Larger Than Life SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION Chicago Recap

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Larger Than Life SYTYCD NEXT GENERATION Chicago Recap

“So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” season 13 kept the slew of talented young dancers coming in it’s Chicago auditions city stop.

Each week this season during the live shows, America will vote for the dancers that will stay. The first contestant of the night was 10-year-old jazz dancer named JT.

JT (age 10)

JT is a smaller than average ten-year-old jazz dancer and the judges were impressed by his audition. Paul said “you pack a punch up there,” and “you can tell you love what you do.” Nigel stated “you sell yourself by just standing there. You look so smart.” Jason reacted, “you bring a world of energy up there” even though he’s small for ten.

TAHANI (age 12)

Tahani was a very animated hip-hop dancer. She said facial expressions are really good to add to dancing. She auditioned to a Beyonce song. All of the judges stood up with golden tickets in their hands after her audition. Tahani was so excited, she told host Cat Deeley that when Paula hugged her too hard, all of her “happiness” came out! The excitement along with Paula’s hug made her vomit on the judge!

EMMA (age 10)

Emma was only three years old she she started tap dancing. Her mother teaches tap and Emma would go to her classes. She auditioned to Paula Abdul’s “Cold-Hearted Snake” song. Emma said she chose the song because she has a “sassy side.” Paula was pleasantly surprised. Paula and Jason gave Emma a standing ovation.

Nigel told Emma “your tapping is tremendous.” He joked that he had no idea who the singer of that song was! After Paula was annoyed by Nigel, she stated that Emma’s audition was “phenomenal and electrifying.” She also said it was “clean as a whistle.” Jason held up a golden ticket for Emma.

TIA (age 12)

Ballerina Tia is a fourth generation of dancers. Her parents, grand parents, and great-grand parents are all dancers. Famous ballet dancer Fabrice Maufrais was in the audience, and Nigel gave him his judges chair, and sat with Tia’s mom.

Fabrice told Tia that she did amazing, but advised her to “pay attention” to her right foot. He told her that her energy was “brilliant” and loved her smile. Paula said it must be a tough situation for Tia to dance in front of Fabrice then see the show’s creator and judge flirting with her mom! “My hat goes off to you and you’re a beautiful dancer” Paula stated. Jason told Tia that her smile lights up a room and any All-Star would be happy to have her.

LEANN (age 10)

Ball room dancer Leann brought her 40-year-old dance coach as her dance partner to her audition. Jason said “this is what it’s all about right here!” Paula told Leann, “your beautiful spirit and showmanship is wonderful.” Paula also noted that what she loves about this season is they are seeing “vulnerability and believablity” with these kids. Nigel told Leann that her foot work is tremendous and credited her teacher for a job well-done.


Just like in past seasons, the monetary grand prize is no different. The winning child will take home $250,000. Host Cat Deeley asked some of the dancers auditioning this season how they would spend the money. She got a wide variety of answers from buying a trampoline (“you can buy more than one” Kat reacted), to a white Camaro car. But the best answer – the most entertaining and surprising one anyway, was when a young boy said he’d use the money to add to his Louis Vuitton collection!

ALEX (age 13)

Alex is a young muscle man in training. He’s a farmer on his family’s farm of chickens, pigs, and cows in Goffstown, New Hampshire. He did a very intriguing hip-hop animation dance. He was also the only contestant thus far who received a standing ovation from the entire audience.

Paula complimented Alex by telling him “you put on a performance we will remember for a long, long time.” Jason said “it’s a different level of professionalism. You can feel it.” Then he raised his golden ticket. The other judges also raised their tickets to Alex.

AINSLEE (age 8)

SYTYCD season 13, Ainslee

Ainslee brought two moms to her SYTYCD audition. She said she brought her “stage mom” and her mom. Ainslee who does all styles of dance and doesn’t want to dance with boys, said her mom doesn’t dance. Ainslee’s goal is to become a professional dancer – a soloist like Paula Abdul! She auditioned with a jazz dance number.

Nigel said “you are so cute. You’re like a little bundle of dynamite.” However, he told her he wasn’t sure if she was right for the show. Paula said “you had the whole audience cheering for you,” and “you’re on your way to being great at what you do.” Jason said “I feel better after your performance.” Unfortunately, it was a no for Ainslee from all the judges.

DIANA (age 10)

Contemporary dancer Diana blew everyone away. Nigel said “what I find amazing was your face. I felt it. I can’t wait to see you do more.” Paula reacted with “the fact that you’re ten-year-old blows me away. You’re stunning.” Jason told Diana “you have this truth about you that is rare, and kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time.”

DANIELA (age 11)

SYTYCD season 13, Chicago, Daniela

Daniela dances as her mom looks on.

Ballroom dancer Daniela was the last audition of the night. Her mom, who trains her and was seated next to the stage, was the first Cuban to ever win a ballroom championship. After her flawless audition, Paula told Diana “you are phenomenal. Your presence is larger than life. You’ve got the whole package.” Nigel stated “not every step has to have a face to go with it. The rest of it, pretty damn good!” Jason couldn’t resist Daniela’s attractive mom and took the opportunity to ask her for some dance lessons after stating “your mom is a brilliant teacher.”

Jason and Nigel both got on the stage with Daniela’s mom to get coached from her on a dance move. After Nigel blushed, said “yes” to putting Daniela through to the Dance Academy and told her to bring her mom too! Jason said he has a golden ticket for mom.

The final night of “So You Think You Can Dance” season 13 auditions is in New York, and airs June 13th on FOX.



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