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KILLER KARAOKE: Cheap Shock TV, Heckling Overdrive!

Posted on October 14 2011 by Editor

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KILLER KARAOKE: Cheap Shock TV, Heckling Overdrive!

A new singing competition game show is currently in production for the TruTV network that is not of the same format as others such as FOX’s “The X Factor”, “American Idol”, or NBC’s “The Voice”, and “The Sing Off”. This singing competition show has a small monetary prize of $10,000 attached to it for those not if they can sing the best, but how well they can survive their singing challenge! The show is called “Killer Karaoke” also known as “Sing if You Can” in the United Kingdom.

Balcony overlooking the stage and fake wall.

These challenges are typically of the disgusting nature that are intended to make contestant singers stop singing. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was on the set yesterday and saw some creative ways to distract contestants. One contestant faces-off another one. There are three sets of contestants per show. The studio audience votes of the two, which one they thought got through their challenge the best. However, audiences get attached to contestants’ back-stories or how much more difficult one contestants’ stunts may be versus their opponent’s. For these reasons, the voting is swayed and can be unfair.

Some examples of stunts that we witnessed were: a cactus maze with real snakes at the end; hot wax done to a hairy male contestant; two sweaty, smelly, obese back-up singers rubbing themselves against the singer contestant; and a mixture of ingredients (dog hair, paprika, pepper, oatmeal, cigarette butts being blown onto a contestant who was drenched down with a sticky substance.

Final three contestants on the wheel (right).

In the final round, the three contestants that won their matches have to battle each other in one final stunt. Yesterday’s stunt was that they had to all simultaneously straddle a spinning wheel as a song is playing. Whomever stayed on the longest won the grand money prize which by the way, is not necessarily the full $10,000. In order to win the $10,000 the contestant must stay on the wheel for the entire length of the song. The final money amount is based on the length of time that they are able to stay on the wheel. The contestant that won, walked away with $4,201.

Steve-O on the set "Killer Karaoke".

The host of “Killer Karaoke” is Steve-O from MTV’s “Jackass”. An expert in living on-edge, possibly the most famous adrenaline-junkie and pioneer stuntman, with all that said, Steve-O is not the best choice for a host of this show. “Killer Karaoke”, a visibly low-budget show – one example -producers had one camera man double-up and also act as a manual wall-mover on the set, didn’t help when they hired a personality whom, by no fault of his own, is not used to reading a teleprompter, has a very short-attention span, and kept challenging what the writers wanted him to say. When he wasn’t doing that, he was telling real-life sex stories from his past to audience members. On the second day of filming, grabbed two different male contestants’ genitals! One was on a dare, and the other one happened while a contestant was wearing balloons and Steve-O hit his hand down there on the contestant.

Most of the time, Steve-O comes off as sounding very rehearsed and un-natural. The show’s catchphrase that he has to say while exiting the losing contestant is: “There are no sore losers on Killer Karaoke, only sore singers!”

The whole show is a cheap-shot at shock-TV. Hoping this one won’t be around long enough to bring respectful shows down the tube.


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