It’s Not Them, It’s Him! LOVESICK Movie Review

Posted on February 05 2015 by Editor

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It’s Not Them, It’s Him! LOVESICK Movie Review

Rated R
Starring: Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter, Ashley Williams, Chevy Chase, Kristen Johnston, Rachel Harris, Adam Rodriguez.
Directed by: Luke Matheny
Written by: Dean Young
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Ever felt like love (or lack there of) was literally making you crazy?! Well maybe it was. At least that’s the case in the movie “Lovesick” – not a remake of “Lovesick” from 1983 starring Dudley Moore and Elizabeth McGovern. This “Lovesick” stars Matt Leblanc (“Friends) as an elementary school principal named Charlie Darby who goes clinically crazy once he falls in love. Of course, this usually results in the other person falling out of love with him leaving him to feel depressed until the next one comes around. Sounds like a fun cycle right?!

On the surface Charlie Darby is living the dream. Great job, great friends, and no worries. Except one. His intense desire to be in love. After his latest relationship fails however he decides to date a very crass and unlikable person that he knows he could never fall in love with just so his heart won’t be broken again. His best friend Jason (Adam Rodriguez) and Jason’s wife Nancy (Rebecca Naomi Jones) are then forced to go on these atrocious double dates with Charlie and are completely grossed out by the things Charlie’s date does and says.

Right when Charlie stops looking for love is when love finds him in the form of a beautiful and nice woman named Molly who’s played by Ali Larter from television show “Heroes.” Molly happens to have a nephew at the school where Charlie teaches. At first, Charlie tries to stay away from her until finally his best friend Jason, who teaches at Charlie’s school, convinces him to give love a shot with Molly. This leads to instant love for both of them.

Lovesick, Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter

Pictured: Matt LeBlanc, Ali Larter

Unfortunately, Jason has also done some investigating with one of Charlie’s exes played by Ashley Williams (aka “Victoria” from How I Met Your Mother) and together they find out Charlie’s bizarre relationship antics of the past don’t just seem crazy. They are. Charlie has a condition that causes him to think and act in insane ways once he falls in love. This level of insanity causes him to create scenarios and cheating partners where they really don’t exist and act outrageously as a result. Now that he knows he has an actual problem he has to try to contain it with the help of his best friend Jason so he doesn’t blow it with Molly but that proves to be more difficult than he thinks it will be.

Not too far into his relationship with Molly he somehow puts 1 + 1 together and comes up with 4. Or to be more specific he puts together a sweatshirt Molly has for an unknown person and ends up concluding she’s cheating on him with Dr. Oz. Yep. He’s that crazy. This is where the crazy comes out as well as the funny. And as in any rom com the question is will the couple stay together or will his antics prove that being “Crazy In Love” only works for Beyonce.

Besides the help from Jason which he tends to ignore Charlie attempts to seek extra guidance throughout his love saga from two odd and hysterical characters who help round out the main cast. The main one is his weird neighbor played by Chevy Chase who loves to watch porn with Charlie while eating cereal. The other is the elementary school’s counselor played by Kristen Johnston (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) who isn’t qualified to give out advice to adults but it’s fun to watch her try.

This quirky rated R romantic comedy feels refreshing in a world where everything feels like a reboot, remake, or just a bad idea. The film’s writer Dean Young, who previously worked on TV’s “Community” and “King of the Hill,” wasn’t afraid to really push it to the limit with his lead character and it paid off. With a short running time of 100 minutes director Luke Matheny (Amazon’s “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street”) did a wonderful job of not wasting any scenes or minutes. Luke also made sure the crazy felt odd but we never stopped rooting for our leads. The brilliant chemistry between Matthew Leblanc and Ali Larter also make the film work at times where it could’ve slid off the rails. I’m not sure if anyone else could’ve pulled off some of the insane and rude things Matthew does while still getting the audiences sympathy and all the while remaining funny as well.

If you’re feeling lovesick a week before Valentine’s Day or just want to laugh while you see what the symptoms look like go check out Lovesick which opens in select theaters nationwide on Friday, February 6, 2015 & on all VOD platforms.

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I give this film 4/5 likes! Excellent movie! Something to tweet about! 🙂 – Written by: Myles Warden


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