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LINGO: Bill Engvall A GSN Game Show Host!

Posted on January 13 2011 by Editor

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GSN announced today that it will resurrect yet another classic game show – this time, one of its own adaptations – LINGO. The network’s current game show revivals include: “The Newlywed Game”, and “1 vs. 100”.

Engvall to host LINGO

LINGO, a mystery-word game show, was more recently hosted by Chuck Woolery on GSN from 2002 to 2007. It began back in 1987 hosted by Michael Reagan. This time around, comedian Bill Engvall (“Blue Collar TV”, “The Bill Engvall Show”) is the host of this updated version. The game show is historically co-hosted by a female. We will have to wait to see who it will be. The show is still working on filling the position.

LINGO is played by two teams of two contestants. They are given the first letter of a five-letter mystery word and five chances to identify it correctly. When a team guesses a word correctly, they earn points and a chance to win on their Lingo card. In the final round, the team with the highest number of points earns the chance to correctly identify as many words as they can in two minutes, and another chance to achieve “Lingo” now for even higher stakes as stated in a GSN press release.

GSN plans to run 40 episodes of the show which will air daily scheduled to premiere in June 2011.

In the same press release, Engvall is quoted as saying, “I look forward to the new challenge of hosting a game show,” as well as promising to bring tons of energy. His previous experience at hosting a game show was with Mo Rocca on “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host”. During our set visit on one particular day of “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host” (read about it here), his enthusiasm level was low, almost at a stand-still. Hopefully, GSN’s LINGO will be a better fit.


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  1. Yola McCants Says:

    I have watched Lingo for many years on GSN. I am excited to see a new episode after all these years of reruns. I am pretty good and might just log on and play online if that will be an option.

  2. tricia Says:

    i will miss chuck woolery though :/

  3. sandy Says:

    will not watch again chuck woolery cannot be beat and especially not by bill engvall he acts like a nut



  5. Roya Says:

    oh no, I can’t beleive GSN was so mean to replace Chuck Woolery with the crazy ass Bill Engvall! How can they do this to us women that adored Chuck for years?
    Chuck you can never be replaced! :'( booohooo

  6. Alex Says:

    Bill engval is a joke. And not a funny one. They dimmed down the show so that any idiot can play. Bill’s dim witted jokes aside they got rid of Shandi! She was half the show! I’m sad that they ruined such a great show. Now I got nothing to watch in the mornings. Please come back Chuck.

  7. GSN_Brandon Says:

    Hi Lingo fans! All us alls here on the mobile team at GSN are proud to announce that the Lingo mobile app is finally available for iOS and Android!

    Check it out here, and please leave feedback so we can make the game more like the TV show we all love. 🙂

    Lingo for Android

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