It’s a Doozy! THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 5 Recap

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January 28, 2019
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It’s a Doozy! THE BACHELOR Season 23 Week 5 Recap

Finally, we have the first ‘Bachelor episode of the season that had viewers glued to the screen from beginning to end. The drama was flowing from Elyse in the first act to the upheaval involving Nicole and Onyeka at the very end.

This week, Colton had two one-on-one dates and one group date in beautiful Khao Lak, Thailand. Heather got the first one-on-one date with her date card reading: “let’s experience something new. – Colton.” Some of the other women, namely Nicole and Onyeka looked seriously unhappy at not getting the one-on-one date.

The Bachelor 2019 week 5, women in Thailand


Heather was super stoked and hoping for that first kiss. Heather’s explanation for going so long without ever kissing someone, is because deep down in her past relationships, she knew that they weren’t for her.

Back at the house: Elyse was going-on about “feeling heart-broken” after seeing Colton going on multiple dates with other women. As for her date with him, she stated that it was the best date she’s ever had. Kind of like in a romance novel Elyse stated.

Back to Colton & Heather: While shopping and sight-seeing, Heather said she felt really connected and excited about Colton. During lunch, viewers got close-up shots of Colton’s mouth as he ate and Heather salivating thinking about getting a kiss from him. She expected that it will be “natural.” Next, they talked and watched a beautiful sunset. But, still, no kiss.

Back at the house: The next date card arrived. It was the group date card with the names: Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B. Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Nicole, Hannah G., Elyse, and read “Will our love survive?” That meant that Cassie got the second one-on-one date. Elyse was devastated.

Back to Colton & Heather: It was dinner time. Colton brought-up one of Heather’s past relationships She explained that she “kind of dated casually” in high school. In college, she explained that she met her dream guy. Heather said she didn’t “feel it with him.” They dated for eight months. Colton confirmed that this past boyfriend never tried to kiss her? She said no. Colton let Heather know that they need to be on the “same page” before they kiss. Of course, he felt pressured. Then gave her the date rose. He told her he hopes they can share other “first experiences together” (hint, hint). Then went for a walk on the beach. Suddenly the two were treated to a fireworks show, and that’s when Colton grabbed Heather to kiss her. Heather’s reaction was that it was “natural…and literally there were fireworks.” Colton described the kiss as “magical” that left him on a high.

Back at the house: Elyse was fixing herself up it seemed to go out. Then, in walked Heather who told all the women about her fabulous date, kiss and all! That’s when Elyse stood-up and walked out the front door. All the women took notice. Demi was the first to react that she was “very weirded-out” by it. The other women also commented that Elyse was acting out of the ordinary.

Elyse said she was on such a high after her date with Colton that she needs to talk to him. She told Colton how she was struggling in Singapore after their date.
Colton reacted that he doesn’t give-up on relationships especailly ones that he’s “genuinely excited for.” She told him that she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal from him (if it came down to that) after he’s been dating other women. It’s as if she didn’t know what show she was on! Elyse hurt Colton when she told him she can’t “get there” with him, and hearing other girls talk about how they’re falling in love with him, “this isn’t working for me.” Her solution was to leave. Immediately afterwards, Elyse felt like her walking-out might have been a mistake.

Colton was sad and reacted, “for someone to give-up on us is confusing.” After that, he said it’s his worse nightmare to have that happen at the end of it all while getting down on one knee.

Colton did a selfie video the morning after his one-on-one with Heather, and break-up with Elyse. He described having “a mix bag of emotion.” He realized that he still has a chance of getting hurt and fears hearing “not being enough” for someone.


The Bachelor 2019 week 5, Colton Underwood

Pictured: Colton Underwood / ABC Network Copyright

The girls, ten of them minus Elyse, set-out for their group date in the jungle of Thailand. They met Joe who was raised in the jungle and knows how to thrive in it. He offered to show Colton and the ladies around and taught them some tricks about survival. This incuded how to eat certain things, and how to start a fire with elephant poop. Colton fessed-up to snakes being his worse fear and attempted to hold a snake. Then ran really, really far away!

The Bachelor 2019 week 5, Colton with snake

Pictured: Colton attempts to hold a snake. / ABC Network Copyright.

Next, the women were split-up into three teams to run off and get water in one hour. With the women being short one women with Elyse’s absence, Colton was on team two with Nicole, Tayshia, and Katie. Team one included Kirpa, Caelynn, Sydney, and Oneyka.

Team three was with Demi, Caelynn, and Hannah G. who took a ride to civilization and got some drinks and food. They called it thinking smarter, not harder.

Tayshia grabbed Colton for a make-out session in the jungle. Katie and Nicole walked-up on them and got jealous. Joe named team number one as the winners. When team three arrived back with champagne and burgers, it got everyone a bit annoyed. Except Colton who benefited from the taste of a cheeseburger.

Back at the house: Cassie got her date card which read: I”m looking for love deeper than the sea – Colton.”

Group Date after party: Colton told the women with Elyse going home, it makes him realize how important each moment is. Colton told Tayshia how much it meant to him when she pulled him aside in the jungle to give him a kiss. So, they kissed again this time on the beach with none of the women watching. He thanked her for making him feel special on the date. Then, it was Hannah B.’s turn for alone time with Colton. He praised her for kicking-butt in the jungle when she ate a bug. Then she told Colton that she is falling in love with him. Colton reacted by kissing her.

Onyeka took Demi to the side to privately tell her she doesn’t think Nicole is there for the right reasons and intended to tell Colton about it. Onyeka gave Colton the tea by telling him what Elyse told her about Nicole. That was that Nicole told her that she’s there to gain opportunities to leave Miami. Wow!!!

Next, Colton pulled Nicole to have a chat. He asked her point blank if she’s using the show to get out of Miami. Nicole denied it and said she’s there to find love. She flipped it on Colton and started crying and said she’s hurt that he would think that.

Then, Tayshia cleared-up the situation amongst the women with the comment that she heard first-hand from Nicole that was miscommunicated and stated that Nicole never said that. Colton gave the group date rose to Hannah B.


Cassie went out with Colton on a boat to explore. Colton said they are natural when it comes to their chemistry and it’s “easy with her.” Colton’s surprise to Cassie was that he took her to their own private island in Kaho Lak, Thailand which looked to be smaller than a football field.

Back at the house: The other women were jealous of Cassie and Colton’s strong connection.

Back to Colton & Cassie: They had some steamy alone time in the ocean. During dinner, Cassie brought-up the fact that Colton’s a virgin and she’s not. “It’s kind of a scary thing to think about different members of my extended family” she said for them to learn that she’s not a virgin. Cassie asked him how he did it. Colton reacted that he’s confident with who he is and that’s all that matters. Then, during time in Colton’s bed, Cassie told him it felt like she’s known him forever. He agreed. Colton told Cassie that he’s “crazy” about her. Hmmm…..that means he REALLY likes her but of course can’t say the “L” word yet! Cassie decoded what he said as well and was overjoyed! Cassie got her date rose.


Onyeka mentioned that going in, she never thinks she “has it in the bag.” Nicole brought-up the fact that she has to have the most important convo with Colton that she’ll ever have because of what Onyeka told him about her.

Tayshia gave Colton an original gift of lighting a lantern for them both to make a wish on, then let the lit lantern take flight. Colton loved it because she again made him feel special.

Demi gave herself and Colton “trust rings.” She told him that she’ll always protect him. Colton said his feelings are growing stronger for the women. He said his wife is there. “I know it.”

Next, it was Nicole’s turn to talk to Colton. She tried to explain that what Onyeka told him couldn’t be further from the truth. After Colton seemed to believe Nicole, she then threw Onyeka under the bus by telling him that Onyeka has been bullying her. This drama didn’t sit well with Colton. He reacted in his confessional “I don’t have time for that.” Then grabbed Onyeka to talk to her next.

Colton asked Onyeka about bullying Nicole and telling people that she’s “unstable.’ Onyeka denied it. She had the audacity to tell Colton that she didn’t want to talk about Nicole, but wanted to have a nice conversation with him when she was the one that started all the rumors to create the drama.

Onyeka and Nicole got into a heated confrontation about he said, she said immature stuff. In the meantime, Colton enjoyed some time with Katie with Onyeka and Nicole arguing in the background. Then, Colton got up to join them as they argued. It was awkward for everyone, including all the women who were NOT involved! The two women continued as if Colton wasn’t there. So, he got up and left. Then, things got quiet.

Both Onyeka and Nicole went to check on Colton. However, he wanted private time to himself. The women who were watching it were frazzled, then “To be Continued” flashed on the screen after an image of Colton walking on the beach alone.

NEXT WEEK: Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to better than this week’s! Colton is seen getting really steamy in a shower with Hannah G. It looks like she might be taking his virginity next week. All of the women are rattled by an incident. Then, Demi is seen crying and stating that she wants to beat someone up. Then, Colton is seen being really upset and holding his head down.



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