Hometown Dates on THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 8 Recap

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Hometown Dates on THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 8 Recap

“The Bachelor” Colton Underwood had finally made it to the hometown dates with the four women he is the most excited about – Hannah, Cassie, Tayshia, and Caelynn. Colton said when he was on “The Bachelorette” and went to Becca’s hometown, he was already falling in love with her. So, he knows how important this step is. Colton is also set on not prosposing without the father’s permission of the woman he intends to propose to.


First up was Caelynn’s hometown in Virginia. Caelynn stated that she does love Colton and everything they’ve been through has made them stronger. “I fully believe that he’s the one,” said Caelynn. Colton said the one thing about hometowns is that “they could change everything in a relationship…for good or for bad.”

The Bacheor 2019, Caelynn, Colton

Pictured: Caelynn with Colton / ABC Television Copyright

The two walked in te middle of Caelynn’s family having a barbecue with LOTS of people! Including John, who is Caelynn’s adoptive father. John was worried about Colton’s sincerity with Caelynn because of the three other women he’s dating and said he wants to make sure that the two don’t make any “hasty decisions”.

Caelynn’s sister was concerned due to her “rough past” with guys. Next, Colton talked to Caelynn’s mom. Colton explained that they’ve had some “trials” and that’s made their bond special. Her mom told Colton that it’s scary to know that her daughter could be getting engaged at the end of this. Caelynn explained to her dad that Colton makes her feel safe. Dad asked why can’t they be friends. Caelynn said either her heart will get broken, or it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to her and she wants to marry Colton who is ready.

Next, Colton sat down with John who asked how far will Colton go. He answered that he’s falling in love with Caelynn and this could end in an engagement. Then he asked John “when and if those feelings get there, could I have your permission?” John asked “are you truly ready?” And if it will be a lifelong committment? Colton answered “yes.” So, John indeed gave Colton permission.

Later before Colton left for the night, Caelynn told Colton that she is “fully confident” that she IS in love with him.


Colton met Hannah in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. First thing Hannah did was she took Colton to an etiquette class to teach him how to be the perfect Southern gentleman becasue they do things differently in the South. This immediately made Colton nervous. The instructor taught him good posture, how to eat bread, and passing food in the correct direction. That evening, Hannah took Colton to her parent’s home where a gang of people were waiting for them that were dad, mom, cousins, and best friends.

Colton made a toast during dinner. Hannah’s mom was taken back because Hannah has always been hers, and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Hannah talked to her friends in privated who noted that her and Colton are comfortable together. One friend asked if it scares her that he’s a virgin and Hannah stated no, it doesn’t concern her.

Dad asked what Colton’s intentions are. Colton answered that with Hannah, he could tell that she’s someone special “and just had everything that I’m looking for.” Hannah’s mom told her that Colton seems like a nice guy and she deserves to be excited about someone. Hannah said Colton makes her feel safe and he’s somebody she truly sees possibly working-out in the end.

Colton told dad that he’d like nothing stronger than for it to end with an engagement and to have his permission. Dad paused for a bit then answered “Wow, this blows me away. That’s hard to do what you just did.” He said if it continues the way it is, then yes, he gives his blessing.

Hannah’s mom told her to listen to her gut and if he’s worth taking the chance, then do that. Her mom said Hannah left a “Mama’s girl and came back a woman.” Mom said it’s scarey, but something she embraces.

Before saying goodby to Colton Hannah told him that he’s “such a special person” and that she’s falling in love with him. Colton responded that he’s falling in love with her too. Hannah called it the “best day ever.” She was happy to get her family’s approval. She said it was the missing puzzle piece that she needed for so long.


Upon meeting Tayshia, she blindfolded Colton to see if he really trusts her. Tayshia exclaimed, “I’m going to be in the driver’s seat today (literally).” Colton was woried because he’s never riden in a car with her. She drove them to Lake Elsinore where they went to sky drive. Only problem, they both hate heights. He called it payback for when he took Tayshia bungee jumping when she didn’t want to go bungee jumping. During their ride in the airplane before the jump, Tayshia noticed that Colton was shaking from being scared. After the jump was over, Colton called it “one hell of a date.” Tayshia said every time she sees Colton, he pushes her out of her comfort zone and realizes that she is falling in love with him. Colton responded that after their time in Denver, Colorado that he realized that he’s also falling in love with her.

The Bachelor 2019, Tayshia, Colton

Pictured: Tayshia with Colton / ABC Television Copyright.

The last person Tayshia brought home to the family was her ex-husband. Colton called today a “major leap in his relationship with Tayshia.” He knows her family has seen her struggle before when she had to get a divorce. They went to Tayshia’s parent’s house and had dinner with the parents and her brothers.

Her Dad said from his stand point, he has to get in that protective mode and can’t bear to see Tayshia hurt again. Colton said he wouldn’t be sitting there if his feelings weren’t strong for Tayshia. After dinner, they split off into pairs, with mom and Tayshia, and Colton and dad.

Tayshia told her mom that Colton’s a very different guy from what she’s met before. Her mom wanted to make sure Tayshia is treated right and loved unconditionally and find a true love that will last forever. She said it was nice to see Tayshia glowing from being so happy.

Her dad found it hard to belive that they’re at the point of a possible engagement after only six weeks. Dad asked if Colton is having the same types of conversations with the other girls. Colton confirmed that he is. He said he didn’t think it possible to fall in love with more than one person. Her Dad told him to have that respect with Tayshia not to lead her on. Colton told dad that he only wants to be engaged once and married once. He asked if they get to the point where he proposes, does he have his blessing? Dad took a long pause. He responded that he appreciates him manning-up. But, because they just met, he’d have to get to know him more. So, no blessing from Dad. Colton was disappointed.

Tayshia’s dad said he isn’t teling her what she wants to hear. She said she doesn’t think so, she knows so that this is where her heart is and she would accept her proposal. Dad was bothered and said “you don’t microwave relationships.” He asked her if she’s willing to take a chance and be vurnerable for Colton? Tayshia said yes because he’s proven to her that he’s a light after all the hurt she’s experienced. Her dad said he trusts her, and felt ten times better after that. Dad went back to Colton and said if they rushed it, he wouldn’t be okay with that. But, Tayshialooks happy and glowing. He then said “yes” to the blessing to Colton. Colton said to have his blessing means the world and can move forward with Tayshia. Tayshia said it speaks volumes of Colton for her dad to give his blessing. “This is the kind of love that I’ve always wanted and I have it now.”


The Bachelor 2019, Cassie

Pictured above: Cassie / ABC Television Network.

Huntington, Beach is where Cassie called it the place that she loves the most in the entire world. Cassie took Colton surfing and it gave him her first lesson. Colton said he is unbeliveably attracted to Cassie but not sure where she’s at in their relationship. Colton said Cassie has the perfect balance of sexy and cute. Cassie told him that her family is super important to her and they’re really close. Colton said he doesn’t take meeting families lightly. Then asked her where she’s at. She said she knows how she feels. But not sure and wants him to meet the family first. Basically, that she needs their opinion. She said in her confessional that she knows Colton is falling in love with her and thinks she’s also falling in love with him but doesn’t want to say anything until she’s sure.

Cassie brought Colton home to her parents and sisters. Her dad straight-away didn’t like Colton being affectionate to Cassie (holding her waist). Colton said he knows he’s falling in love with Cassie.

Cassie said she’d never met someone that really gets her on every single level. She said she’s not quite there yet when her sister asked her about getting engaged. But, sees herself getting there . Her sister said there’s hundreds of other guys and if there’s any doubt, not to shove it down. She said “I don’t want you to settle for anything less.”

Cassie’s mom said she saw a chemistry between them and could see a happiness with Cassie. She asked about the other women. Colton told mom that there’s an undeniable connection and is falling in love with Cassie. Mom told Colton that Cassie is very picky and is not going to be in a relationship to just be in a relationship.

Cassie talked to her dad and said “it’s weird how well we match.” Cassie said she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t see potential. Her dad said it’s not something that you just jump into. She ensured that if she gets engaged it’s because she’s sure. But, dad said how can she be sure because he’s still dating other girls. Dad said “it’s not like you’re buying a car.” Cassie got frustrated and wanted her dad to trust her. Dad wasn’t convinced and said you need more than a couple of random dates before falling in love with someone.

Colton sat down with Cassie’s dad and promised that he’d protect her. When Colton asked her dad for permission. He said a lifelong commitment is big, and would be a premature blessing. So, it was a “no.” Colton was disappointed. When Colton and Cassie talked in private, he wanted her to say she’s falling in love with him so bad. But, she didn’t and Colton was left feeling confused and not knowing what to do.


Cassie said she “freaked-out” when Colton asked her how she feels about him and hopes she didn’t mess it up. Colton said no matter what, he’s saying goodbye to someone he’s falling in love with at this Rose Ceremony. Colton told the ladies that it’s been an incredible week and “tonight’s decison has been the hardest.” He said he has to trust himself and follow his heart the way he’s been doing on the journey.

Colton gave roses to: Hannah, Tayshia, Cassie. That meant Caelynn went home, which was a major shock! Especially after Colton didn’t get her dad’s blessing and Cassie still hasn’t told Colton how she feels about him.

One thing that perhaps Colton aso caught was that after Tayshia’s name was called to get a rose from him, Caelynn gave Cassie the side-eye and did a mean-girls type reaction to her. They seemed really annoyed that Tayshia got a rose. Maybe that’s the reason Colton sent Caelynn home.

During their break-up Caelynn said she never had a connection like they have and now feels stupid for thinking that they had something. Caelynn cried on Colton’s shoulder. Caelynn was shocked, blind-sided and 100% believed that she was getting engaged at the end. Colton told her he wasn’t feeling the same (though he told her in last week’s episode that he was falling in love with her).

NEXT WEEK: “The Bachelor” will air two episodes. Monday night and Tuesday night. Monday is the Fantasy Suites. Then, Colton will finally jump the fence and there’s lots of crying. Tuesday’s episode is “The Women Tell All.”



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