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Kelly Clarkson Blown Away on THE VOICE Season 13 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

Posted on October 30 2017 by Editor

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Kelly Clarkson Blown Away on THE VOICE Season 13 Knockouts Week 1 Recap

On Monday, “The Voice” began it’s last round before the Live Playoffs – The Knockouts. For this, Key Adviser Kelly Clarkson from “American Idol” fame was brought to critique the artists with their coaches. Blake called Kelly an “old friend”.

The Voice 13 Knockouts week 1, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

During the Knockouts, the aritsts decided what songs to sing. They also got to watch their opponents during rehearsals. In this round, the coaches have one last Steal each that they can utilize. Two of the coaches used their steals during the first night of Knockouts.


Blake paired Adam and Esera together because of their “emotional” voices and range. Adam chose “Either Way” by Chis Stapleton. He said it’s who he is. Adam called his wife his best friend. Blake said he liked Adam’s choice because it showcased his range. Kelly said Adam does have a Chris Stapleton “lived-in” voice.

Esera chose “Superstar”, the Luther Vandross version. He chose the song for his 83-year-old mother who’s health isn’t well. Blake said Esera could win the Knockout if he throws all his emotions into it.

Jennifer said Esera’s notes sored and he captured the moment. Adam capitvated her and it felt like HIS song. Miley said she liked Adam’s simplicity and made it about his voice. Esera, she siaid had a huge performance. Adam Levine said Esera has a quality aobut him that everyone tuned into him. Coach Blake said it’s a tough Knockout.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Esera. Blake said there’s nothing on this Earth like Esrea.
STEAL – Adam Levine stole Adam because he wanted a Country artist.


The Voice 13 Knockouts, Shi'Ann Jones

Pictured: ShiAnn Jones — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Lucas sang “Tell It Like It Is”. Shi’Ann chose “Who’s Loving You” by Michael Jackson. Kelly and Jennifer were surprised that she knew that classic song since she’s only 15-years-old. Shi’Ann said her father introduced her to music with Michael Jackson songs and the song shows her range and what she wants to do as an artist. Kelly advised Shi’Ann to think about a boy she has a crush on while singing the song. Jennifer told her don’t look at it as a song but as “an interpretation.”

Miley said she loved the different layers to Lucas’ voice. Shi’Ann, she said in her opinion, won the Knockout. Adam called Lucas a “freak”, and “you do not expect this dude to come out here and does what he does.” He called Shi’Ann a powerhouse voice. Blake said Shi’Ann’s voice got a little bit busy, but maintained control. Coach Jennifer said Shi’Ann picked the perfect song for this moment.



Adam put his two steals together – Addison and Dennis. After their Kockout performances, Blake called Dennis an incredible guitar player. He gave it to Addison vocally. Jennifer said the melody is already in Addison’s voice. She called Dennis’ stage presence amazing. But, wanted to hear more presence in his voice. Miley said Addison’s voice was as close to pitch perfect as one can get, and called them incredible. Coach Adam said Dennis’ transition to guitar player and he’s not a background singer, but a lead singer. With Addison, Adam said, when she sings, the way “you do it, it feels like everything’s going to be okay.” He said everyone in the room felt that.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Addison. Adam said Addison can win the whole thing and her fans are going to worship her.


Janice chose the song “I’m Goin’ Down” by Mary J. Blige because it’s about her life. She battled cancer. Plus, Janice wants to be a soul artist. Kelly said “Janice is a force”. Miley said Janice’s voice is meant to sing Mary J. Blige.

Karli said she’s been going to school for music for the last 2 years. But, working with Miley challenges her. She gravatates to folk artists like Linda Ronstadt. Kelly said Karli’s voice is sweet and sexy, “a force to be reckoned with.” Miley said she wants Karli to allow the song to have all the emotion because she’s going up against Janice. Karli sang “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt.

Adam said he would go with Janice. Blake said what Karli did in her lane was at the top of her game. So sweet and powerful. Janice in her lane, in the top of her lane, blew the roof off. Blake voted for Janice Jennifer said they took her to two different places and wanted to throw her shoe. She said they both held their own which is amazing. Coach Miley said she is so proud as a coach. Their talent level is completely equal and there’s nothing wrong with their performances.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Janice. Miley said Janice showed all her range. “She showed us all her texture. So, I had to pick her.” – Miley Cyrus


Jennifer said she wants to see who connects the most. Eric said he wants to be an R&B artist. He has an academic background in music, but has grown as an artist on the show. He chose “What’s Going on” by Marvin Gaye to show off his jazz background. Kelly said Eric has an “insane jazz voice about him”.

The Voice 13 Knockouts, Davon Fleming

Pictured: Davon Fleming — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Davon said Eric “paints the song from top to bottom.” He said he has to go back to his church background and chose the song “I Can Only Imagine”. . Kelly told Davon that him singing reminded her of when she heard singers in church as little girl and wanted to have that. She told Davon that she felt inspired by him.

Miley said Davon gave them all the textures of his voice. Adam called Davon is ridiculous. Adam said Eric should be performinging at a bar in outer space because he’s not of this world. Blake said with Davon, he felt like he was at church and transformed the room. Coach Jennifer said she takes her hat off to them, they are Extremely gifted.

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Davon… She said Davon brought something extremely special into the room. “He transcended it and not everyone can do that.” – Jennifer Hudson


Miley paired Ashland and Chloe because they both have raspy voices. Ashland chose “Dead or Alive” song by Bon Jovi. Miley said Ashland could be the female Chris Stapleton. Kelly told Ashland that she’s going to be a force in Country music. Chloe said she was in an Alternative Rock band in Nashville. Chloe called Miley “amazing” as a coach. Chole chose “Landslide” song because it’s emotional, and she build her life around other people. “This is the first time I’m doing something for myself”, Chloe said. She made Kelly tear-up durig her rehearsal performance. Then Ashland cried too.

Jennifer said Ashland is a star even though she was nervous Chloe made it her moment. Adam said Chloe broke-out in this moment. Blake said Ashland gave a pitch perfect, awesome tone song. Blake said Chloe had a connection with the song and they all felt that connection. He voted for Chloe. Coach Miley said Chloe did an amazing job and is so talented. “This breaks me down”, said Miley. She chose Ashland.

The Voice 13 Knockouts, Ashland vs. Chloe

Pictured: (l-r) Ashland Craft, Carson Daly, Chloe Kohanski — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

KNOCKOUT WINNER: Ashland – who said she wasn’t expecting it. Miley said she really believes in Ashland and she’s her country artist.

STEAL: Blake and Jennifer fought to steal Chloe. Jennifer said she saw Chloe’s passion and wants to be part of her journey and thinks Chloe could win the show. Blake said he specializes in winning the show. He told her he’s wanted her on his team each time she’s on stage.

Chole said she went with her heart and chose Team Blake.


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