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LOVE TRIANGLE: Wendy Williams Break-up Trios, Dating Game Show!

Posted on April 08 2011 by Editor

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Hosted by Wendy Williams!

Talk show host Wendy Williams, “The Wendy Williams Show” took some time out today to talk to media outlets about her new dating game show for GSN called “Love Triangle”.

Our article on our set visit to “Love Triangle” here:

The strategy of the show is to get daters to make a final pick from the two love interests whom they have been dating. As host of the show, Williams gives some advice, dating statistics, as well as a lie detector test, “The Truth Buster” to help daters to reach their final selection.

Williams states that the new dating game show is for viewers age 18 and older, even though she says she thinks that teens would be okay to watch it given what they already encounter daily. According to Williams, viewers can expect to see a wedding proposal on the show, and a same sex love triangle.

We asked Williams what she thought the most important ingredient in a relationship is when deciding on whom to date. Her response was, “lifestyle”. Williams said that there was a contestant on the show who was very religious, from a religious background. She wanted to choose the mate that owned a sex shop and night club if he would give it all up. Williams thoughts on that was “you don’t matter that much for me to give up my career. Lifestyle is extremely important with career and your path in life”.

Watch video of audience reviews of “Love Triangle” below:

Williams said that she thought it to be “amazing how deep people get involved in things. Then, they come to Love Triangle to try to sort things out”. She says it’s a “really interesting show! It’s entertaining and at the same time it’s very educational”. Williams cites her own favorite dating game shows as “Blind Date”, “Hell Date” and “Love Connection”.

She also had time to comment on her most recent appearance on NBC’s “Dancing With the Stars”.

Fresh off the “Dancing With the Stars” elimination week, this week was Williams’ turn to go home from the dance competition. Enduring a rugged schedule, Williams stated that she does NOT blame that for her going home this week. “Flying back and forth (from L.A. to N.Y.) sure I had jet lag. But, I’m not going to fault that. I’m not going to blame my scores or being eliminated on lack of practice. Because I gave Tony (dance partner) and that show my all”. Williams cites lack of ability to dance as her main weakness. “I don’t think the judges were fair in the way they scored me” stated Williams.

“Love Triangle” premiers on GSN Monday, April 11th 7pm ET/6pm PT.


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  1. Lindsay Says:

    Wendy i need your help badly! i want to know how do i get on your show love triangle? Im in a sticky situation with 2 men that im love with and need your help deciding who i truly want to be with! please help your show is great, YOUR GREAT! 🙂

  2. Sal Says:


    I can tell you are a class act if you want to appear on this show. One woman banging two guys… your parents and grandparents would be proud to see you on the show …..
    you could tell Wendy and the audience how each guys satisfies you, what sex toys you like etc…….. for trash tv

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