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La’Porsha’s Baptism on AMERICAN IDOL Top 3 Recap

Posted on April 04 2016 by Editor

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La’Porsha’s Baptism on AMERICAN IDOL Top 3 Recap

This week on “American Idol”, the Top 4 got to return to their hometowns for a brief visit where they reunited with family and friends. Each contestant got to perform live in front of their town’s fans.

The second half of the show was devoted to the judges and mentor Scott Borchetta’s picks to sing. Also tonight, La’Porsha’s daughter returned to the judges panel. They last saw her during La’Porsha’s ‘Idol audition.


American Idol 2016 Top 3, MacKenzie Bourg

He visited a pediatric hospital and put on a concert. MacKenzie’s first song of the night was “Halluah”. Keith reacted, “I love the most when you play and sing. That was superb.” Jennifer told MacKenzie that the performance “reflects who you are as an artist and called it “classic.”
Harry was taken-back, It almost seems that you’ve come complete full circle.” He said that performance was like when they saw him the first time and called it “very strong.”

Jennifer Lopez who has a voice-over role in the new “Ice Age” movie announced that the winner of “American Idol” season 15 will have a song recorded that will be featured in “Ice Age.’


American Idol 2016 Top 3, Dalton Rapattoni

Dalton visited a local radio station, then went-in for a touch-up at his mom’s hair salon. There was a huge crowd of young fan girls there to welcome him. The local town had a parade before his live concert. Dalton’s first song back on “American Idol” was “Calling You” by Blue October Jennifer said he belongs there and really knows who he is “it felt great,” she said. Harry said “you do really well with great lyrics,” and said he’s a smart guy and likes how he thinks about the words and performance. Keith said “This it the most exciting moment for me,” and “You did the best Daltonization” of that song.”

TRENT HARMON’S HOMETOWN (Amory, Mississippi)

American Idol 2016 Top 3, Trent Harmon

Trent Harmon had a slew of local fans waiting for him at his family’s restaurant where he waits tables. He got to work serving all the fans there. Later, Trent road a tractor down the street while the city marched beside him. Next, Trent played a free concert in front of hundreds of local fans. Trent sang “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. Harry said Trent’s voice is so unique and so special. Harry called it a “fantastic performance.” Keith said “that was a bulls-eye.” Jennifer said it felt so “easy, peezy for you,” and that he’s getting his stride. The show surprised Trent by bringing his family out onto the stage. He wasn’t expecting them util next week’s show


It was estimated that eight to ten thousand people came out to see La’Porsha in her hometown. At her church, the preacher vouched for La’Porsha stating that “everything you see on TV is the real deal” and that she’s “really sweet.” La’Porsha got to visit some of the women whom she inspired when she sang “No More Drama” on “American Idol”. Next, La’Porsha was reunited with her child then treated to a home cooked meal, and a parade.

American Idol 2016 Top 3, La'Porsha Renae

La’Porsha’s first song was “Glory” by Common and John Legend. Keith called it “so strong, so pure” and felt like the judges weren’t critiquing it. He was so moved and he said he felt like he had a baptism. Jennifer said “it just shows you how much inspiration artists are and all the artists there should be so proud. She called it a great performance. Harry said he loved it and there’s really nothing he can say. He said he admires La’Porsha’s elegance and grace which her parents should be very proud of. La’Porsha revealed why he chose that song She said because she saw how much her home town came together for her and wished that they would come together on racism and other important issues.

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