Literally Ass Out For One Man on THE BACHELORETTE Season 21 Premiere Recap

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Literally Ass Out For One Man on THE BACHELORETTE Season 21 Premiere Recap

Pictured: JENN TRAN, GRANT, Photo --Disney/John Fleenor

In the same fashion as how Joey’s Bachelor season started, by showing audiences a preview of his final Rose Ceremony, “The Bachelorette” opens the premiere of Jenn’s season the same way.  It showed Jenn standing in front of the final rose and says, “I can’t let you propose to me…” 

After that, we see Jenn in Boston.  She said the best part of medicine is helping people.  She thought she found love with “The Bachelor” Joey.  But, that was short-lived.

Jenn told Joey that she felt unwanted by her Dad growing up.  The right step to finding love is showing someone who you really are,” stated Jenn.  She was heart-broken after getting sent home by Joey.

Being the first Asian Bachelorette, Jenn wants to make her heritage proud. She wants to find a guy who’ll put her first, and truly understands her. 


It’s not exactly the Bachelor mansion, but the new location did it justice.  Host Jesse Palmer explained to Jenn that their location is the famous “Hummingbird Nest Ranch.”  This is where Jenn met her suitors on night one.


Jenn was presented with 25 men total by the end of their arrivals.

The first guy out of the limo was 31-year-old Marcus, who was an Army Ranger.  Marcus left the Army after six deployments and getting injured.  Marcus said it’s been five years since he’s dated, and hopes that “love is the next mission” for him.

Next was Marvin, who spoke French to Jenn in his introduction.  Jenn reacted that he’s “tall, tall and hot, hot.”  Next, was Sam N., who’s an entrepreneur.   He claimed to be a “love virgin,” because he’s never experienced love.

Sparks flew between Jenn and Sam M., the contractor.  He’s been single for one year and said he’s dream is to be a husband and a father.  And later more sparks, major chemistry, when Grant arrived.

Like Jenn, Thomas Wenn’s parents are both from Vietnam.  He said he’s seen his parents fight for each other, and he wants that as well.  Thomas brought Jenn a bracelet that read “wenn.” so they can be “wenn, wenn.”

Pictured: JENN TRAN, JOHNATHAN J. , Photo — Disney/John Fleenor

Thomas A., from Toronto,  brought Jenn puppies, and of course she melted. It by far beat both men who brought Jenn shots of liquor.

The most creative intro was by Jonathon who rolled up on a stretcher all bandaged up.  The bandages also covered his face, and worse, Jenn got a flash of his behind from the open hospital gown in the back.

The other men thought it was hysterical. Jenn was still in shock!  “I usually don’t do that on a first date.  But, if he’s comfortable with his cheeks, so am I,” Jenn told Jesse.
Noah Erb’s fraternal twin brother Aaron Erb is on this season.  He was inspired by Noah who found his fiance from “Bachelor in Paradise.” 

More chemistry when Dylan arrived, who, at 24, is studying to become a doctor.  One of many crazy distractions was one guy who arrived wearing a harness with balloons attached


Jenn told the men that she never had a good role model for what love was.  She’s not perfect and doesn’t expect them to be perfect.

Thomas discovered that he and Jenn have more in common than parents from Vietnam.  They both have mothers who dropped their medical dreams to move the family to the United States.

In the meantime, Jonathon’s face was still covered in bandages as well as his butt still out!  He was waiting to only take them off when talking to Jenn.  The men were spreading rumors that he may be a celebrity!

The men decided to start a game of “Truth of Dare” with Jenn included.  Many surprises arose from this game.  Then another surprise came when Sam, the “love virgin” revealed that he’s never been in a relationship. 

Soon, Jonathon let Jenn unwrap the bandages off of his face. She compared it to unwrapping a birthday present.  She was shocked to see who he was.  He wasn’t anyone that she knew, (like viewers were expecting), but he was “very hot.” 

Every man kept the statement in mind that Jenn threw out earlier which is that she wants “a ferocious” love especially when it came to her handing out the First Impression Rose.

The Car Situation:

Jeremy was faced with Brian who had the key to his car and interrupted Jeremy and Jenn while they were seated in his corvette.  In an extremely awkward situation, Jeremy kept his cool and let Brian sit in the car with Jenn.  But ordered him not to drive it.

As Grant was about to get the first kiss of the night with Jenn, their heated conversation was interrupted by another suitor.


Jenn handed out her First Impression Rose to Sam M. (the contractor) who was immediately on her radar from the start.  She told him that she couldn’t stop thinking about him and was excited to get to know him more.

Jenn got her first kiss of the night when she went in to kiss Sam.  It was already the next morning by the time the Rose Ceremony started.  That would be as soon as Jenn could stop kissing Sam M….


Photo –Disney/John Fleenor

Dylan was the first one to receive a rose.  Followed by: Thomas N., Spencer, Grant, Marcus, Thomas A., John M., Jeremy, Devin, Brian, Aaron, Jahaan, Hakeem, Jonathon, Austin, Marvin, Sam N.  And, Sam M. who already had the First Impression Rose.

The men who did not get a rose were majorly disappointed. Jenn said coming into tonight, it was hard to believe that she was ‘first choice” and felt like she was “in somebody else’s shoes.”  But all the men made her feel so wanted.

Jenn said being the Bachelorette, she realizes that she is worthy of love and worthy of all these men being there for her.  She was “overwhelmed and happy.”

The First Time Ever!

Then,  Jenn announced that “tomorrow, none of you guys are going to be here.” Because everyone was going to Melbourne, Australia!!  This is a first for the show to have everyone go abroad this early in the season.

Jenn Has Major Drama Coming!

In the sneak-peek, Aaron drops a bomb on Jenn telling her that not everyone is there for the right reasons, then doesn’t tell her who and ruthlessly says it’s for her to figure out!  Then, Sam M. gets exposed as a fraud!

It appears that Jenn ends the season by choosing herself.  “I have to do what’s right for me.”  The previews leads viewers to think that perhaps Jenn will choose to NOT get engaged. 



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