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Laverne Cox Joins AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Judge Cuts Week 3 Preview

Posted on July 30 2017 by Editor

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Laverne Cox Joins AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Judge Cuts Week 3 Preview

The world’s largest talent show “America’s Got Talent” is about half-way through season 12 and regular judges are joined by a celebrity guest judge during an elimination process called “Judge Cuts.”

This week “Orange is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox is the guest judge who’ll be the only judge to have the power of the Golden Buzzer to send one act straight through to the live shows. Cox said in preparation as an AGT judge, she watched videos of all the acts that would be performing again that day.

The act called “Diavolo” are made-up of twenty-one artists. The last time they were on the AGT stage, it was their audition where they impressed the whole room by navigating a very large rocking prop in the form of an Arc (like Noah’s Ark). In the Judge Cuts round, they had a similar prop, but this one was supposed to be a train and they were all trying to catch it. Other props included suit cases. Laverne was disappointed. She said she loved their audition performance with a large Arc. Mel B hated the wardrobe and loved the act. Because she didn’t notice that they had suitcases, she thought it was an end of the world scenario. Simon suggested that they add a vocal singer to the act, and loved the version of the track that they used.

AGT season 12, Diavolo audition

Pictured: Diavolo audition.(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Anthony (Tony) and Jordan, or “Les French Twins” performed. These young twin brothers did an act where they fooled a girl by swapping places. Simon compared it to going into the kitchen. Got too close and showed too much. Laverne loved it. Heidi liked it, and said they do what twins do, prank a girl! Simon also said it wasn’t as good as their audition. Howie said that was only three tricks. Mel described it as “awkward and stiff”. She recommended dance and acting lessons and reacted with “it was ehh!”

AGT season 12, Les French Twins audition

Pictured: Les French Twins audition. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Bello Nock attempted an extremely dangerous stunt that impressed the judges. He shot himself out of a canon and over a helicopter which propellers were on. He had his daughter there who helped align all large objects involved (including the large inflated cushion where her dad would hopefully land). Bello didn’t downplay the danger factor of the stunt. He got emotional as he passed a gift on to his daughter before getting into the cannon.

AGT season 12, Bello Nock audition

Pictured: Bello Nock audition. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Howie reacted “shooting himself over a helicopter is crazy! It’s wrong. Did I enjoy this? YES!” Mel B. told him “you’re crazy!” But, assured him that the stunt was “brilliant” and there’s no other place he could have done that but on AGT. Laverne’s reaction was “how do you top that?” She said she couldn’t enjoy it because she was “too scared.” Simon’s input was that he hates clowns. They scare him, and said he’d get shot out of a canon. This may be something viewers may see in a future episode.

AGT 12 Judge Cuts, Bello Nock, Hollywood Junket

Pictured: Bello Nock stunt. (Photo: Hollywood Junket)

Next, a very young nine-year-old girl named Celine, who has a sister named Dion, came onto the stage to sing Michael Bolton song “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”. She received a much desired reaction from the judges (especially from Laverne Cox! Hint..). Updated: August 1, 2017

Viewers will have to watch what happens when this episode of “America’s Got Talent” airs on NBC, Tuesday, August 1 at 8/7 c.


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