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Lies Revealed! THE BACHELORETTE Season 10 The Men Tell All

Posted on July 21 2014 by Editor

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Lies Revealed! THE BACHELORETTE Season 10 The Men Tell All

“The Bachelorette” The Men Tell All episode actually started with Ashley’s belly tells all! Host Chris Harrison greeted former “The Bachelorette” contestants Ashley and J.P who had the results of their baby’s sex revealed on stage. An ultra-sound technician read her pregnant tummy on stage and the resulted confirmed that they will be having a boy.

The Bachelorette, Men Tell All, Ashley and J.P.

Pictured: Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum

Next, the eliminated men from Andi’s season came out.


– J.J. revealed that Andrew is a possible racist when he called Ron and Marquel “blackies” during a rose ceremony.

– Marquel impressed Andi with cookie tasting

– The first guy that told Andi that he loved her was Marcus. Andi said Marcus is the hottest guy that she ever dated. “Ever!”

– During his hometown date, Chris told Andi there was opportunity for Andi to be a “home-maker!” Chris quickly rebounded when he had a plane fly over with a flag reading “Chris Loves Andi”.

– On the group date with Josh, Chris, Brian, Marcus, Dylan, and J.J., they had a lie detector test. Andi chose to tear-up the results. But, the guys read hers!

– The guys in the house rallied against Nick, saying that he’s on the show for the wrong reasons.

Most of the fist part of the show was about Andrew defending his supposed comment he made about Andi keeping the two “blackies” during their first rose ceremony.  J.J. called him out again. Andrew tried to explain. Footage of Andrew on-camera muttering something to J.J. was shown. Andrew said he was saying that he’s tired and it’s been a long night. Yeah, right!

Marquel said, “I’m not here to play detective…it’s very hurtful that I can’t get to the bottom of this.” Marquel called J.J. his friend because he told him about Andrew’s racist statement. Andrew told Marquel that he honestly hopes that they can be friends again.

J.J.said “I stand by my actions. Maybe my timing was off.  You can question me all you want. I don’t really care.” He said Marquel became a very good friend of his and he cared to tell him about Andrew. “I just need to get it off my chest. I just wanted to voice that,” said J.J.

The Bachelorette, Men Tell All, Marquel Martin

Pictured: Marquel Martin in “the hot seat.”

The first man up that was pulled into Chris Harrison’s hot seat was Marquel. Marquel got Andi interest when he had a cookie tasting sample platter with her. She was impressed that he is able to maintain a great body being a “cookie monster”! Marquel said “Andi is awesome. Her and I had a strong connection.” He said they weren’t able to get out of the “friend zone”.

Harrison said “say you found yourself in ‘paradise’ would you do things differently?” Harrison announced that Marquel will be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise” show. He said the show is “paradise with a little twist.”

The Bachelorette, The Men Tell All, Marcus Grodd

Pictured: Marcus Grodd in “the hot seat.”

Marcus was next. He fell in love with Andi very quickly. But, got his heart broken. Marcus said he truly fell for Andi. She ended-up giving the rose to Nick instead of him on his final night in the house. When he was eliminated he said he was still in love with her. But, is he still? Marcus said it was heart-break for his family as well. “At the rose ceremony, it was a complete shock.” He said there are “questions and feelings for Andi”.

Harrison asked Marcus if he thinks he could find love in Paradise. Marcus said, definitely! Marcus was the second man named to be on the new show “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The Bachelorette, Men Tell All, Chris Soules

Pictured: Chris Soules in “the hot seat.”

Chris is the next guy up on the hot seat! During their break-up, viewers will remember Chris telling Andi “I want your feelings to be for me. And if not, I want to go home.” They never made it to the “Fantasy Suite”. Chris said he felt confident that he gave everything that he could. “I wish that we had more time.” Suddenly, a woman raised her hand and jumped up from the audience, and said she’s Canadian and from a small town. She asked Chris if he thought if he’s going to find someone in Iowa. She was invited down to talk more to Chris. She was interested in dating Chris. During the break, Harrison invited her to have a speed date with him. At the end of their speed date, she was giving Chris her number. But, will he call?

Andi came out and said it’s the most exes she’s seen in one room and felt intimidated. Her former beau – part of the final three, Chris needed some answers. Andi said when Chris asked her if she liked Iowa, she felt like he was giving her an out. But, she didn’t take it. She said she liked his family and hometown the most. This may be so, but as a result, she strung Chris along longer than she needed to.

Marcus asked her if it scared her that he was so open early on. Andi said towards the end, during his hometown date, she realized she wasn’t on the same page as Marcus and would have to catch up.

Cody jumped in and said she didn’t get to see the real him. Andi answered with – as soon as she realized that it just wasn’t there, she sent men home.
Marquel for closure sake asked Andi why they didn’t get out of that friend zone. She said they weren’t romantic with each other. Marquel said if he had known other guys were kissing her, he would have tried as well.

During the premiere episode, former “The Bachelorette” contestant Chris Bukowski tried to push his way onto Andi’s season. She was not having it. Andi got to meet him tonight as he was sitting in the audience. Host Chris Harrison announced that Bukowski will be on “Bachelor in Paradise” show.

After the commercial break, Harrison asked Andi if she is pregnant. She said “no.” He then presented her with a copy of the lie detector tests which she threw away during her group date with: Brian, Marcus, Chris, Dylan, Josh, and J.J. Harrison told her three men (Marcus, Dylan, Josh) lied, and three men (Brian, J.J., Chris) told the truth. Unfortunately, because Josh is in the final two, he wasn’t there and could not defend his lie. Harrison asked if Andi wanted to know the two lies on his test. She refused and said she’d have to trust him.

Marcus lied when asked if he slept with fewer than 20 women. Dylan lied when asked if he preferred brunettes! He likes blondes, and if he is ready for marriage! He’s not! Good call Andi for avoiding that one!

Josh was the last guy that came out of the limo. Andi said “he makes me feel happy, and I am hopeful with him.” Josh the way that he feels about Andi, he’s never felt that way about anyone.

Andi said there was an immediate attraction with Nick. He also grabbed her attention with his polka-dot tie. Nick said “I do love Andi. I lot! I can never get enough of Andi. I just want it to be us.” He said she’s his other half and “I’m definitely going to marry Andi.”

NEXT WEEK: Andi will chose between Nick and Josh in the season finale.


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