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Magic in SYTYCD season 16 Top 4 Revealed Live Show Week 4 Recap

Posted on September 02 2019 by Editor

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Magic in SYTYCD season 16 Top 4 Revealed Live Show Week 4 Recap

FOX’s dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” season 16 delivered the Top 4 guys and girls at the end of Live Studio Show week 4. The judges were able to save one guy and one girl based on their deliberation combined with America’s votes from last week resulted in the Top 4 dancers.

At the top of the show, host Cat Deeley revealed that the judges knew who the bottom four were based on last week’s votes from the Top 6 performances.  This week, each dancer danced with an All-Star, with their regular partner, and a solo number in their own genre. The dancers shared who their biggest inspirations are, the people in their lives who helped them to get where they are now.

Bailey said for him, it’s his Grandmother. He said she raised him to be the man he is today. 

BAILEY & All-Star KOINE IWASAKI (Jazz / Al Blackstone)

Choreographer Al Blackstone said the concept of the routine is Bailey plays a waiter who’s very serious about his job until Koine snaps him out of it.  Blackstone told Bailey not to be “so sweet.”  He has to be more passionate.  Bailey said acting in dancing is a whole new element.  Judges Comments:  Dtrix said Bailey is an “amazing dancer” and he believes him.  Laurieann exclaimed, “OMG” and said she will buy a ticket to any Broadway show he’s in.  Nigel was impressed with all of Bailey’s advanced ballet moves and called him “outstanding.” Mary called Bailey “the entertainer of the show right now!”  and told him he’s “on that track” and they “feel it!”  

GINO & All-Star COMFORT FEDOKE (Hip-Hop /Luther Brown)

Gino said it was his brother who’s his special person and they have a bond.  His brother is currently dancing in “Mean Girls” on Broadway.  Gino got Hip Hop by Luther Brown with All-Star Comfort Fedoke. The concept was a tomb in Egypt and Comfort is Cleopatra.  Gino labeled as his last chance to redeem himself because the last time he did Hip-Hop, he got criticized by the judges.  Judges Comments:  Laurieann told Luther Brown that it was “absolutely amazing” and a slay of Hip-Hop.  She liked that it forced Gino to get out of his comfort zone and he was raised-up to what he has about his ability. “Get out of your head” yelled Laurieann to Gino.  Nigel said there was “so much sauce on that spaghetti tonight” and he was better than last time.  Mary said he’s shedding out all that Armour and Luther brought it out in him.  Dtrix said last time it was “okay,” but this time it was “brilliant.”  

MADISON & All-Star LEX ISHIMOTO (Jazz / Mandy Moore)

Madison said her boyfriend Jarrod is her biggest support system. They met in the same Contemporary company.  Jarrod called Madison his idol and wants to be just like her.  Madison got Jazz with Mandy Moore and All-Star Lex.   Mandy said when they bring in an All-Star, they are forced to immediately have chemistry.  Madison wants to make Top 4 and hopes Lex, winner of season 14, rubs off on her.    Judges’ Comments: Nigel said Mandy Moore can change style every other day and it’s good to see.  He said with Madison, like Gino, she’s got brilliant technique and tonight, she let her emotions go.  Mary said Madison latched onto that 60’s character and good chemistry with Lex, She was “living it.” Dtrix called it Madison’s best show since the beginning.  Laurieann said she wanted Madison to “let go” and get out of her head.  

SOPHIE & All-Star KIKI NYEMCHEK (Samba / Posha Kovalev )

Sophie said her person is her Dad because he’s the person she goes to.  Her dad said he loves her drive and passion and cries every time he sees her dance on stage.  Sophie said one of her Dad’s sayings is, “get uncomfortable” which means to push past your limit.  Sophie said she’s terrified to do the Samba because she’s never done it before.  Kiki said Sophie needs to be confident with the dance.  Judges’ Comments:   Mary said they’re very lucky to have Posha back and Kiki on top of it.  Mary said Sophie was just like a professional Ballroom dancer and thought she did amazing then gave her some constructive notes.  Dtrix said he’s blown away by her growth and it’s at the right time in the competition.  Laurieann called her a “cut above” and “well done.” Nigel loved that she didn’t get caught-up in the technique of the dance.

MARIAH & All-Star FIK-SHUN (Hip-Hop Misha Gabriel)

Mariah said her mom has sacrificed for her which is why she’s her biggest inspiration.  Mariah said she learned to be herself  and to be strong from her Mom.  Mariah is doing Hip-Hop with Season 10 winner, Fik-Shun.  They had to work with canes which is a bit of a challenge for Mariah.   Judges’ Comments: Dtrix called Mariah one of his favorite Hip-Hop dancer’s this season even though she’s Contemporary. Laurieann said not only was it magical, it was “super” and there’s a pocket in Hip-Hop that missing and that’s the pocket of feeling.Nigel said he didn’t feel it with Mariah tonight, and generally her Hip Hop is really strong.  Mary disagreed and said it doesn’t matter what she’s given, she always brings the magic.

EZRA & All-Star GABY DIAZ (Contemporary / Robert Roldan)

Ezra’s inspiration is his mom who teaches them to never forget where they come from.  When she had a stroke last year, Ezra thought he was going to lose her forever, and grateful she’s with him today.   Ezra got Contemporary with All-Star Gaby Diaz, choreographed by Robert Roldan.  The concept of the routine is that the relationship has gone stale.   Ezra said he could relate to the routine because he had a relationship end that he thought would be forever.  Ezra said he learnt so much from it.  Before the judges’ comments, Cat asked Ezra why he was crying.  Ezra said he felt so closed inside, and he’s opened-up to America something that he hid and now feels free to share it with America. 

Judges’ Comments:  Laurieann called it “breathtaking” and there’s something so special about Ezra.  “That was absolutely fantastic.”  Nigel said he’ll be able to walk away knowing that being hones with himself was the most important thing, and the emotion in his dance.  Mary said it just blew her mind and “this is love pouring out of you.”  Dtrix said this whole competition of Ezra constantly being in the bottom and overcome to come out and win.  That’s the only way to win is to never give up.

Cat announced that Diaz will be in the new Stephen Spielberg movie “Westside Story.”

SOPHIE & GINO (Broadway / Warren Carlyle)

Gino said he was worried last week because it was their first time dancing together.   They got Broadway by Warren Carlye.  The concept was that their characters are in love.  Gino said he’s glad that they’re partners because they jive well together.  Judges’ Comments:   Nigel said they have one of the best Broadway choreographers in the house.  He said they used every inch of the stage and there’s something special about Gino and Sophie being together.  Mary said she’s ready to buy a Broadway ticket for the two of them.  Dtrix said he loves them dancing.  But, what’s up with the kiss in that routine.  Laurieann kept-up with the “boo cat Kelly” expression and that they’re “the couple to beat.”

BAILEY & MARIAH (Jazz / Ray Leeper)

Bailey said they’re biggest competition is each other.  Bailey said looking into Mariah’s eyes it “got a little hot” and hopes that both  Mariah and America think he’s sexy.   They got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience couldn’t stop cheering.  Judges’ Comments: Mary shouted “unbelievable” and “Bailey what has gotten into you?” She said they both set the stage on fire and they are still the couple to beat for her.   Dtrix called Bailey a Magic Mike, and Mariah has to think Bailey is sexy by now. “Did you feel that?”  Laurieann said she stands corrected, retracting her earlier comment about Sophie and Gino being the couple to beat.   Nigel said when God made them two, he broke them and aid they are going be great on SYTYCD .  He said they really are the couple to beat.  

MADISON & EZRA (Disco / Dorianna Sanchez)

Ezra said it sucked to hear that they were in the bottom and thinks everyone is underestimating them.  This week they got Disco.  It’s about the Queen of Disco meeting the King of Ballroom on the dance floor and taring it up.  Madison said they can’t forget about sparkles.  Choreographer said they’re dumping a bucket of sparkles on them.  Madison said they are not going down without a fight.  Judges’ Comments: Dtrix who’s done a similar routine by Dorianna Sanchez said Disco for him was the hardest routine to get through.  He told Ezra that when he’s lifting someone and his face is still performing, he has to give it to him.  Laurieann praised the duo.  “Madison, you killed it.  Did you feel the difference?  You let go!” Nigel said he didn’t get the memo about the glitter, but they said the sparkle in the routine.  Mary said they gave everyone Disco fever and it was so high octane.  

The Top 3 Girls: Mariah, Madison, and Sophie danced a piece by Ray Leeper. Laurieann called it “brilliant” and been a long time to see natural ability and the girls literally “killed it.” Nigel said he hopes they each learned something from being on SYTYCD and it’ll be hard letting one go because they are great. Mary called it “the coolest thing ever.” Dtrix told them it’s been such an honor watching them since the very beginning.

Pictured (l-r): Judges Mary, Dtrix, Laurieann, Nigel / Photo: FOX copyright.

The Top 3 Guys: Bailey, Ezra, and Gino performed a routine by Talia Favia. Nigel stated that he prays every week that the show comes together and tonight, everything came together for choreographer Talia. He’s glad he’s there to see it. Nigel said he’s shocked that the three of the guys performed so brilliantly that it’s going to put them into a pickle. Mary said “it’s called the “flow experience” which is feeling one with the universe. She’s only had one in her whole career. Dtrix said the key to winning the show, is the amount of fulfillment filling the path, and they blessed him with a moment of bliss. Laurieann said the power of dance is to to speak without opening your mouth. “Tonight you have said Amen” and they all three have what it takes to see their dreams manifest.

Pictured (l-r): Cat Deeley, Ezra, Gino, Bailey / Photo: FOX copyright


Nigel stated that the judges took into account america’s votes from last week and had to agree with tonight as well. The first guy going through to the Top 4 for next week was Gino Cosculluela. The first girl that went through to next week was Mariah Russell.

The next guy to go through was Bailey Munoz. That left Ezra who went home. The remaining two female dancers were Madison Jordan and Sophie. It was Sophie Pittman who the judge chose to sent through. That left Ezra’s partner Madison who also went home.

Madison was in tears and said she was so grateful and thanked everyone. Cat said she’s never seen anyone who’s so happy when they dance than Ezra. Ezra stated that “this is a dream that I will never forget.”


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