Jennifer, Kelly War on THE VOICE Season 15 Blind Auditions Week 2 Recap

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September 25, 2018
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Jennifer, Kelly War on THE VOICE Season 15 Blind Auditions Week 2 Recap

The second week of “The Voice” season 15 auditions caused more upheaval from the coaches who were in battle with each other to win over the best artists for their teams. It was an all-out war between coaches Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson who went for the same artists multiple times throughout the night. Also, fierce compeition was a constant for Blake Shelton who repeatedly had to fight-off threats from rival coaches Kelly, Jennifer, and Adam Levine who were all out to get Country artists on their teams and at times, succeeded!

Then, there was the fifth coach Kelsea Ballerini who added two more artsts this week who didn’t get any chair turns from the other four coaches. Special guest and last season winner Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly) stopped-by to meet with artists before their Blind Auditions.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Dave Fenley

Pictured: Dave Fenley, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Dave is 39-years-old from Texas and currently lives in Nashville Tennessee. His earliest memory of music, he said, was singing with his Dad. For his Blind Audition, Dave sang Travis Tritt song “Help Me Hold On” which is about a guy and a girl and the girl is ready to walk out. Dave said he would love for both Kelly and Blake to turn.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

DAVE FENLEY Interview Below:

Dave displayed his B-Bop skills. Blake congratulated him on choosing a Travis Tritt song. It’s one of Travis Tritt’s greatest hits, Blake said. Kelly fought that she’s not just Country. Before they finished, Dave said his mom wants “a neck hug” from Blake. Blake said his team is for Dave, and added that he doesn’t want a song on the Pop charts. Kelly said Pop is what’s happening as she put on an actual crown.

Coach: Blake. Kelly said Dave’s mom totally trumped her crown…”whatever.” Blake said ironically, Queen Kelly was “dethroned by Queen Blake.” With that, Blake physically stole the crown from Kelly and wore it!


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Steve Memmolo

Pictured: Steve Memmolo, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Steve is 35-years-old from Boston, Massachusetts and everyone tell him he looks like actor Ben Affleck, who is from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Adam

Kelly said she wasn’t expecting him to look like that! Adam said he sounds like Areatha Franklin. But looks, like Ben Affleck. Kelly said she’s waiting for him to say “I’m Batman.” Adam said Steve is really special. Jennifer called his vocals “Dope and amazing.” Adam said his voice is there, but doesn’t want it to come off too sleek. Jennifer said she senses a hence of soul in his voice. Adam said Steve’s pocket is “ridiculous. “You can’t teach that,” Adam said, and Jennifer agreed.

Coach: Adam


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Audri Bartholomew

Pictured: Audri Bartholomew. Photo by: Tyler Golden

Audri is 19-years-old.

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Jennifer said Audri wearing a cape at her Blind Audition is – “that’s some Jennifer type of stuff.” Jennifer got on stage and sang the song with Audri. Kelly said whenever Jennifer turns, it’s intimidateing because she’s so good. Jennifer liked that Audri was brave enough to take on a song like that “Anyone who takes on a song like that deserves to be on team JHud.”


Rachel is 19-years-old from Virginia. She is blessed with the talen of being able to yoodle, which she did in her ‘Voice Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake

Blake told Kelly, “not only do I want her, I know what to do with her” because he IS Country. Kelly begged her to think “beyond Blake.” Jennifer asked Rachel when she started singing. She answered she started singing in church as early as she could talk. Blake said “country music has changed ever since it’s begun” and shocked that he’s still on the radio. He said it’s because there’s still a hunger for traditional Country music and he would be “honored” to work with her.

Coach: Blake. Rachel was excited and called it “a life-changing day.” Blake celebrated with the floss dance in front of Kelly. Kelly said she’s still going to fight to get a Country singer. Adam said Kelly has filled his shoes nicely and likes watching her fight with Blake. “There’s less stress involved,” said Adam.


Brent is 30-years-old. He said as a kid, he discovered that he could play anything on the radio and won prize money for singing a jingle. He said he’s on “Younow” which allows him to talk directly to fans. He was named the top live-streaming artist on the channel. The Voice will teach him “how to be alive when on the stage,” he said. Brent sang “Feel It Still.” Unfortunately, no chairs turned. Adam said “this sucks because the vocal was perfect.” But, he needed something to jump out a little bit more. Kelly agreed and wanted “more texture,” such as a falsetto. Jennifer said Brent was more of a producer and needs to trust his vocal more now.

Last season’s “The Voice” winner Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly stopped by to talk to young artists auditioning. Cevel, and Anthony were two of those artists.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Cheve Shepherd

Pictured: Chevel Shepherd, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Chevel is 4’10” and is 16 years old from Farmington, New Mexico. Her dad named her after the car Chevel and also thought it was a Rock Star name. She first started singing at age two. She currently sings at weddings and schools, as well as the National Anthem at baseball games. Chevel said she’d “freak-out” if Blake turned. “He’s Country, I’m Country.”

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake, Jennifer

Adam said he loves her and thinks she’s fantastic. Kelly told her she’s been dying to get a female Country singer and she can float in the Pop world. Kelly also told Chevel that she was just like her when she was young and noticed that she was in her head a lot. Jennifer said she turned because her voice was so pure and original. She also wanted to watch the battle between Kelly and Blake. Once Blake said “hello” to Chevel and she obviously melted, Kelly was threatened and ran over to stand in front of Blake yelling “no!!” Blake said it’s natural to be in her head. It took him 18 years to have a song on the radio and able to sing in front of millions of people. Blake said he’s had more time on the show and knows better how to “navigate.” Chevel revealed that she shares the same birthday as Blake. Kelly promised that she will still stick with Chevel as well as she has stuck with last season winner Brynn Cartelli.

Coach: Kelly. Chevel shocked everyone when she chose Kelly as her coach! Blake said his heart was broken. Kelly couldn’t believe it either and said in Country music “no one sounds like her.” Kelly said also, she used to own a Chevel car. Chevel said she had to go with Kelly because she liked what she said.


Bryan is 28-years-old. But, has an old soul. He sang a song that reflects how he feels about his girlfriend and having a long-distance relationship. He sang “Nothing Can Change This Love.” Unfortunately, no chairs turned for Bryan.

Blake said that performance was interesting. But, it never got back to the beginning energy level. Jennifer said to her he lost his way. Kelly said he has a “really cool voice.” Adam said for his Team, he’s looking for someone different and wants someone to try new things.


The one coach that turned for Delaney was Kelly Clarkson. After her Blind Audition, Kelly told Delaney that her head voice is so “flawless and pretty.” Kelly added that she reminds her of herself. “Don’t try to be flawless, just do it,” Kelly told her. She also said Delaney reminds her of past ‘Voice winner Cassadee Pope.

Chair Turn: Kelly

Coach: Kelly. Delaney was happy ot have Kelly as her coach because she said Kelly has come from similar circumstances as herself.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Anthony Arya

Pictured: Anthony Arya, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Anthony is 15-years-old from Santa Cruz, CA. He’s a Sophmore in High School and said it’s crazy to be singing on “The Voice” stage at age 15. He said he “started busting out” in San Francisco. Anthony sang “Danny’s Song.”

Chair Turn: Adam

Adam said he blows his mind and “your full situation and the way you engage with an audience is so special.” Adam is sure that the audience is going to fall in love with Anthony. Anthony said his musical inspirations are Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones…etc. Blake agreed that Adam is the right coach for Anthony. Adam said, “Anthony is different. We are kind of kindred spirits.” He added that there was something about him that was special. Coach: Adam


Natasia is 29-years-old. She said she’d want Kelly to turn because she’s the first person she saw in a singing competiton. Natasia likes Kelly because she’s remained authentic. Natasia said when she got married after high school, that took her life on a different path. At age 23, she realized that she needed to go her separate way and went to Nashville. Being chosen on “The Voice” would solidify all the risks that she’s taken, she said. Natasia sang “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Kelly

Blake said a vocalist like her, either one of Jennifer or Kelly would be perfect for her. Kelly said she likes the way she sat in the pocket. Natasia said she looks-up to Whitney, Mariah, Jennifer, and Kelly. Adam said it woud have been awkward if him or Blake would have turned which is why they’re perfect for her. Jennifer said she heard both JHud and Kelly in there and was looking for range. Jennifer said at JHud Productions, she’s done theater and film. Jennifer also added that she likes to use instruments to draw people in and Natasia is that type of singer.

Coach: Jennifer. Natasia she was leaning towards Kelly but her gut was Jennifer. Jennifer said what was funny is that Natasia sounded like Kelly to her.


Lynnea started her YouTube channel in 2010. She said her cover of “I Love You, I Hate You” got her a lot of attention and views on her YouTube channel. She now has over 200,000 subscribers. Her mom got arrested while dealing drugs. She sang “Location” by Khalid. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any chair turns. Adam said “there was a lot happening with your voice.” There was an ambitious amount and couldn’t see who she was. Kelly asked her to sing a ballad. Lynnea belted-out an Adele song. Jennifer raised her hands. She advised her to sing a song like that. “This is The Voice.” They asked her to please come back. Jennifer said they kind of missed out, but song choice is everything.

Lynnea was brought back by Kelsea who said she’s so young and deserving of a second choice She also said when she sang that Adele song, it was one of her favorite moments on the show.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, Kymberli Joye

Pictured: Kymberli Joye, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Kymberli aid she loves how Gospel music makes people come together. She had her first solo at age 12 at church. The excited reaction she got made her know that she wanted to sing for the rest of her life. She’s traveled all 50 states. In 2016 Kymberli sang as backup on the Tonight Show with Childish Gambino, and still sings backup. But, is not content with staying in the back. Kymberli sang “Run to You” song by Whitney Houston

Chair Turns: Kelly, (Jennifer was BLOCKED), Blake

Kelly Blocked Jennifer from trying to get Kymberli on her Team. Jennifer was shocked and furious. Kelly said she didn’t want to fight with Jennifer on this one, she just wanted her. In the meantime, they both ignored that Blake also turned. Kelly said she knew what she was up against, so she had to Block Jennifer. Jennifer told Kymberli that she can’t trust someone like that. Blake said he is the next obvious choice.

Because Kelly Blocked her, Jennifer became a cheerleader for Blake. Jennifer warned that Kymberli has to watch people like Kelly who talk really fast. But, Blake is a great teacher. Blake told her she’s meant to be on his team and he’s brought singers from all genres to the finale. Kelly said she thinks that her voice is insane. “Who can nail Whitney Houson like that, that’s insane!” Kelly told Kymberli that she only gets one Block per season and chose to use it on her.

Coach: Kelly. She said “since Jennifer’s out, Kelly I pick you!”



Reagan is 13-years-old from Memphis Tenn. She started-out singing at Grisley game at age nine. Her favorite coach is Blake Shelton because “he’s always had success with female artists.”

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Adam said he sees tears on her and he’ll have tears too if she chooses Blake! Adam called her voice “effortless to her power and percision” that was like Danielle Bradbery. Kelly stood-up for Adam who doesn’t have anyone Country on his team. She said Reagan is also soul, pop ballad. Blake said he’s been able to win with Sundance, Chloe, etc.. people that are all over the map. Adam called her “truly phenomenal.” and woud give the sun, the moon and the stars to work with her. Jennifer told Reagan that she clearly has the talent because they are fighting over her.

Coach: Adam. Adam said Reagan could win this whole thing and Blake knows it! Reagan said her gut told her to pick Adam.


Foushee and her mom are from Jamaica. Her mom was in an all-girl band and supports her music. But, pushes her for an education. Her mom also survived a bad car accident. Foushee sang “Redbone” song by Childish Gambino and put her own stamp on it.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Adam

Adam told her she has star power! He said he loves the most that he couldn’t figure her out “it’s like outer space voice,” said Adam. Jennifer said she hit B above C which “is off the piano” and couldn’t tell if it was a young male or female voice. That makes her unique stated Jennifer. Adam said there’s something about her that “transcends the technical” and he wants to be a part of it.

Coach: Adam. Adam said she has “some magic power” and doesn’t sound like she imitates any singer.


Wyatt is 22-years-old from Durham, North Carolina. He said he likes to sing at home and wanted to be a doctor as a young kid. He studied anthropology, surgery at Duke. Wyatt sang “River” song for his Blind Auditon. Unfortunately, no chairs turned for Wyatt. Kelly said he looked like a movie star because he’s “so handsome.” She advised him to come back and has to show them “too much”, falsettos, etc. Blake said the bigger notes is where the pitch problems came up which is probably just nerves. Adam also told him to come back because he’s “one performance away.” Wyatt told the coaches he’s heading-off to medical school to become a surgeon.

Wyatt was the fourth artist chosen by new fifth coach Kelsea Ballerini for online portion called Comeback Stage.


Chris is 27-years-old from small town America (Barron, Wisconsin). He currenlty plays 230 shows per year and gets told a lot that “how could that pretty voice” come out of him. He also plays for the troops. Chris mostly sings Country “but not afraid of Rock,” he said. He sang “Pride and Joy” song.

Chair Turns: Blake, Jennifer

Adam said he thought maybe he was a “rough, rough, ass female singer.” Jennifer said she heard the Blues and she almost threw her shoe at him! Blake said he’s from Oaklahoma which is nowhere near Wisconsin. Blake told Chris that his singing is “electrifyig and can take it into the finale. Blake also dropped the ultimate compliment by telling Chris his guitar skills is like Ricky Skaggs!

Coach: Blake. Blake said Chris is so talented and an incrdeible singer. Jennifer said it’s almost impossible to steal a Country artist from Blake. But, she’s going to continue to work.

Blake told host Carson Daly that he “has the team to beat right now.”


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2 Makenzie Thomas

Pictured: Makenzie Thomas, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Twenty-year-old McKenzie auditioned for “The Voice” season 14. She said after that, she was devastated. She’s been singing with a group called “Elevated Praise” since her audition last time. She sang “Big White Room” song by Jessie J.

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Jennifer called her voice “beautiful, effortless.” Jennifer asked her to sing something by gospel singer Le’Andria (Johnson) after Makenzie told her she’s a fan of hers. Blake called Makenzie a “dark horse” and might win it this season.

Daly asked the coaches what were they looking for in the remaining artists. Kelly said she’s looking for bold singers. Jennifer answered that “it’s not one thing.”


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 2, SandyRedd

Pictured: SandyRedd, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

SandyRedd is 35-years-old from Chicago, Illinois. Her and her brothers and sisters were background singers for their mom. She said she had to grow-up fast when she became pregnant in high school. Her mom passed away before her second son was born. Sandyredd started singing on every open-mic and opened a singing school in honor of her mother. said she wants to prove that you can provide for your family throush your dreams. Sandy sang “River” and immediately got chair turns.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Adam, Kelly, Blake

Jennifer threw her shoe at SandyRedd. Adam placed his shoe on stage, and Blake placed his cup there too! Adam took his shoe away and told Sandyredd if there’s chance, he’ll put his shoe back. She said there’s a chance! Kelly, for the first time, was speechless. Blake said she deserved for him to hit his button even though it’s a long shot. Sandyredd brought her family out to the stage. Kelly said Sandy redd was “like fire…magnificent” and doesn’t care who she picks, she can’t wait to see her win the show. Adam said he cares – “you should do this and you should do it on my team.” Kelly said she could hear rock, soul and country and Sandyredd is too good to block herslef into one thing.

Coach: Kelly. She went with Kelly after she told her she didn’t care who she picked, just wanted to see her win.



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