Let Life Happen After THE VOICE Season 14 Artists Interviews

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May 23, 2018
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Let Life Happen After THE VOICE Season 14 Artists Interviews

On Tuesday night’s live finale show, “The Voice” announced it’s season 14 winner as Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli. It was all firsts for Kelly Clarkson who coached her remaining artist to ‘Voice victory!

The Voice 14 winner Brynn Cartelli, Kelly Clarkson

Pictured: (l-r) Brynn Cartelli, Kelly Clarkson (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Clarkson, who was season one winner as a contestant of another singing compeition show on Fox (at the time) “American Idol,” was a first-time coach on “The Voice.” Things came full circle when Brynn Cartellli, the very first artist that Kelly turned her chair for during the Blind Auditions round, won on Tuesday night.

Brynn Cartelli’s ‘Voice Blind Audition Below:

Kelly’s initial response when Brynn chose to be on her team was that she thought she had just won “The Voice.” Clarkson also did say that she could win with Brynn.  Indeed, that ended-up being true. During a press conference, Clarkson stated that she did learn a few things from other coaches Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine. At first she thought they were jaded, then quickly realized that they were right.

Brynn might just be the first super-star contestant to come out of “The Voice.” Kelly has her own manager (also Blake Shelton’s manager) who’s done a phenemonl job with her career, and it seems he would also take-on Brynn’s career as well.

Clarkson stated that it was Blake Shelton’s suggestion that she be a coach on “The Voice.” Fans of the show would probably agree that he probably didn’t expect that she would beat him, especially in her first season on the show.

Watch MORE of Kelly & Brynn’s INTERVIEW HERE!

“The Voice” contestants who were eliminated in the weeks leading-up to the season 14 finale show have their own comments about their experiences below that they expressed during a recent press phone call with reporters.

Future Plans After THE VOICE:

The Voice 14 Live Playoffs week 4, Pryor Baird

Pictured: Pryor Baird (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Pryor said he isn’t like one of those artists that sounds nothing like their album live. “My sound will always be me, who I am. That’s something that I stand-by firmly on.” He described his style as the typical Country-Blues style.

Rayshun said he plans to get a soul album released and will continue with musical theater as well as traveling.

The Voice 14 Live Playoffs Week 2, Jackie Foster

Pictured: Jackie Foster (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Foster said her band has songs that are currently waiting to be released.
She stated, “as soon as I’m out of my contract, we are going to release songs.” Her plan is to “write, write, write.” Being a Boston local, Jackie also wants to play bigger venues in Boston. She said she’s always stuck with Rock, and there’s not many Pop/Rock bands on the radio, and that’s what her “Self Portraits” band plans to release.

Pryor said when it came to the end, he was surprised to be in the bottom. But, it couldn’t have come in a better way. He said because he was with Kaleb who had begun their journeys together on “The Voice.”

Favorite ‘VOICE Performances:

Pryor’s favorite performance was the last duo that him and Kaleb did, “Hillbilly Bone.” Another one of his all time favorite performances was when he got to sing with Vince Gill and Blake Shelton.

Kaleb said he “verifies” if he did well or not by watching his ‘Voice performance videos back after each show. His favorite was also “Hillbilly Bone.”

The Voice 14 Live Shows week 4, Rayshun Lamarr

Pictured: Rayshun Lamarr (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Rayshun’s favorite two performance was “Try a Little Bit of Tenderness” – “that’s when I found myself in the competition and who I wanted to be,” he said. Also, “Gong Down,” he said, because “I was in the moment.”

Jackie’s favorite solo performance was “Alone” by Heart. She said it’s a song she’s grown-up listening to and her strong suit is power ballads, which that song is. Another favorite of hers was with D.R. singing “Sign of the Times”. She said it felt like they were performing at the Grammys.

Jackie’s boyfriend Brandon Diaz was on “Ameircan Idol” singing competiton show at the same time she was on “The Voice.” He did a Blind Audition on “The Voice” at age 16 and encouraged Jackie to do it. Jackie said because of their time on the shows, they were able to connect with each other on a deeper level and they both made Top 24 on both shows at the same time. She said they have a new outlook on a new life and fans can expect to hear some new duets together and they’ll also be vlogging as a couple.

‘VOICE Take-aways:

Pryor said he gained “a close brother” at age 35 in Kaleb and they willl be friends forever. He would like to do another duet with Kaleb. Kaleb said he also gained a friendship with Pryor. “The overall friendships on the show is pretty cool.” He said one thing that he learned on “The Voice” is that it’s a bootcamp. Kelly instilled some confidence in him, and the confidence he sees in others is contagious.

Rayshun said he learned “to be free, to be myself, be Rayshun and be confident.” He also learned not to worry about what other people say about him. Rayshun said he’ll also take away friendships.

Jackie said she’ll also take away the friendships which have been better than college friendships for her. She said also to have been able to work with three coaches was a blessing. Kelly vowed to Jackie they’d be friends for life. Alicia told her to be proud as a person and that she’s excited to hear her original music. Jackie said she also learned from Alicia “the ability to just own myself in every aspect and to let life happen as it is.”

Being in THE VOICE Bottom:

The Voice 14 Semi Finals week 1 Results Bottom Three

Pictured: (l-r) Pryor Baird, Kaleb Lee, Britton Buchanan, Carson Daly (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Rayshun reacted on being in the bottom three times He said each time he fought hard and it lit a fire underneath him. He performed even harder.

Is it unfair to have the Twitter Save Vote only available in the East coast time zone? A reporter pointed-out that there hasn’t been a West coast contestant saved this season, and it’s only a five-minute window.

Pryor answered that for the West coast it’s “totally unfair.” It’s only five minutes. “I think it’s bullshit to be honest with you. But then again, this is a reality TV show.” He said it is what it is and “everything happens for a reason.” He thinks that show needs to come-up with something better for the West coast Twitter Save.

Pryor and Kaleb both confirmed that their coaches have indeed stayed in touch with them after the show. Blake is setting-up bookings for Pryor, and Kelly is doing the same for Kaleb who has producers to back him.

The bottom three artists in the Semi-Finals week were Kaleb, Pryor and Britton. Kaleb and Pryor have the same demographic of people listening to them. While Britton has a massive social media following, by contrast.

Pryor said “it worked out the way it was suppose to” becasue he wouldn’t have wanted to have won and Kaleb not win, and vice-versa. Kaleb agreed and said their votes were probably split. “It shook out to how it was suppose to shook out to,” stated Kaleb.



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