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JEOPARDY! – Enters the Social Media World!

Posted on April 26 2011 by Editor

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GSN and Sony are bringing fans of “Jeopardy!” the ability to play “Jeopardy!” online via Facebook. The new game was developed by GSN Digital, and Sony Consumer Products Inc.

Jeopardy! on Facebook!

According to a press release: Players will compete in three fast-paced, shortened rounds and can make “wagers” on Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy! The Facebook game also includes several interactive twists. During the first two rounds, each dollar amount and category can be played only once, making for a high-energy competition. Players have the option to respond or use “Jeopardy! Boosts”, a new gaming option that allow players to either double their score or pass on a clue.

In addition, if players do not know the correct “Final Jeopardy!” response, they can ask a friend for help and win back half of their wager if they’re correct.

Players can track their final totals from a players scoreboard which tracks weekly and all-time top scores. Players can also earn “Gold, Jeopardy!”’s exclusive in-game currency with every episode, which can be used to purchase additional episodes and Boosts. Players can invite friends to play via their Facebook wall and news feed.

Every player will receive two free episodes on their first day and have the chance to accumulate additional free episodes during their play. A free episode is awarded to those who have played within the previous 8 hours.

“Wheel of Fortune” Facebook application was launched in September 2010. Since then, more than 200,000 have played each day.

You can start playing “Jeopardy!” on Facebook here:


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