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Magical Thunderstorm on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 2

Posted on March 03 2020 by Editor

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Magical Thunderstorm on THE VOICE Season 18 Blinds Week 2

Tonight’s “The Voice” Blind Auditions episode introduced the contestants via a montage off handing a microphone off to each other in their hometown locations. The coaches – Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and newbie, Nick Jonas will have only ten members on their Teams this season versus the traditional twelve members from past seasons. They were being very particular about the artists they turned their chairs for.


Allegra is 16-years-old from St. John, The Virgin Islands.  She said growing-up there “is an adventure” because she can go diving, etc.   All of her family members play music.  When she was 11, the family moved to Florida, West Palm Beach.  She plays six nights a week anywhere she can.  Allegra said “it’s insane” to have this opportunity to be on “The Voice” at her age.  She sang “Use Somebody” while playing the piano.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Nick

Kelly reminded Allegra that she turned around first.  John said had he known that she was young, he would have turned, because he heard a couple of “control things.”  He heard her emotion coming through.  Kelly said the first time she turned her chair was for Brynn Cartelli who ended-up winning, and compared her to Brynn.  Kelly said she’s a “huge fan” of Allegra.  Allegra responded that she’s a huge fan of Kelly’s.  Nick told her she sounds “so incredible.”  Nick found it “interesting” that Allegra is from a “musical family” (like him), and wrote her first song at age 12 (also like Nick).  Allegra said most of the songs she writes is from the “darker times.”  Kelly said her too.   Nick said at 16 he lost to Adele.  He added that if she chooses him, he won’t let her down and they’ll make it to the finals.  Hopefully all the way.  Blake threw in his support for Nick and encouraged her to select Nick for her coach.  Then Kelly chimed back-in.  Nick said having “the freshest coach” would benefit her.  Kelly flashed her very cool, shiny Team jacket at Allegra, who ultimately chose Nick Jonas for her coach.    

Nick said you can tell by her voice that she has a lot to say and predicts she will be a threat to the competition.
Blake admitted that he feels “a little threatened by Nick” and waiting to use his Block.

CAMERON (Team Legend)

Cameron said “The Voice” is the biggest opportunity he’s had in his career at age 21 years old.   His dad was an Air Born Ranger  and the rule at his house was that they had to be playing a minimum of two sports.  He’s now studying music in college and plays gigs.  His parents were at his Blind Audition to support him.  Cameron wants to show his parents that all the shows and gigs were all worth it.  He sang “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey).”  Cameron sounded like a mini, John Legend.  Coincidentally, John was the first to turn.

Chair Turns:  John, Blake

Cameron announced that he’s turning 22 the next day.  Kelly admitted that his falsetto did sounded like John Legend, and she didn’t feel like competing.  John told the coaches not to do that to him because he loses when they do.  Nick said if he wants a good time, he might pick Blake especially with it being his birthday the next day.  John liked that Cameron came in with his own style and called him an artist to be reckoned with.  He’d love to be his artist.  Blake said everyone, including catering expects Cameron to pick John.  Blake said he’s willing to fall on his sword and compete against John, promising to take Cameron to the finale.  Cameron said he’s “so influenced by John”  and went with John Legend.  John said Cameron has interesting riffs and runs,  and “he’s supper soulful.”  Cameron said it meant a lot that John is connected to him soulfully.  

JOEI FULCO (Team Blake)

Joei sang “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves” and sound like a real Country pro doing it.   She came onto the stage without a backstory package airing first.  

 Pictured: Joei Fulco — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Chair Turns: Blake, Nick (BLOCKED)

Blake Blocked Nick when he pushed his button to turn for Joei.  Joei is 22 years old from Lancaster, California.  Kelly said her voice “sounded so leathered, very old school sound” and compared her to Chris Stapleton.  Joei said she came from a family of musicians.  Kelly complimented her, saying she doesn’t sound like any other females in Country music.  John said her tone was “special and unique'” and she’ll go far on the show.  Blake said the fact that she’s bringing that sound to current music is what’s going to set her apart, is special and has  “a very seasoned, timeless” voice.  Blake said Joei, he does think she’s special and “loves her voice.”   To find out she wants to be in the Country/Rock lane added excitement at having her on his Team.

Blake called Blocking Nick “a right of passage” for him.


Sara sang “Johnny and June” Country song for her Blind Audition without the viewers seeing a backstory of her.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Nick

Sara is 18 from Baton Rouge, LA and now lives in Tennessee.  John said two incredible coaches will now fight it out for her.  John told her she has “a really cool tone”  but heard some pitch issues which is why he didn’t turn.  Blake said he also didn’t turn because of her pitch.  Nick said she reminds him of Maren Morris and would love to work with her.  He said he also writes and would like to write for her and work on those pitch issues.  “The Country world is something I’m familiar with.”  Nick told her he’d be honored to work with her and they can “do great things together.”  Sara said she performs a lot at “Old Red” which is Blake’s place.  She just graduated from high school.   Kelly told Sara about the Country artist that she won “The Voice” with Chevelle, then flashed her Team jacket at Sara.   Sara told them that both to them “are so much a part of my childhood.  But, she chose Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly said those big notes that Sara held out on was so great and thinks Sara will be a force.  Kelly said she wants to use her one Block for “the right moment.”  


Pictured: Clerida — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Clerida is 30-years-old from Long Island NY.  She said in 7th grade, she learned how to pay the Cello.  She’s played at the Met Gala, with Stevie Wonder.  Host Carson Daly told her that they’ve never seen an artist play the cello who is classically trained during a Blind Audition and thinks it will be a great asset for her.   Clerida sang “Put Your Records On.”  Nick mentioned that he was just singing that same song.

Chair Turns:  None

Nick called it a “unique performance style.  But, “wasn’t quite there today” to get him to turn.  Kelly told her she has a very powerful thing that she does and thanked her for blessing them today with her voice.  John told her she has the tools.  Blake told her to come out there next time and sing more.  He said her performance “didn’t quite gel.”  He’s waiting for “something very special right now.”


Pictured: Samantha Howell –Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Samantha is 19-years-old from Virginia Beach, VA.   She said she joined a talent show and knew she wanted to sing when she stepped on stage.  Samantha wrote her first full song when she was 13-years-old.  At 18 she went to Los Angeles and recorded her first EP.  She sings every night and works for tips  “That’s how I make my rent,”  said Samantha.  Her parents are very proud of her and support her dream.  Samantha hopes to show them that moving away, as hard as it is, is worth it.    She sang “Take it on The Run” song.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Blake (BLOCKED), Nick

Kelly Blocked Blake when she turned her chair.  Kelly bragged that she has one Block the entire season and she used it on Blake.  “I heard a milli-second of you voice to know I was in.”   Nick said “it’s exciting to have a Country singer.  But I don’t think you’re limited to that.”   Samantha said she doesn’t consider herself a Country artist.  But, likes Brandi Carlile.  Nick said he was brought back to his first dance at his wedding during her performance.  He said “let’s go. Let’s do this!”  Blake spoke to Samantha – that it’s based on performance and voting.  Voting is based on the audience of your coach.  He said the biggest groups in the world right now is a group called “The Jonas Brothers.”  He said each brother owns a phone that they can vote on.   nick called that strategy “dirty.  But, I’ll take it.”   Samantha went with Kelly Clarkson. Kelly said she has a big, piercing tone.  Like Trisha Yearwood. 


Pictured: Jamal Corrie — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Jamal said he’s done 10,000 hours of singing and performing and he’s ready for “The Voice.”  He’s 16-years-old from San Francisco.  Jamal has been street performing where he makes enough money to support his brother and mom.  He street performs for eight hours per day.  Jamal said he’s never played inside for a lot of people.  HE said it’s the best opportunity to take care of his brother and mother.   Jamal sang “Be Alright” song for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turn:  Blake

Kelly told Jamal that she didn’t turn because it sounded like he “wasn’t all in” and didn’t know if it was nerves.  She wants him to feel emotion and passion going forward.  “You have the notes. Don’t worry about that,” said Kelly.  John said there were moments when you opened up a bit and it sounded “glorious.”  John added that Jamal was a little “tight and didn’t know how to express it in the right way.  He said Blake will help him with that.  Blake said he believes in him and knows he has talent.  “Now the rest is up to you and me to put that game plan.”  Blake said Jamal “had this light, airy thing about his voice” and predicted viewers will see a big change with Jamal.


Ruby is 29-years-old and moved to New York five years ago to pursue music and joined a Hip-Hop band where she sang the hooks.  She takes vocal classes at “The Voice Box.”  Ruby recently wrote her own song.  She’s ready to show the world what she has to offer.  Ruby’s mom said Ruby was 12 when they first saw her sing in a play and knew she had a voice.  Ruby said “The Voice” is her chance to take the next step in becoming a solo artist.  Ruby sang “Hard Place” song for her Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

John said it’s a tough song to do on the show because so much of it lives in the lower register and didn’t fit “the sweet spot of her range.:  Nick said “there’s so much there and so rich.  HE said he believes in her and has a lot of potential.  Kelly said she has a big voice. “It’s just that this season they have teams of 10 and she wants to get some females. 


Samuel is currently stationed at Fort Knox, Ky.  He joined the Army at age 18 years old right out of high school.  He’s currently 39-years-old.    He was deployed in Kuwait where missiles were going off.  HE is now an Army instructor where he trains recruits.  People in the Army stated taking notice of Samuel’s singing  He won best male vocalist in the Army.  He retires in 2021 and his biggest calling is singing.  His wife is a big fan of “The Voice.”   Samuel said his friends and drill Sargent have encouraged him to pursue singing.  Samuel performed “Lately” song for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  Kelly, Nick

After the coaches chairs malfunction, Kelly said she loves that song so much because “the message matters.”  It’s a smart song to pick because it shows-off his voice.  She said that tell her that he’ll be great a song selection, and she feels that she connected with him.  Nick said “we need a voice like that in this competition . He did it with such ease, that it made him a little bit jealous.”  He wants to hear Samuel to do some of John’s songs.  Nick said he’ll help him with song selection, and he blew him away.  “I know we can do amazing things together.  We’ll make a great Team.”   Blake told the story of when his brother was stationed at Fort Knox and the drill Sargent asked if had brain damage. “You’re more than ready for this moment.  That’s a heck of a journey that lead you here,” Blake told him and encouraged him to select Nick.  Samuel chose Team Nick because his kids love Nick Jonas.  Nick said Samuel showed-up and gave a really incredible performance.

John said he wants singers that move him.


Hawk is 20-years-old from Iowa and he sings the blues.  He said he loves getting on stage and people’s eyes light up.  His parents split when he was three years old.  He was raised by his Dad.  Hawk said he’d pick up a guitar to push through his feelings of him Mom leaving.  His dad taught him the guitar and has been playing bars and restaurants since age eleven.  He’s done about 200-250 shows locally, but hasn’t had a chance to grow.  Hawk sang “Lie to Me” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns:  None

Kelly said she felt like she was at a Texas bar and waiting for him to show more of his upper range, but “has a really rad sound”  Nick agreed, and wants Hawk to “wow” them in those first few seconds.  Blake said the song-wise, didn’t really expand. They didn’t learn much about him as a singer because of the song.  John said the song didn’t feel like it gave him “enough ‘wow’ factor.”  Next up, was the last artist of the evening.


Thunder is his real name and came from a family of eleven singers.   He’s from Hawaii.  His name means “the voice of God” in Hawaiian.  His parents gave all his siblings unique names.  Thunderstorm said he has an artistic family and his dad taught them different instruments.  His dad passed away when Thunderstorm was 13 years old of a heart attack.  Hid brother took him under his wing and played in bars and traveled around playing.  His brother encouraged him to expand his talent to get on a bigger platform.   Thunderstrom sang “Blackbird” in an original arrangement while playing the guitar.

Pictured: Thunderstorm Artis — Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC

Chair Turns:  Nick, Kelly, John, Blake

Nick stated “That is what his show is all about.  That was unbelievable.”  He said his vocal control was “perfect” and he can go far on his Team.  Kelly said she loves his parents when he told her that’s his given name.  Kelly said he’s someone that could win this competition, and there’s nothing that anyone can do for him what God has given him vocally naturally.  But, they’re going to be his cheerleaders to help him navigate through the competition. She promised that she can help him win.  Blake said congrats on being “ridiculously talented.”  He’s so intertwined and connected to that guitar.  Maybe it’s more important to him than anything else. It sounded like it was recorded because that’s how in the pocket it was.  He’d be honored to be his coach to see him win this thing, Blake said.   John said he’s notoriously stingy about turning for anyone.  He said Thunderstorm’s tone is “magical.”  John continued, “we heard it and one second in, we thought this guy belongs on The Voice.”  Thunderstorm picked John Legend.  John told him that he has a chance to go really far.  John said he’s already a star and can see him in the finals.  


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