Keep Calm, More Steals on The VOICE Season 12 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

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March 22, 2017
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Keep Calm, More Steals on The VOICE Season 12 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

With the season 12 ‘Voice Battles Rounds now finished, the coaches have one last chance to steal artists from other teams during the “Knockouts”. Most coaches pitted incredible talent that were on the same level which made it that much tougher to let one go. Thanks to Adam and Gwen who got their steal action on, fewer of those talented singers went home.

Missing this season is a Key Adviser which would be present for all of the coaches to help their teams during the Knockout Round. Newly added this season is the presence of each Knockout competitor during Knockout rehearsals. Each artist now sits-in and listens to their competition during their rehearsal performance and coach’s critiques. The word “intimidated” has never been used so much on “The Voice” until now. This is the word almost every artist used to describe their feelings while watching their competitors’ rehearsals.

Blake placed his name-calling to Adam from Adam’s wardrobe, to his hair. Adam was showcasing a blonde top with shaved sides on his head. This prompted Blake to tell Adam that “2003 called, and it wants it’s fohawk back!!”



Voice 12 Knockouts, Chris Blue, Quizz Swanigan

(l-r): Chris Blue, Quizz Swanigan. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake remembered that Chris was the very last contestant to audition. He said he texted the coaches in a group text that Chris is going to win the show. Blake added that Chris has a great opportunity to have Alicia as a mentor and to help send him on a path. Coach Alicia called Quizz “incredible” and is afraid of what he might do in the future (in a good way). She told Chris that he turned into a “wild and crazy animal.” KNOCKOUT WINNER: CHRIS. Alicia said “Chris is undeniable and tore this whole building up.” She said he can do R&B and pop songs.

STEAL: Gwen stole Quizz because it’s a “no brainer” and he’s so talented at 13-years-old.


Voice 12 Knockouts, Hannah Eyre

Hannah Eyre. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Autumn sang “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Hannah Sang “Bleeding Love’. Blake said Hannah has great range in her voice and chose her. Alicia said she loved the ruggedness in Autumn’s voice. She thought they were both brave for their song choices. Gwen said there’s something magical about Autumn, but picked Hannah. Coach Adam said to Hannah “it’s miraculous that a 15-year-girl gets up there and does that.” But, Aretha is such an ambitious choice for Autumn. Adam ultimately went with the one singer whom he thought he wouldn’t be able to live without (in the competition). KNOCKOUT WINNER: HANNAH. Adam said she’s so young with so much potential.


Voice 12 Knockouts, Hunter Plake

Hunter Plake (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Hunter picked “I Want to Know What Love Is” because his dad was in a band that sounded similar to Foreigner. Johnny had been in a band for 13 years and he’s solo for the first time on “The Voice”. Johnny chose “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga to sing without his guitar. His song choice reflected his life of having a million reasons to quit music, but hasn’t.

Adam said Hunter tapped into something deeper and would reward that and his artistry by picking him. Blake called Hunter “a new species” that they haven’t seen on “The Voice” and also picked him. Alicia called Johnny the guy version of Gwen and picked him. Coach Gwen said there’s something so positive about Johnny and did an incredible job. She said she got to know Hunter really well in such a short amount of time. Hunter happen to pick a song that’s on Gwen’s make-out play list. KNOCKOUT WINNER: HUNTER. Hunter called it “the most insane moment” of his entire life.


Voice 12 Knockouts, Casi Joy, Felicia Temple

(l-r): Casi Joy, Felicia Temple. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said of Casi and Felicia, one is country and one is pop. They both have powerful voices. Casi chose “My Church” song by Maren Morris . Blake advised Casi not to blow out her voice on really high notes. Felicia chose “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

Alicia was annoyed that Blake paired the two together because they’re both so good. She said Felicia gave her chills when she sang Celine Dion. Gwen was “shocked and scared” for Felicia, but got chills as well. Adam said he’s a fan of Casi, but hearing Felicia was like her climbing Mt. Everest. Yet, he still chose Casi. Coach Blake said there’s no stopping Casi. KNOCKOUT WINNER: CASI. Felicia thanked Blake for stealing her. She said last year she was on chemo. She’s now cancer free.


Voice 12 Knockouts, Josh West

Josh West (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Johnny picked blues song “Statesboro Blues” and sang it really bluesy. Josh is a rocker at heart and selected “Carry On Wayward Son” song by Kansas. Blake said Johnny has such a stage presence and was fun to watch to perform. Making reference to a kick Josh did while performing, Blake said “then Bruce Lee came out and kicked a fly. He said his vocals went up to a different level. Alicia said she thought Johnny did an incredible job. But liked how Josh didn’t hold back and it doesn’t hurt that he’s 18-years-old. Gwen acknowledged that the song Josh sang is almost impossible to sing. She compared his kick on stage to ones that she does. She wanted to see more of Josh. Coach Adam said Johnny keeps getting better. Josh sang one of the hardest songs for a male vocalist. No surprise – KNOCKOUT WINNER: JOSH. Adam commented, “Josh’s voice is always powerful and always precise.”


Voice 12 Knockouts, Ashley Levin vs. Lilly Passero

(l-r) Ashley Levin, Carson Daly, Lilly Passero. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Ashley is the first Country artist to work with Alicia who stole her from Team Blake. Ashley sang “Fancy”. Lilly sang “Tears Dry On Their Own” by Amy Winehouse. Ashley was intimated by Lilly. Alicia said they both have strong voices and it will come down to who puts in the work that will determine the winner. Gwen said Ashley’s voice is “so familiar,” and Lilly really played the role and was really strong. Adam said Ashley’s growth is incredible. But, he went with Lilly. Blake said what’s interesting with Ashley is she’s a “raw cannon.” Lilly is calm, cool and collected He went with Lilly. Coach Alicia said the choice is “really, really hard.” Ashley’s song was really complex and hard to do. But, she did it. KNOCKOUT WINNER: ASHLEY. Alicia wants to bring out Ashley’s “country soul.”

Voice 12 Knockouts Steal, Lilly Passero

(l-r) Carson Daly, Lilly Passero. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

STEAL: Adam and Blake pushed their buttons to steal Lilly. Adam said he believes that she has what it takes to win. Blake pointed-out that it’s the second time he’s pushed his button for Lilly. She chose Team Adam. Adam said Lilly has a “charismatic, powerful and incredible voice.” Lilly chose Adam because he’s so bold and loves what he’s done with his artists in the past.



Voice 12 Knockouts, Anatalia Vilaranda vs Dawson Coyle

Anatalia Villaranda, Carson Daly, Dawson Coyle (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Anatalia is 17-years-old. She chose “Two Black Cadillacs” song by Carrie Underwood. Anatalia said there’s a little bit of Country in her. Alicia planned to determine the winner by “who wants it more…You can tell who wants it.” After their performances, Gwen told Anatalia that she has so much confidence and power. Adam told Dawson that the song has been hard for every artist to sing on “The Voice.” But, Blake said Dawson sang it well. Adam picked Anatalia. Blake told Dawson that he’s been one of his biggest regrets because there’s something special about him. Coach Alicia said Anatalia surprised her again with that song choice. She loved hearing Dawson sing that song. KNOCKOUT WINNER: ANATALIA. Alicia’s reasoning was that Anatalia is so capable and so powerful.


Enid sang “When We Were Young” by Adele. TSoul sang “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding. While watching him rehearse, Enid called Tsoul “the unicorn. There’s no one like him.” Alicia said she loved his bravado and showed a unique side of his voice. Enid surprised Alicia with her emotional side during her performance. Gwen said TSoul sounded like an old record, “that’s so cool” and she felt like she knows him. “The emotion that comes out of Enid ‘is really incredible.” Adam said he’d choose TSoul and wanted to hear more of their own style and not who they were singing.

Voice 12 Knockouts, TSoul

TSoul (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake said Enid never ceases to amaze him. He said TSoul has that vintage thing, “it’s crazy”. KNOCKOUT WINNER: TSOUL Blake said TSoul is one of the more soulful artists in the competition and he had more of an edge over Enid.


Voice 12 Knockouts, Aaliyah Rose vs. Brennley Brown

(l-r) Aaliyah Rose, Brennley Brown. (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

This was a Knockout Round of the youngsters. Aaliyah is 14-years-old and Brennley is 15. Gwen said Aaliyah’s voice is modern and she compared her to Rihanna. Aaliyah chose “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Gwen stole Brennley from Blake during the Battles. Brennley sang “Up to the Mountain” by Kelly Clarkson.

Adam said the difference between Aaliyah and Brennley is 12 months. “It’s a lot of time when you’re developing your voice.” He said that one year is the difference that Aaliyah needed. Blake told Brennley that she is doing what she is born to do. He said Aaliyah’s voice doesn’t sound like anyone elses’. Alicia loved Aaliyah’s song choice. Brennley has this way of zooming in to her space. Alicia called it “impactful.” Coach Gwen was “devastated. She said Brennley was this surprise that she didn’t know she was gong to get. She called both of them “amazing”. Gwen based her decision on that knockout performance KNOCKOUT WINNER: BRENNLEY. Gwen said “I never imagined having a country artist but she really moved me.”

Voice 12 Knockouts steal, Aaliyah Rose

Aaliyah Rose, Carson Daly (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

STEAL: Blake stole Aaliyah in the midst of Gwen and Aaliyah’s teary goodbyes. Blake said she has this old voice for being only 14-years-old, and it’s fascinating to him.



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