Interesting Twist on THE VOICE Season 16 Cross Battles Week 2 Recap

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April 16, 2019
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Interesting Twist on THE VOICE Season 16 Cross Battles Week 2 Recap

The second week of NBC’s “The Voice” Cross Battles pitted remaining artists on Team against each other chosen by their coaches. Team members yet to compete consisted of four on Team Blake, three on Team Adam, four on Team Kelly and five on Team Legend.

Host Carson Daly stated that there was one Steal and two saves left in play for the coaches to apply during the Cross Battles. At the start of Monday’s show, John had the one Steal, and Blake and Kelly both had one Save each left.

TEAM ADAM vs. TEAM KELLY LB Crew (Team Adam) vs. Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)

Adam selected LB to go up against Team Kelly. Kelly chose Jej for the challenge. Adam said LB is soulful and bluesy. Adam said LB can take a lot of people down. Jej family moved to the United States to give him a better future. Kelly said Jej is a secret weapon and compared him to Bruno Mars and Brian McKnight. LB sang “Wade in the Water” by Ella Jenkins, playing on LB’s gospel roots. Jej sang “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars.

Adam said they are both phenomenal and LB picked the best possible time to have his best possible performance and called it “church all day long.” Adam was blown away by LB. Kelly said it’s the best Cross Battle they’ve seen so far, and very even. She told Jej is so talented that’s a song by one of the most famous singers right now, Bruno Mars and made it his own. She said his runs are powerful, seamless, and “not trying too hard.” John said he loved both performances and showed everybody why they were four-chair-turns. He said his preference was with LB because of his confidence on stage and performance. Blake said Jej set the bar so high for himself and he blew the roof off the place. Blake told LB that he didn’t expect that level, kind of performance partly because he associates with Adam (Lol).

Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam) vs. Julian King (Team Legend)

John Legend said he had only one Block and he used it on Adam Levine.  He challenged Adam’s Kalvin Jarvis with Julian King.  John said Julian has the ability to do Adele songs and he is formidable.  Kalvin sang “New Rules” song by Dua Lipa.  Julian sang “Hello” by Adele.

Adam said he thought Kalvin went to front runner status after that Cross Battle. “That was a front-runner” performance and made the song his own, stated Adam.  “It was something brand new that I wanted to hear again, and again.”   John said it was an interesting twist that they both chose to sing ladies “fom across the pond.”  He said Julian made outstanding choices with the song and would like to see it continue.  Kelly commented that there are some really great singers there and “it’s going to come down to song interpretation and selection.”  She thought Kalvin won.   
Going into tomorrow night, Blake is the only one with a Steal left.  Blake thought that Julian actually went for more and “tried more things” and it caught his attention.  Blake also agreed that Kalvin won the Cross Battle.

TEAM KELLY vs. TEAM BLAKE The Bundys (Team Kelly) vs. Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

Kelly chose the trio The Bundys to go against Team Blake.  Blake laughed when Kelly asked if he was scared!  Blake chose Andrew.  Andrew said the Blind Auditions changed his life and made him realize he can do this.  The Bundys sang “The Letter” by Joe Cocker.  Andrew sang “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde” by Country icon Travis Tritt.

Kelly thought everyone did a good job.  She said the Budys have a beautiful harmony and have done a fantastic job.  Kelly added that hopefully America votes them through.  Blake said Andrew literally just strolled across the stage like he’s looking for some loose change while burning the place down with his voice.  Blake said Travis Tritt is probably losing his mind right now as well as all the Country fans watching.  Adam commented that it’s fundamentally unfair to go against three people.  But, Andrew did act like three people up there and praised him.

TEAM LEGEND vs. TEAM BLAKE Shawn Sounds (Team Legend) vs. Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

John chose to Battle Team Blake.  Blake said he’s tired of all this back-to-back Battles.  He chose Karly.  John said Shawn Sounds is like Luther Vandross and can beat anybody in this compeition. 
John will have a Save he can use tomorrow night, Carson Daly reminded him. 

Pictured: Shawn Sounds — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John told Shawn he wasn’t aware that he could sing way down in the low barritone because few people can do that.  Blake told Karly thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air to the show and called it her best performance she’s had on the show.  Adam told former team member Karly that he’s proud of her and agreed that she is a breath of fresh air.  He pointed out that the two singers couldn’t be more different.  Kelly agreed and called it the most unique pairing in the Cross Battles.  “This is an odd pairing and will be hard for anyone to vote on” finished Kelly.

TEAM ADAM vs. TEAM LEGEND Kendra Checketts (Team Adam) vs. Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend)

Adam chose Kendra, his last available artist to go against Team Legend.  John had only two artists left. He chose the one who used to be on Team Adam, that was Jimmy.    Adam called Kendra one of his strongest singers.  Jimmy lost his Battle against Kalvin in the Battles, but was saved by John Legend.  Jimmy sang “Have Mercy” by Shawn Mendes.

Pictured: Jimmy Mowery — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Adam said it sucks for him because Jimmy used to be on his Team and he did a great job.  Adam told Kendra that she has the strongest voice in the competition. She’s so gifted, it seems “effortless” and said he prayed he gets to watch more from her.  John said he wanted Kendra on his Team “but it didn’t work out.” He told Jimmy that he made great choices and the high notes were “so powerful.”  Blake said he has to brag on Kendra for a minute and he was the only one that turned around in the beginning.  He chose Kendra.  Kelly said they both did a great job.  She finds Kendra’s tone “captivating” what ever she’s been through in her life, the pain. 

TEAM KELLY vs. TEAM LEGEND Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly) vs. Beth Griffith-Manley (Team Legend)

Out of the two artists Kelly had left, she chose Rebecca to go against Team Legend. He only had Beth left.   Rebecca comes from a small town in Georgia.  Kelly said Rebecca is her Country gal, similar to Lee Ann Womack.   Beth was a background singer before “The Voice.”  Beth sang a very Jazzy version of “I Put a Spell on You” song.

Kelly told Rebecca she is “a force” and never off-key and can always hit the notes higher than she thinks.  John loved both performances. He told Beth that she gave everything, “that raw energy.  It was special, very nice!”  Blake told Rebecca that she was a shock for him tonight, “great job.”  He couldn’t believe that Kelly let Beth go.  He asked Kelly, “you let Beth go?!”  Adam called it “really tough.”  He told Beth that she’s an amazing presence and that song “is the song.”  He also thought Rebecca was the shock of the season and called it a great Country music performance.

TEAM BLAKE vs. TEAM KELLY Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)  vs. Abby Kasch (Team Kelly)

It was the final Cross Battle of the night.  Blake said Gyth is unbelieveable and thinks he’s a contender for the finale.  Kelly said “this is HER song.”  She said Abby kills the song and is excited to see the Cross Battle.  Gyth called his style Country and soul.  Blake said Gyth sounds like someone that could be on Country radio right now.  Kelly said Abby has a great voice, great energy, she’s beautfiul, and is the whole package.  “She’s a force,” stated Kelly.   Abby sang “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” by Carrie Underwood. Gyth sang “Goodbye Time” song by Blake Shelton.

Pictured: Gyth Rigdon — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake told Gyth to see him throw an old school Country song like that and “nailing it like you did…this guy is going to be in the finale.”  Kelly said she didn’t really know that song that well before Abby sang it, but she was floored. “You can feel the song in your whole body.”  Adam stated that Abby was “fantastic” and she sang great.  Unfortunately, Adam said, Gyth is going to be in the finale, he believes. 

Going into Tuesday’s Results show, Kelly has a Save left and Blake has a Steal left.

TEAM BLAKE vs. Team Legend
Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake) vs. Jacob Maxwell (Team Legend)

Blake chose Carter to go against Team Legend.  John picked Jacob Maxwell.  Blake said Carter is very young and just now starting to figure out the power of his voice. He predicted that Carter will “destroy” whoever he’s singing against and said he may just be his secret weapon.  John said if Jacob is the best he can be, “he could win.”   Jacob sang “You’re Still the One” song by Shania Twain.  Side note, Carter and Jacob have become best friends on the show. 

Blake said  there’s “something vintage” about Carter.  He told viewers to go back and listen to him in the Blinds compared to now and that he’s already better.  John said he’s sad that they’re two very good friends that had to go against each other  He told Jacob that something about his tone that’s so beautiful and rich.  Kelly said they are “very mysterious” and she’s be excited to see where they would go next and would love to hear them on vinyl.


At the top of Tuesday’s “The Voice” Results show, Team Adam’s artists heading into the next round which is the Top 24, were: Mari, Domenic, Betsy. Team Kelly’s artists – Matthew, Presley, Rod; Team Legend – Maelyn, Lisa, Celia; Team Blake – Kim, Oliv, Dexter, Selkii. More artists would be joining them after the results from America’s votes were revealed. Coaches Kelly and John used their valuable Saves, and Blake used his Steal fairly early in the show, but had been waiting since last week to use it on the right person.

At the top of the show, season 14 winner from Team Kelly, Brynn Cartelli performed. She described the song as the most vulnerable song she’s written.

Jej vs LB Kelly called it one of the best Cross Battles.  Blake said he didn’t expect that level from LB partially because he associates him with Adam.  Adam told LB that he blew it out of the park.  Kelly called Jej “so talented” and was “so impressed.”    While waiting to hear the results, Adam told LB that he truly believes that he was triumphant and thought he did his absolute best.   Kelly told Jej that him and LB are both phenomenal and were given at a completely different way.  “It’s a bummer scenario for me personally because both of you are brilliant,” stated Kelly.  America SAVED Jej (Team Kelly) who’ll be headed to the Top 24.

After the results were announced, Kelly bascially told LB that he should not have been up for the chopping block because two four-chair-turn artists should have never been put together.  

Kendra Checketts vs. Jimmy Mowery Adam said with Kendra, “it’s bittersweet” because she’s a new team member and Jimmy used to be on his Team.  John told Jimmy it’s been so fun working with him and seeing him grow.  When he was able to Steal him, he said Jimmy continued to grow.  The SAVED artist was: Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend).

STEAL: Blake stole Kendra!  Blake said he’s been holding on to his Steal, hoping it would work-out and thankfully was able to Steal Kendra.  With that, ALL Steals were no longer in play.

Shawn Sounds vs. Karly Moreno John was impressed by all of Shawn’s “weapons” one of which is his deep barritones.  John told Shawn he loves working with him who has so much talent and energy.  John said every time he performs he impresses and surprises him in some way.  Blake told Karly that he’s only had a minute with her, but the reason he stole her is her personality and talent she has.  He joked that he hopes she stays so she can teach him how to skateboard.  The SAVED artist was – Shawn Sounds (Team Legend).

Pictured: (l-r) Shawn Sounds, Karly Moreno — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Karly said she feels extremely blessed to be there and has met the most amazing people there.

Carter Lloyd Horne vs. Jacob Maxwell Blake told Carter he has an “incredible voice” and told him if it ended there,  music is what he shoud be doing.  John told Jacob that he wants to hear a record from him and if they continue to work together, they can do a lot of things together.  America SAVED – Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)!  That was Blake’s sixth artist to enter the Top 24 up to that point.

Pictured: (l-r) Carter Lloyd Horne, Jacob Maxwell — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

SAVED – John Legend used his final Save on Jacob Maxwell!  And rightly so, for giving Jacob a not so great song to sing on Monday night’s show.  John said he loves working with him and wants America to hear more from Jacob.

Carson Daly announced that the May 13th show will feature songs that fans pick for “The Voice” artists.  Voting is avaiable in “The Voice” app.

Kalvin Jarvis vs. Julian King Adam told Kalvin “you had such an amazing moment for yourself.”   He told him “you did your best job” and blew them all away.  John told Julian “not only do you have a beautiful voice, you have the mind and soul of an artist.”  Having a point of veiw as an artist is important, and “you have a future here because of that.”  SAVED artist – Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam).  It was Adam’s first artist moving-on of the night.

Pictured: (l-r) Kalvin Jarvis, Julian King — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Julian told John “this has been one of the sweetest chapters in my life. Thank you for allowing me to create a memory.”

Rebecca Howell vs. Beth Griffith-Manely.
Kelly said she hasn’t seen more apples and oranges right now and not sure if it’s even fair because of Rebecca and Beth’s drastic different styles.  John  told Beth her performance last night was so special and hoped that America voted for her.  SAVED – Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly).  Kelly told Rebecca she is “crazy talented.”  Then, while congratulating Rebecca on stage, Kelly could be heard telling Beth to contact her.

Beth told John that he’s been an amazing coach “God is good and I’m not done yet.”

Gyth vs. Abby Kasch
Adam told Abby on Monday’s show that Gyth will be in the finale “we were transported to another place.”  Blake told Gyth and Abby that they’re both “so talented.”  Kelly told Abby, “I love that I have people to represent Country in so many different ways,” and Abby’s Rock-n-Roll Country is so important.  America SAVED – Gyth (Team Blake).

Abby had a  ten second window to be Saved.  Kelly used her last SAVE on Abby.  She said Abby is so talented and didn’t want to lose her. Kelly added that she can’t wait to see Abby sing the song choice next week.

The Bundys vs. Andrew Sevener
Kelly told The Bundys that she hopes they got Saved and the harmonies are so on-point.  Blake told Andrew that he is a monster of a vocalist and said he’ll line-up gigs for him if he doesn’t go through.  SAVED – Andrew Sevener (Team Blake).

Pictured: (l-r) The Bundys, Andrew Sevener — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The Bundy’s thanked Kelly and said they are so blessed to have been on her Team.



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