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Jeopardy!: Watson’s Final Face-Off

Posted on February 16 2011 by Editor

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Tonight will mark a milestone in game show history as “Jeopardy” wraps-up its three day game challenge that pits IBM machine “Watson” against two human players – Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

We asked our own resident tech expert his thoughts on the “Jeopardy” machine challenge. He stated: “It’s a bit confusing as to why they give the computer questions via text message. However, throughout the show, Alex talks to it and it talks back. If it has voice recognition, then why also text? Unless they are leveling the playing field with the other players who also see the questions written”. He also stated that he thought it was good that the avatar made use of color to show Watson’s mood.

Watson's servers

His final thoughts were that “there has to be some more of an input device between the avatar and the computer” other than what they are showing and telling the viewers.

It is reported that last night’s episode has Watson leading previous “Jeopardy!” champs. The final episode airs tonight. Check your local listings.


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  1. Diane Says:

    The men vs. machine was disgusting. What a terrible waste of energy and effort of “great minds”, never mind the 4 years it took to create “Watson”. So what that he can answer questions on Jeopardy? What is so “great” that a computer (so programed) can out-buzz 2 humans and answer most questions correctly? Why not put all that effort into “Watson” for some quick info retrieval or other USEFUL problem solving. Just because he can go on Jeopardy and win, does not mean he is a useful, or even cost efficient “hunk-of-junk. Obviously those who created “Watson” knew from trial and error testing he would be successful on Jeopardy. It was just a disgusting side-show and way to recoup some of the “gazillions” of dollars inexcusable wasted on “Watson”. Now, how about a reality check question. Just how dangerous is a thinking, evolving, jam-packed-with-information, quick-as-lightening computer, to the future of humanity?

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