500 Calories A Day Diet – THE BIGGEST LOSER Jillian Michaels Talks!

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500 Calories A Day Diet – THE BIGGEST LOSER Jillian Michaels Talks!

The Fit Expo and Evolution Fitness Conference had a nice treat for fitness gurus and those trying to get into shape, “The Biggest Loser” personal trainer Jillian Michaels was there to give a half hour motivational speech in an open forum where fans and other fitness experts were able to get their questions answered by her. For the first time ever, Michaels offered her well-known proven to work 30 minute intense workout called 30 Day Shred at the conference.

Jillian Michaels, Fit Expo Los Angeles

Pictured: Jillian Michaels answers fitness questions at Fit Expo L.A.

Michaels has trademarked her workout and simply naming it “Bodyshred” which is a 30 minute workout. Fitness trainers in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle will be able to become a certified “Bodyshred” instructors and bring the workout to locals in those cities.

During the conference, Michaels discussed a wide range of topics included in a healthy lifestyle that consist of family, happiness, training, economics and advice for other fitness instructors. She also had at her side her “ass man” whom she said is helping her to get rid of her “second butt”. Along with her “ass man” Michaels also brought a small crew of work-out trainers who joined her in the 30-minute body shred class offered during the conference after her inspirational Question and Answer session .

How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy:
Michaels said, “If you are the parents that go to the buffet and you sit in front of the TV and you watch hours and hours of television, your kids are going to role model that. The number one goal is to get your health in order and take care of yourself and your kids will follow suit. For kids it’s about making it fun for them. Getting them into activities that they love.”

She said that she is honest with her child who is three-and-a-half years old by offering her balance with some negotiation. She tells her she’ll get a treat from a healthy source such as organic cookies from Paul Newman or Unreal Peanut Butter Cup if she eats so much of the healthy meal that is put in front of her.

Michaels said she tells her kid who loves Katy Perry what Katy Perry eats (which is Kale) and now she wants to eat Kale. She said parents have to tell their kids what the people who they look up to and admire eat. Michaels said, “It’s probably not Taco Bell”.

Why Jillian Might Not Be the Right Trainer For You:
One question posed to Michaels was how to get to clients who aren’t about the intensity. She said at the end of the day, “I’m not the right trainer for you.” Start asking them those leading questions of why did they come here in the first place – “Maybe they don’t want to have a heart attack at 50, maybe they DO want to wear a two-piece bathing suit again in this life time. Maybe their weight IS making them insecure in the bedroom.” She said allowing them to arrive at the conclusions that are going to motivate them is key, and it doesn’t mean that “you have to kill someone in the gym. You know what they want to do and you push them to do it.”

Michaels stated that the daily calorie burn contestants are 8000 for women, and 6000 for the men. She said, as the go along in the training, the calories allotted are less, and less. She credits that the show is down to a “Science”. We consider it the Olympics of weight loss. Its taken us years to fine-tune it. It’s nothing that I’d recommend (for the average beginner dieter). “If someone can lose 100 lbs in six weeks, then maybe you can do it in six months.” She said people need to keep in mind that the people on the show are heavily supervised.

Jillian’s Definition of Happiness:
Michaels said, “I think of happiness as I’m winning more than I’m losing. I’m laughing more than I’m crying. I’m doing things that I love even if I’m failing at them, which happens a lot. And if I can get out of bed and say five days out of the week ‘this is what I want to be doing.’ Of course with anything there’s going to be work, there going to be things that you don’t want to do. But, if the end result is something desirable. If the end result is that why is worth the how, then I’m happy and I find that when I’m in my truth and I’m authentic with myself, I’m happy. Even if it didn’t go right. Life is not meant to be pure bliss. You don’t learn anything if you win all the time. You only learn when you fail. That’s how you learn.”

Losing Vanity Pounds:
Those pesky little last few “vanity pounds” are always the toughest for dieters to lose. Michaels suggested a strategy that seems a bit impractical – a 500 calorie a day diet! She said, “Vanity pounds are very different than if you have 50 pounds to lose. If you go to the doctor right now, you’d be a picture of health. What your body considers healthy is to have a slightly higher percentage of body fat if you were to have a child or if you had a period of starvation because our genes haven’t’ caught up to McDonalds yet.”

She said, “What your body considers healthy, you are esthetically unhappy with. Can you trick your body? The answer is yes. The way to do it is to create no more than a 500 calorie deficit a day. A lot of people are saying they are working out and eating only 1200 calories a day. Your body is going to adapt to you environment. If you have all this energy going out and very little energy going in, your metabolism is going to slow. The key to that is no more than 500 calories a day. A very clean diet. For me, I’ve decided that it’s not worth it. I like just a little bit of ass back here,” she said while grabbing her rear-end. She said she has the backside from drinking wine, and says it’s worth it to have the wine which she refuses to give-up.

Get Healthy Cheap:
For clients who can’t afford the gym and, or a trainer, she said , “If they don’t have the money, walking is free. Can’t afford to go organic, make smarter choices. Buy in bulk, go to the Farmers Market, pick thick skinned fruits and vegetables that have less pesticides. Eat less meat, clip coupons, buy frozen. There’s a million things you can do.” She also advised people to seek out tips on how to save money from vast majority of sources.

Michaels offered up an online fitness program that she, Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser), and celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson are part of called “Fit Fusion“. People can workout at home along with the trainers online for $5 a month. She said there are over 200 hours of workouts. She said ultimately, “you can give people the information. You have to teach them that it’s worth it. Eat less, move more. End of story. The question is why are so many people struggling with that? You have to help them connect with their life. Why are you here? Why did you come to me. What do you see for yourself down the road. Some people are not ready, and it’s not up to you to make them ready.”

Keep Your Ego Out of It:
Michaels said in regards to other trainers being their best, it’s about being humble. “Be passionate about what you do. That matters. that s going to keep you getting up every morning and invested. In any field, don’t think that you the know it all of the answers. There’s always something new in the world, a different perspective. Or a different way to approach it. There’s not one way. Keep it fresh. Work out with different trainers, take different classes. Don’t ever presume that you are one and be all or the best of the best. Because you’re not. I know what I know. I want to know what my peers know. Keep your ego out of it and keep a very open mind and always learn new things.”

It’s Good Enough:
The bottom line Michaels said, “We all have things about our bodies that we don’t like.” She said she wishes she was taller, and that she didn’t have “a bubble butt.” She said that celebrity airbrushed photos makes it seem that there is a perfection that is obtainable and there isn’t. She tells people who’ve lost the weight and are left with extra skin, that it goes to show what they can accomplish or look how far they’ve come. You could go on a quest (of perfection). Michaels said like the time when she tried to laser off the cellulite on her butt. She said she was left burned and with dimples still. She said she went through a time where her mind set was “I will get everything perfect, then it gets to the point where you’re like, ‘no, that’s enough.’ There has to be a point where you say, “this is good enough.”



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