-up dancing and singing in church, but also did it on the street. He went to a creative school that has famous alumni. He was a voice major with a minor in dance. In 2017 he toured China. He said China changed his life. Julian performed five nights a week for four hours a night and got put up in four-star hotels. His mom was so proud she got emotional. “This for me is another defining moment,” stated Julian. He sang “All the Time Low.”

Chair Turns: John, Adam (BLOCKED)

Adam said it’s been a long battle with Mr. Legend. There’s probably a milli-second between the Block and the push of his button. Blake told Julian he was very happy for him because he doesn’t have the chance to make a bad mistake.

John said he Blocked Adam at the perfect moment. With that, “the rookie is doing okay. Sorry Adam,” boasted Legend.



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