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Live in the Moment on THE VOICE Season 15 Battles Week 2 Recap

Posted on October 27 2018 by Editor

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Live in the Moment on THE VOICE Season 15 Battles Week 2 Recap

The last week of “The Voice” season 15 Battle Rounds had some coaches with Steals left ready to switch-up some members of their Teams. Kelly Clarkson expressed that for her, “The Voice” Battle Rounds not only shows who’s ready. But, “who’s ready right now.” That was also the deciding factor for her this season on which artists to keep and which ones to let go.

The coaches advisors returned who included Thomas Rhett for Team Kelly; Cee Lo Green for Team Adam; Keith Urban for Team Blake; and Halsey for Team JHud. At the end of Tuesday’s Battle, viewers got some very exciting news when the show announced the Key Advisor for the Knockout Rounds!! Monday night’s Battles started-out with Team Blake.

KNOCKOUTS Sneak-Peek Below!

TEAM BLAKE (Keith Urban)


Tennessee State park ranger. He put music on the “back burner” to start a family. Blake used his Block on Keith, Blocking Adam from him. Dave said he was playing bars and Honkt Tonk He moved he and his wife to Nashville to pursue his music. Keith said it was “challenging” to be paired with Dave who has “so much experience.” Blake said they both have an “edgey, rugged sound” which is why he gave them “One Woman Man” by George Jones. Keith said Dave’s voice has a “swagger.” Blake said they’re both very distinct and powerful cool blend.” He also said Keith didn’t have the comfort level with the song that Dave had. Keith noticed that the song needed something different such as a lower tempo and attitude. Blake said “you FEEL Dave’s voice” while Keith’s voice “sneaks up on you” and has an incredible range. During their first stage rehearsal, Keith was nervous and flubbed the lyrics.

Before the Battle Dave stated he wants people to know that “there’s no age limit on giving yourself a chance.” Jennifer stated it Showed her how different they are as vocalists and their range was amazing. She finished with “it took us on a journey that never ended. Kelly said the few times she went ot the Grand Old Oprey, “it felt like that.” Adam thought Dave was “way more on the Country side.” Keith confirmed that he’s not “going Country. He thought Dave was “a bad ass.” Blake said they were “pretty close.” Dave is Nashville, a Country guy. He’s glad that Keith learned all the words. “It’s a completely original version of that song.”

Battle Winner: Dave. Blake said “Dave just always takes over the room.”
STEAL: Adam stole Keith. Adam thought Keith did a great job and was Blocked from selecting him on his team during the Blinds.

TEAM ADAM (Cee Lo Green)


Emily said she was “scared” because she didn’t want to Battle her friend Reagan. Emily performs at street festivals, winerys, and restaurants. “The Voice” Blind Audition was her biggest performance. Reagan is 13-years-old. Adam selected “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. Adam put them together because of their age and he said they have “elegance and grace” which is inspiring to see since he has two daughters. They are different kind of singers, but also each others compeition. Cee Lo Green said Emily has a strong voice and at 16 can embody the emotion, and Reagan at 13 “can do no wrong.” Adam advised to them to question themselves less… the rest will naturally fall into place.” Cee Lo advised that

Their performance was so good that they got a standing ovation from the coaches. Blake reacted “that wasn’t a Battle, it was a sweet fairy-tale.” Jennifer said they “sounded like angels.” She told Emily has such “big voice” and they sound amazing together. Kelly said there’s an element to Reagan’s voice that’s like poetry. But, with Emily she just “lives in her moment” and that’s capivating.

Adam said he can hear how important it in to Emily in her vocal. Reagan gets so lost in her performance. He reminded that they have their entire life and career ahead of them.

BATTLE WINNER: Reagan. Adam said Reagan “has this thing about her. She’s just special. Blake said it was his first Battle thusfar.

In the “Comeback Stage” Battle, it was SAM vs. WYATT.  Tune into either YouTube, or “The Voice” App to see who won.



Matt auditioned for “The Voice” every season since season one. He works at a winery where he plays music in the corner. Jennifer chose him as the last person on her team. Jennifer said it was about the texture of their voices. Jennifer gave them “Too Close” by Alice Claire because it’s an unexpected choice and she wanted to see who’s “more seasoned.” Halsey said Matt is an incredible vocal passionate and soulful. Franc is a powerhouse, smokey vocal. Halsey counted that there were five lines that they didn’t end on a run. Jennifer reminded for each one of them to bring their one speical thing to the stage.

Kelly said it’s a cool, sexy thing to see men so comfortable and “feeling themselves.” She liked that they showed-off their lower range. Kelly said Franc has a cool tone. But, there’s something about Matt that speaks to her. Adam told Matt that this is the second best day of his life after the first which was making it in his Blind Audition. Blake said Franc did that scream, gravel-filled note at the end. Blake said he’d pick Franc. Jennifer said Matt is a character. Franc has a swag with a distintive voice and they’re both amazing. Jennifer said the show is called “The Voice” about the voice. So, she picked Franc.

BATTLE WINNER: Franc. Jennifer said Franc’s voice cut through her and can’t wait to watch him shine.

TEAM KELLY (Thomas Rhett)


Abby used music as her “get away” while recovering from a horse riding accident. Before “The Voice” Delaney worked eight days a week. Kelly said the two girls “have a similar vibe. But are different.” Kelly gave Delaney and Abby Eli Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do.” Kelly said Abby has a huge range, and Delaney has a beautiful, round tone from experience. Thomas compared Abbey to Rihana and called Delaney a “super-star.” He said they’re on thier own plane. Kelly reacted that they’re both really talened. But, she wants to get behind the one who’s ready right now.

Adam called their performance “awesome” and it’s a tough song to perform. He told Abby at 17-years-old, her tone is so cool, laid-back and searing which is going to improve. Delany at 21-years-old seems like she’s that much further along and Abby is right there. Blake told them they did a “killer job.” He said four years isn’t much. But can hear the experience in Delany’s voice. Jennifer said they have very special voices but bring different things to the table. Coach Kelly said they are very different from each other. Abby is more of a stylized singer where Delany can be given any type of song which she’ll nail.

BATTLE WINNER: Abby. Kelly said there’s something about Abby that’s so different and captivating.

STEAL: Adam stole Delany. Adam said he was under the impression that Kelly was going to keep Delany and was left speechless.


Foushee vs Radha
Adam said Radha is impossible to ignore. She’s a force. BATTLE WINNER: RADHA

Chevel vs Mikel
Kelly said Cheveal has a “rad voice” and is unique. BATTLE WINNER: CHEVEL

Audri vs Makenzie
Jennifer told the ladies that Mariah Carey “would be proud” of them both for the way they sang her song. She said Makenzie is a beast of a vocalist. BATTLE WINNER: MAKENZIE.

TEAM ADAM (Cee Lo Green)


The Voice 15 Battles week 2, Jake vs. Natalie

Pictured: (l-r) Jake Wells, Natalie Brady, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Sang gospel music all over North America. He said that’s where he learned that he loves to sing and be on stage. During his Blind Audition, Jake said he relaxed into thinking he wasn’t going to make it on the show. Adam turned his chair at the last second. Before “The Voice” Natalie spent four years performing in Nashville and being a mom. She wants to show the world what she’s made of.

Adam said he paired Jake’s voice is powerful but also emotional and not over the top. Natalie’s voice is insane. He said they are more similar taste than people realize. Adam gave them “Closing Time” because it “lends itself to their sensiblity with big moments. Natalie thought that her and Jake’s voices are so different. Adam said to do away with the guitar to strip the 90s vibe from it and replace it with a piano. Cee Lo observed that the pair sounded like they’ve known each other for years. Adam was so impressed by thier rehearsal performance that he told them they need to start a band “right now.” They harmonized with each other prerfectly Cee Lo noted.

Blake reacted that it was such good singing and “tight harmony.” Adam was a one-chair turn for Jake and he got away with one. Jake’s voice fills-up the room. He said with Natalie her voice is powerful and at the same time has a soft, tender side. Jennifer reacted that Natalie is captivating – her voice has settlities and great presence with it. She said they’re both amazing. Kelly said astatically she would have never put them togther but it’s the most amazing thing. She said Jake is insane. Coach Adam said it was just as good if not better than the rehersals. He said it felt like a finale performance. He made his decision based upon the person that spoke to him the most.

BATTLE WINNER: Jake. Adam said it was bittersweet because they were both amazing. But, there’s something too special with Jake to pass-up.

TEAM JHUD (Halsey)


The voice 15 Battles week 2, Tyshawn vs. Zaxai

Pictured: (l-r) Tyshawn Colquitt, Zaxai, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Zaxai is from Haiti. His parents moved from Haiti to get a better life. JHud Blocked Kelly from Zaxai. Tyshawn and his mom run a pound cake baking business called “Pound 4 Sound.” He said when Jennifer turned for him, he blacked-out and she spoke to his soul. Jennifer gave them “Love Lies” to challenge them and get them out of their comfort zones. She said Tyshawn has an R&B feel where Zaxai has an old-school, seasoned feel. She said they compliment each other. But, can still teach each other something. Halsey advised them not to “over think it…this is poetry.”
Tyshawn said he feels that he’s grown as an artists under Team JHu. But, also realizes he needs a lot of work. Halsey noticed that Tyshawn has a unique voice. Zaxai has more control and enters the song “clean and confident.” Jennifer reminded Zaxai that is a competition and has to step-up his game. After their stage rehearsal, Jennifer said it’s going to be her toughest Battle decision and wants to see who stands-out.

Kelly stated that they fed off each other so well and Tyshawn has incredible range. She said Zaxai’s voice felt like “a warm blanket.” Kelly said she’d go with Zaxai. Adam thought it was even. Adam said there were some high and low issues and the smoothness didn’t come until later in the song. Kelly remembered that Jennifer Blocked her from Zaxai. Blake went wit Zaxai for havig “a better grip with the song.” Blake and Adam reminded Kelly that she was Blocked from Zaxai!! Coach Jennifer said they were both “evenly great.” Zaxai is so smooth with old-school swag. She had a difficult time deciding the winner.

BATTLE WINNER: Tyshawn. Jennifer said Tyshawn has great vocal potential…”a great package.”
STEAL: Kelly snagged Zaxai after gettig Blocked from him in the Blinds. She said he has cool ease and smoothness to him. She’s stole two people from JHud – Tasha and Zaxai.


The Advisors returned to help the coaches with their Teams. There was only one coach – Blake Shelton with one Steal left. Tuesday night’s ‘Voice show was the last night of the Battles Round for season 15.

TEAM KELLY (Thomas Rhett)


It was Grace’s first vocal lesson. Grace has a condition where she sees colors when she listen’s to music Kelly gave them “No Roots” song for their Battle. Thomas said Erika’s voice was like a “Pop/heavy voice” which he loves and said Grace “looks so confident” in the rehearsal. Both Kelly and Thomas advised Grace to bring some “sass” and “vibe” to her performance.

Adam reacted that Sarah has a “sass face” and wanted to hear bigger notes from Erika. Blake told Erika “you did this very well”. He said Sarah has the attack, “like she’s mad at the song.” So, he picked Sarah. Kelly said Erika’s runs are so effortless and they both have great attacks at the song. She chose Sarah Grace as the winner.

Battle Winner: Sarah Grace. Kelly commented that Sarah “came alive a little more” is why she chose her.


Kameron works in a car parts store. Kayley gigs in Nashville and auditioned for “The Voice” with a Fleetwood Mac song. Blake could hear the “Dolly” in her voice. They are sining “I Only Want to Be With You” by Hoodie and the Blowfish. Blake called Kaley and Kameron his “two hip, young Country artists.” Keith Urban adivsed Kayley that the best runs are to do them with feeling underneath. Keith advised Kameron that his performance is better without his guitar. Urban stated that the pairing is “stylistically so different” and the song forced them both to find their strengths. He predicted that the one “that feels it the most” is the one that will do better in their Battle.

Jennifer noted that Kameron “sings so comfortable” and though Kayley had her “vocals down” while playing the guitar. But, went with Kameron. Kelly said they rep diff styles of ‘they felt authentic to Country music. Adam said Kayley is mega-taented. However, Kameron was “freeer” and went with him. Blake said it was cool to see their creatvity come to life. Kameron was more comfortable without the guitar, while Kayley decided to play it.

Battle Winner: Kameron. Blake said now that he knows how far he can push Kameron, he can put him in the lane that he wants to be in.


Claire vs Josh
Claire is angelic, soften. While Josh has an insane amount of power. BATTLE WINNER: Claire.

Caeland vs Kirk
Blake never heard them sound better than in their Battle. BATTLE WINNER: Kirk

Kennedy vs. Lela
Jennifer based her decision on who’s “more ready.” BATTLE WINNER: Kennedy.

The final Battle of the season came from Team Adam where his Team Advisor was Cee Lo Green.

TEAM ADAM (Cee Lo Green)

Deandre survived Hurricane Harvey. He saw a lot of people not pull through. He said having a ‘Voice 4-chair-turn was one of the greatest things in his life. Funsho is from Nigera and called being on “the Voice” the biggest thing he could imagine. Funsho was intimidated by Deandre for his great tone, and incredible runs. Adam gave them “Can You Stand the Rain” song. Adam called Deandre’s his voice a “very round, powerful presence” and Funsho has a lot of richness in his voice. Adam advised Deandre to turn his nervousness into trying to overtake the song. Adam advised them with this song, they have to have a map, but not with “too much planning.” Cee Lo toldhtem to watch outnot to lose the integrity of the original song. Adam didn’t want them to do hamonies toghet becaue it’s “too cute.” But, want them to sound like an indiviual New Edition.

Blake said it’s what hey hope for in Batltes is tow great vocalists who lay it ll out. He said Funsho stood up and went toe-to-to-tow with Deandre. He said Deandre took it to the next level. Jennifer told Deandre sang the hell out of that song. She told Funsho that he took her back to New Edition. Kelly said it was so fluid . Deandre took his time and never heard anyone do runs like that . She went with Deandre. Adam told them that they really stepped-up and he looks at them like equals.

Battle Winner: Deandre. Adam said Deandre is such an insane singer with a gen c’est quoi intangible thing.

STEAL – Blake pushed his butten to Steal Funsho. Thus, using his one and only Steal on Funsho. He told Funsho that his performance was “incredible.” Something “laid back” yet intense about how Funsho perfoms is how Blake described him.

NEXT WEEK: Knockouts with Key Advisor Mariah Carey!


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