Kelsea Takes Kelly Clarksons’ Place on THE VOICE 20 Battles Preview

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February 26, 2021
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May 10, 2021
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Kelsea Takes Kelly Clarksons’ Place on THE VOICE 20 Battles Preview

Pictured: Ryleigh Modig, Gean Garcia -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

John Legend didn’t turn for either artist and said he questions himself as a coach.
Nick said, “I feel like I mishandled this pairing.”  
“The Voice” season 20 Battles will get off to a somewhat bumpy start when coach Kelly Clarkson had to stay at home due to a sickness.  She assured everyone that it wasn’t Covid.  Clarkson was not feeling well and according to the Covid guidelines at most places of work, if an employee is ill they are told to stay at home.  Which is what Kelly did.  She said they wouldn’t let her come to work although she wanted to.
Her good friend and past ‘Voice adviser from season 16 and Comeback Coach Kelsea Ballerini sat in Kelly’s place during the day that Hollywood Junket was in attendance on the set.
Our ‘Battles sneak-peek below is a snippet of some of the ‘Battles that viewers can expect this season along with transcripts of some of the coaches’ reactions.   A behind-the-scenes comment from a crew member was that “The Voice” producers intentionally wanted “more audience shots” who are seen virtually behind the coaches.
Every coach has one Steal and one Save to use during the Battle round.  John told Kelsie that he has “no advice” for her because “we’re trying to defeat you.”  John said “if you see someone that’s amazing to you, makes you feel goosebumps, that’s the one you keep.”
Kelsea told Blake that her dad looks like Blake and he gets stopped in the store!

Pictured: Victor Solomon, Deion Warren — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

John Legend chose the pairing because they’re both soul singers.  They sang the song “You’ve Got It Bad.”  After their Battle the coaches responses were: Blake said both of you guys are a shock to me.  He said about Deion that “people really pay attention when you’re on stage.  “As much as I loved watching your perfect pitch thing I heard that I didn’t hear from Victor.  Nick said he turned for both of them in the Blinds.
The two artists danced on the stage during their Battle. Some of the coaches took notice.  Nick stated that the dance moves were amazing.  Really evenly matched Battle.  But, lot of room for improvements from both.  Your vocals were top notch.  Kelsea said she felt like she bought a ticket to a show.
John thought that they both sounded really good.  “I was not their dance consultant.”  He wanted to be clear about the physical performance.  He said, visually they had to display that they wanted to move to the next round.  Victor exceeded and went beyond…exceeding John’s expectations.  He felt like they worked on it together.  John called their performance “high quality and entertaining.”
Battle Winner: Tune-in and watch on NBC.
Cam is 18-years-old, and Emma is 25-years-old.  They sang “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay, (also their Team’s Advisers) and Justin Bieber.   The coaches’ reactions:  Nick thought it was a perfect song choice.  “I thought Emma sounded great.”  He added, you took liberties which got distracting at times.  But, the vocals are solid.  “Overall, well-executed.  He said she had a pure tone that made her stand-out.    He said Cam has a  gift and also stands-out and thought his choices were “tasteful.”  He went with Cam.
John said Nick Blocked him when he wanted Cam on his Team.  He’ll let bygones be bygones.  He thought their performance was “lovely.”  Cam sings with passion, fire, and conviction.  “I really love Emma’s voice.”  John said he also loves listening to Cam.  He could go either way.
Kelsea said she wants to see Emma own it more, and said Cam at 19 is confident and congrats for being so awesome!  Both did a great job at making the song their own.  Blake said Emma in rehearsals maybe didn’t do enough of a job of selling.  He thought she needed to look alive.  He noted the moments when she looked alive was when she wasn’t singing.  On the flip side, we listen with our eyes also.  It’s frustrating that you’re a great singer.  But I don’t know if you know you’re a great singer.  With Cam, Blake said, you were so in tuned.  Your performance and your presence on stage.  You look like you were born to do that.  The future for you is so bright.  Music and performing is your thing.  Blake added that Emma has a gift.  “You’re so much more than being someone’s backup singer.

Pictured: Ryleigh Modig, Gean Garcia — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Gean is 19-years-old, and Ryleigh is 18-years-old.  They sang “P.O.V.” by Ariana Grande for their Battle song.
Blake reacted to their Battle that he was at a disadvantage because he had never heard that song.  “When you guys sing together it is so in-tuned,” he told them.  He’s never seen anyone perform like Gean (intense).  Blake said he would pick Gean.  He added that Geae sang it great, and “cool to see…like he’s performing from a different dimension.”  Blake told Ryleigh that he’s so mad at Kelly.   He asked Kelsea “why did she (Kelly) pair these two together?  It was a bad decision.   Ryleigh is the kind of artist that the coaches sit there and wait for season after season.  But, both of them deserve to be on the show.  And they’re the kind of artists that the show needs to keep it fresh.
Nick said Ryleigh’s voice is magical to listen to.  He would die to write songs for her.  He can see that she’s more than “the Voice.”  He said Cam is really impressive to have a game plan and to be so young, and have that game plan.  You can’t coach that.  You have it or you don’t.  Nick didn’t know who he’d choose.
Nick and John both said they’d hover over their buttons for Steals.  John Legend didn’t turn for either artist and said he questions himself as a coach. “Both of you I should have turned for,” he said.  Because they are both interesting artists with unique voices and approaches.  He said, “Gean, my only issue is on the pronunciation.  Open up your vocals a little more.  Your vocals and range are so cool.”  Ryleigh gave a slightly better performance.
Kelsea said “Kelly’s told me about you (to Gean and Ryleigh).  Your singing from your guts, from you souls.  Both of their dads are singers.  It’s obvious that it’s innate in both of them.  She said sometimes when an artist takes their guitar off, they don’t know what to do with your hands.  But Gean  didn’t have that issue.  There was a bit of a pitch issue in the beginning that he corrected.  Kelsea told Ryleigh that she makes her want to buy her record.
During the taping, one of the executive producers stepped-in to talk to Kelsea.  Our computer feed got temporarily cut.  Which means we didn’t see what immediately happened after that.  When the feed was restored, Kelsea called coach Kelly Clarkson on the phone.  Nick said ask her why she’s not here.  John said this is unprecedented.  Kelly (who was on speaker phone) said she put Gean and Ryleigh together to see which one sounds better.  Kelly stated to Kelsea – “knowing that the other coaches are interested in my Team.  You can pick whoever.” Blake said Kelly sounds fine (not sick)!
John and Nick both hit their STEAL buttons for the non-winning Team member.

Pictured: Devan Blake Jones, Dana Monique — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC


Dana and Devan sang “I’m Stuck on You” song for their Battle.  John commented that it was a little hard for him to hear  “when the band is playing big, it’s hard to hear the vocals.” He did love the energy, charisma, and music ability they bring to the stage.  He added, “I think Devan is a great vocalist and has so much fire.  Dana was executing better, more natural and on-point the whole time.    Kelsea said Dana exceeds so much confidence and is magical.  Devan flipping to falsetto was like magic when he did it.
Blake reacted to Devan’s performance “if I could pick a winner based on badass that was a knockout.  “We all know that Dana is incredible.  Devan did a good job of stepping-up to the plate and made him better.”  Blake added “that was a tall order” and picked Dana.  Nick said “Dana, you’re really special and something magical.  There’s a joy that surrounds and makes the work place more fun.   Nick said, “I feel like I mishandled this pairing.”   He said they should both be proud of their performances.
Battle Winner: Tune-in and watch on NBC.
Carolina is 17-years-old from New Jersey, and Rio is 16-years-old from Michigan.  They sang “Somebody I Used to Know.”
Coaches reactions: Kelsea said her favorite thing about their Battle was when they winked at each other and said they love each other at the top of their performance.  “That will get you so far.  It made my heart so happy.  The stamina you both have on stage is impressive,” said Kelsea.  Blake said I love both of your first names.  I’m going to say something that is going to be unpopular.   Maybe it’s the younger generation where you affect your voice with these vowel sounds.  It’s all I can hear.  He said “Rio, I think you’re an incredible vocalist.  But, because of those vowel things, I can’t hear the lyrics.  Carolina did that less.  So, I was able to hear the song and what’s going on.  Id’ go with Carolina.”  He added that even though Rio has a bigger voice and range.
Nick said he agreed with Blake.  “I think you finessed it well.  The power in Rio’s voice is impressive.”  He compared her to theater performances.  Carolina has a powerhouse voice.  She finessed her way through it with Rio and still was able to shine.  The voice and vocal performance is the most important piece.  His pick was Rio because her voice will keep growing.
John loved how confident and composed they were and showed commoderity to each other.  I feel like both of you were born to be singers.  He noted that it will be tough to decide who to send home.  “Carolina, your range is just stupid incredible,” and “moving forward, how to deploy that gift.”  He told Rio, “you have an interesting way of pronouncing things.”  He acknowledged that she has a powerful voice and a unique tone.  John also said Rio does a lot of daring things with her voice.

Pictured: Jordan Matthew Young, .Keegan Ferrell — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Jordan is 35-years-old from Texas and Keegan is 21-years-old form Indiana.  They sang “Calling All Angels” song for their Battle.
Nick reacted to Keegan’s performance,  “from your Blind to your Battle you have grown quite a bit.  That can’t be because of the coaching.  It seemed like I was watching an awards show.” He said it was like two pros going head-to-head and building each other.  Jordan was having fun.   He told Keegan to “enjoy it more.”   He called Jordan “one to watch in this competition.”
John found them both compelling and enjoyed the performance.  He told Jordan that he looks like a star. “But, I found Keegan’s performance more enjoyable to listen to.  I felt like Keegan’s voice was flawless.  Going forward, hopefully you’ll find more of an engaging way of stage presence,” John said.
Jordan spent the last ten years touring.  Kelsea said it made her really love that performance because it seemed like he missed it.  She stated, with Keegan, when he went to a high note, where did that come from?  “It felt like he’s hungry.  That’s a gift,” she said.  Kelsea was impressed by both of them.
Blake’s reaction was, “you guys couldn’t be more different.  “I mean look at you for God’s sake.  Musically it worked.”  He pointed-out the fact that  Keegan produces music.  On the flip side, Jordan who’s playing in bars, etc, and marching band.  Jordan was a huge band nerd.  Blake told them, “you both killed it.”  He thinks that Keegan has a little way to go.
Battle Winner: Tune-in and watch on NBC.



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