Live From New York It’s AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week One Recap

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Live From New York It’s AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week One Recap

“America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night’s show marked a first for the contestants performing at Radio City Music Hall in New York. At the beginning of Wednesday’s show, judge Howie Mandel said some contestants “really rose to the occasion. Some cracked under the pressure.” There were only spots for four acts to go through to the semi-finals on Wednesday’s live results show.

The only performance on Wednesday’s show was by Labrinth with Emelli Sande who sang “Beneath You’re Beautiful.” Popular tweets for Tuesdays show were #Tuchas – Howard Stern’s favorite body part and magician Collins Key. Fan questions were to Collins Key whom they are labeling the “Justin Bieber of magic.” Fans wanted to know if he had a girlfriend and if he did if he could “make her disappear.” Key said he did not have a girlfriend, so “no” he could not make her disappear. Another fan wanted to know how much the Kristef Brothers can bench press. One of them answered 350 lbs.

ANNA CHRISTINE – (Semi-Finals)

“You’re certainly talented weather that mistake will count against you or not.” – Howie

“I hope you don’t walk out of here and say you made a mistake. You are remarkable. You’re a rare talent. You’re 11 years old,” said Howard

Heidi observed, “You are such an elegant young lady at eleven years old. So raw, so beautiful.” Nick said, “I’d give her a record deal.”

Watch Anna Christine sing and play the piano covering “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” Here


The first elimination of the night were among Alexanderia the Great, Aaralyn and Izzy, and Kevin Downey Jr. It was revealed that none of them made it through to the next round. Howard commented to Aaralyn and Izzy – “I told Howie I thought it was your time already to go. But, the one I feel sorry for is Alexanderia the Great. Her dream was starting to come true. I thought she deserved a spot in the semi-finals.” He then tried to make them all feel better by saying, overall, they were all “great performers.”

TELLAVISION – (Eliminated)

Its a dance act of the most amazing thing you’ll see on television _ Nick
The creators of the dance show – He came from the Tech side, I came from dance. We decided to blend them together.

Howie said, “I have never seen anything like it. You have taken this time and flourished.” He also said they “made it worthy of Radio City Music Hall.”

Howard had a different opinion of the dance group. “I’m going to rain on your parade. I think it’s artsy fartsy. I don’t think the dance is particularly strong. I think you guys need to step it up,” Howard said.

Heidi was in agreement with Howard and critiqued them by saying, “I do like you guys. But I like the idea-r of it. I saw it once and I don’t need to see it again. I didn’t feel the emotions of telling my friends ‘You have to see this.'”

“I loved it I thought it was very artsy. It thought it was very creative. It was a love story. I think America is going to fall in love with it,” said Mel B.

Watch tellAvision perform a beautiful story told through televisions and dance Here


The second group brought in front of the judges to learn their fate were: Fresh Faces, Hype, and Special Head. None of the acts were voted for by America to go through to semi-finals. Howie reacted by saying, “This is crazy intense. I think this is unprecedented.” Special Head tried to leave the stage, but Howie caught him and made him stay. Howie continued with, “Fresh Faces you’re wonderful and you’re young. I think it’s just not your time. Don’t give up. Hype- I think this stage swallowed you up. Special Head – you were a favorite of mine. But, you progressively went down hill. I think last night you blew it. Yes, you did. It wasn’t good.”

AMERICAN HITMEN – (Eliminated)

Made-up of two brothers who joined the Marine Corps in 2003 where they met the rest of the members of their band. They sang, “With a Little Help From My Friends” for their performance.

After their act, the audience chanted “USA”. Howard said, “Being in Iraq prepared you for the experience of being on our stage. Its a very emotional song. I felt that some of the emotion drained out because of the nerves. You still have to have some soul when you sing it live.”

Heidi said, “I do love you guys. You are the real deal. I feel you are better than this song. I want it harder – like a harder rock band.” Mel disagreed and said, “I really liked it.” “I’m with Mel. I don’t know if we heard the same song as Howard and Heidi,” Howie said.

The third group to come forward to hear America’s votes were: TellAVision, Collin Key, and KriStef Brothers. It was revealed that the KriStef Brothers and Collins Key are moving-on to the semi finals. Heidi reacted to Key, “I think you are going to be the next David Cooperfield. You’re going to go far.”

Watch the American Hitmen’s rocking cover of “With a Little Help from My Friends” Here


SPECIAL HEAD – (Eliminated)

Special Head credited his childhood for being responsible for how he is now. “I always felt that I was different. There wasn’t a lot of children where I live. So I would go on imaginary adventures,” he said. Special Head going to attempt to magically alter the matter in the body.

“Because we are human we all have special heads. Our intelligence allows us to be masters of our universe,” Special Head said before his stunt. He disappeared and reappeared on the marquee outside Radio City Music Hall. Nick said he was a little freaked out by this “dude.”

Mixed reactions – yes. People have been talking about you since they saw you from the first time. When you disappeared, I did see a tiny little bit your your special head, Heidi said.

“This time I was giggling and I don’t think I was meant to laugh,” Mel B

“You use the word ‘special’ in your title. The first time you showed us levitation, it was spectacular. This time, it wasn’t as spectacular as the first time. You consistently give us less and less ‘special,” said Howie. –

“Special Head has runned-out of steam. Tonight’s performance was not your best performance. You can only levitate so much. This time it didn’t work, Howard said.

Watch Special Head as he amazingly levitates above a pyramid and disappears in a puff of smoke Here


FRESH FACES – (Eliminated)

Made up of a group of five 9 and 10 years old. Been dancing since they were three years old and have been best friends since. They practice every day.

I love that the five of you hang out together and are such good friends because it comes across in the performance. You’re like the 2013 version of the ‘Spice Girls.’ Amazing!” – Mel B

I think it was an amazing dance recital. I think this stage is far beyond what you do – Howie

Howard said, “This is sweet and cute. But it’s not enough. Unfortunately, we’re going for $1 million. That’s the problem, you dance like the Spice Girls, and they weren’t the best dancers.” Mel told Howard “I am going to get you the next commercial break!” Howard then said that Mel told him Posh Spice couldn’t dance to save her life.

Heidi loved “Fresh Faces” and said, “This is what America’s Got Talent is all about,” and said that her little girls love them.

Watch Fresh Faces take over the entire stage with their energetic moves Here


COLLINS KEY – (Semi-Finals)

I will be the youngest magician to win but also the only magician to win America’s Got Talent – Keys
As part of his trick, Key had lap tops placed in front of the judges in order to participate in his trick that required them to tweet on Twitter. Keys asked Heidi to name a celebrity who was not there tonight. Heidi said, #BradPitt. Keys asked Howard what his favorite body part is. Howard said, the #Tuchas. Howie’s tweet was #Prancing. Mel B’s was #NYC

Key then explained that he had a dream. The messages to the dream was written down on a black paper and placed into a sealed box. When he opened the box the words that the judges tweeted were all written on the paper.

The judges gave him a standing ovation for his magic trick. “I think you are the new face of magic for young people and families today,” said Howie.

Howard was very pleased and said, “You’re one of my favorites. You’ve been doing consistently better and better. You’re a great performer .Your only seventeen years old. Rejoice! you did really well! Good job!”

“I don t know how you do this. It’s unbelievable. You’re really good” Heidi commented on his trick.”Not only are you amazing but you’re a nice guy and you’re very likeable, and I’m sure the young girls will agree, you’re very hot too! You’re a great magician!” said Mel B.

Watch and be amazed by Collins Key as he takes his magic skills to Twitter! Here


KEVIN DOWNEY JR. – (Eliminated)

I decided that I wanted to be a comedian when I was 18 years old and I went to a comedy club. Said he had to wait til he got the guts to perform. “I was a switch board operator for 17 years. I’ve done a lot of bar gigs,” he said.

This guy is the real deal. I admire your material, I admire you’re delivery I cant sit here and give everyone a postive review

I’m sure there’s an audience for this, but it’s not for me. Howard asked her about thecoffomr It’s not funny to me – Heidi

“I’m one foot in the door and one foot out. I’m a bit weird ed-out,” said Mel B.

Its hared to get everyone to get it, to love it. It’s about the delivery. I think you’re funny
Heidi disagreed and said, “It’s a family show. America’s Got Talent is a family show.”

Watch Kevin Downey Jr.’s comedy act range from prison jokes to Kardashian jabs Here


AARALYN AND IZZY – (Eliminated)

She said she “hates” Justin Beiber. “For my performance, I’m going to scream a little bit louder,” she said. Nick described their act as “One of the most shocking things America has ever seen” After they performed, “Stepping in Poop,” the judges reacted.

“Lets get real. This is America’s Got Talent. It was novel and fun. This is a $1 million competition. I love the kids. They’re fun but it stops now,” Howard said. Mel B’s reaction was similar, “I wasn’t that king the first time. You’re both cute and adorable. You don’t have to scream.”

Heidi said, “It is a bit bizarre. You’re scaring us a tiny bit. You start off cute but then turn into Ozzy Osbourne.”

Howie said “If it’s up to America I will tell you – they have hit 15 million hits on YouTube. Someone likes it. You have more hits than Jackie Evancho.” Howard said, “It’s a “gimmick” to Howie’s attempt to defend the group.

Watch Aaralyn and Izzy sing another original Heavy Metal song “Dog Poop” Here



She liked to watch magic as a child which inspired her. She said she wasn’t the perfect body size for magic. She’s performing tonight her very own water torture-type chamber similar to Houdini. It’s consists of wrapping her in 25 feet of chains locked with five pad locks. Her goal is to escape in 90 seconds or less. After making her escape, Alexander said, “Now I know why Houdini didn’t do this escape. He refused.”

“For me I’m not sure if it’s a full show,” said Mel B. “I think that you completely depleted all the options. Is it something that’s going to go on” questioned Howie in regards to the wow and entertainment factor to her stunt.

I think Heidi and Mel can learn something from you. They should wear bathing suits to the show. You’re started it at a late age. You’re going up against Houdini. He would be very proud of you,” said Howard.

Heidi also liked the act and said, “I held my breath with you and I got up to twenty seconds. I was on the edge of my seat. I was very entertained. I loved it.”

Watch Alexanderia the Great as this fearless escape artist goes under water in chains Here



We want to make it funny. We want to make it crazy. Nick said, “Amazing and hilarious. I love a white man in an Afro.”

“In Vegas I posed the question. But there is no question in my mind. By far, the best act of the night so far,” said Howie.

Howard said, “Howie’s right on the money. Best act of the night. You’re funny, you’re well thought-out. I admire your athleticism.” Heidi said, “I don’t want to upset my boyfriend but I do have to say that you two are hot! You’re really talented. You are very good.”

“I love the glitter coming out of the underwear. That was the highlight for me. I was thoroughly entertained. I can’t wait to see what’s next,” said Mel B. They put a glitter jock strap on Nick Cannon. He said, “go get a bigger jock strap!”

Watch the KriStef Brothers acrobats take a very complicated act and made it comedic while still showcasing their strength Here


The fourth group to face live eliminations were: Branden James, Anna Christine, and American Hitmen. The only act that was put through was Branden James. Howard told James, “The other acts better watch out for you because you’re hungry and you’re ready to win. You’re in a great position for this competition.”

HYPE – (Eliminated)

Heidi said “It didn’t blow me away.” Mel B. said similar to Heidi, “I do love you guys I think you’re really talented dancers. But that routine didn’t go anywhere. The choreography didn’t blow me away.”

“I agree with what the other tow judges already said. But we’re not the judges to America. The over-head shots showed you added elements that we couldn’t see,” said Howie. You’re good dancers. You’re above average. You relied on the water trick. Above average doesn’t work,” said Howard.

Watch the Hype dance group’s elaborate routine set to “I Won’t Dance” Here


BRANDEN JAMES – (Semi-Finals)

My mom came up to me and gave me a hug and said, she was sorry and never meant to hurt him I can’t explain how much it helped me to hear that. It’s almost like I’ve been given a second chance and I’m so grateful for it.”

Heidi was wiping away tears and gave him a standing ovation. She said, “I fell in love with your story. I’m right there with you.” “It’s like you’re a seasoned pro already,” said Mel B.

Then, Howie really broke it down. He said, “You are here trying to win a million dollars. But in this contest you’ve won more than that- the acceptance of your family. I hope they (America) votes,” said Howie

We learned something tonight. We saw a stage Radio City Music Hall. Some of these acts got swallowed up. Now you take to the stage like a pro. You really crushed it tonight. You should be very proud of yourself. It was a moving performance.

Nick asked him how it felt? James responded, “I feel that I just got my shot. Thank you.”

Watch Branden James’ opera cover of “You Raise Me Up” Here

For the last elimination of the night, the remaining group of contestants were brought in front of the judges for them to choose whom they would like to keep in the competition. The last two acts – Anna Christine and American Hitmen, were voted in fourth and fifth place Tuesday night in no particular order.

Heidi voted first. She said, “This is the worst position to be in. I love you guys (American Hitmen). I think you are a great rock band, and you (Anna) have a great voice.” She picked Anna. Mel B. said, “American Hitmen, I love your rock, your passion.” She voted for American Hitmen. Howie said, “This is a huge conundrum. Howard and I talked yesterday and said it would come to this.” He told American Hitmen that they have been looking for a band like them. “You brought it.” To Anna, he said she is talented and beautiful and 11 years old. “The pressure got to you. Hitmen, you guys brought it”. He picked American Hitmen.

Howard, who was the only judge that said he wanted to have a rock band in the “America’s Got Talent” competition, said to them that “there was a moment missing where I didn’t feel like I wanted to be with you guys.” He told Anna, “last night you admitted your mistake. My choice is Anna.”

The tie-breaker was to count America’s vote. America’s vote went to Anna Christine.

Eliminated Acts: Fresh Faces, TellAVision, Special Head, Alexanderia the Great, Aaralyn and Izzy, Hype, American Hitmen, Kevin Downey Jr.
Acts Going to the Semi-Finals: KriStef Brothers, Collins Key, Anna Christine, Branden James


Next Tuesday’s show will have the following acts perform:
Struck Boyz, Brad Byer, Forte, Ciana Pelekai, Aquanuts, Angela Hoover, Alexander Magla, Kid the Whiz, Dave Shirley, Innovative Force, Marty Brown, Tone the Chiefrocca.

Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season Eight Episode Ten – Live from Radio City, Night One. Originally aired on Tuesday Night, July 23, 2013.


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