Laverne Cox, Jay Leno, LIP SYNC BATTLE Season 3 Celeb Line-Up

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Laverne Cox, Jay Leno, LIP SYNC BATTLE Season 3 Celeb Line-Up

The new season of Spike TV’s fun and successful show featuring A-List celebrities NOT singing “Lip Sync Battle” returns for a third season.

Spike TV renewed the show for 20 episodes in season 3 which began filming on August 6, 2016. Hosted by rap singer and actor L.L. Cool J. and Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Tiegen, “Lip Sync Battle” is sure to deliver yet another explosive entertaining line-up of celeb battles. This season will also feature a special “Juniors” episode with kids for Nickelodeon called Nick’s “Lip Sync Battle: Juniors”.

Lip Sync Battle season 3, Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno

Pictured (l-r): Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno

At the top of the show, host L.L. Cool J states that battles are rated on “lip syncability, song choice, difficulty, and vibe.” The winner per battle is determined by most votes, or cheers by the studio audience. Just to let everyone know, the show really does crown it’s winners this way. The winner receives a jeweled belt (said to be worth $5,000) similar to belts professional boxers win.

Lip Sync Battle season 3, Ruby Rose, Milla Jovovich

Picture (l-r) Ruby Rose, Milla Jovovich

Some of the battles viewers will see are: Jay Leno vs. Craig Ferguson; Nick Swardson vs. Theresa Caputo; Skylar Astin vs. Metta World Peace; America Ferrera vs. Amber Tamblyn; Milla Jovovich vs Ruby Rose; Don Cheadle vs. Wanda Sykes; Lupita Nyong’o vs. Regina Hall; Jeff Dye vs. Rob Riggle; among many, many other celebs lined-up this season to face-off on the Lip Sync Battle stage.

Lip Sync Battle season 3, Wanda Sykes tweet

Cast members from “Orange is the New Black” (OITNB) were a plenty on the Lip Sync Battle stage this season. Some of the stars from the show included: Uzo Aduba, Ruby Rose, Laverne Cox.

One “Lip Sync Battle” that fans won’t see is Amber Rose vs. Wiz Khalifa. The battle was scheduled on a show ticket website, but then was later cancelled.

Lip Sync Battle season 3, Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa

Pictured (l-r): Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa battle cancelled.

One show night showcased in it’s second battle two comedians – Jeff Dye, host of Spike TV’s “That Awkward Game Show”, vs Rob Riggle (“Hangover”)

Lip Sync Battle, Jeff Dye tweet

Riggle first lip-synced to “Express Yourself” by N.W.A. The second song Jeff Dye sang “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson backed by a couple of Circus type folk amongst the show’s professional dancers that included a contortionist and a creepy-looking evil clown guy on stilts. Dye went all androgynous and Manson-out!! Chrissy Teigen was truly terrified of the stilts guy. L.L. Cool J and Riggle who were seated on the sidelines of the stage were spooked by the contortionist woman.

Riggle hit back by dressing in drag as an ’80s high school girl singing “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne. He was backed by dancers in ’80s prom attire with a backdrop of an underwater themed homecoming dance. Riggle did not challenge himself by wearing high heels with his prom dress. He wore pretty pink flats instead.

It was a family affair for Teigen whose family was in attendance and sat in the balcony. Teigen reminisced about her high school dances and said she never had anyone to dance with. Then, her husband John Legend came out onto the stage to her and brought her back down to current times, reminding her that he’s there for her. During a commercial break, Legend said hello to the crowd. The D.J. played John Legend’s song “All of Me”. Legend played along for a minute as he started to lip sync it, then laughed and walked away to be with Teigen. Legend joined Teigen on most, if not all, of her film days of “Lip Sync Battle.”

Watch the third season of “Lip Sync Battle” when it premieres on Spike TV October 12th. The same night that Jeff Dye’s game show “That Awkward Game Show” premieres on the same channel.



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