Legends in the Making! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in Las Vegas – Night Two

Night of Last Chances on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in Las Vegas – Night One
July 17, 2013
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July 19, 2013
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Legends in the Making! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT in Las Vegas – Night Two

“I am a legend, I want to make you a legend.” – Howard Stern

At the opening of the second night of the “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) auditions in Las Vegas, Howard Stern said Vegas week is the most important week. It’s the last time the judges have control because after that, America decides. At the end of the show, judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, and Melanie Brown (Mel B.) made some decisions of who would be eliminated from the competition, and who would move on to the live shows in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. The choices were not easy, and Howard was especially opinionated and gave it to the contestants straight!

It’s the judges that decide who will fill the last spots at Radio City Music Hall. The first group of acts up on the stage were the Kids.


Pictured: Aaralyn and Izzy – AGT Vegas Week.

Aaralyn & Izzy
Death singers / band

Watch Aaralyn and Izzy a little kid Heavy Metal band Scream the judges a “Lullaby” Here


Chole Channell (11 years old)
Channell is a Country singer. She said that she wants to be on “America’s Got Talent” more than she wants to catch Red Snapper.

Watch Chloe Channell sing “Turn on the Radio” Here


Genesis Nava
“I like singing more than I like One Direction”, said Genesis
Her Dad didn’t play on stage with her this time.

Watch Genesis Nava sing “Good Girl” Here


Ciana Pelekai
From Hawaii, she started singing when she was four years old
After her performance, Howard said, “She made me rethink everybody else.” Howie agreed and said, “She just made it a little tougher.”

Watch Ciana Pelekai sing “I’d Rather Go Blind” Here



R.J. Cantu
Made up of a girl and guy duo, he levitated her.
Howard was unimpressed, “That’s a trick I’ve seen a million times,” he reacted.

Watch RJ Cantu make his assistant float and disappear Here


Naathan Phan
He displayed magic while telling jokes with cooking items and made some of them disappear!
Howard said, “I don’t know what the joke was but the magic was good.”

Watch Naathan Phan’s magic act and see way the judges didn’t really understand the storyline of this act Here


Collins Key
Key said, “I want to make magic cool, hip and fun for the young generation.” His trick showed an empty envelope that read “Collins Key” on the outside. He made page sixty from a Howie Mandel book rip out and go inside of the envelope. After his successful trick, Howie asked, “Did you consider something bigger?” Key responded, “I wanted to do something intimate and personal.” The judges were worried that a trick like that would not play well at Radio City Music Hall in front of an audience of 7000 people.

Pictured: Collins Key – AGT Vegas Week

Watch how Collins Key’s magic act absolutely wows the judges Here


Ariann Black (45 years)
Before her auditions, Black stated, “It has been an extremely hard role” she said because magic is predominately male. After her trick, Heidi was confused and said, “I didn’t know what it was.” Black replied, that it was someone passing through her. After she left the stage, Heidi said, “She went through then got stuck in the side. I don’t know what the trick was.”

Watch Ariann Black’s magic act has a girl pass through her body Here


Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low
After they performed, Howard said, “Magic is turning out to be our toughest category. Who can we send home?” Romy called-out Ariann because she slipped-up.

Pictured: Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low

Watch Leon Etienne and Romy Low pull off an intense magic act Here


Special Head (28 years old)
“What I do is referred to by some people as levitation.” – Special Head

Watch Special Head as he defies gravity and levitates Here



Miss Kennedy Davenport
She jumped off the stage and did the splits. It appeared as if she fell off the stage at first. Either ways, the judges appeared to be mortified!

Watch drag queen Kennedy Davenport as she gets down to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” Here


Megan Piphus – Ventriloquist
“This is my last opportunity. My parents are pressuring me to enter law school,” Piphus said.
She gave a very nervous performance of the song “ABC” by the Jackson Five via her puppet. After her act, Heidi told her it was confusing to her because at times she didn’t know if she was suppose to be singing or if it was the puppet that was singing.

Pictured: Megan Piphus – AGT Vegas Week

Watch Megan Piphus the singing ventriloquist covers the Jackson 5?s “ABC” Here


Lil Mike and Funny Bone (ages 32, 27)
They said, “together we are Mike Bone”. They displayed a mediocre and unorganized song and dance routine. Howie asked them if they forgot the routine. One brother responded that it was his fault and he was the one that forgot the dance number. He said, “I messed-up a little.” Mel B. responded, “A lot!”

After they left the stage, Howard said, “This is ridiculous. Lil Mike and Funny Bone came out here unprepared. There are repercussions. Howard then had a member of the crew call them back out onto the stage to send them home immediately. Howard told them it was a unanimous judges vote.

Watch Lil Mike and Funny Bone dancers get crunk to their original song and then the unthinkable happens Here



Pictured (l-r) Marty Brown, Dave Fenley – AGT Vegas Week.

Dave Fenely gave another successful soulful and raspy performance.

Watch Dave Fenley sing and play an acoustic guitar version of “These Arms of Mine” Here


Marty Brown (47 year old carpenter)

Country singer Brown said “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would audition for America’s Got Talent.” His wife kidnapped him and drove him to the audition. After his performance, Howard said, “I think he stepped it down and went backwards and not forward.”

Watch Marty Brown sing “When You Say Nothing At All” Here


Paul Thomas Mitchell
His parents were alcoholics. His father turned his life around and started to take care of him.

Watch Paul Thomas Mitchell sing “Sunday Morning” Here


Jonathan Allen (20 years old)
Opera singer, Allen, came out of the closet as openly gay at 15 years old and music was the only way he could express himself. Some of the judges wondered if he is going to be able to perform at Radio City Music Hall

Pictured: Johnathan Allen – AGT Vegas Week.

Watch Jonathan Allen sing a stunning “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” Here


Travis Pratt
Another Opera singer, Pratt proposed marriage to his girlfriend at the AGT San Antonio auditions. Now, at the Las Vegas auditions, Pratt said he it is “extremely nerve-wrecking” and said, “I have to search deep within myself to give a performance of a lifetime.” After his performance, Howard said, “I compare him to female singers. If I heard a woman singing, I would say she’s better.” Heidi fired back, “It’s not fair. He’s talented, and I will fight for him!”

People that I was excited about didn’t come through and the people that were okay really stepped- it up – Howie said.

Watch Travis Pratt sing “Ave Maria.” Here


Some of the acts going to Radio City Music Hall!

Pictured: All sixty contestants put through to Radio City Music Hall – AGT Vegas Week.

Dancing Dylan Wilson, Kid the Wiz, Mitsi Mitsi Dancing School, Innovative Force,

Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low, Special Head, Alexandr Magala,

Dave Fenely, Marty Brown (Country), Deanna DeCippoa, Jonathan Allen (Opera)

Forte, American Hitmen,

Chole Channell (singer); Ruby and Jonas (dancers); D’Angelo and Amanda (dancers); 2Unique (rappers); Aaralyn & Izzy (band)


Timber Brown, Red Panda, Champions Forever,

Taylor Williamson, John Wing, Mr. Television, Tummy Talk


Some of the Acts that didn’t make it:
Ariann Black (magician), Naathan Phan (comedian magician), Travis Pratt(Opera singer), Melody Cabllero, Tommy Mitchell (singer), Genesis Nava (kid singer), and Skilyr Hicks (singer); Jimmy Failla (comedian), Eric Schwart (comedian); Megan Piphus (ventriloquist), and Miss Kennedy Davenport (acrobatics), Archbishop Molly Step Team (dancers), Art Spark (dancers),

Next Week!

These acts will perform:
Brandon James, Brad Buyers, Fresh Faces, Anna Christine, Kevin Downey Jr., American Hitmen, Hype TellAVision, Alexanderia the Great, and Collins Key

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 pm (PT) on NBC.


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Vegas Week Night Two, season 8 episode 9, originally aired on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

Nick and the judges invite the final batch of auditioning performers to give it their all on stage, hoping to bring the best of the best to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall.


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