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Kelly Goes Opera on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 3 Recap

Posted on March 17 2020 by Editor

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Kelly Goes Opera on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 3 Recap

The third week of “The Voice” season 18 Blind Auditions had the coaches saving their dwindling spots for some stand-out talent. For Blake Shelton, the struggle was real who was finding it difficult scoring some of the artists. Things looked-up when one contestant referred to Blake as “the King.” New coach Nick Jonas quickly learned the ropes to his new coaching job and became “more selective” with the spots on his Team. Caches experienced auditions ranging from an opera singer to an artist comparable to the late great James Brown. The first artist of the night was Anaya Cheyenne who is 16-years-old


Anaya said she posts cover videos on YouTube.  Anaya is from Connecticut.  She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she  stays with her Aunt due to her pursuing her dream.  She’s thankful for her mom allowing her to live away from home.  Anaya sang “I’ll Never Love Again.”

Chair Turns: 
Kelly, Blake

John said in the beginning she sounded like she was a little young, a little “shaky, nervous.”  But, the runs she did were “stunning” and “it was really exciting.”  Nick said to be so young and have a sensitive voice and “give us all the feels was really impressive” which is why he steered her towards choosing Kelly as a coach.  Not Blake!  Kelly said she didn’t have her range at 16-years-old.  She said all the things Anaya can accomplish with her range “is incredible” and technique is her jam.  Kelly added that she has her wheelhouse and can steer her in making an album. 

Then it was Blake’s turn.  He said it wasn’t just that she went from high to low. It was all the stops she made along the way.  He claimed that Anya is directly in his wheelhouse too.  He added that sometimes the greatest combos of artists/coach are the ones that no one is expecting.  She still went with Kelly Clarkson.    Kelly said Anaya “is pretty crazy ahead of the game” with her king of range.   Kelly’s Team is currently all female.

The next Blind Audition was quite unique with the artist singing well-known opera tune “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.


Chair Turn: Kelly

Pictured: Mandi Thomas — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Kelly Clarkson was the first (and only) to turn her chair to this opera singer whom viewers didn’t get a video package before her Blind Audition, hence, experiencing her audition just as the coaches did.
She revealed that she’s from Memphis, Tennessee.  Mandi said she was classically trained since the age of eleven.  Kelly said she answered her prayers because she’s been wishing for an opera singer.  Blake said “the opera thing, I just don’t have a clue.” Mandi said she sings Country too. Kelly said the good thing about being classically trained is that you can navigate through different genres.  Kelly promised that Mandi will be able to sing whatever she wants to on “The Voice” but wants to revisit opera often on the show.


Ari is 27-years-old from Calabassa, Ca.  Her parents have always encouraged creativity, she said.  Her mom is a French teacher and her dad, Jean Pierre is a musician from Paris who said he found in Los Angeles, what he was looking for. Ari is part of a band called “Lucy” which is pop, Rock, Soul.  She’s also a journalist where she interviews musicians.   Ari sang “The Joke” by Brandi Carlile.

Chair Turns:  None

Blake said it’s disappointing “for all of us” and she was so close.  “That’s when we should push” and that’s when they get in there to work with her.  John said she challenged herself because it’s a difficult song to master.  He loved the ending because it was “a revelation” to him because she made it her own and it was really special.  He urged her to come back because she’s ‘right there.”  Nick advised maybe a different song choice so they can hear her top register sooner.  Kelly said “it wasn’t connected.”  There were cool moments, then hesitancy.  She said to “take this and just grow as an artist.”  

John said having only ten artists this season means he can be more picky.


The next audition was shown from his back and guitar, letting viewers concentrate predominantly on his voice.   He sang “The Times Are a Changing.”  He’s from Eden, Wisconsin.

Chair Turns:
  Kelly, Blake, Nick

Kelly asked other artists that he’s interested in.  Jacob answered he’s into ragtime, early jazz music, and folk music which are all very inspiring to him.  Jacob, who is 29-years-old, said he would have chosen the 1920s for his style and music taste, admitting he doesn’t like the things other young people like.  He traveled at the age of 21 where he picked-up tricks and tips on music.   Jacob said he wants to introduce this music to the younger generation.

Kelly said the same thing, stating the she’d like to introduce people to his music with his own spin on it.  Blake said Jacob has a very specific thing that he does that he needs to be protective on the show and doesn’t want to be part of an experiment.  John added “what a powerful performance that was” and “we need more artists” like Jacob on “The Voice.”  Nick said he’d like to spend some time with Jacob in the studio and teased that he and his brothers are prepping for their next stages of their album and thinks it’d be interesting to collaborate with Jacob.  John asked if he was offering a spot on the Jonas Brothers to Jacob.  Nick said, just as a collab.   That seemed to seal the deal.  Because Jacob chose Nick Jonas.

Blake said he’s struggling today.  But, it’s about who wins in the end and that will be Team Blake.

JON MULLINS (Team Blake)

Jon, who is 32-years-old, was so happy to have his wife with him seeing him perform on “The Voice” stage.  He’s been married for five years.  His wife fell and hit her head and suffered from brain damage. She needed speech therapy.  Jon sang “Don’t Give Up on Me.” 

Chair Turn:  Blake

Blake Shelton didn’t have to fight other coaches for Jon because no one else turned.  He called it the “greatest day” of his ‘Voice career.  Kelly said they probably don’t know what to do with Jon in Nashville because that voice is “very big!”  Blake agreed, that it’s a voice that could win.  Nick said he will try to Steal him if he becomes available.  Jon said being on the Team of “the King”…  Kelly said “don’t drink the Cool-Aid.  It’s tainted!”  Blake said Jon has a huge voice with perfect pitch.  It’s like “The Voice” God gave Jon to him, Blake said. 

Nick said Blake is the King of deception.    Nick also noted a “pro move” of Blake’s getting a one chair turn.  Essentially waiting til the last minute to turn which is what he did in next artist, Jacob Daniel Murphy’s Blind Audition.


Chair Turn:  Blake

Jacob is 27 years old from Elkgrove, Ca.  Nick was shocked because he didn’t expect it to be Jacob singing by his sound and thought he “messed-up.”  Blake told Nick that he “screwed the pooch.”  John said the quality of his voice is “exceptional” and  he’s got a very successful coach.   Blake said he’s having the best day because he felt like he was robbing a bank by landing Jacob.  No other coaches turned around.  Blake said Jacob has great pitch, and a huge range.  

ZAN FISKUM (Team Legend)

Pictured: Zan Fiskum — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Zan is 22-years-old from Seattle, Washington.  She loves the music scene there, but it’s expensive to live.  She lives in an RV, or “tiny house” on her parent’s property where she pays rent every month.  Her genre is singer-songwriter, Indy-Pop, and Folk.  She started a band and gigs throughout Seattle.   Zan sang “Light On,” because it’s a song about finding your own independence and Zan called “The Voice” the chance to step-out on her own with her own gifts.  Nick turned almost immediately, followed by John.

Chair Turns:  Nick, John, Kelly

Blake called it “incredible” and probably deserved a 4-chair-turn.  But, he’s the “ass-hole” who didn’t turn.  John pointed-out that his wife grew-up in Snohomish, Washington.  Blake said “cool, pick John!”  John said he was waiting to be inspired all day, and that Zan has a beautiful tone, and she has the power in her voice, yet settle, ethereal quality.  Nick asked Zan about being in a band, and doing her own thing now.  He could relate because he took a break from his brothers.  But, when they came back, they were stronger than ever.  He said it would be an honor to coach her.  Kelly told Zan that her tone comes with “reverb” which gives her “presence without really trying” and she turned because Zan sounds “magical.”  She chose John Legend

John said he had been waiting to turn all day but was waiting to be inspired and is so excited to work with Zan.  Zan said it was an honor that she was the first person that John turned for today.  


Chan is 23-years-old from Chicago, Illinois and is 6’10” tall.   His parent are “giants” with dad being 6 feet and mom at 6’4″.  Chan said he loves basketball but music is in his heart.  He played a lot of Indy-Rock and played at the House of Blues.  He said he’s played music every day.  Chan sang “Groove Me” song for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: None

Blake was the first to ask “my God, how tall are you?”   Blake said there was more emphasis put on movement than singing.  Nick said he can’t believe that he has to agree with Blake.  He said singing his falsetto wasn’t for him.  So, he took lessons and got better.  Kelly said this setting wasn’t the perfect environment for his talent.  Kelly said who wouldn’t want to party with Chan.  But, she wasn’t inspired to push her button.


Roderick is 38-years-old and has been singing for a really long time.  He’s from Miami, Florida.  His older brother was in Kris Kross group which was successful.  When Roderick was 17-years-old, he started his own band which was together for more than a decade.  He decided to leave the band and move to California.  He split from his wife whom he has a child with.  He wants to show his son the courage to dedicate his life to something.  Roderick sang “Back at One” song which got Nick to push his button right away.

Chair Turn:  Nick

Blake noted Roderick’s footballer physique and asked if he plays for the Miami, Dolphins.  Roderick answered that he’s a better singer.  Nick said he was transported back to when he first heard the song.  John said Roderick’s tone sounds like Nick.  Nick said he felt like he just robbed a bank and thanked Roderick for “blessing” them with that performance.  “The other coaches are crazy for not turning and I got away with highway robbery,” stated Nick.


Jules is 15 years old and is a Sophomore in High School.  Jules gained confidence and started to find her voice.  She began writing music at age 10 and started gigging at age 12.  She gigs at charity events, and restaurants.  Jules sang “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant, and changed it up with different runs and melody.  

Chair Turns: Blake, Kelly

John said because he didn’t know the song, he stayed out of it.  Nick told her it was a great performance and has a great tone but needs to work on control and lower register.  He liked that she did her own arrangement and she took a big risk.  But, he’s going to sit back and watch Kelly and Blake fight over her while he eats popcorn (pulls out real popcorn). 

Kelly disagreed with Nick on her lower register and said she has Celine Dion lungs going on.  Her low register is on-point and using her own arrangement shows artistry.  Blake stated that he has a close kinship with Arizona and is a big Cardinals fan.  Blake said it was impressive how she dismantled the song and put it back together.  Blake said he doesn’t care that she’s 15-years old.  He cares about how talented she is and they can make it to the finale.  Kelly asked what kind of record she wants to make.  Jules said Pop/Rock.  Kelly said that’s interesting because she’s also Pop/Rock.   Jules went with Kelly Clarkson.  Jules said Kelly was very complimentary about the way she was singing.  

After that, Kelly realized how she needs a man on her Team because as of Jules addition, she had an all-female Team.


Jared is 22-years-old from San Francisco.  He learned to play the guitar by ear. Literally “a ear” because he’s deaf in his right ear which makes communicating difficult Jared said.  Jared’s mom urged Jared to watch “The Voice” during Maelynn’s season who also had a hearing impairment and won “The Voice” (Team Legend) season 16.  Jared does bar gigs, weddings, and art gigs.  He makes $9 for a one hour show.  But, said music is something he wants to do for the rest of his life.  Jared  sang “(I Cant Get No) Satisfaction.” 

Chair Turns:  None

John told him he has a “ridiculously cool tone” and the only thing that stopped him from turning was some pitch issues.  Nick said “cool vibe overall” and was hoping to hear a softer side with that stronger tone that has more impact.  Blake said that gravely, natural rock voice is “so cool”  and a note that landed oddly stopped him from turning and needed him to turn it up a notch.

Nick said he’s become more selective with the spots on his Team.


Pictured: Michael Williams — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Michael 18-years-old from Mason, Ohio.  His family is into sports with a dad that played basketball, baseball, football.  When he was 11-years-old he did baseball and musical theater.  When he was diagnosed with a digestive disease, he stopped musical theater.  Michael said he’d like a coach to bring-out the emotional side to his performances.  He sang “You Say” song.  Nick turned his chair in the last seconds of Michael’s Blind Audition.

Chair Turn: Nick

Kelly said he looks like a young Tom Cruise, who he gets a lot.  She told him she loves his voice and his falsetto once his nails it.  Nick said from the advice of his big brother Blake, it’s their job to coach these artists.  It’s their job “to take the potential and make them the best they can be,”  Nick said he sings in his falsetto for about 60 mins of their 90 minute show every night and it’s something he had to work hard on.   Nick proclaimed that he was glad that the other coaches “slept” on him and he got him.

The last artist of the night, Mike Jerel, played on the keyboard while belting-out “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” song, commanding chair turns from Nick and John right away. 

MIKE JEREL (Team Legend)

Pictured: Mike Jerel — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Mike is 31-years-old from Ashburn, Georgia and in Kelly’s words, “lit the room on fire” with his Blind Audition performance.  He was raised by his Grandma and played drums while she performed at retirement communities.  When he graduated, his band performed 5-6 nights per week.  In his grandmas memory, he still performs in retirement communities after she passed-away.  Mike said he thanks his grandma for always being a positive influence. 

Chair Turns: John, Nick, Kelly, Blake

John said he hears so much in the way he plays and sing.  Everything was done in a level of confidence with a voice with so much fire!  John told Mike that he grew-up playing in church and singing with his grandmother and would love to coach him.  “We’ll go far in this competition,” he told him. Kelly said they could tell he was playing the piano which is why she almost didn’t turn.  But, can’t wait to see what he shows them in the Battles and Knockouts. 

Blake said he thought Mike sounded like a girl because he was singing notes in a place that was “incredible. ” Blake predicted that Mike will blow people away every time he gets onto the stage.   Nick said it would be nice to make the choice that no one expected,  So, go with him and they’d “win this thing,”  John said Nick is “very good at this and he’s brand new.”  But, Mike should go with someone who has already won “The Voice.”  

Kelly made an excellent point when she said every pianist that’s come out here is on John’s Team.  But, no person that plays piano is on their Teams. She told him that he would stand-out on her Team, plus he’s be the only male.  Kelly invited Mike’s mom out onto the stage. She asked who she picks.  She said “John.”  Mike chose John Legend.  John said he turned quickly because Mike has so much passion and energy, like James Brown.


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