Kelly’s Ultimate Block on THE VOICE Season 14 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

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Kelly’s Ultimate Block on THE VOICE Season 14 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

It’s the third week of “The Voice” Blind Auditions for season 14. The coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys are getting down to the wire of getting their Teams filled as they get more selective of which arists they’ll turn for. As of the beginning of Monday night’s show, Kelly had yet to use her “Blocked” button. But, then decides to pull it out when it really counted. The final night of Blind Auditions for the season is in Tuesday’s show.

The Voice 14 Blind Auditions, Kelly Clarkson

Pictured: Kelly Clarkson (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


Stephanie lives in Nashville. Both her and husband were signed to a small label and were in a band that toured the country. They had to quit the band after her husband accepted a high paying job. Stephanie admitted to dealing with abandonment after her dad left her and her mother. She sang “Piece by Piece” which is Kelly Clarkson’s song about a similar situation. Before her audition, Stephanie was aware of the teams filling-up. Kelly freaked when she heard her song.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Kelly was crying and said “the fact that you picked that song was cool.” Kelly told her she was so thankful she sang that song and her team is filling up. Adam reacted with “the heart and the soul is there. The only place where I’d ever want to start.”
Blake said he knows a lot about Kelly’s story by being her friend. “I just feel like there’s a lot of connections that we have here. It’s a no-brainer.” Adam said no one better to help her technically than him.

Stephanie chose Adam because she said it felt like he saw within her. Kelly said she already has a lot of Pop vocalists on her team and is looking for something different.


Tish Haynes Keys: “Chain of Fools”

Tish is 37-years-old from St. Louis Missouri. Tish modeled herself after her mother who was a singer. Tish was pregnant at age 14. “It was extra hard for me because I couldn’t buy her shoes, or clothes.” Tish said her daugher made her grow-up and made her do beter for herself which is a blessing. She started her own band in 2013 and works at United Way. Tish is longing to take her music to a higher level. She sang “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. Kelly was immediately pumped.

Chair Turns: Adam, Kelly

Blake said he’s sitting there with almost a full team which was why he didn’t turn. Kelly said “no one sings like that except for Aretha Franklin.” She added that on her team, she’ll let her fly and she can come on tour with her anytime. Alicia said she already has “soulful” voices on her team and that’s why she didn’t turn. Adam said it would be disrespectful to the art of singing to not push his button on a show called “The Voice”. Adam added that Tish has to push herself to try different things which will propell her to unbelieveable things. Tish said she started singing Maroon 5 songs at weddings.

Tish said she watched Kelly from the beginning and cried the night that the world met her. But, she wants to grow and be diffeerent. So, she picked Adam. Adam said there probably isn’t a more technical singer on the show than Tish.


Bransen works as a “Genius” at an Apple store. Bransen sang Don Williams’ “Tulsa Time.”

Chair Turns: Blake, Adam

Adam fought for Bransen by stating, “you’re a genius from the Genius bar. Don’t be a PC about this.” Kelly said Blake does work with artists after the show. But, with Adam you won’t have much compititon on his team. Blake said with him, he’ll work his butt off and will make him a better singer at the end of the day.

Bransen chose Blake.

Kelly was getting selective about who she was turning around for because she was down to three spots left on her team.


Teana is 16-years-old from Stockton Ca. She’s an R&B singer with a 4.0 GPA. Alicia Keys is her motivation. Hence, she sang “I Ain’t Got You” at age 10 in a talent show. After that, Teana started singing in fairs. For her Blind Audition, Teana sang “Unfaithful” by Rihanna.

Chair Turn: Kelly.

Kelly turned at the end. Kelly said it wasn’t until the very end when Teana flew up on the register. Alicia told her it was “super beautiful” and a hard song to sing. It was a “brave choice.” Alicia said there was some beautiful stuff that she did at the end. But, she’s looking for more of an Indy artist.

MIYA BASS (Team Adam)

The Voice 14, week 3 Blind Auditions, Miya Bass

Pictured: Miya Bass (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Miya knew that the teams were almost full before her auditions. At her ‘Voice Blind Audition, Miya said “today will be the best gig of my life.” Her parents and sister are all police officers. Miya turned-down a police officer position . She wants to sing, and perform. Miya impressed Adam the most when she sang Julia Michaels’ “Issues.”

Chair Turns: Adam

Adam was the only one that turned. Blake said congrats! But unfortunately she’s on Team Adam. Alicia said the only reason she didn’t turn was because she has specifics that she’s looking for. Adam said he’s worked with that artist of the song Julia Michaels and said they’ll work on getting her out of her head. “You are super, super dope!” Adam said Miya is awesome and she was approaching Julia’s song differently and made it hers.

LIVIA FAITH (Team Alicia)

Livia Faith is 17-years-old from Kentucky and plays a ukulele she named “Henry”. She’s been singing at local events since age nine. For her Blind Audition, Livia chose to sing old song “Dream a Little Dream” by The Mamas and The Papas. She was hoping for Blake to turn his chair, which he did!

Chair Turns: Kelly, Blake, Alicia

Kelly and Blake turned at the same time. Alicia turned at the end. Adam said her own arrangement on the song shows a lot. She said her mom introduced her to the song. Kelly said Livia is so different that it will set her apart from everyone on the show. Alicia said she likes to take oldies and twist them on their head. Livia said she likes that too. Blake said there was no question that he was going to turn. Blake added that with the right coach, they can take these songs and make them different than anyone else. Alicia tried to woo her by singing “Earth Angel.”

Livia chose Alicia surprisingly. Alicia said Livia’s voice is “so beautiful and so pure. I know what to do and I’m excited about this.” Kelly said she loves how different and quirky Livia is.


The Voice 14 Blind Auditions, Jordan Kirkdorffer

Pictured: Jordan Kirkdorffer (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Jordan loves working with spread sheets and loves his job as an accountant. But, music is his passion. He’s from the small town of New Paris, Indiana with a population of a little over 1,000 people. He has to move pigs from time to time and loves singing to them while he’s doing it. After high school he went to Nashville. Jordan currently sings in church, and has never sang on a big stage like “The Voice.” Jordan sang Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Adam called Jordan’s performance “multifascade” because there was cocuntry, R&B, other styles. “There’s very little to poke holes in,” Adam stated. Blake said Brett Young is like Jordan and heard a little bit of George Strait in his voice. Then, Adam pointed-out that he turned his chair before Blake. Kelly told Jordan that he will stand-out on Adam’s Team. Kelly said she hopes he does something bold and something vurnerable on whose ever team he choses.

Jordan chose Blake. Blake said he has a great voice and a great attitude. everthing points to this guy being a “solid contender.” Jordan said he’s always dreamed of being on Blake’s team and maybe he can no longer do accounting.


The Voice 14 Blind Auditions, Shana Halligan

Pictured: Shana Halligan (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Shana is from West Los Angeles and forty-four years old. She’s from a musical background with her father being one of the founding members of legendary band “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Shana’s had her musical ups and downs In high school, she was in and out of production deals. At age 30 she started her own band and had music in a TV show or commercial every year for years. Then it ended. Shana described her voice as very “soultry and floats around.” She’s ready to be a solo artist and “The Voice” is perfect for that. She sang “Bang, Bang” by Cher.

Chair Turn: Alicia

Alicia said she sensed a mix of Florence and Sia. She has a clarity of unique individuality that she’s excited to experience. Adam said she’s so different. Alicia liked that Shana was turned to the side asking for whatever she was asking for in the song. Alicia predicted tht Shana is gonig to be one of the most interesting people she’s ever worked with.


Gary is a 26-year-old choir director. He works with a youth choir. “Teaching the kids is one of my favorite things to do.” Gary wants to inspire them the way his Grandma inspired him. He currently works as an IT assistant. Gary stated that The Voice will catapault him. He sang “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye with his own spin. He sings with a Top 40 band in Dallas, Texas.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Adam thanked him for singing a song that he needed to hear right now and everyone else. When Gary said his Grandma advised him to “find the song. Create the story,” the coaches asked for her to come out onto the stage, which she did. “Your voice is soft and it does float. Then there’s moments where it absolutely punches you in the face,” said Blake. Alicia loved how he made the song his own. Adam said there’s something about what Gary does that transcends him.

Gary chose Adam. Adam said Gary is “a badass.” His voice is smooth but still has some edge to it.

Kelly’s stragdey was to block Alicia Keys


Mercedes is a 16-year-old from Miami, Florida. Her parents are from Venezuela. She’s developing herself as a Pop artist. She said it’s her parents’ American dream to see her on “The Voice.” Mercedes said singing is the only thing that gives her confidence. Mercedes sang Adele’s “All I Ask.”

NO Chair Turns. Adam and Kelly said they were close to pushing their buttons. Adam told her to come back because she deserves it. Kelly told her she did the song justice. But, she’s just looking for something specific and encouraged her to NOT stop singing. “You have a gift from God.”

Kelly still hadn’t used her block yet. Adam advised her to “always block Alicia.”


The last artist of the night was Hannah Golebel who now lives in Nashville.
She’s an R&B singer and says it’s different. She’s known as the black sheep of the family because she didn’t go to college. Her parents are supportive anyway. She sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. She can see advantages with any coach. But, Blake could really knock-down some walls in Nashville.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Adam, Blake, Alicia

Alicia was Blocked! Alicia said her voice has “such power.” Kelly blocked her because she knew Hannah would pick her. Kelly related to Hannah by telling her she lives in Nashville too! Blake said “your dream was to work with Alicia Keys and Kelly used this moment to block her.” And crushed her vision she had for herself. Blake told Hannah that he loves her. “I will go down bleeding to get you on my team.” Adam said if she can get the artist themselves along witih all them to turn around that’s something speical that he’d like to be a part of.

Hannah chose Kelly. Hannah said it was a huge honor that Kelly used her Block to get her.



Genesis is from Miami. Her biggest infuences included Alicia Keys. She sang Kesha’s “Praying.”

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Blake turned at the very end. Blake said he was afraid that Genesis would mistakenly feel a connection with Adam due to his Miami style shirt! Blake had one spot left on his team and wanted her to complete Team Blake this season. Adam told her he thought of a lot of ideas that she can thrive on the show.

Genesis chose Adam. Adam said that song requires a big voice and she has it!


Sharane is a security guard. But, she wants to sing full time. Sharane sang “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran. She said the song has meaing to her and she’s going to release all her pain out onto the stage. She’s a Kelly Clarkson fan.

Chair Turns: Alicia, Adam

“That was so powerful. Your voice sounded like perfection” Alicia reacted to Sharane’s audition and asked her about her background. Sharane said she didnt grow-up with a family. She was adopted and put all that pain into her music. Kelly said that’s what makes a great artist. Sharane chose Alicia.



Dallas is 17-years-old from Santa Rosa, Ca. She started singing at age eight and started playing guitar not long after that. She also started writing music at a young age. Her hometown was hit with the second biggest wild fire in California history. She sang “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson to dedicate to her community.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Adam, Blake

Adam didn’t think he stood a chance between Kelly and Blake. Which was true! Blake said it’s one of the most sacred Country songs of all time and Dallas couuld be the next LeAnn Rimes. Dallas chose Blake.



His parents divorced when he was eight years old. He and his mom moved in with his Grandma who inspired him to get into music. His grand mother is currently battling brian cancer.

Chair Turns: None

Adam said he knows the song so well, it messes with his head. Kelly loved his voice. But, said she was looking for more variety.


Jackie’s idols include Kelly Clarkson. Jackie is 22-years-old and had to rebound after a depilitating car accident. She was hanging half way out of the car. Jackie had short-term memory loss and didn’t know if she’d sing again. It took two years of recovery. She got her musical mojo back after her Aunt gave her a keyboard it gave her the drive to keep going. Jackie sang “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini.

Chair Turn: Adam

Adam said it was the best Country thing he’s ever heard. Adam said he’s never been more excited about a one-chair-turn in his life. Kelly had one spot left and was still looking for something specific.


AMBER SAUER (Team Kelly)

Amber is from Paradise, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. Amber has always known she was adopted but wondered about her biological sister whom her biological mom kept. She got to meet them and her sister was at her audition to support her. Amber said she wanted the coaches to hear her strength and her fight.

Chair Turn: Kelly

Kelly heard what she was looking for at the end of Ambers audition and pressed her button. Kelly said she was so happy that no one could turn their chairs. She asked who her influences are. Amber responded “you.” Kelly said she would have fought like hell for her. Blake requested the family to be brought out which they did.


Kelly said she was waiting or someone to blow her away.

NEXT WEEK – “The Voice” Battles begin! The show promises to bring some of the greatest Battles in Voice history. Coaches will be able to steal again this season! The coaches will also bring-in mentors to help prepare their teams. Alicia will have Shawn Mendes; Adam will bring-in Julia Michaels; Kelly’s mentor will be Hailee Steinfeld and Blake’s is Trace Atkins!



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