Hot Stuff for Howard! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Wednesday Week Six Recap

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July 10, 2013
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Hot Stuff for Howard! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Wednesday Week Six Recap

Ballet Folklorico Mestizo – Mariachi Knife Dancers (Yes Vote)

Three little boys with machetes and butter knives? Well what did the judges think about Ballet Folklorico Mestizo’s performance, Mel B couldn’t stop smiling, Howie Mandel declared them a star, Heidi Klum would love to see them again and Howard Stern said they were really great.

Watch “Ballet Folklorico Mestizo” play with knives while dancing to mariachi music. Here


Aquanauts – Synchronized Swimming (Yes Vote)

Watch the Aquanauts impress the judges with their special twist on synchronized swimming! Here


Kevin Downey Jr. – Comedian (Yes Vote)

Howie Mandel described Kevin’s look and mannerisms as if Kevin was the result of Joe Cocker and Neil diamond giving birth to a grown man.

Watch Kevin Downey Jr.’s comedy bit and find out why judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel loved him, but ended up mocking his stage presence. Here


Tavi and Antonio – Acrobats (Yes Vote)

Mel B thought the performance was graceful and smooth, however, this performance had a different effect on Howard a Howie resulting in a near kiss!

Watch Tavi & Antonio perform an acrobatic love duet using a hoop and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”. Here


Timber Brown – Acrobat (Yes Vote)

Mel B immediately recognized Timber from a show they had previously worked on together in Las Vegas and had to exclude her self from voting, however, Timber’s performance was so amazing that Mel said he was even a thousand times better then before. Howie Mandel said he could not notice a single flaw in the performance and Howard Stern said you have taken to a new level. Timber Brown earned a standing ovation from the audience for his amazing performance.

Watch Timber Brown do things on a pole that we’ve never seen a guy do before! Here


Skilyr Hicks – Singer and Guitar Player (Yes Vote)

Howard Stern said America will fall in love with you, Heidi Klum thanked Skilyr for sharing her story and Howie Mandel said in some place your father hears your words… you inspired the whole nation today.

Watch Skilyr Hicks sing a song inspired by her late father. Here


Dr. Bob Baker – Ventriloquist and Puppeteer (No Vote)

This performer happened to be Howard Stern’s very “personal doctor” so Howard had to exclude himself from voting. Mel B did not get the doctor’s humor saying he was not funny, and Howie said that while the doctor’s act may be likeable and fun it’s just not a million dollar act.

Watch Dr. Bob Baker the puppeteer perform with the world’s only talking large intestine. Here


Lindsey – Belching Hula Girl (No Vote)

Mel B absolutely hated it!

Watch Lindsey burp as she hula hoops. Here


Jesus B-Ball (No Vote)

Howard Stern said this is the stupidest thing ever!

Watch how “Jesus B-Ball” gets Howard Stern up on stage to shoot a free throw basket. Here


Secrete Emotion – Poet (No Vote)

She didn’t do anything for the judges but she got Nick Cannon all hot and bothered #HeyMariah

Watch how “Secrete Emotion’s” poetry gets Nick Cannon going and grinding on her! Here


Milton Palton – Country Singer (Yes Vote)

Howard Stern said I thought you were really good. Mel B gushed about Milton’s amazing unique voice saying I see a superstar inside you. Howie Mandel described Milton as a diamond in the ruff.

Watch Milton Palton a self-proclaimed country boy sing “Whiskey Lullaby” written by Bill Anderson and Jon Randall. Compare to the original version by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. Here


Jetta – Singer (No Vote)

A super fan gets her chance today singing for Howard Stern as he joins her on stage for a very special performance that Mel B said words can’t describe what I saw and Howie Mandel not knowing what to say.

Watch Jetta serenade Howard Stern on stage with a unique cover of “Hot Stuff”. Here


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 8 Episode 7 – Week 6. Originaly aired on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.


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