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Legendary Sounds on THE VOICE Season 8 Blinds & Battles Week 3

Posted on March 12 2015 by Editor

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Legendary Sounds on THE VOICE Season 8 Blinds & Battles Week 3

At the start of “The Voice” final Blind Auditions, coaches has their last team spots to fill. Pharrell Williams had two spots left Christina Aguilera , Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had one spots left each to fill their teams. Once they had their teams full, the next round began – The Battles!

Some stand-out battle matches this week came from heavy-hitter Tonya Boyd-Cannon vs. James Mcneiece; Ashley Morgan vs Mia Z.; and the best battle of the night came from Hannah Kirby vs. Sarah Potenza who were compared to Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks. Perhaps the most impressive win of the second night of battles came from Sonic who had to over-come her hearing deficiency. Sonic is completely deaf in one ear and had to hold her harmony with a loud band playing in her one good ear.


Nathan Hermida

Nathan Hermida

From the Philippines, Nathan’s parents want him to have a college degree to fall-back on. His back-up plan is Biology. But, he wants an “actual career” in music.

Chair Turners: Adam, Christina

Coaches Comments: Blake said that was the voice of a season professional, H.e complimented his “pocket” and his smooth runs. Christina called his rhythm “seductive,” and called his a super-star. Adam called him “flawless,” and said he wants to make Nathan the center-piece to his team. Adam also promised Nathan that he’d make it to the finals. Nathan chose Team Adam.


Paul Pfau

Paul Pfau

Chair Turners: Pharrell, Blake

Coaches Comments: Pharrell said he “heard a flawless performance,” and said “welcome home!” Blake was excited and said, “I waited for 8 seasons for the opportunity to work with someone like you.” He added that he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Blake was thrilled because he too is from Oklahoma, But, Paul picked “TeamOther” and “genderless” Team Pharrell. Blake was “broken-hearted”!

No Team
Gaia – said she wanted to be on “The Voice” because the coaches actually want the talent to succeed. She said “The Voice” is “the biggest opportunity” she’s had in her life.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell told her “you really do have a nice tone,” but he wanted to hear “more range.” Christina said they were “waiting to hear something.” Bake said he wishes she was his neighbor because she’s “sweet and hot. Adam told Gaia to work on her control and pitch when she comes back.


Vance Smith

Vance Smith

Vance Smith is 22 years old from Detroit, Michigan. He said Detroit is a “dog-eat-dog” place. He’s a full-time diesel mechanic, and works on his music when he’s not working. His single mom said “it’s music, music, music” all the time for Vance. He called his mom his “super hero”. For his blind audition he planed to leave his heart on the Voice stage. He sang “Reach Out, I’ll Be There.”

Chair Turners: Pharrell, Christina

Coaches Comments: Adam said “that was some 11th hour stuff,” since Vance pulled-out all the stops at the very end for a chair turn. Christina said she felt that Vance was having a good time, and enjoyed his positive energy, especially after he fell out on the stage when the two coaches turned around at the very end. Pharrell said “its the way you land the trick, and you definitely did.” Vance chose Team Christina.


Caitlin Caporale

Caitlin Caporale

Caitlin is a customer service rep who works late shifts from 3:30pm – 12 midnight. She’s excited that Christina is back on The Voice, and got to sing for her before on the show “Extra.” Caitlin sang “It’s Impossible” by Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

Chair Turners: Blake, Pharrell (Christina wanted her button to work, but of course, it didn’t since her team was full!)

Coaches Comments: Christina said she was so angry but couldn’t turn because her team is full. Blake told her she has a 700 lb voice coming out of someone who is 80 lbs! Pharrell said she was “graciously directing the notes around.” When asked what her music style is, Caitlin said she wants to sing R&B. Blake said he wants to help her through the process as best as he can. Pharrell offered his help even after the show. She picked Pharrell for her coach.

Although Team Christina was already full, Caitlin did score the chance to sing a duet with Christina!

Hannah Kirby

Hannah Kirby

Her mother wrote music and played the guitar during her childhood. So, music has always been part of her life. Singing is her main passion Hannah’s hobby is video games. She is majoring in Psychology now. Hannah currently plays in coffee shops and wineries due to the small amount of opportunities for singers in her small town. She describes herself as a “grunge/rocker chick” She sang “The Letter”

Chair Turner: Blake

Blake was the only coach left, and he definitely didn’t miss out on grabbing Hannah for his team. He said her talent was so good, that she could have been the first singer that he turned for – “That’s how good you are” he told her.



TEAM PHARRELL (Adviser Lionel Richie)

Ashley Morgan vs Mia Zanotti

Ashley Morgan vs. Mia Zanotti

Pharrell said he put them together because when they sing, it’s an interesting “twist”. Richie said “it’s attitude” when singing. Pharrell noted some technical flaws with Mia’s voice and told her she should “train” everyday”, but her personality and likability make her star.

Battle Comments: Adam said it’s like pancakes vs waffles. He wants both. Christina said as a “vocalist” it’s Ashley all the way because she killed it. Coach Pharrell said it’s tough for him to choose. He went with Mia.

Battle Winner: Mia Z

Steal: Ashley had three coaches push their buttons for the steal Adam was first, followed by Blake and Christina. Adam fought for Ashley by saying he’s “Obsessed” with her. Blake said she’s “three times the performer.” Christina said no one said she was a better vocalist except for her. Ashley chose Christina.

TEAM CHRISTINA Stole Ashley Morgan


TEAM ADAM (Adviser – Ellie Goulding)

Tonya Boyd-Cannon vs. James Mcneiece

Tonya Boyd-Cannon Vs James McNeiece

Adam matched these two because “they are cut from the same cloth” and feels that they can do a good job of Michael’s Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” song. Ellie’s tip was telling them to smile! “Own it and believe it,” said Tonya were the keys for her to win the battle.

Battle Comments: Blake said Tonya’s voice was so unbelievable that it would be a tough one for anyone to overcome. “James did a good job.” Christina said “Tonya, you can blow.” But felt that James pulled out all his tricks and never missed a beat. Pharrell said James had tone issues and pitchiness. But came in and fought for it. Coach Adam said they did exactly what he asked and there was nothing wrong with the performance. He chose as the winner – Tonya.

Battle Winner: Tonya Boyd-Cannon. Adam called Tonya the “total package.”


TEAM BLAKE (Adviser – Meghan Trainor)

Brian Johnson vs. Joshua Davis

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Blake gave them a stripped -own version of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Gun’s N’ Roses in which “every great thing is heard, but every bad thing is heard,” said Blake.

Brian has a more powerful voice. Blake said he only has room for one singer that occupies that place on his team . They both were having some harmony problems. But, Meghan helped them straighten it out since she’s so good with harmony. Meghan recently had a friend pass away, and cried during the rehearsal of their song. She told them to do that and they will win.

Battle Comments: Christina called Joshua’s tone “beautiful” and Brian has it too. She didn’t choose a winner. Pharrell said they both have an “incredible voice”. Adam said they aren’t picking because they know that one will be stolen. Coach Blake said when Brian enters a performance, “vocally it just grabs you” and that’s why Meghan cried . Joshua has what they all wish they had which is “that raspy sound with some range.” Blake chose Brian as the winner.

Battle Winner: Brian Johnson

Steal: Adam stole Joshua

TEAM ADAM Stole Joshua Davis



TEAM PHARRELL (Adviser – Lionel Richie)

Travis Ewing vs. Anthony Riley

 Anthony Riley Vs. Travis Ewing

Ewing said observed that Anthony may not work as hard because he KNOWS the song well, and “it’s life or death.” They told Pharrell before the battle that they are battling for Christina’s heart!

Battle Comments: Adam said he’d go with Anthony but Travis “gave a great fight.” Blake told Travis that he made it a true battle, and picked Travis as the winner. Christina said it was “super-fun to watch,” and voted for Anthony. Pharrell said they did everything that Lionel Richie suggested and made it a tough decision. He chose Anthony as the winner.

Battle Winner: Anthony

Steal: Blake pushed his button to steal Travis. Blake said it was a “sink or swim moment” and Travis was swimming.

TEAM BLAKE Stole Travis Ewing


TEAM CHRISTINA (Adviser – Nick Jonas)

Ameera Delandro vs. Sonic

Ameera Delandro Vs. Sonic

Adviser Nick told them the chorus is dynamic, not jumpy like how they were singing it during rehearsal. Sonic was getting thrown off by the harmony and the band being really loud in her one good ear (she’s completely deaf in her other ear). Christina told her to practice with the TV up really loud in the background.

Battle Comments: Pharrell heard some pitchiness from Ameera but gave her props for “going for it.” Adam compared the two ladies to the Matrix where they were “like hovering in the air” Adam said “it was pretty even” and that makes it hard. He chose Sonic. Blake said they have awesome “singer hair”. Christina kept Sonic.

Battle Winner: Sonic

Gabriel WolfChild vs. Joe
Joe won

 Josh Batstone Vs. Nathan Hermida, Gabriel Wolfchild Vs. Joe Tolo and Deanna Johnson Vs. Nicolette Mare

TEAM ADAM – Deanna vs. Nicolette. Winner was Deanna
Josh Bashtone vs. Nathan Winner was Nathan because of his pocket!


TEAM BLAKE (Adviser – Meghan Trainor)

Hannah Kirby vs. Sarah Potenza

Hannah Kirby Vs. Sarah Potenza

Sarah is blues, Hannah is grunge. They make an interestingly perfect match. Megan’s 2014 single “All About That Bass” was the best selling single of all time. Blake gave Hannah and Sarah “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. Blake advised Hannah to compete with her range. Hannah said in the battle, she’s going for the win.

Battle Comments: The coaches were all up on their feet for a standing ovation by the end of their battle. Christina said they blew her socks off. She said Hannah blew it out of the water unexpectedly. Pharrell said by far is was one of the best “duels” not a battle. Adam was impressed by Hannah when she ran over to Sarah during their battle to one-up her as if she was making the statement – “not today…they’re going to hear me too.” He said she proved that she is unafraid of no one. Pharrell agreed and said Hannah swung her purse like a Southern church lady. Adam gave the win to Hannah. Coach Blake was proud of both women. He chose Sarah as the winner.

Battle Winner: Sarah Potenza

Steal: Adam and Pharrell both pushed their buttons to steal. Adam told her it was like she was Stevie Nicks and Sarah was Janis Joplin. Pharrell said he is not going to try to change her and wants the opportunity to work with her. Hannah chose Pharrell as her new coach she said because she felt a “spiritual connection.”

TEAM PHARRELL Stole Hannah Kirby.

TEAM ADAM (Adviser Ellie Goulding)

Michael Leier vs. Blaze Johnson

Blaze Johnson Vs. Michael Leier

Adam said Michael has soul while Blaze has an Island vibe. They shared one minor problem – Adam said, and that’s that they both rushed the song. Adam reminded both men that at this point, it’s still an audition. Adam advised Blaze to “try to smile a little bit.”

Adam said they did a “beautiful job” and that it makes him proud. Adam picked Blaze as the battle winner.

Battle Winner: Blaze Johnson

TEAM BLAKE (Adviser Meghan Trainor)

Cody Wickline vs. Matt Snook

Cody Wickline Vs, Matt Snook

Blake gave them “Feels Like Country”. The men were surprised to learn that Meghan writes Country music. They have extreme differences. Cody got into music at 16 years old, and Matt is 41 years old. Cody needed help with his intimidation. Blake said he wants a strong country singer out of this battle.

Battle Comments: Pharrell said to Cody that he more than heard his voice, he felt his story. Adam said he enjoyed both equally but Matt won the battle with better vocals. Coach Blake said Cody did a great job with coming out of his shell and Matt looks like he was having fun and can tell he loves music. Blake went with his gut feeling in picking Cody as the winner. He said Cody has the edge with “authentic and rare sound” which is important in Country.

Battle Winner: Cody Wickline

TEAM PHARRELL (Adviser Lionel Richie)

Meghan Linsey vs. Paul Pfau

Meghan Linsey Vs. Paul Pfau

Meghan is a country artist turned soul singer. She opened for Blake Shelton in concert once. Paul had a demo CD to give to Adam during his blind audition from when he missed his chance with him before “The Voice.” Pharrell said he paired them because they both experiment with different genres of music. He gave them “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles. Pharrell said that the song is the 50-yard mile to both of their ambitions. This will be the first time that Paul will sing without his guitar.

Battle Comments: Adam said he has mixed emotions because Meghan rejected him during the blind audition.
The power that is impactful from Meghan’s voice and Paul didn’t take over. He picked neither. Blake said Meghan sounds better than she ever has. Christina said Meghan is like Janice Joplin and she picked her. Coach Pharrell said Meghan has grown and they’re both proven that they deserve to stay on the show. He picked Paul as the winner.

Battle Winner: Paul He said Paul is different and he knows what he wants to do with his time on the show..

Steal: Blake and Adam both hit their buttons…then Christina decided to push her button too. Blake argued that Adam Levine’s name comes up with the most epic fails when he had the winner on his team in the past, then “screwed the pooch” by letting them go. Adam said he wants Meghan more than Blake. She ended-up going with Blake as her new coach.

TEAM BLAKE Stole Meghan Linsey.


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